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    l or those of you who went to see Yellow Submarine I uesil.iv
night at Sheldon Art Gallery, ami didn't get to see it. sorry bout
thai Wording to Beth Malashock. Special I Minis Chairman both
evening shows were completely sold out. Malashock said that
hopefully the movie will he hrought hack later I his chool year
for those who didn't get to see il this lime around.
Which brings me lo another point. It seems that at the l p.m.
hoving of Ydlnw Submarine there a great deal ol smoking,
and I don't mean just cigaieltes I or the Special Hints I oininillcc
lo continue bringim: in good flicks. Mich a )..., Submarine
and poNsihilv in the future U'.. .. k, this is going lo have lo
Mop. Not only were the Sheldon oilicuK iiwt with I ucsd.iv
night" activities m were the CuivcimU Police.
WHILt THE jNIVtRSITY Police have been piellx to
live with lately, it would be eMiemeK unfortunate, as well as bad
publicity lor Special I ilm. if anvonc was busted at one ol the
movies. . -(.
Jules Mevander. le.n, kiiknun. Brum ole. led Bluechel. I...
Jim Yester. I airy Ramos and Richard I hompMn comprise the
member of The Wuiion and w,U be appeannp a. IVrsh.n
Municipal Auditorium on Saturd.n . Septe.nbei I S. at S p m
Having recorded Mich ong a "Along (omes U.'
"Cherish " "Windv" and -Never My love, the group has bee
together since l:(5. and have been nominated lor sevual
TICKET PRICES aie S3. S4 and S5. ami according to Pershing
Auditorium are selling well, so if you are thinking about going, it
might be wise to buy your tickets now.
On October I James Taylor will be at Pershing, with ticket
prices running at S4. S5 and So. Three days latei on October l.
Steppenwolf will be coming to Pershing, however I don t know
the ticket prices yet on this concert.
FDR I SD will be opening at Lincoln's I ree Theatre. 210
South 1 1th Street, on September 17. There may be a slight
admission charge (around Sl to help the theatre on us teet and
to pay rent, but according to cooriginators Jan Van Sickle ami
Paul Baker, on the whole they hope to be able to give the public
some fee shows. .
THE UNIVERSITY of Nebraska Repertory Company is back
in town this week performing hV Bombed In Xew Haven and
Macbeth We Bombed in Xew Haven is running tonight as we! as
September II, 14 and 16. Macbeth' performances are September
TODAY - 12. 3:40,
I y r I
3 iTitit!CC
5:30, 7:Z0. :iu f.m.
f f r i tj
Ti T
ZtZ IVIM I I IM t to
m ii in 4 i I il I.
Review by
Patty Culver
Robert Weil man makes his
debut as a producer with Thy
Anderson Tapes and this fact is
very evident from the results.
Although he has some good
ideas behind the film, Weit man
Dyan Cannon urges Sean
Conneiy (Duke Anderson) to
tell her more of his plan lo rob
an entire New York City
apartment building in The
Anderson Tapes.
-M u s"Z " " " i
5 v I
! S
, 1
ml-MBtr l mil in il"'
Purple sage picks
Review by
by Tim Sindelar
This has become an age that
is deeply concerned with
establishing "roots." We find
young white blues artists
working with the black men
who began the sound.
Recordings of early blues
artists such as Robert Johnson
and Bessie Smith are enjoying a
original works of graphic art etchings, lithographs,
by leading 20th century artists:
Pablo Picasso Johnny Friedlacnikr Marc C hagall
Salvador Dali, Alexander Cakicr Joan Miro
(kopjcs Rouault Victor asurcly and others
Sunday, Sept 12th at 2:00 p.m.
301 S. 13th ST.
East Ball Room
Exhibition of works 12 00--2
tapes' should be cut
. ..,..- i h:wis to
gels cold teet nauway uuuupu
(he filming and cuts back on
the comments that might make
it an outstanding production.
It seemed as if he is trying
lo poke fun at the police ol
New York City and the police
institutions of the country in
general, and that he was
attempting lo say something
about wire tapping but it was
never decided what those
comments should be.
All hough this show has
many rough spots that should
have been worked out, one
constantly stands in the way. It
is impossible to understand
what is being said in
three-fourths of the show. Part
of the time this technique
could have been used for an
advantage, but when all of the
important lines explaining the
plot and plans are lost to
muffled voices, it becomes very
Sean Connery leads the cast
with a very interesting and
enjoyable characterization, if
you could have understood
him. His female counterpart,
Dyan Cannon, was a very
convincing mistress. Halfway
through the movie she leaves
Connery for another man. but
considering that she had only
two lines that were audible in
the entire show you don't
know her reason forleaving
Many of the character
portrayals were enjoyable.
I.' I I, .-.V till 11
While such an emphasis has
been placed on blues roots,
another part of American
music has been nearly
neglected--that is country
Poco. the Byrds and most
recently Kris Kristofferson
have made some fine
recordings in the country vein,
but these have mostly failed to
Cornhusker Hotel
00 p.m.
rii-i-.. u:i :i basis to eacn
character and a reason for most
of them being there. They
tended to be one or two
dimensional but. again, the
ability to understand what
they were saying might have
added another dimension.
When the police entered the
scene, beginning with a
telephone call, the pace and
interest in the show increased
greatly. This portion of the
show was better planned and
had something to say.
The plot is still a series of
questions. True, it is the story
of Duke Anderson's attempt to
rob an entire apartment
building, ii many things
throughout its development,
such as the surveillance on
Duke, were left with no
ending. It really had no large
significance in the eventual
Technically this movie also
lacks some polish. There are
too many places where the
faces are dark and the film is
out of focus. The soundtrack is
exciting, even though it came
in too loud over the actor's
lines and sounded like part of
The Andromeda Strain.
In general. The Anderson
Tapes provided some
interesting comments on
today's society and provided
some amusing and exciting
scenes, but it is definately not
a movie which will be listed
among the classics.
rc:n h .1 larce audience.
Into this void steps the New
Riders of the Purple Sage, the
bastard offspring of the
Grateful Dead with an album
of the same name. After a year
of touring with the Head, they
have released an album which
may help to establish country
music in its own right alongside
While there is no twangy
nasal notes or Tammy
Wynette, the music for the
most part is purer country than
sjy the country rock of Neil
And it is nice. From the
pleasurable, excitable nonsense
of "Henry" to the plaintive
wail of a lonesome rock star in
"Portland Women" the record
is entirely listenablc. Jerry
Garcia steps in from the
Grateful Dead to put down
some of the nicest steel guitar
work imaginable. Mickey Hart
from the Dead and Spencer
Dryden, ex-Airplane, do a fine
job with percussion.
But, the man who sparkles
is John "Marmaduke" Dawson,
whose voice will flatten back
your ears until they pull a grin
onto yore face.
The New Riders don't have
a perfect first album-but the,
the flaws themselves are almost
necessary, and it probably
won't become a Top 20 selling
album. But it will make a nice
addition to anyone's record
collection. It's nice for those
laid-back 1 all afternoons.
In fact, I think I'll put on
Side 2 again-hook my thumbs
in my belt-lean back-and
smile awhile.