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Howard conference
a look at black problems
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Phil Secret, UNL graduate student in
political science, was sent by the College of
Arts and Sciences to Howard University's
National Conference of Black Political
Science Students in Washington May 7-9.
The conference attracted representatives
from over 60 universities coast-to-coast. The
following is Secret's report on the
Cognizant of the alienation and disregard
for blacks by the American political power
structure, the Howard University Political
Science Society recognized the need for a
serious look at the problems that blacks face
in this area.
The conference had several
specific goals. One was to examine
the political science curriculum in
relation to the needs of black people.
This writer attended the seminar
which dealt with this matter. The
seminar members unanimously
agreed that the need to make
political science relevant to blacks is
pervasive among America's
predominantly white institutions of
higher learning. The discussion
encompassed the needs of blacks in
terms of both domestic and
international politics.
Various broad categories in the
curriculum of political science were
discussed. The seminar agreed upon several
which all American universities seeking to
meet the needs f Wails and present the
political climate "like il as" should
immediately insert into their political
science curricula .
Sonne of the areas were:
Jj Politics and Economics. Under this
categorical heading, at would be a good stall
to begin with a course designed to educate
the student as to how America a capitalism
perpetuates oppression of black folk; how it
serves as the vanguard of a doctrine of white
supremacy in America.
2I Political Socialization. In this area a
course should be offered that analizes and
explains the role of various black socializing
agents vis-a-vis the American political
(3 ) Black Politkazatioa and Mobilization.
Here a course should be taught which deals
with the complexities of political
organization peculiar to blacks.
(4) Black Politics. Courses should be
taught in this area that seek to explore the
relationship of black institutions to
American politics as well as the current role
and status of blacks an American politics.
(S Black Revolutionary Strategy. Here,
a course should be structured to deal with
past, present and future revolutionary
movements. In view c4 the prodigious
political genocide aimed at black folk in
America today, there exists a need for
educating the black student in the methods
of revolution, the tactics of the enemy and
survival programs.
Many reasons are often conjured up for
the failure to include studies that are
relevant to the needs, interest, and welfare
of blacks. It is often articulated that funds
are too shallow or that student interest is
not great enough. Notwithstanding, each
department is allocated a certain amount of
funds and within that finite budget the
department may offer whatever curriculum
it chooses. Then, the monetary "problem"
evaporates to problems of priorities and
goals. Blacks demand that they be included
within the existing budget; that if the
pecuniary assets are not sufficient to offer
political science courses relevant to the
needs of blacks that a new priority be set so
that some of the courses presently offered
can be abolished and courses making
political science relevant to blacks,
substituted in their place.
The University of Nebraska's Political
Science Department has recognized the need
for course work dealing with the black man
in the American political arena. The
department plans to take a step forward in
September. It will offer a three hour course:
The Black in the American Political Process.
For more information one may see the
University Catalog or Professor Welch. After
reading the prerequisites for the course it is
evident that many of the few black students
of this University will be forced out. This
writer suggests that students failing to meet
the prerequisites but who are otherwise
interested should talk to Professor Welch
personally. Black students cannot allow
departmental hurdks to deter their needs
and circumvent one of the major functions
of this University.
The people must be educated as
to the real problems of America's
political system. Blacks demand
institutional changes to speak to the
problems.. Blacks are aware of the
fact that the American educational
system is prostituting their minds;
that the race struggle is perpetuated
by the educational system and we
call for an immediate halt to this
diabolical, sorrowful, and deplorable
If you are a white student and you are
intelligent enough to recognize the
shortcomings of a curriculum that presents a
distorted picture of American politics, now
is the time for you to be a vociferator
against these inadequacies. If you are a white
student coming out of a super-liberal "bag,
organize your colleagues for a inarch on
Nebraska, as you have done for so many
other causes, m protest of the role played by
the University in the race straggle. Be
advised that the race struggle is perpetuated
when the educational system paints the
system as good at the same time it ignores
that fact that the system is geared to oppress
the black race.
Blacks are aware that white
students cannot mobilize around the
same stlf interests that mobilize
black brothers and sisters. But it k
not impossible to mobilize around a
common objective-tbe obliteration
of a distorted education which fails
to tell it like it is.
TUESDAY, MAY 18, 1971