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    Housing packet explains tenant pitfalls
A student wants to live
Perhaps it's his first
experience as a tenant so he
has little knowledge of his legal
rights as a renter, what to look
for to insure safe and decent
housing or what is a fair lease.
But he may find himself
"dealing with one of the many
Lincoln landlords who tend to
take advantage of student
tenants," warns Bill Arfmann,
chairman of ASUN's Human
Rights Committee, in a letter.
The letter is included in a
packet for distribution to some
12,000 off-campus students,
especially the 8,000 renters.
The packet will be distributed
Sheldon Film Series
Eric Ambler's bizarre tale of psychological terror has Orson Welles'
fine flair fro melodrama stamped on every scene. From the first
moment Mr. Welles' touch is evident and his acting is superlative.
Sheldon Auditorium
8:00 P.M.
ISSUE Implementation of PACE Proposal
The following issue will be on the April 7 Spring ballot
PACE Committee Plan (refundable after tuition payment)
Regents' Committee Plan (deducts ble from tuition payment)
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The gem of romanc e. Che diamond it
the symbol of marital happiness and
good luck, Because it was believed
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The hardest of known substances, and
certainly one of the most brilliant.
the diamond ha been described
"the fire that newer burnt out".
besides pre-registration
material in the Nebraska Union
and the Administration
Building, this week.
THE PACKET includes a
summary of a Lincoln housing
analysis written by University
student Linda Schaffcr, a list
of services provided by the
University Housing Office and
a "Tenants Guide to Off
Campus Housing."
The guide, adapted from a
Boulder, Colorado, pamphlet,
offers "very sound advice"
concerning considerations
before renting, inspection of
premises, leases, complaints to
landlords, evictions and
information services, Arfmann
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Serving Lincoln Simet
Registered Jewelers American Gem Society
Edited mainly by Arfmann
and Dave Kremer, Lincoln
VISTA worker, the guide was
also read by a member of the
Lincoln Legal Services.
The pamphlet focuses on
lease clauses which it is wise to
accept or reject. Arfmann said.
He emphasized that the tenant
has a right to negotiate a lease.
"IN THEORY any contract
is supposed to be signed only
after both parties have reached
agreement on the terms of the
contract," the pamphlet states.
"In Lincoln a leasing contract
is signed only after the
prospective tenant agrees to
the terms of the landlord."
The pamphlet also calls for
the formation of a Student
Tenants Union. Its authors
assert that although the
individual tenant can do very
little against a landlord, there is
an alternative.
''Tenants can act
collectively with other tenants
who are caught in the same
Volunteers are needed for a
summer project in the poverty
area of Kansas City, Mo. One
of the nation's most effective
poverty penetration programs,
the project has been described
as "grass roots work" by Zoya
Zeman, assistant coordinator
of student activities.
The project is scheduled
from June 7 to August 3.
Volunteers must be at least 20
years of age. Room and board
is provided.
Also needed are volunteers
for international projects in
Europe or Latin America.
Sponsored by the American
Friend Service Committee,
these projects include three to
six weeks of discussion groups
and manual labor.
Anyone interested should
contact Zoya Zeman in room
345 in the Nebraska Union,
After the primary election
for Lincoln city offices
Tuesday, 10 candidates will no
longer need to worry about
their campaign spending,
speeches or strategy.
Lincoln voters will trim a
slate of 27 candidates,
including three University
students, to 17 contenders for
mayor, city council, board of
education and Airport
Political science major Bill
situation. When individuals in
similar situations band together
they have a far greater chance
of success than they do
separately," the pamphlet
Besides their own problems
as tenants, students need to
examine the University's role
regarding "the critical housing
shortage in Lincoln," states the
summary of Schaffer's housing
She notes that low-income
Lincolnites and students seek
the same low rental units
resulting in an unfavorable
situation for both groups while
"landlords are able to jack up
rents to an unrealistic level.'
housing on the rental market
has been increased by recent
city and University purchasing
activities, Schaffer adds.
The city is buying land to
construct the Northeast Radial,
a future highway, and the
University for future
Also included in the packet
is a list of services provided by
the Office of University
Housing currently located in
Administration 103. The office
will move to Seaton Hall in
approximately three weeks.
These services include a
listing service of available
apartments and rooms,
inspection of all off-campus
housing registered with the
University, interpretation and
advice on existing University
housing policy, consultation
with the landlord and student
relative to contractual and
operational relations and
investigations of all complaints.
Ely Meyerson, director of
housing, states, "Historically,
the University of Nebraska has
maintained a strong interest in
providing such assistance, since
it is believed fhat the student's
residence plays an important
role in his total educational
face primary Tuesday
F. Bennett, Teachers College
major John B. Breslow and
business major William M.
Hermes are vying to be among
the eight candidates in the May
4 City Council general election.
Although the council race
has not been as hotly contested
as the mayoral race, voters may
well face their toughest
decision in choosing four of
the 17 council contenders.
No major issue has emerged
to differentiate the candidates.
City involvement in housing,
sewage treatment, bus
transportation and planning
and zoning were discussed in
the campaign.
The voters will choose at
All in One Book!
SOFA publishes the only student
travel book listing EuropeanStudent
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Addresses, discounts, A more.
(Over 200 pages)
Dear SOFA, Please send:
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Noon- Kappa Kappa Psi;
Noon - Inter Campus Business
& Finance Officers; Union
12:30 p.m. - Inter Varsity
Christian Fellowship; Union
1:30 p.m. - Chaperones Club;
2 p.m. - History Dept.
Seminar; Union
2:30 p.m. - CSL Committee
on Student Organizations;
3:30 p.m. - Builders, College
Days; Union
3:30 p.m. - Union Coffee
House Committee; Union
5 p.m. - Corncobs; Union
6 p.m. -- Special
Services-Tutoring; Union
6 p.m. -- Union Program
Council; Union
6:30 p.m. Montgomery
Lectures-Dinner; Union
6:30 p.m. -- Bowling
Organization Meeting;
6:30 p.m. - Quiz Bowl Board;
7 p.m. - Quiz Bowl; Union
7 p.m. - 4-H Club; C. Y.
Thompson Library
7p.m. -- Young
Democrats-Sen. Wayne
Ziebarth; Union
7 p.m. - Quiz Bowl Isolation;
7:30 p.m. - Math Counselors;
7:30 p.m. - Circle Circle K;
East Union
8 p.m. -U.N.S.E.A.. Union
8 p.m. - Human Relations
Insight League; Union
8 p.m. -- Free University
"Issues & Confrontations";
8 p.m.- Nebraska Council of
American Youth Hostels;
Wesley Chapel
9 p.m. - Ag. Advisory; East
9:30 p.m. - Young Americans
for Freedom; Union
9:30 p.m. - Mortar Board.
least seven new faces for the
eight nominations since
Councilwoman Helen Boosalis
is the only incumbant in the
Voters Tuesday will also
nominate two mayoral
candidates for the May 5
general election.
Incumbant Mayor San
Schwartzkopf elected in
1967, has faced charges against
his leadership while in office
from challengers Erv Peterson
and Bill Davidson, both current
City Councilmen.
Peterson is president of the
Peterson Construction
Company, Davidson is an
insurance agent.
Both challengers have
criticized the mayor for not
exerting swift, strong and
dynamic leadership. This they
promise to do if elected.
Schwartzkopf has countered
the attack by outlining the
city's accomplishments during
his term. He adds that Lincoln
has been largely free from the
chaos of other major cities.
Since only six candidates
are seeking election to the
board of education's four
vacancies, no one will be
eliminated in the primary.
Eight could have been
nominated by the voters.
Only incumbant Fredrick A.
Eiche is running for the
Airport Authority. Eiche is a
property and casualty
insurance agent who has been
on the Authority since 1961.