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"The candidates are all idiots except me, and sometimes
I'm not too sure about me."
Kent Apthorpe is campaigning for ASUN President with a
cartoon poster, absurd speeches, and rock and roll music. In
contrast to the long and detailed platforms of other candidates,
Apthorpe's Grease and Freedom Party is handing out comic books
titled the 'The Grease Platform and Coloring Book."
Nevertheless, Apthorpe, usually known as "Rick," leader of a
popular rock group known as the Rockets, says he is running a
serious campaign.
"I feel that the rest of the candidates do not represent the
students' views and are not representing themselves truthfully," he
explained. 'They talk a great campaign but they have poor results
working in an impudent organization."
Many students don't care about their potential power in student
government or the functions of ASUN. They just want to go to
school and learn and I don't blame them," Apthorpe added.
Apthorpe said he made his campaign look absurd because the
current status of ASUN is absurd. "When only a small portion of the
student population votes in the elections it is ridiculous to think that
ASUN power or support for anything has meaning."
In order to build real student power, he said he would attempt to
set up a new faculty-student government. Although he thinks the
faculty-student idea would be an improvement, Apthorpe refused to
promise miracles for it because "in reality the Regents can do
anything they want."
The Grease platform is a combination of serious proposals and
jokes. "Nothing better than beer," a common slogan among the
Rockets, appears with an appeal for serving the beverage in the
Union. Demands for rock 'n roll 1 music on campus jukeboxes and a
plan to make Bob Devaney President of the campus are typical of
much of the Grease program.
Among the more serious parts of the platform are proposals for
open dormitories which were inspired, according to Apthorpe, by
memories of his own days in the dorm.
An area deserving special attention, he noted, was the integration
off East Campus students into University activities and more
attention to East Campus students' problems.
Apthorpe made his first appearance in campus politics last year
when his 1950"s rock and roll band, "Rick and the Rockets" greased
up their ducktails to play for campaign rallies in the 1970 ASUN
Tim "Stick" Hartin and Tim "Kid" Sindelar are running for First and
Second Vice-President with Douglas C. Hintz as their candidate for Arts and
Sciences Senator. Joe L. Olson and Nola Kinneman are the Grease candidates
In Teachers College. Apthorpe has endorsed several other candidates.
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Steve Fowler's "number one priority" for ASUN next year is
educational reform.
Fowler, an ASUN Senator who is running for President with the
University Coalition party, noted that many organizations work with
education but their efforts have been ineffective due to lack of
coordination. If elected. Fowler pledged to assign one ASUN
executive to the task of coordinating and implementing various
reform effort, programs.
To improve communication between students and their
government, Fowler proposed having the ASUN Executive
Committee publish a report to students at least twice a year. He also
plans to set aside a time during each ASUN meeting for any student
to speak directly to the Senate.
Fowler also wants to ask living units and organizations to appoint
liaison members with ASUN to promote communication
The candidate emphasized programs for student economic
development that he wanted to initiate. Fowler believes that ASUN
should investigate the feasibility of an infant care center for children
from 1-3 years old, a student art and gift shop to sell student
produced items on consignment, expansion of the ASUN Xerox
service to other areas on campus, a cooperative bread anc iilk store
and a student photo lab.
Fowler also suggested an expanded student services program to
take advantage of next year's longer semester break.
A "new area of concern" which Fowler said ASUN should
investigate is the environmental use issue. He pledged that the
University Coalition will create an Ecology Task Force composed of
concerned members of the University community to study and
make recommendations about the way the University affects the
Fowler stated that each living unit should be able "to determine
its own social regulations" and have a variety of available living
Fowler, who was the chairman of Free University and PACE this
year, said he and his executive candidates are an experienced group
which will cooperate and get things done.
'The other candidates have attacked involvements of ASUN in
the past year," Fowler claimed, "but their platforms are basically
duplicates of the UC platform, particularly in such areas as
educational reform, student services, housing and legal rights."
Running with Fowler on the UC ticket are Micheie Cuyle (or first vice
president and Rod Hernandez for second vice president. Senate candidates
include: Van Bonnesen and Phil Lamb for Agriculture, Bill Behmer, Michael
Berns, and Michael J. Hays from Architecture and Engineering, Roy Baldwin,
Doug Beckwith, Ralph Bradley, Patti Humlicek, Patti Kaminski, Ann
Pedersen, Barry Pilger, Richard Pille, and Shelley Stall in Arts and Sciences,
Jonette Beaver, Kirk Sayre, and John Theisen from Business, and Teachers
College candidates are Sara Ashby, John Haskins, Tom Krepel, Paula Peter, and
Joann Tansev.
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If elected, Tim Kincaid said his first priority as ASUN President
will be to "make student senate responsive to the needs of the
'The power of ASUN," he added, "is directly proportional to the
number of students who support it."
To increase that support, Kincaid proposes student referendums
on the important issues of the year, random sampling polls of
student opinion before ASUN takes a stand on controversial issues,
and continuing speaking appearances for senators so they could
discuss issues with their constituents.
Another area given special emphasis by Kincaid is liaison between
the University and the outside community. "In the past the
University has neglected its responsibility to the taxpayer," Kincaid
said, and the current problem with the budget demonstrates that the
University should "give people information with which they can
make intelligent decisions."
Kincaid claimed that ASUN's constitution is "full of outdated
and unworkable material" and should be revised. He suggested
looking toward the possibilities of an all-universitySenate to
compliment the student senate. The all-university Senate, Kincaid
explained, would involve all segments of the University community
to work for "University-wide interests.
Kincaid noted the importance of effective student lobbying in the
Legislature and suggested that ASUN should expand lobbying to
include city government.
To improve student services, Kincaid recommended that Senate
produce a monthly newsletter to send to parents. It should also
study the parking situation, according to Kincaid, looking toward
high rise parking, lower fine rates, and the paving of parking lots.
He also said that studies should Decompiled and recommendations
made on a student gas station and bread and milk store.
Kincaid proposed to work for self-determination in the dorms
and more married student housing.
Concerning educational changes, he called for an expansion of the
pass-fail system, the right to drop or add a course any time during
the semester with the instructor's permission, elimination of
confusion in the drop and add procedures, reevaluation of course
requirements and removal of language requirements, and more
independent and interdisciplinary study.
Kincaid, who spent over two years as a Senator and is currently
Speaker Pro-Temporary, argued that "the need in the upcoming year
is to explore the implications of an expanded relationship of the
University to the community." There are no "snap solutions" he
remarked, but work must be started to "justify the University's
existence in the 70's."
Kincaid said, with his previous experience, he knows how ASUN
works and will be able to make accomplishments.
Kincaid is running without party affiliation but has endorsed
several Senatorial candidates
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APRIL 5, 1971
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"I would rather get just one vote and have eight or ten thousand
students vote than win with only a few thousand voting."
Gary Schleiger, the United University Party's Presidential
candidate, said his party's objective is "to open ASUN to the
students and by using ASUN as a legitimate speaker for all students
open the administration and faculty to the students."
Schleiger accused the current ASUN of being an "elite,"
self perpetuating body which has "dealt for the whims of specialized
interest groups within the University community" and "has acted
arbitrarily in its decisions ignoring student opinion."
In order for ASUN to reflect the view of the student body,
Schleiger wants to form a Communication Committee to establish
contact between students and the Senate. Representatives from all
living units and off-campus students would be placed on the
committee. As further communications tool, he proposes that ASUN
hold conferences in living units and with student organizations upon
Schleiger also listed the establishment of an ombudsman to
represent students in the administration as one of his top priorities,
along with faculty-student-administration liaison committee which
would have final governing powers over campus activities.
Schleiger supports placement of a student on' the Board of
Regents, the expansion of the Pass-Fail system, more classes in living
units and greater freedom for individuals to choose courses for their
Concerning campus protests, Schleiger feels that a code on
disruptive action must be established in order to insure due process
and define the limits of individual conduct. He added that the code
must be applicable to both students and faculty and must specify
"the boundaries between non-disruptive and disruptive activity."
"Apathy," Schleiger stated, "is a serious problem at the
University." He hopes to do something about apathy through ASUN
"to make students feel part of the total University community
rather than isolated in living units."
Schleiger supports the Regents Committee plan rather than the
PACE program. He said the Daily Nebraskan "should be an
independent paper" and favors approval of the Joint Peace Treaty
on the ballot.
Schleiger, a sophomore speech major, called the UUP a diverse
party which "covers the political spectrum" from right to left.
His First Vice Presidential candidate is Jackie Barret. UUP candidates
include: Ed Anson, Patty Banker, Kent Davy, Frank Halpine, Douglas C.
Hintz, Gary Schleiger, Tim Sindelar and Linda Vescio from Arts and Sciences.
In Teachers, Jacki Barret, Randy Brown, Nola Kinneman, and Joe L, Olson are
representing UUP while Ray R. Bamdad, Kyle U. Davy and Ken Wiseman are
running from Engineering and Architecture. Ron Sindelar in Business
Administration and Louis Robin son from Graduate and Professional complete
the UUP slate.
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'The student bodv wants a chanae in the IpaHerchin nf ASUN
They don't want just new faces. They want new policies and a I
cnange in aiuiuae.
Voegler criticized ASUN for what he called a concern "with
debating national and foreign policy. "ASUN," he stated, "is the
student government of the University and should be mainly
concerned with what happens on the University campus."
Voegler supports the Regents Committee plan for low income
scholarships which will appear on the ASUN ballot along with the
PACE program. The "Voegler plan" which he presented to the
Board, was instrumental in creating the Regents Committee plan.
Voegler said it was unfortunate that ASUN didn't put a
"no-plan" option on the ballot for the benefit of those students who
want neither option. He said he supported the PACE program in
concept but thought the Regents plan was the most convenient and j
cheapest way to achieve it.
Regarding the Joint Treaty of Peace, which also appears on the
ballot, Voegler said it is "not a proper or constructive way" to
achieve peace in Vietnam.
"A vote for it is not simply an expression of a desire for peace.
NSA and radical leaders will use, abuse and twist the meaning of the
vote on this treaty." Voegler urges voters to write "PEACE" on the
ballot when they vote no.
Voegler also attacked ASUN s membership in the National I
Student Association, claiming that association with the NSA "lends
the name and integrity of the University to extremist positions, not
in line with the majority of students."
Voegler's campaign slogan is 'The purpose of ASUN is to serve I
the students, not for the students to serve the purposes of ASUN.
From that philosophy, Voegler proposes that the Senate should
concern itself with programs that benefit all the students.
Some of the ways he intends to help students include:
investigation of language requirements, allowing individuals to drop!
courses at any time during the semester, improvement of counseling!
services, and more entertainment for students.
Voegler said ASUN must "go to the students" with meetings inl
residence halls and other buildings and providing a portion of each!
meeting where students can address the! Senate.
Co-ed dorms and relaxed visiting hours should be provided fori
anyone who wants them, Voegler argued, but those who feel these I
would be an "invasion of privacy" must also be considered.
Voegler is running as an independent. He said he has
considered parties but decided they "mean nothing on our campus"
because they represent only one side of the issues and are "thrown!
together for elections and dissolved afterwards."
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