The daily Nebraskan. ([Lincoln, Neb.) 1901-current, April 05, 1971, Image 11

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    ASUN Executives
Wote for onry one ) in each group
Kent "Rick" Apthorpe (Grease)
Steve Fowler UC)
0 Timothy J. Kincaid
Gary Schlekjer (UUP)
Doug Voegter
first Vice president
Jackie Barret UUP)
Michele Coyle (UC)
Tim "Sticks" Hartin (Grease)
Rod Hernandez (UC)
Tim "Kid" Sindelar (Grease)
bsjebraska Union-8 a.m. to 8 p.m.
East Campus Union- 8 a.m. to 5
p.m. for Dentistry, Home
East Campus Union-S a.m. to 5 p.m
for Dentistry, Home Economics,
Agricultural. After 5 p.m. in the
city campus Union.
Agriculture Senators
Vote for only three (3)
O Van 8onnesen (UC)
a James Oevel
O Phil Lamb (UC)
O John Miyoshi
a Don G. Timm
Graduate and
Professional Senators
Vote for only five (5)
Q 8ill Hoppner
O Steve Hutch ins
O Marty Liggett
O Louis Robinson (UUP)
Engineering &
Architecture Senators
Vote for only four (4)
O Ray R. Samdad (UUP)
D Sill 8ehmer (UC)
D Michael 8errrs(UC)
O John T. 8rice
3 Kyle U. Davy (UUP)
O Michael J. Hays (UC)
O JimSchriner
O 8i!l Schwartzkopf
Ken Wiseman (UUP)
May Queen
Vote for only two (2)
a Cyd Adams
O Cheryl 8enda
O Judy Collins
Margie Jean Crabi II
O - Carol Edwards
O Carol Ann Gausman
Sharon Gerwick
D Pam Geu
O Theresa Hawe
O Peggy Holden
a Katie Johnston
Q Sharon K. Loft is
O Marj McMaster
Rose Mary Masid
Julie Mitchell
D Maria Prior
O Sue Rogers
O Nancy Sabs
O Chris Seeman
D Theresa Sledge
O Cathy Smith -a
Shirley Stretch
O Amy Zimmerman
April 7, 1971
Candidates for ASUN executives, senators
and aclvisory board members and
referendum issues:
Agriculture College
Advisory Board
Vote for only one (t)
1. Agriculture Economics
Q Stan Walker
2. Ag Education &
Ag Journalism j
3. Ag Honrs, General Ag &
a George Sund Jr. i
Q Dave Rasmussen
4. Animal Science & Pre Vet
O Gary Kubieek
5. 8k) Chern, Ent., Hort. &
Plant Pathology
! a
6. Crop Science, General Agron I
Soil Science
O Roy Rogers
7. Dairy Prod, Dry Products,
Food Technology &
Poultry Science
O Clyde Ahlschwede '
O Dean 8atie j
S. Mechanized Agriculture
Arts & Sciences Advisory 8oard
Vote for only one (1 )
1. English
O Sandy Lowder
2. Languages
O Sob Russell (UC)
3. Natural Sciences & Math
D Matt 80s ley
O Gerg 8rass
O Karl Knight
4. Social Science & Philosophy
O Rita 8ecker
O Todd Houfek
Susie Stuart
5. School of Fine Arts
a Leslie Marchello (UC)
O Pam Whined
6. School of Journal ism
O Jim Gray
a Laura Wi Iters (UC)
Nebraska Union-8 a.m. to
8 p.m.
East Campus Union-8 a.m.
to S p.m. for Dentistry,
Home Economics,
Agricultural. After 5 p.m.
in the city campus Union.
Home Economics Advisory Board
Vote for orfy one 1)
1. Family Econom ics &
Q Suzanne Geis
Q Joan Tinley
2. Food and Nutrition
Q Moya 8rugman
O Sally Houser
O Lynn Jay
a Kathi Stefan ie (UC)
3. Home Economics Education
Q Linda Ficken
Q Holly Jacobsen
CJ KayMumm
Q Ann Paulson
O Shari Sadie
Q Charlotte Veigel
Q Mary Lynn Walkington
4. Human Development &
Q Sharon McNally
O Chert Orr
O Kay Palmer (UC)
5. Textiles, Clothing & Design
Q Linda Debuse '!
O Suzanne Von Seggren
n Cathy Smith
O Joan Wehrbein
6. Home Economics &
O Jane Cummins (UC)
Home Economics Senators
Vote for only two (2)
a Kristin Eveland
O Cindy Follis
Teachers College Senators
Vote for only eight (8)
O Sara Ashby (UC)
D Jacki 8arret (UUP)
D Randy Srown (UUP)
O Sylvia Russell Cardwell (MOD;
O 6 ill Grundman
O John Haskins (UC)
O Steven H. Heldt
O Nola Kinneman (UUP)
a Paula Peter (UC)
O Donnie Rohr
O Joann Tansey (UC)
Doris Todd
Q Tom Krepel (UC)
a Joe L. Olson (UUP) (Grease)
Teachers College Advisory Board
Vote for only two (2)
1. Elementary Education
O Nancy O'Conner
O 8ill Lock (UC)
2. Secondary Education
O Kay Giles (UC)
O Terry Kubicek (UC)
3. Special Education
D Karen Hutt (UC)
PACE Implementatk
O PACE Committee Plan
(refundable after tuition payment)
O Regents Committee Plan
(deductable from tuition payment!
Concerning Dairy Nebraska
In the past year the student support
for the Daily Nebraskan has amounted
to $1.25 oer full-time student per
(semester. This is combined with sup-
IjVrt from advertising revenues. Do you
avor continued student fee Support
If or the Daily Nebraskan?
C Yes
O No
Concerning the
Vietnam Peace Treaty
Ol favor the Joint Treaty of Peace
Q I oppose the Joint Treaty of Peace
Arts & Sciences Senators
Vote for only nine (S)
a Ed Anson (UUP)
a Roy Baldwin (UO
O Patty Banker (UUP)
id 8ruce8lazek(CAlR)
Ci Doug Beckwith (UC)
Q Matt Bosley
j O Ralph Bradley (UC)
,a 8ob8rehm(CAlR)
; Cl Mary Cannon (MOD)
Q Randall Carlson :
Cl Steve Christensen
a Kent Davy (UUP)
1 0 Jim Eckles
Q Jim Gray
a Lynne Grimes
O Jay Hall
Q Frank Halpine (UUP)
a Kirk D.Hemphill
O Douglas C. H inta (Grease) (UUP)
O Patti Humlicek (UC)
Q Patti Kaminski (UC)
O Sandy Lowder
D Ann Pederson (UC)
a Sarry Pilger (UO
a Richard Pille (UO
O Gary Schleiger (UUP)
Q Gary Schafer
O TimSindelar(UUP)
a Shelley Stall (UC)
O LindaVescio(UUP)
O Cindy Vondrak ,
Business Administration Senators
Vote for only four (4)
O Jonette Beaver (UC)
O James L. 8ranigan
Steve Gustafson
D Roger Howard
D Richard Lerner
D Kirk Sayre (UC)
O Doug Severs
O RonSindelar(UUP)
Q John Theisen (UC)
Q Rich Veed (MOD)