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12:30 p.m.- College of
Engineering, Nebraska
12:30 p.m.- Inter-Varsity
Christian Fellowship, Union
2:30 p.m.- C.S.L. Committee
on Student Organizations,
3:30 p.m.- Hyde Park, Union
4 p.m.- Home Economics
Charjter, East Union
4:30 "p.m.- Union Board,
4:30 p.m.- Recreation
Committee, East Union
5 p.m.- Builders-Student
Faculty Relations, Union
6 p.m.- Phi Mu Alpha
Sinfonia, Union
6 p.m.- Special Services
Tutoring, Union
6 p.m.- A.U.F. Exec, Union
6 p.m.- Young Republicans
6 P-m.- Campus Crusade for
Christ, Union
6:30 p.m.- A.U.F. Union
7 p.m.- Christian Science Org.,
7 p.m.- Agronomy, East Union
7 p.m.- Chess Club, Union
7 p.m. -Union Talks & Topics,
7 p.m.- Traffic Appeals Board,
7:30 p.m.- Math Counselors,
8 p.m.- Gamma Alpha Chi,
8 p.m.- Toastmasters, East
8 p.m.- Free University
"Combating Racism."
8 p.m.- Kosmet Klub, Dance,
9 p.m.- Psych. 182, Union
Math tutors. Apply Friday 31271
at 1601 P St. 6 P.M.
Need $10? Design a cover for
1971-72 Builder's Buzz Book.
Contact Thorn Rosenbaum (732
Abel) or Doug Severs (Alpha
Gamma Rho).
Ideal transportation for student.
1963 Chevy Impala for sale by
owner. Call: 472-2336 or
475 2582.
'70 Honda Scrambler, 3000 miles,
excellent condition, $635.
434-5473 evenings.
Stereo Components, Discounts,
Fisher, Kenwood, Dual
466 0930.
Fender Super Amp. $200 or best
offer. Call Jeff, Cather 210.
Calendar-25c apiece at Union
Sony TC-20 Stereo Car Cassette
Player with 2 speakers. Brand new,
Hi...Wanna Die? See Acid Queen
April 2-3.
European Summer Nomads: MOST
ECONOMICAL way to Europe.
Also substantial reductions on
auto travel. European Odyssey,
Winsted, MN 55395
Summer in Europe! For
information on European
Odyssey call 488-3547. Save $$.
Sewing and alterations. Call Pat
Moore at 799-261 5.
Wilderness hiking and climbing
courses. Spend 3 weeks in
Colorado this summer, ASM Box
9755, Minneapolis, Minnesota
& R.
Team Electronics gives quick
service on Craig, Automatic
Radio, Ranger, Tenna Kraco
tape players. Team Electronics
2055 "O" St.
Mini line threatened by
The Mini-Line bus system
will continue to serve the
University and downtown
Lincoln at least through next
September but its future
beyond that is uncertain.
"Income from the Mini-Line
has not covered the expenses
of the operation during the
15-month trial period,"
announced Roland Tornblom,
vice-president if the Lincoln
Center Service Company which
operates the line.
At a press conference in
Lincoln Wednesday Tornblom
said his company had enough
money left to last through
September, when the city
probably will decide the future
of bus transportation in
The mini-buses have been
running since November 1969,
when 94 downtown businesses
and businessmen pledged
$38,000 to subsidize operating
costs during a trial period
Interviewing the interviewer
is an important step in select
ing your career. And because
we're one of the world's
largest insurers, a State Farm
interview is a good way to
which exDired late last month.
The four 18-passenger buses
are owned by the National
Bank of Commerce Co., which
leases them to the Lincoln
Center Service Co. for almost
But revenue from the 10
cent per trip passenger fares,
the $7 per hour chartering
service, and dispay advertising
inside the buses has been
insufficient to cover operating
Tornblom said 1,400 to
1,600 passengers a day would
permit a break-even operation,
but the trial period average was
only 798 a day. The highest
average was 1,565 passengers a
day during one week in
February. The average was
1,179 a day for all of
"Although the number of
riders has generally increased,"
Tornblom said, "it appears
doubtful that this service will
Interviewing isn't just a chance to display your talents. It's a chance to
get information about employers. Don't waste it. Ask questions. To
help you, we've listed some things that could affect how much you
enjoy your future job. And finding work you enjoy is what it s all about.
1 Do you have a training program? Describe it.
2 What specific responsibilities are trainees given?
3 What percentage of your management . . .
are products of a training program?
come from a specific area or school?
hold graduate degrees?
4 What percentage of your management openings are
filled from within?
5 If I join your firm and decide to change fields, can it
be done within your firm?
6 What's the cost of living and the housing situation
where I'd be employed?
7 Does your company have any additional benefits such
as cost of living adjustments, employee group hfe and
medical insurance, .company-paid retirement planf
8 How does your company's size and growth compare
with others in your industry?
9 What is your company doing in the way of public
service? -
10 How does your employee turnover rate compare with
other companies?
TWn must be some negative aspects oi the joO you
offering. What are they?
investigate a number of career
fields. Right now we have op
portunities in accounting,
actuarial science, claims,
electronic data processing, in
vestments, law, management
maxi bills
reach a profitable status in a
city of this size in the
forseeable future."
But enough of the $38,000
in pledges remains to continue
operation until September,
Tornblom added. He hopes the
city will include mini-bus
service in its mass transit
program then.
He noted that a consulting
firm hired by the city called
the Mini-Line a "worthwhile
endeavor" which "should
become a part of the public
transit system."
Tornblom said to his
knowledge the Lincoln
Mini-Line is the first one in the
country financed entirely by
private capital. But he said
downtown business men can't
keep it up indefinitely after
money runs out in September.
So the service has to
broaden its base of support,
Tornblom explained, ideally by
means of a city take-over.
. . . .
and underwriting. Our re
cruiter will be on your campus
March 16 Arrange
an interview through your
Placement Office. Then bring
your questions.
CSL . .
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the students to confront their
accusers, namely Chancellor D.
B. Varner and Vice-Chancellor
G. Robert Ross. The students
had no opportunity to cross
examine Varner and Ross on
disputed points, Anson said.
The students couldn't
present an adequate defense,
Anson said, since they had no
access to "damaging"
statements by Varner and Ross
until the day of the hearing.
Ron D. Gierhan, of the Office
of Student Affairs, said he
himself didn't have the
statements until that
The defendants weren't
aware of the specific charges
against them until the day of
the Tribunal hearings.
THE BRIEF presented to
the Council contends that
Varner's intent "was not so
much to end the alleged
disruption as it was to suppress
the demonstration."
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