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to attend
Staff Writer
Duke B. Hubbard sent out a negative R.S.V.P. to
representatives of his department Wednesday, but his answer
" to an invitation from the Board of Regents remains in doubt.
The untenured assistant professor of educational
administration, whose case is expected to come before the
Regents Saturday, was asked to a Thursday meeting of his
department's tenured members to discuss recommendations
that he not be rehired.
DALE K. HAYES , chairman of the educational
administration department, called the March 4 meeting "one
more chance" for Hubbard to present his case, but stated that
he did not think the tenured faculty would reconsider their
recommendation that Hubbard not be rehired.
On the advice of his attorneys, Hubbard won't attend the
However, Theodore L. Kessner and Steven G. Seglin,
Hubbard's attorneys, are still considering the Regents'
invitation to present Hubbard's case at their executive session
Saturday morning on the UNO campus.
The Thursday meeting grew out of a Faculty Senate
Conciliation Committee report to Hubbard and Hayes which
recommended that a "new meeting, with Mr. Hubbard present,
could serve a very useful purpose."
Faculty Senate group that attempts, generally behind the
scenes, to sooth difficult situations involving faculty members
and administrators.
On Feb. 9 the tenured faculty of the educational
administration department metand unanimously
recommended that Hubbard not be rehired. Though Hubbard
was invited to the meeting, he did not attend because his
attorneys advised it would be against his interests since there
were no ground rules for the hearing.
The same problem exists now, Hubbard said. He added that
the Conciliation Committee report says, in effect, that it
"wasn't too happy with those procedures."
THE REPORT states that there was not a real opportunity
"for judgment by the tenured faculty of the department based
on a full disclosure of all sides of an obviously complex and
controversial situation." It adds that Hubbard's reasons for not
appearing at the February meeting were not "fully
appreciated" by all the tenured faculty.
Hubbard maintains that without knowing the forum of the
March 4 hearing, he would not know what kind of defense to
In a letter to Wesley C. Meierhenry and M. Scott Norton.
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VOL 94 NO. 74
Human relations league plans attack
A University group is planning a
two-pronged effort, early next week to protest
what they feel is racial discrimination on the
part of private clubs in Lincoln.
"We want to draw public attention to the
racially discriminatory practices of these
organizations," Tom Headley, a spokesman for
the Human Relations Insight League, said late
He announced that "one or two'2. pickets
will appear outside the Elks Club,' the Eagles
Lodge and the Moose Lodge over the noon and
supper hours beginning Monday.
The pickets, who will be University students,
will carry signs and walk around outside the
buildings, said Headley, a senior from Bellevue,
They plan to picket during the busy hours of
noon and supper in order to reach the largest
number of people.
Headley also said members of the Human
Relations Insight League are planning "a formal
protest" with the city of Lincoln when liquor
license renewals for the three clubs come up
later this month.
Under a state law, Headley said, liquor
licenses car only be given to organizations with
superb character. He said no court action is
planned at this time in opposition to the liquor
license renewals.
A recent investigation conducted by the
League, according to Headley, showed that
racial discrimination is common among private
clubs and organizations in Lincoln.
"The racially discriminatory organizations
can be divided into two groups," he said.
"Those who overtly discriminate and those who
practice a more subtle, de facto
The League defines an "overtly
discriminatory" organization as being one
whose membership regulations explicitly state
that members of a given race or races may not
become members of that organization.
Other organizations, according to the
League, do not explictly deny membership to
anyone on the basis of race, but their
membership rosters include no members of
minority races and their membership policies
make it difficult for people of minority races to
"Our goal is simple," Headley said. "We
want to eliminate the racial bias in their
membership policies."
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Tommerassen . . . troubled by "deceptive" budget.
Steve Fowler . . . PACE initiator listens to ASUN
debate on PACE program. In other action, ASUN
voted to have President Steve Tiwald explain
their position on the Rozman case to the Faculty
Senate. See story cn page 2.
Tommeraasen views
budgetary problems
Staff Writer
"Where do you get the money?"
That's the problem with Governor J. J. Exon's proposed
University budget, according to director of business and
finance, Miles Tommeraasen.
Speaking to ASUN Wednesday, Tommeraasen said the
apparent 10 per cent increase in funds ( an extra $6 million) is
"deceptive". Since the Governor cut $1.5 million in tax funds,
he explained, an increase of over $7J million is necessary
from other sources.
The Governor's income projections for the University are
probably too high and his estimation of expenses too low,
according to Tommerassen.
He said some of the plans to collect more from income
while dropping taxes are "unrealistic" and overestimate the
amount that can be collected. Expenses. Tommeraasen
continued, are also going up, especially in terms of building
maintenance, utilities, and employe wages and benefits. Many
University employes, are presently paid at a subsistence or
poverty level, he said.
The result, Tommeraasen told ASUN, is about $3.5 million
that will have to be found or trimmed from current programs.
He suggested that talk of enrollment ceilings, summer
school elimination, and more tuition hikes are premature at
this time.
Cancellation pf summer sessions, in Tommeraasen's
opinion, is just a "wild rumor" for the time being. But, some
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