The daily Nebraskan. ([Lincoln, Neb.) 1901-current, February 18, 1971, Page PAGE 4, Image 4

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The A ll'Night
Once-In-A-Lifetime Atomic
Movie Orgy sounds like
something dirty, but it might
just be the best movie in town
this week-end.
This collection of film
memorabilia lasts for seven
hours and will be shown in the
Student Union Ballroom on
Friday and Saturday starting at
6 p.m.
The Orgy consists of film
clips of such old-time shows as
the Lone Ranger, Hopalong
Cassidy, Mighty Mouse, the
Happy Tooth, Howdy Doody,
and other bits of old television
programs, commercials and
Admission is $1.00 or
approximately 14 cents an
hour .
It seems strange that this
might be the best
entertainment this weekend in
a town Lincoln's size, but after
looking at the movies showing
at the Lincoln theaters, the
reasons for this assessment
become apparent.
At the Stuart is Patton,
which is on its second time
around in Lincoln. It was great
the first time but why bring it
back? Cold Turkey is at the
Varsity and has to do
(hack-hack) with an entire
Interview with McGovern
highlights NETV schedule
Senator George McGovern,
Democratic candidate for
President in 1972, will be seen
Tuesday, Feb. 23 at 9:30 p.m.
in a special interview program
on the Nebraska Educational
Television Network.
The South Dakota senator
will be the guest of interviewer
Elizabeth Drew on "Thirty
Minutes With..."
In announcing his
candidacy, McGovern pledged
to push for a program designed
to shift the economy from
military to civilian production
and priorities.
Large 19" Zenith portable T.V.
Excellent condition. $150.00 or
best offer. 477-6061, 826
1960 Karman Ghia, 61 Engine, new
snow tires, new paint. See Bernd
405 Harper Hall.
1 or 2 bedroom apts., 2 baths,
furnished or unfurnished, shag
carpet, dishwasher. Crescent
Gardens. 2222 Vine St.
AGORA-open soon-but we are
still subletting store space.
435-6576, 432-6350.
Beautiful new apts. $165. 5140 So.
48th. Over 1000 sq. ft. Fully
carpeted and draped. Two
bedrooms, two baths, range,
refrigerator, dishwasher,
disposal, central air. 488-1530.
Iowa town giving up smoking.
The Nebraska has scheduled
The Traveling Executioner
which sounds, just ducky. Wild
Country, a Walt Disney
Productions film, is at the
State. Without a doubt the
Disney company makes the
best family movies around, but
the amount of entertainment a
college-age movie-goer will find
in this movie is questionable.
Finally we come to the Dr.
Jekyll-Mr. Hyde of celluloid,
Love Story, which is showing
at the Cooper-Lincoln. This
movie should probably be seen
by everyone, not because it is
good or bad, but simply so that
you can make up your own
mind as to whether you like it
or not.
But once you have seen
Love Story, I doubt if you will
see it again. If you didn't like it
you would be a fool to see it
again, and if you did like it you
probably didn't like it well
enough to pay $2.50 to see it
It is unfortunate that the
Lincoln theaters do not have
better quality films, especially
when one considers that shows
like The Great White Hope and
Cromwell are playing at movie
theaters 50 miles away in
Other programs of interest
this week to NETV viewers
--"Your Unicameral,"
tonight at 8 p.m. features
interviews about timely topics
with state senators. George
Round, University of Nebraska
director of public relations, is
program host.
-"NET Playhouse," Friday,
Feb. 19 at 9 p.m. continues a
current series on "The Movie
Crazy Years." Warner Brothers
studio is the topic of the
program. Film excerpts of
famous films are shown.
county agency open now.
Requires MSW. Apply 475-4997
week days.
Need a date? Call Eleanor, 475-2427
or GeGe, 475-2785 after six.
Encounter group. Professionally led
Gestalt-Marathon. UMHE March
5-7. Call Marillyn Caldwell
434-5131 evenings.
Sewing and alterations. Call Pat
Moore at 799-2615.
& R'
489-6541. 5520 South St.
LaufV Nyro is capable of
producing slick pop songs that
are picked up by groups like
the Fifth Dimension and
Blood, Sweat and Tears.
Christmas and the Beads of
Sweat reveals another side to
This album consists of
several fragile, poetic
impressions of life, whose
beauty and maturity are a far
cry from Stoned Soul Picnic.
Unfortunately, some of the
beauty of several songs is
masked by a very repetitive
style and other flaws.
"Upstairs by a Chinese
Lamp" and "Blackpatch" are
both very nice and in my
opinion the best cuts of the
album, solely because they are
simple and unpretentious in
comparison to two of the
longer tracks, "Map to the
Treasure" and "Beads of
"Upstairs by a Chinese
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DiCKVAN DYKE XOm IIJRKEY S s-bs? - bob newha1
style spoils
Lamp" is a quite gentle pastel
print of a song. Enjoyable
On the other hand, after
hearing the album once, there
appears to be a definite
predictability to it, so that by
the time you hear "Beads of
Sweat," you are saying to
yourself, here come the loud,
fast riffs, right after that soft,
mellow beginning.
"Map to the Treasure"
and "Brown Earth" are also
particularly guilty, and while
each is a somewhat lovely song
in itself, the repetition of
technique spoils much of this.
"Been on a Train" manages
to retain much of the softness
and tenderness that it begins
with, bringing in only some of
the harshness of its theme,
death by overdose.
Nyro paints a subtle, yet
evocative, scene that has
considerably more effect than
some of the songs of the same
Nyro album
type ("Airplane of Snow",
etc.). In a similar manner,
"Christmas in my Soul" is one
of the most appealing
protest -type songs around. The
theme is quite simple-"all
God's love is out of style on
Christmas" with "all God's
sons" from Panthers to Indians
awaiting trial.
"When I was a Ereeport and
You Were the Main Drag"
sounds very much like some of
Nyro's older songs and "Up on
the Roof" is several years old,
and one of the few songs Nyro
has recorded that she didn't
write herself. This song
sparkles and stands out as
being easy to listen to.
Christmas and the Beads of
Sweat is well done for the most
part. It's a good album to sit
down and listen to some
afternoon, but not to expect
too much of. It's nice, that's
Free U cyclists
schedule meeting
The People's Bicycle Club
will meet at United Ministries
in Higher Education Thursday
evening at 7:30.
The Free University course
will discuss bicycling trips and
camp-outs and everyone is
invited, according to Gary
Wolff, course leader.
YAFers invited to
talk at Hyde Park
Members of the Young
Americans for Freedom (YAF)
have been invited to speak at
the Thursday ternoon Hyde
Park session i ihe lounge of
the Nebraska Union.
Anyone may come and
discuss any issue at the open
forums, according to the
chairman of the Union Hyde
Park Committee.