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Debbie Roach. . .'They're willing to meet us halfway."
Campus commission may improve
statehouse - student communications
- A liaison between
Nebraska's college campuses
and the governor's office, long
the dream of disgruntled
students, will be a reality
before the end of the spring
semester according to a
University freshman from
The liaison will be in the
form of a commission
representing all state colleges.
Debbie Roach, campus
representative for the
commission, said the idea for a
link between the students and
the governor grew out of her
reaction to last November's
debate between Gov. J. J.
Exon and former governor
Norbert Tiemann, on the
Lincoln camous.
information concerning the
University prompted Roach to
take action.
She presented her mother,
an active figure in the Douglas
County Democratic campaign
with the idea. The suggestion
wormed its way through the
Democratic ranks until it
reached Exon, who has
assumed the governorship.
Exon contacted Roach and
indicated he favored a
commission of some sort be
established. It was then that
the idea began to take on
tangible aspects.
ROACH SAID she has been
in contact with John Sullivan,
Exon's administrative assistant,
in an attempt to work outt
specific plans.
The Latin American studies
major said she envisions the
commission, formally known
as the Governor's Campus
Forum, as being a "market
place of ideas".
a composite of students from
all campuses so he wouldn't
have a monolithic student
opinion," she said. "Students
with legitimate grievances
could come to the board
assured that the governor will
hear their complaint."
Roach cited Exon's budget
cuts stating, "there is a
credibility gap. . .students are
willing and waiting for him to
make an explanation."
She indicated Exon would
prefer meeting with students in
an informal atmosphere,
somewhere he could "listen as
well as talk and explain."
A STEP IN THIS direction
statewide conference on higher
education planned for this
spring. Invitations will be
dispatched to all campus
organizations requesting
Roach said a possibility is
that a closed circuit television
channel may be used to
provide students from all
campuses in the state a chance
to phone questions to the
governor. She noted that a live
program would be an ideal
situation but the technicalities
need to be worked out.
She stressed that the forum
is "not an elite group" and
'interested students should
contact me".
"I've been pretty skeptical
myself," Roach said "but we
have a youthful administration
and they're willing to meet us
half way.
Tribunal. . .
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disruption and Administra
tion's willingness to reason
didn't enter into Circo's case.
Circo was placed on temporary
probation for refusing to leave
the - library Wednesday after
normal closing hours.
"I hadn't come with the
intention of staying," said
Circo, adding that he had come
to see his close friend Ron
Kurtenbach. He made the
decision to stay and be placed
on probation at the last
minute, Circo said. Circo was
given a five-minute warning by
Pres. Joseph Soshnik before
being placed on probation.
ASUN Senate supports Rozman
After an extended debate over semantics,
at Wednesday's ASUN meeting produced a
two-part resolution on the Rozman case.
The resolution :-expresses support for
Stephen Rozman in his attempt to "clarify
the issues"
and "achieve justice through due process"
concerning the Regents decision not to
re-hire him.
states that ASUN denounces the
Regents decision, their "disregard for due
process and academic freedom", and their
"refusal" to discuss the issues with students.
Several senators objected to an
amendment calling for censure of the
Regents so the word "denounces" was
accepted cs a compromise.
IN AN EFFORT to learn how many
senators would vote to censure the Regents,
Sen. Ron Kurtenbach reintroduced his
previous motion for censure. Six voted to.
censure, 20 were against censure and four
Sen. Bruce Wimmer's resolution that the
ASUN executives appoint a committee to
investigate the feasibility of divorcing the
Daily Nebraskan from student fee support
was approved. The committee is directed to
report to the Senate by March 29.
SEN. WIMMER ALSO presented a
motion to have a special committee work
with the ASUN Education Committee and
the Arts and Sciences Advisory Board to
determine the desirability of the Arts and
Science language requirements. The motion
will be considered next week.
Also tabled was Sen. Bill Arfman's
resolution that ASUN urges the University
to develop procedures for recruiting
minority students and develop a "full and
substantive" program of ethnic studies.
Sen. Ed Eggleston reported that his
Legislative Liaison Committee was
organizing speaking engagements in Lincoln
and outstate communities. He invited all
University students who would be interested
in speaking to contact him or the ASUN
appointments to the Advisory Board for
Scholarship and Financial Aids. Board
members include Kay Giles. Keith Bystrom,
Stan Olsen, Patty Kominski , Mike Nelson,
Jimmie Smith and Richard Waters.
In other business ASUN elected Cindy
Vondrak to the vacant senate seat from Arts
and Science and Rod Hernandez to the same
position from Teachers College.
A senate position from the College of
Engineering and Architecture is available.
The new representative will be selected at
the Feb. 24 meeting.
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