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    Tiwald criticizes, defends Nixon
"Heckling is anti
democratic." That was the opinion given
Thursday by AS UN president
Steve Tiwald. He expressed
hopes that no demonstrations
or abusive language would be
directed toward President
Richard Nixon during his
Omaha speech.
Thursday morning Tiwald
and several others tried to
dissuade a group of students
from going to the speech to
demonstrate. Most were not
Tiwald said "serious ques
tions" existed about Nixon's
policies. However, he added
that respect should be shown
for the President's office and
for his right to speak."
He joined with the student
body presidents of Creighton,
the University of Nebraska at
Omaha and Nebraska
Wesleyan in signing a state
ment to Nixon. It questioned
the President's stand on Viet
nam, aid to education and law
and order." The statement
mentioned reports in national
magazines that Nixon aides
had been ensuring the presence
of hecklers at his speeches.
Tiwald explained the state
ment was not anti-Nixon", as
The Nebraskan reported
Wednesday, but rather a
responsible response" to the
President's visit.
The statement was read at a
news conference Wednesday in
Omaha. Tiwald told the
reporters that it represented
his views, and not those of
ASUN or the University of
Nebraska student body.
Farm, education, Mexican
American and peace group
representatives also presented
statements for the President at
the news conference. Although
they all had different com
plaints about national policy,
each representative joined
Tiwald in emphasizing the
respectful and non-violent
nature of the action.
The group drafted a paper to
explain their reasons for
holding the news conference. It
said they wanted to "collec
tively voice concerns" and to
demonstrate the "strength and
the breadth of the dissatisfac
tion" in Nebraska with Nixon's
The paper also noted that a
visit by the President is a
privilege and added, We
welcome him warmly and urge
him to return often."
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Model United Nations
needs more delegations
Model United Nations (MUN)
needs 25 more delegations for
its December convention, said
Dave Hoist, committee
chairman, adding, "The only
prerequisite is interest."
He stressed that MUN won't
be a "professional debating
society for international rela
tions students."
The program presently has 00
delegations i ncluding
"straights, radicals and
members of the foreign student
associations," said Hoist.
Describing the UN as "the
greatest experiment yet at
tempted in the age-long search
for peace among nations,"
Hoist said MUN gives students
a chance to recognize what's
wrong with the organization. ,
This "venture in practical
experience" will take place at
the Nebraska Center for Conti
nuing Education on East Cam
pus Dec. 4-5.
Issues will focus on the Mid
dle East crisis, Hoist said,
although MUN will also con
sider the apartheid policy of
South Africa, the problems of the
mini-states and the admission
of Red China to the UN.
The committee is working
with Bob Russell of the Union
Talks and Topics Committee,
the Arab Student Association
and Newsweek magazine to ar
range a speaker, Hoist said,
Countries will be assigned to
the delegations the first day of
the conference on a first-come,
first-serve basis. Few applica
tions have been received in
dicating a choice of the US or
USSR, Hoist said, but most
delegations have asked for
Security Council countries.
The reality of the UN, even
its political deals and corrup
tion, are imitated in the MUN,
said Hoist. "People get so
excited that they subordinate
their own political ideas to
those of the country they're
representing," he added.
Applications are available in
living units. Delegations
usually consist of about four
people. The $8 fee is often pro
vided by a sponsoring living
unit or organization, Hoist
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