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    Philosophy chairman
Refusal reasons
. s
The chairman of the NU
Philosophy Department said
Wednesday two of the four
reasons given by the Board of
Regents for their refusal to hire
Michael Davis are "in dispute"
and that further information
should be obtained.
"At the present time, it
would be premature to make
any final judgment about the
case because important ques
tions of fact are now uncer
tain," said Robert E. Dewey,
the man who decided last
spring to appoint the con
troversial Davis to an instruc
tor's position at NU.
The Board of Regents, In a
letter to Davis, said Davis at
tributed certain derogatory
remarks at a reception follow
ing the inauguration of
University of Michigan Pres
ident Robben W. Fleming.
Dewey pointed out that Davis
has denied being present at the
The Regents letter also at
tributed certain derogatory
remarks at a legislative hear
ing of the Michigan Legislature
to Davis. Dewey pointed out
that Davis has denied using
such language.
"If Mr. Davis did not do
some of the things which it was
thought he had done, then we
may have had an unfortunate
misunderstanding," Dewey
Dewey said he is unsure at
this time whether the Regents,
his department, the University
administration or Davis
'1 r-"- -It.
A mess
Students ... floored br litter.
himself should attempt to pro
vide the information needed tc
resolve the points in question.
"If there has been a
misunderstanding, then I would
hope we might find some way
' to conciliate the best interests
of both the University and Mr.
Davis to bring this controversy
to an end," Dewey said.
Perhaps the Faculty Senate
Conciliation Committee or the
local chapter of the American
Association of University Pro
fessors might participate in
such conciliation, he said.
"Conciliation would depend
on what the board and Davis
would be satisfied with,"
Dewey said. He said he was
unsure what the object of con
ciliation would be, although as
one example, he suggested that
financial compensation t o
Davis for the trouble over his
rejected appointment.
When asked if he thought the
Regents decision was proper.
Dewey declined to give a yes or
no answer at this time. It would
depend upon what information
the Boards actions were based,
he said.
He did say he appreciated the
willingness of the Regents to
make their reasons public.
"Such action is in the best
traditions of fair play and
removes the basis for many
ugly rumors about Mr. Davis
which had been circulating
whea people were left to im
agine what the reasons were,"
the philosophy department
chairman said.
.1 v
"I love People . . . says Linda Stapleton, Lincoln
own songs at Wednesday's Jazz and
ASUN president signs
anti-Nixon statement
Student senators conducted
Wednesday's ASUN meeting
without any of the desertions
for super common in recent
An initiative petition by the
Free Speech Movement was
approved. The petit km. which
carried the required WW
signatures for presentation to
ASUN, calls for "exposition of
the fiKts" in the Michael Davis
case. It further directs the
Regents be invited to send J
representative for an open
debate with Davis.
The report of the Committee
on Strike Expenditures,, in
cluding corrections by
University Director of Business
ami Finance, was approved. It
noted that ASUN feels no effort
was made by the director.
Miles Tomera;isenv to cover up
any facts in the case and that
public statements made to that
effect are "improper. The
report found there was no im
proper use of students fees
during last May's student
Steve Fowler presented the
Program of Active Committ
ment (PACE) report It calls
for a student petition to raise
students fees for support of
kw-income students
scholarships. The senate en
dorsed the r e p o rt and urged
"serious consideratioa by all
ASUN president Stere
Ttwald. read a statement that
had been given to a press con
ference in Omaha earlier in the
day. The statement, signed by
' I sf
s ' -VuV If
i - . , .1 &ti f teKPM
Tiwaid and the student bodv
presidents of Westeyan,
Creighton and the University of
Nebraska at Omaha was
directed to President Nixon.
It stated that the "overriding
feelings towards you and your
?dministrakion in Nebraska, as
atl across, the country, are
feelitigi of disappointment and
frustration." It went on to ac
cuse him of prolonging the war,
vetoing education bills and re
sisting reform.
It further mentioned divisive
speeches by Spiro Agnew ana
the killing of students by police
and national guard troops last
spring. It reports that Nixon
has supplied hecklers for his
speeches to emphasize "law
and order.
Calling this showman.hip.
the statement concluded with
the question, "Mr. Nixvn. what
kind of moral leadership U
A few senators objected to
Ttwald signing the statement
as ASUN president because
NU receives gift
Danny is three years old but
suffers from severe hearing
and speech difficulties and
roust wear a hearing aid.
However, he has made some
real progress since enrolling in
the University Speech and
Hearing Clinic's program for
p re-school children.
WUIum , BarfJey never
sophomore, who sang her
Java session.
they did not feel it represented
the student body's opinion.
Others countered that an
elected officat has the right to
make public statements of opi
nion although the electorate
may not agree. Nixon's
speeches were- given as an ex
ample. Tiwaid said that he had in
formed reporters that he was
for ASUN or the student body.
ASUN or the student body.
The subject was dropped
without further discussion or a
The senate voted to send let
ters to the Regents and key
administration personnel in an
attempt to organize an open
discussion with Michael Davij
during his Lincoln visit.
Various, appointments were
approved, several bills on
handling of funds discussed and
passed and Ron Kurtenbach
was elected as a new senator
from graduate and professional
knew Danny but Wednesday
the Itaiversity received $135,001
as the first of an annual series
of gifts from Barkleys estat
to be used for training teachers
for people with proWrms tike
The series of gifts are ex
pected to total approximately
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