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Nebraska!! Copy Editor
As part of a much-neglected
art form, and most likely part
of a dying genre, "On a Clear
Day You Can See Forever" is
one of the few spectacular
movie musicals trickling out of
Hollywood today.
First of all, it is a Streisand
musical, which by definition is
spectacular. While clearly not
in the budget range of the more
lauded "Hello Dolly" or even
"Funny Girl," "Clear Day" is
hardly a budget production.
This, in itself is no mortal
sin. But when a movie has little
else going for it, that movie is
in BIG trouble. The lavish set
tings, ornate costumes and
tricky camera-play are, of
course worth seeing. But are
they enough alone?
In this case, the answer is
maybe. This is not to say that
quality of characterization is
lacking throughout. At least
they give' it a marvelous try,
considering the circumstances.
The Streisand role is that of
Daisy Gamble, a kooky, mod,
22-yearrold student with special
"extra-sensory" powers in
cluding; among other goodies,
the ability to make plants grow
"fast -p like I mean really
fast" (now there's a line! ).
After: being accidentally
hypnotised in a psychology
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a clear day you can
class, Daisy comes under the
surveillance of non-believer Dr.
Marc Chabot (Yves Montand)
who delves into her little
cerebrum to find (surprise of
surprises) that within her
dwells the spirit of a- long-dead
English noble-woman, Melinda
Tantrees. As if this ridiculous
Lernerian plot weren't enough
to bog down any actor or ac
tress from the Burtons on
down, it gets worse.
Chabot finds, much to his
surprise, that he has fallen in
love with Melinda, but not
All of this, of course, troubles
Chabot deeply. And so he does
what any normal, sane
psychology professor would do.
He gives the problem to his
Next surprise comes from the
students and the city
newspapers, who pick, up the
story and bring attention to the
Doctor's study almost losing
his position for him.
To make matters worse, in
the meantime Daisy, from
whom the secret double-identity
has been hidden finds out
that she is Melinda. Even
worse, she finds that Chabot,
with whom she is madly in
love, does not love her.
Luckily, even this pile of
Lernerian trash can't stop
heavyweight Barbra Streisand.
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28, 1970
There's no question that it's
Streisand's show all the way.
(No other female in the cast
has more than ten lines.) Rug
gedly, she plugs her way
through this dialogue coaches'
nightmare with some
semblance of quality. Her
transitions from Daisy to
Melinda and back again are all
but miraculous and, of course,
the only songs worth
remembering are hers.
Unfortunately, the same can't
be said for the male portion of
the cast. Montand as Chabot is
horrible. If the part were
somewhat believable to begin
Sculptures damaged
Damage done to two statues
in the Sheldon Sculpture garden
this week-end was "probably
not intentional", according to
University Security Forco
Detective Robert Edmunds.
Sheldon Director Norman
Geske would not estimate the
amount of damage, saying that
it would have to be determined
by insurance companies. He
said the works were valued at
$12,000 and $15,000.
Neither of the two works can
be repaired, Geske said.
Edmunds said that two
children were seen running
from the Garden early Sunday
afternoon. It is possible that
they were playing on one of the
statues when it bent under their
combined weight, he added.
The other sculpture was
damaged Saturday in an ap
parently unrelated incident.
"Someone may have thought
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If it hat
and hat It
head set
see Streisand
with, the results may have
been somewhat different.
However, as stands, Yves'
performance rates with that of
a cardboard cutout of Bozo the
Clown. Without a doubt, his
transitions from dialogue into
song are the worst ever to be
perpetrated on the viewing
public, and. his singing voice
has to be heard to be believed.
If you liked Jack Nicholson in
"Easy Rider," whatever you
do, don't see "Clear Day." Cast
as Daisy's step-brother,
Nicholson is shoved into a
third-rate role, in which he
does little more than stand
the statue was stronger than U
actually was and put too much
weight on it," Edmund said.
"Thought we thought the
damage was from intentional
vandalism at first, we don't
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around and look like he's in the
Equally bad are most of the
minor male characters,
especially Larry Blyden as
Daisy's fiance, who was, to put
it simply, bland.
The only halfway decent
male characterization is that of
Bob Newhart as the squirming
University president. With only
five or six lines in the whole
movie, he is almost worth the
movie admission himself.
In a musical comedy (even a
"modern" musical comedy like
"Clear Day") the most impor
tant thing to remember is that
it must flow evenly throughout.
Unlike "Hello Dolly" or "Fun
ny Girl" either one, Streisand
lets the pace slow in the middle
of the movie and the show
comes to a screeching halt.
All in all, "Clear Day" is
worth seeing, if only for the
sets, costumes and cinematic
techniques and, of course,
Striesand herself. But don't
expect much more.
Radio hat it
1131 "O" Sum) Hwn 431 JJ
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