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VOL. 94, NO. 23
Lost in a
YAF, ASUN, CUE, Vets face businessmen
Young Americans for
Freedom (YAF) president
Terry Cannon had to leave the
Wednesday night meeting of
the International Footprinters
Club early, but he drew a loud
round of applause before he
The club, composed of Lin
coln businessmen and law en
forcement officials, invited a
panel of four University
students to discuss last May's
strike, the generation gap, and
student reaction to law en
forcement officials at their
dinner meeting at Tony and
Luigi's restaurant.
Cannon said YAF's reaction
to the strike was
"We are determined not to
see disruptions on this campus
such as occurred at Berkley
and Columbia," he said.
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Regarding YAF's blue button
campaign, designed to exhibit
student opposition to campus
violence, Cannon said, "I've
been told that even some
radicals are wearing blue but
tons. If they are opposed to
violence, then think how op
posed moderates and con
servatives are."
Cannon mentioned YAF's
current national "freedom of
fensive," noting that NU's
chapter is seeking a court in
junction against mandatory
student fees "which we hope
will curb the latent strength of
the radical community that
controls such things as student
fees . . . (and) ASUN."
Panel member Mike Wilson,
coordinator of Nebraska
Veterans for Peace, said he
was "dismayed" at the amount
of strike activity at the
University as compared with
other campuses he visited last
Soldier and Caesar
Davis prefers Union
Michael Davis said Thursday
night he will wait until after
the Nov. 3 elections to come to
the University campus if he is
given a firm commitment that
his trip will be financed by the
Union Program Council
Davis said he understands
that his speech, tentatively
scheduled for Oct. 29, might
unfavorably influence the
Board of Regents elections.
The Free Speech Movement
(FSM) announced Wednesday
they have sufficient funds to
bring Davis to Lincoln. Davis,
the University of Michigan
graduate student whose
teaching appointment was
blocked by the Board of
Regents, has been scheduled by
FSM to speak next Thursday.
spring. Citing the fact that only
14 of the students showed up
for ASUN elections two weeks
earlier, he said, "if some want
to strike, (even though they
represent a minority) then they
Steve Tiwald, ASUN presi
dent, said "what really brought
together all 20,000 students
(during last May's strike) was
that there was a heightening of
political awareness."
Tiwald saw this awareness as
"a very good sign. Students
should take a stand, and be
aware of what's going on," he
"The strike was the best
thing that could have happened
to YAF and other political
groups, because it gave them
issues," Tiwald added.
Panel member Bob Vlasak,
chairman of the Committee for
Undisrupted Education (CUE),
said his group was "highly
The action by FSM came in
spite of a UPC vote Tuesday
night to use student fees to
finance Davis' appearance.
However, the mechanics of
getting a contract with Davis
and providing funds would take
about 30 days.
Davis said he prefers to be
brought to campus by the most
representative group as possi
ble. For this reason he said he
prefers an invitation by the
Union instead of coming under
the auspices of the FSM.
"I would be happy if the
Union people and the Free
Centennial evaluation
Archives keeper
Monte Walsh review . .
NFU courses
critical of the way the student
government supported the
Vlasak stated it takes the
vote of 35 per cent of the
students to recall ASUN of
ficials. He noted that this was
an impossible figure consider
ing that only 14 per cent of the
students voted in the ASUN
He said if it hadn't been for
that impossible figure "I think
we could have had a recall of
Speech group would reach a
compromise so I wouldn't have
to make the decision on when
to appear."
The University of Michigan
graduate student said he must
receive a final commitment by
Monday night. Tom Lonnquist,
chairman of the UPC, said he
will try to schedule a special
meeting with the FSM before
that deadline.
Davis also said he will
release Sunday the Regents'
letter outlining why his ap
pointment was rejected as well
as his response to the letter.
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the student government last
Tiwald said the word
"strike" caused a lot of
misapprehensions last May. "It
was in fact a voluntary non
violent boycott of classes," he
said. "There were no picket
He cited support from a
newly-elected student senate
and a May 5 town hall meeting
resolution passed by an
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