The daily Nebraskan. ([Lincoln, Neb.) 1901-current, September 28, 1970, Page PAGE 11, Image 11

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    Super sophmore sails
in early grid battles
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Nebraska's Johnny Rodgers
he's really something to
And watching the Cornhusker
super sophomore was a special
treat in Nebraska's 28-0 romp
over Army at Memorial
Stadium Saturday. But why all
the excitement? Weren't his
credentials from Omaha Tech
an indication of things to ex
pect? "You can't go on past
performances," explained
Rodgers who pranced 38 yards
on a punt return to set up
Nebraska's second touchdown.
"Old newspaper articles are
just clippings people want to
see what you can do now.".
And Johnny Rodgers showed
the 66,928 paying customers
what he can now do in a
Cornhusker uniform. The
Nebraska flanker caught two
touchdown strikes from Jerry
Tagge and turned in a dazzling
punt return.
But Saturday's game was not
entirely a red-letter day for
Rodgers especially when it
came to catching punts. He
hobbled two punts, one which
was recovered by Army, early
in the game when the Huskers'
offense had trouble getting un
packed. "I wasn't feeling well in the
first half," said Rodgers in
reference to a nervous
Rodgers admits that catching
punts is a big reason for his
nervousness. "I hate to call for
a fair catch," explained
Rodgers, "because everybody
is just standing around wat
ching you. I get nervous and
I'm afraid I'll drop it."
But whatever Rodgers feels
when catching punts, he surely
must forget when catching
passes. The Husker flanker
totaled 101 yards in pass
receiving which included 43 and
26-yard touchdown bombs from
Johnny was visited in the
Husker locker room by his 13-year-old
brother, Ed. The
younger Rodgers, who like his
brother adds a smile with
everything he says, Isn't un
familiar with football fame.
He was selected as defensive
back of the week in his Boys'
Club at Omaha this year. "I
never returned a punt like
Johnny did today," Ed noted,
"but I intercepted a pass for a
That same Boys' Club is
where Johnny got his start.
"I'm sort of like a Boys' Club
alumnus," said .the Husker
sophomore, "I really get a lot
of help from those people back
There's a sign hanging in the
Omaha Boys' Club that reads,
"John Rodgers says you can do
it too stay in school."
And John Rodgers has done
it. He's taken only three games
to prove his value to the
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KINNEY FINDS ROOM Nebraska I-back Jeff
Kinney finds running room over right guard as
Donnie McGhee (bottom of pile) opens a hole. Ne
braska defeated Army 28-0 Saturday.
Knights still proud
after Husker blitz
Associate Sports Editor
"Nebraska will have to play
a lot harder if they are going to
beat teams like Missouri."
That comment was made by
Army's defensive end John
Roth following Nebraska's 28-0
victory Saturday. "I wasn't hit
hard at all" safd the 6'2" 202 lb.
Roth. "We went into the game
looking for them to run, and
they hit us with passes."
Roth was impressed with the
running of Husker halfback Joe
Orduna. "He's quick and runs
good," admitted Roth.
He attributed the long third
quarter punt return of Johnny
Rodgers as being the play that
gave Nebraska momentum.
While Roth was not impress
ed by the Huskers, teammate
Bob Coonan was. "They were
, definitely up for us," Coonan
said, "and we were expecting
them to run right over us."
Coonan, Army's defensive
signal caller, also had praise
for Husker halfback Joe
Orduna. "Orduna Is an all
around good player," he said.
"He blocks good and runs
The Black Knights defensive
halfback, Danton Steele felt
Nebraska played like Army
expected them to. "They ran
pretty much what we thought
they would run," said Steele.
According to Steele, Army
didn't play Nebraska any dif
ferently than other teams that
they have played. "We didn't
double team anyone," he said,
"we just went out to play some
tough football."