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    The Spirit of Last May
Two years ago, the theme that threaded
its way through many of the "Daily Nebras
kan's" editorials was the complaint that the
student body was apathetic and would come
together only to support the football team.
That image was shattered last May when
a group of students and some faculty entered
and remained in the ROTC building to express
their frustration and resentment over the Viet
Nam war.
Campus life has returned to normal now
but the spirit that sparked the demonstration
last May still exists. Charles Palmer, president
of the National Student Association, gave the
following testimony before the President's
Commission on Campus Unrest: "As long as
the war in Indochina continues with no end
in sight, as long as there is repression of black,
brown and red people, as long as the problems
of workingmen are bypassed, as long as there
is poverty in this country, and as long as the
United States continues on its collision path
with its environment, students . . . will con
tinue to make life unbearable, and at times
unlivable" for those in power.
Over thirty states have responded to
student activism by trying to pass laws that
would automatically expell disrupting stu
dents and fire involved teachers. Indeed, many
people feel that an era of repression of uni
versities is not far away.
But the way to deal with campus acti
vists is not with repressive measures for re
pression is bound to lead to violence. The
way to defuse the situation from the univer
sity level is to give students a part and a voice
in making decisions that will affect the stu
dent body. That means the creation of a faculty-student
senate and student membership
on curriculum, planning and non-academic
committees . . . giving a part in the decision
making to the body whom the decisions affect
The university cannot solve the prob
lems in society that prompt student activism
but it can give studems the opportunity to
change their own campus as a beginning for
changing the society they will inherit.
Come together, right now
We are students so I'll assume we
speak the same vocabulary on at least
approximate wavelengths. Ok. Cataclysm
is near. The U.S. establishment refuses
responsibilities for and to many of her
citizens, us Included. There are good guys
and bad guys. Good guys realize great
changes mwt come now, and only by
working. Bad guys are everything eke,
even if they mouth good things but don't
do anything.
All of us good guys must join together
or we wont survive. So many things are
tearing us apart. Energies meander away
unchanneled or channeled selfishly.
Everyone has his movement.
Women. Women's liberation. This is
one group that's splitting us. Why? Tactics.
Most of us agree on the alms and goals
but so many of us have been alienated
by the anti-male push. Th terrifically
complete independence line. None of us
is independent Women have always realis
ed the need for loving and sharing and
gentleness and dependence. These, coupled,
with responsibility and independence, are s
necessary for life as we want it, life in
each person. Men have been centuries
slower in understanding this. They are
beginning to now. Instead of blaming men
we must help them.
There is no time, no room, for selfish,
draining battles. We, the young, believe
together. Why can't we all join together?
Peace workers, poverty workers. Black
workers, women workers, Gay workers,
Indian workers, ecology workers, Chlcano
workers, film workers, rock workers
all join together, all work together all
of us be one group.
We must live as a nation within a
nation. We must treat each other as sister
and brother. We, who are working towards
the same goals, are not strangers. There
Is a growing camaraderie now. Travel the
nation and smile at one another. One can
feel the beginnings of our strength. When
there is love In the air between people
you can feel it Such a great emptiness
in America. We love each other. But aD
those bad jjuys don't have love for
themselves .or, .oaer, W , , 4
why we will win. If we can love.
Dick and Jane meet the chauvinist
By Arthur Hoppe
There's a new reader for
tots on the market. It's not an
old-fashioned reader about
Dick and Jane. It's a modern
reader about Mark and
You can tell it's modern
because Mark and Jane have
a little friend who is black.
This will give our first graders
a modern picture of Our
American Way of Life. It
should satisfy everyone. It
The Women's Lib is mad at
Mark and Jane because their
Mother wears an apron.
Mother cooks. Mother sews.
Mother washes dishes.
What kind of male
chauvinist pig wrote this in
flammatory rot?
Fortunately, to prevent
rioting and bloodshed in our
to anof her Thrill ingj
first-grade classrooms, a new
reader is being rushed into
print. It is called, "Leong and
Conchita." It will give a really
modern picture of Our
American Way of Life. It
should satisfy everyone.
Leong and Conchita
Schwartz are brother and
sister. Or visa versa. Leong is
i) Catholic Afro-American of
Icelandic descent. Conchita is
a D r a v i d 1 a n of the
Zoroastrian-Love-Cult - Human
-Sacrifice persuasion.
Their little brother, Vasalai,
plays with dolls. Vasalai is a
homosexual, lie is proud of
Daddy is a SAC General.
Daddy is a full-blooded Choc
taw Indian. Daddy goes
around licking cowboys. Dad
dy also does the dishes.
Mommy is a Sumo wrestler.
Mo my belongs to the Peace
Freedom Party. Mommy is
big and strong. Mommy drives
a truck. Mommy can lick
Daddy at Indian wrestling.
Leonge and Conchita are proud
of Mommy.
Leong and Conchita have an
uncle. His name Is Colonel
Jefferson Lee S t o n e w a 1 1 .
Colonel Stonewall wears a
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planter's hat, a string tie and
gaiters. He is for segregation,
racial purity and defending
his womenfolk with guns. He
is a Black Panther.
Leong and Conchita have
many little friends. There is
Giuseppi. He is Polish. He is
smart. There is Cyznewski. He
is Irish. He is smart. There is
Billy. He is Anglo-Saxon. He is
Leong and Conchita live on
a farm in the ghetto. They are
for urban renewal, the Soil
Bank program, increased
welfare allotments and lower
Daddy is for killing all
Commies, pinkos, outside
agitators and John Wayne. He
is also for sexual equality and
buying a dishwasher.
Mommy is for peace,
freeing Jimmy Hoffa and
buying a sports car. She is
also for sexual equality as
soon as Daddy can lick her in
Indian wrestling.
Little Vasalai is the only one
in the family not for sexual
equality. He is for segrega
tion. It is a good reader. It will
give our tots a true picture of
Our American Way of Life. It
will satisfy . . .