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Nebraskan Interviews
Reporters, photographers and copy editors interested in
working for the fall 1970 DAILY NEBRASKAN will be in
terviewed in the Daily Nebraskan office (Room 34, Nebraska
Union) Thursday, May 14.
Those who have submitted applications should come to
the Daily Nebraskan office to sign up for an interview time.
Applications will be accepted through May 13. x
Editors for fall 1970 were chosen by the Subcommittee on
Publications Thursday, May 7.
Kelley Baker, a senior from Lincoln, was chosen editor.
Connie Winkler is Managing Editor. She is a junior from
Bill Smitherman, a junior from Augusta, Kansas is news
editor and Linda Ulrich, junior from DeWitt, is East Campus
news editor.
Pat diNatale, sophomore from North Platte, is business
Hardin receives telegram appeal
Over 600 University of
Nebraska students and faculty
have signed a telegram to
Secretary of Agriculture Clif
ford M. Hardin asking him to
use his "influence in the
Cabinet and public arena to
stop this folly in Asia;"
The signers said the former
NU chancellor is their "closest
link to the center of decision
making in our government."
They asked Hardin to
"recognize that this Cambodian
adventure has aroused im
mense anxiety and suspicion
among large numbers of peo
ple, withii both the University
community and within the
larger community, and im
measurably heightened poten
tially destructive antagonism."
Strike committee
contacts workers
In an open letter to the
United Rubber Workers Local
286, the NU Strike Committee
said Friday, "In your attempt
to arrive at an equitable solu
tion of dispute with Goodyear,
we as students at the
University of Nebraska are in
complete sympathy."
In their bid to lend their
support, the committee said it
would "welcome the op
portunity to participate in your
strike by walking with you on
your picket lines."
Second class postage paid at LtncMn, Nab.
Telephones: Editor 472-25M. Business 473-KW, Newt 471 UN;
Subscription rates are $4 par semester or $6 per year.
Published Monday. Wednesday. Thursday and Friday during
the school year except during vacations and exam periods.
Member or Intercollegiate Press, National Educational Adver
tising Service.
The Dally Nebraskan la a student publication. Independent a
the University ot Nebraska's administration, faculty and fits
dent government.
Address: Dally Nebraskan
34 Nebraska Union
University ot Nebraska
Lincoln, Nebraska aasoa
Editorial Staff
Editor Jim Pedersen; Menaging Editor Susan Elsenhart
News Editor John Dvorak; Nebraskan Slaft Writers Bill
Smitherman, Carol Anderson, Gary Seacrest, Jan Parks,
Bruce Wlmmer, Mick Morlarty, Linda Ulrich, Marsha
B anger t; Photographers Barb Peters, Don Tremaln; Sports
Editor Randy York, Assistant Sports Editor Steve Sinclair,
Literary Editor Dan Ladely, Entertainment Editor Fred
Eisenhart; News Assistant Susanne Scha'en Editorial Assis
tant Sue Schllchtemeiert Copy Editors Connie Winkler, Jim
Gray, Karen Holm, June Wagoner, Den Ladaly; Night Newt
Editors Dave Pllipi, Tom Lensworth.
Business Statf
Business Manager Jane Kldwell; National Ad Manager
Martha Todd; Bookkeeper Ron Bowllnj Business Secretary
and Subscription Manager Jaiwtt Boatman! Circulation
Managers Kelly Baker, Dan Ladely, James Stellar, Classi
fied Ad Manager Joe Wilson, Production Manager Rack
Johnsoni Account Representatives Ken Sevenker, Sarah
Evert, Martha Todd, Joe Wilson, Kelly Baker.
Remodeling Sale
Religious Books
Half Price or Less
Cotner Religious Bookstore
Nebraska School of Religion
1237 'R' Street
Nothing resolved
Sunday's town hall meeting in
the Coliseum, which should have re
solved everything about the strike,
resolved nothing. The issue at hand
was never discussed. In what may
have been a prime example of how
democracy can be subverted, a group
of students tied the meeting up in
the endless red tape of parliamen
tary procedure until the patience of
virtually every student present was
Furthermore, the meeting nev
er was controlled by the chair or
anyone else. When this situation was
at its worst, the question was called
on whether or not to continue the
strike and a secret ballot was taken.
In short, Sunday's meeting, regard
less of the number of students there,
did not solve the problem.
In all probability, students
would have voted to end the strike
at any meeting and the results will
show it. But the failure of students
to discuss the ramifications, good or
bad, of a continued strike is unfor-
; tunate. That students didn't discuss
any alternatives to an end of the
strike is disgusting. When students
left that meeting they were more
befuddled and confused about whe
ther or not the strike should be con
tinued than when they entered.
At Monday's meeting, students
must decide where to go from here.
They must decide what has been ef
fective and ineffective in protesting
the war in the last four days. They
must decide whether the student
Doay snouiu suppiui uiy xunu ui
class boycott or protest, or whether
the burden of the protest and strike
which has been carried by ASUN
should be taken up by organizations
existing for the sole purpose of car
rying on the protest. They must de
cide if the student body will endorse
a form of "individual strike" where
students committed to working for
peace full-time can arrange with
their professors to miss classes. They,
must decide if students will work to
persuade the Faculty Senate to
adopt a non-sanction attitude to
wards students who, out of con
science, continue to strike.
What is more, students should
have the opportunity to hear Randy
Reeves, Ken Wald, and Chuck Faulk
ner report from Washington. Possi
bly, more than anything else, their
report' should help students decide
what direction any form of protest
should take now.
At any rate, students must de
cide on an alternative at today's
town meeting; they cannot leave the
question up in the air. The war is"
endless and the problem may be end-,
less, but students must decide on a '
course of action. Hopefully they will
use, rather than abuse, the demo
cratic process.
Jim Pedersen
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Body count
MONDAY, MAY 11, 1970