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    Strike explanations
State colleges
Cont'd From P. 2
Stout explained that what
has radicalized students on the
campus has been a sense of
frustration. If the current ra
tional effort 4s not effective
there will be a lot more
frustrated and radicalized
students, he said.
He urged people from all
over the state to attend the
Saturday rally. "I'm confident
Nebraskans will support
reasonable concerns such as
this one," Stout said.
Allen congratulated
University administrators and
Governor Norbert T. Tiemann
for their handling of the ROTC
building situation Monday.
"Without a responsive governor
and a responsive University
administration we might have
NU strikers
backed by
5 senators
The Daily Nebraskan
received this telegram from
five United States Senators on
Thursday. The Daily
Nebraskan feels this telegram
captures the spirit and intent of
the protest at the University of
Dear Editor:
We share the sense of
outrage which you and other
Americans feel over the war in
Southeast Asia. The recent in
vasion of Cambodia and the
resumption of bombing of
North Vietnam are only the
la lest in a long series of actions
that mean more anguish and
destruction on all sides.
We also share your sense of
frustration in seeking to halt
this endless war and senseless
policy. We believe it is time
Congress played the role
assigned it by the Constitution
in determing our involvement
in military adventures abroad.
This absence of leadership
has had tragic results. We are
s'io ked and grieved by the
troyedy that occurred at Kent
State. We share a sense of guilt
because of the lack of
alternatives provided by Con
gress thus far. We hope our
pjeent effort will provide a
meaningful alternative.
Wc urge you to direct your
effort to supporting con
gressional action to cut off
further funds for Southeast
A.ia except for the purpose of
withdrawing troops safely and
systematically, the exchange of
prisoners, and asylum for
Vietnamese who might feel
threatened by our withdrawal.
This will come to a vote,
probably within 30 days, when
ther wiil be an official rollcall
requiring every senator to go
record for or against con
tinued funding of the war.
Your letters, phone calls, peti
tions and personal visits to
your senators and congressmen
are urgently needed now and
during the next three of four
crucial weeks.
Above all, plense make It
known that nets of violence will
be manipulated to the
detriment of our cause, and
will sabotage this initiative for
Sen, Alan Cranston (R-Calif.)
Sen. Charles Goodell (R-N.Y.)
Sen. Mark 0. Hatfield (R-Ore.)
Sen. Goerge McGovern (D
S.D.) PAGF- 2 .
had a real blow-up Monday,"
he said.
About 200 student and faculty
marshalls will be used for
crowd control during the
Saturday rally, he said. No
violence is expected, he added.
Our Master's Choice
I t- iJJi.iJLZjji.fe.St,iaiM.. , mimm tl
WASHINGTON Large-scale air attacks on North Vietnam
i n'the early days of May have led political observers to con
clude that the Pentagon has at last found a receptive ear at
the White House.
We, the following members of the English
Department of the University of Nebras
ka, condemn the American invasion of
Cambodia, and we support the general
aims of the student strike.
Gerry Brookes
Michael L Willey
Helen L. Graham
Alan K. Yates
Susan Yates
Suzanne Murdock
Gerald M. Parsons
Robin Sutton
Marilyn Hubbart
Robert Pierce
Gilbert B. Kelly
Cater Chamblee
Thomas H. Bsitul
K. Scott Morgan
J. L Roberts
Arthur Monson
J. McShane
Donald Cunningham
Daryl Troyer .
James S. Hedges
Thomas M. Hoban
Dudley Bailey
George I. Wolf
Michael Liberman
Howard B. Norland
Jeanette W. Gilsdorf
Dave Hibler
Barbara legg
James Henley
John L. Granfield
Paul A. Olson
G. L Brodsky
W. Mattes
Linda Ray Pratt
Charles A. Peek
Mordecal Marcus
Frederick M. Link
Robert S. Halter
C H Brudor
Beverly Ann Jones
Marianne K. Meyer
Robert G. Bibbee
Lawrence Wolfley
Frank J. D'Angelo
Donald Gregory
Norman K. Hostetler
Michael D. Rkhter
Robert F. Bergstrom
Bud Narveson
John Stratton
G. Lynn Nelson
A. Robin Bowers
Darrell McNeely
L David Allen
Thomas R. Holland
Lucy M. Comstock
Stephen S. Milliard
Hugh Luke
June Levine
Betty Davis
Frances M. Malpexzi
Cur) W. Hayes
From A. Blaha
Olga Stepanek
Mark I. DuPree
lee T. Lemon
Helaupe E. Cavanaugh
Lillian Cunningham
Bill Spinks
W. F. Wright
Dorothy Zimmerman
Louis Crompton
C E. Pules
Jerome G. Wyant
Gene Hardy
Paul A. Powell
Betty Davis
David Sawyer
William J. Less
Continued from P. 1
Cambodian involvement. Two
bore a flag draped replica of a
coffin with a sign reading "War
Is good business invest your
son." There was no reported
The 11-member D o a n e
Coining Monday
University students who
spoke at Kearney State Teach
er's College ran Into problems
Wednesday and Thursday.
Their story appears in Mon
day's Rag.
College student congress
unanimously passed a resolu
tion "abhorring" the deaths of
four Kent State University of
Ohio, students, and disapproval
of U.S. involvement in Cam
bodia. The. resolution said "all ac
tion taken by the student body
of Doane College shall be both
legal and non-violent.
Rag photos
Photographs In this week's
Rag were taken by Jim Dean,
Bill Ganzel and Howard Rosenberg.
The Daily Nebraskan
SubKhotii; ratal art M temester or $o per vear.
rSSfiHrtiEw- Thursday and FrWay during
the lehooi vmt except during vacation! and exam period.
MerrX Vntlrcolitfll.t. Praia. National Educational Aaver-
ThaDM7,Nrtraskan la a etudent publication. Independent of
UniwrtV Z ' Nebraika'a admlni.tratkm. faculty an at
dent government.
Addresi: Dally Nebraskan
34 Nebraska Union
University of Nebraska
Lincoln. Nebraska aaSO
Nixon 's statements are echoes
Washington delegation
A delegation of University students left for
Washington, D.C., today to talk with Nebraska
Congressmen about the Cambodian policy.
The group, consisting of Dennis Burkheim,
Chuck Faulkner, Randy Reeves and Ken Wald,
is financed by student contributions collected Thurs
day. They are also hoping to testify before the Sen
ate Foreign Relations committee Saturday.
Echoes of President Richard M. Nixon's policy on
Indochina resound from statements he made as early as
1953, according to Ken Wald, a political science major.
Wald told a Wednesday evening strike class that Nixon's
policy reflects his character - the way he has been taught
to act by the experiences and events of his lifetime.
"The first thing to realize is that Nixon is sincerely,
thoroughly and wholly committed to the war," he said.
Wald said he doubts Nixon's mind can be changed
on the nghtness of American involvement in Southeast Asia.
As echoes from the past of Nixon's Indochina policy today,
he quoted statements the then vice-president made during
a tour of Asia in 1953.
Nixon said, "There is only. support for the free world
or for communism." Wald said this statement asserted
Nixon s continuing criticism of neutrality.
Wald also quoted Nixon as saying, "It is impossible
to lay down arms until victory is completely won." Nixon
also said that under no circumstances could the French,
who were then battling the Vietnamese, win, but that the
French must put more faith in the Vietnamese people sup
porting the French.
Wald noted the analogy to what Nixon says today about
Indochina. He said that Nixon still wants victory In Vietnam
and that the second quote compares with Nixon's Viet
namization program.
Besides Nixon's firm commitment to the Indochina in
volvement, Wald also noted another side of Nixon the
"Perhaps Nixon will sacrifice some principles for the
continuance of political power," he said.
Wald said he believes students can apply pressure to
work on Nixon's instincts as a politician. He noted that
Nixon does have respect for some Congressman, among
them Roman L. Hruska. If some of these Congressman
tell Nixon he is wrong, Nixon might listen, he said.
But Wald also noted that he does not believe there
is a strong chance to actually change the Nixon policy
in Indochina. He said the thing to do is to dump Nixon
in 1972, beginning work now.
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People Gonna Talk
Easy Time Now Neighbor, Neighbor
Wake Up Mr. Charlie 1 Put A Spell On You
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FRIDAY, MAY 8, 1970
FRIDAY, MAY 8, 1970