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    Board to choose
Rag executives
Executives for next fall's
Daily Nebraskan staff will be
chosen by the Board of
Publications Thursday morn
ing. Any full-time University stu
dent with a grade point
average of 2.0 or above Is
eligible to apply for any of the
five executive positions
Editor, Business Manager,
Managing Editor, News Editor
and East Campus Editor.
Application blanks can be
obtained in the newspaper of
fice. Room SI, Nebraska Union.
Applications for all other
positions on next fall's Daily
Nebraskan are also being taken
now. Positions include copy
readers, photographers, staff
writers and business assistants
and advertising salesman.
More "ASUN election results
Here are ether results from
Wednesday's ASUN election.
Horn Economics Advisory Bear
Horn Economics esdocattea
Bierman. Javne .. .. M
Yobev. Linda .. it
Ostaraard. Barbara .. .. .... 20
Schacht. Anita .... I
Garnlck, Lory .... .. .... 4
Tor-person, Susan ... 1
Family Economics A Management
Webber, Linda S
Pood A NofrMlen (Write h
Frank, Mary tie vote) 7
Johnson, Connie 7
ona vote write Ins ... . . . S
Human DeveiopameM Tne pamuy
Anderson, Nancy .
Auxler. Donne .. ...
Textiles, ciottiina uesiija
Sabs, Nancy
Home Economics a. journalism
Jane Musselman (write Inl
Tlmmerman, Marlene (on the ballot)
Aarlculture Advisory Board
Agriculture K commies
Patent, Rod .......
Rex roth, RoIHe .......
Anderson, Gary .. .... .. ..
Sindt. Bob
Nutzman, Wade ..
Ag. Education A Journalism
Reader, Jim .. .. ..
Wlrth Carry . ....
Johnson. Phil
A. Honors. Oeneret Aa ft Undeclared
Dlffendarter, Ronald .. .. ..
Jones, Roger W ..
Kalkowskl, Larry
Write Ins
Animal Science A Prove
Selk, Glenn ... .......
Koch, Jim .. ........ ... .. .
Kublcek. Rooer .. ....
Bslohlavy, Dennis .. ........ ..
Brand. Ooua ... ..........
Write Ins
Blo-Chem. RntomoioeV. Marttcvlture.
Plant Pathology
Bruns, Ken (tie vote)!
..... I
.... s
.. . 41
Schilling. Randy ...................... 1
Gordon. Mark T
c.w science. Sea. Agronomy, a Sea
Rlnne Roeey . .................. ......
Plank, Peoay ............. .... mum r
Scharff. David ...... a
Dairy PradectKm, Daarr Products. Pead)
Tech, A Poultry
(write ins)
Williams, John ..
A I swede, Clyde .
Batie, Dean ....
Dracr. Gary ....
Lucas, Robert . .
Schwars. Kent . .
Juruo, Charles .
Mecn. Agriculture
Jahde, Marve ........... 7
ASUN Constitutional Amendments
For TSo
Against Amendment Failed Receive
1S ot Votes 27 . .
Home Economics Advisory Bears!
ConsHttrtionai Amendments
For lit
Arts A Sciences Adviaery Board
Schatfer, Jim 317
Loweder, Sandy Z25
Scarpelio, Joe 1?3
Write ins 13
Ksm'v'Tonnqulst sTfl
Felton. Kathy (writ In) 3
write ins, one vote each 14
Natural Sciences A Math
Schwertzkoof, Suite 37
Bos lav, Matthew 10
Kovar. David "i
write Ins ......... 19
Social Sciences and Phileeophy
Collins. Judy Ml
Tobben, Bev 3
Knot I leek. David 17
Berglund, Jim ..................... IS
Marlnaccio, Linda 12
Holland, Jonn n
Scarpelio, Joe 7f
write Ins
otduM; Harness
) U In
J r II 3
In order to keep your contact lenses at
comfortable and convenient as they were
meant to be. you have to take care of
them. But until now you needed two or
more separate solutions to properly
prepare and maintain your contacts. Not
with Lensine. Lensine ie the one lens
solution for complete contact tens care.
Cleaning your contacts with Lensine
retards the buildup of foreign deposits on
the lenses. And soaking your contacts in
Lensine overnight assures you of proper
lens hygiene. You get a free soaking case
on the bottom of every bottle of Lensine.
It has been demonstrated that Improper
storage between wearings may result in
the growth of bacteria on the lenses.
This is a sure cause of eye Irritation and
In some cases can endanger your vision.
Bacteria cannot grow in Lensine which It
sterile, aeif-Mnitiiing, and antiseptic.
Just a drop or two of Lensine, before you
insert your lens, coats and lubricates it
allowing the lens to float more freely In
the eye's fluids. That's because
Lensine is an "Isotonic" solution,
which means that it blends with
the natural fluids of the eye.
Let your contacts be the
convenience they were
meant to be. Get
some Lensine. from the
Murine Company, Inc.
Fine Arts
Whined, Pant
write Ins ....
Wlmmer, Bruce
ray, Jim
Baldwin, Joe
elementary Kducaiton
Davis. Oi ehJien
write Ins .. ..........
secondary sjawcainm
Lonngulst, Tom JJ
Barry, Connie . ............ je
Thurber, Linda JJ
Adams. Don . f
write Ins
Special Education
Mort, Dru .. .. .403
Paid. Pam (write In) 4
write In votes
Last chance
The Centennial College la 802
soliciting applications from up.
perclassmen for next fafl.
There is still room in the Col
lege for upperclassmen, accord
ing to Centennial graduate as
sistant Nancy Ryan. Interviews
for the open positions will. be
held sometime iu May.
Draft Counseling
for seniors at
A damp and musty basement furnace room Is the head
quarters for an unusual but practical "underground" office
the Lincoln Draft Information Service.
Amid the pipes and bricks, many University students
seek draft counseling advice, according to Kathy Cook,
the only female draft counselor.
Graduating male seniors are often in need of counseling
advice, Miss Cook said, "because they will usually lose
their 2-S deferment and be automatically placed In the
1-A pool according to their lottery number."
Miss Cook said that the six draft counselors distribute
draft information in a union booth once a week as well
as in their United Ministries in Higher Education basement
"Last time I worked in the booth, I would guess I
talked to about SO people five or 10 had specific questions
and a few made appointments for more counseling.'
Men who have passed their physicals and received their
notice of acceptability have several alternatives to the
service, Miss Cook remarked.
Apply for a 1-0 classification. If he receives this cons
cientious objector status and is drafted, he will serve two
years in civilian duty In mental hospitals, veterans hospitals
or in other civilian governmental positions working In the
Interest of national health, safety or welfare, she said. ?
Apply for a 1-0 or 1-AO classification," Miss Cook
said. "It's never too late to apply and it never hurts
to apply, although there is no guarantee."
Go Into the ministry.
Resist the draft by burning draft card.
Leave the country.
Miss Cook said the draft counseling office at 333 No.
14th SL Is open Mondays from 7 to I p.m., on Tuesdays
from 1:30 to 4:30 p.m. and on Thursdays from 11:30 a.m.
to 1:30 p.m.
Feinting & terfy Repair
Radiator Service
Glass Instenatleei
One Day Service
Oean, Moaera Equipped Shop Appreved fcy Test1
tniMrance Campmxy
Wrecker Service 477-1 1 1 12222 '0 SL
4:30 at Ficldhouso
AH interested juniors era
invited to attend.