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Heisman candidate out for 'revenge9?
Huskers have been roadblock to Anderson
Tailback Bobby Anderson
may have a revenge motive
against Nebraska's football
team Saturday.
The Huskers have been a 2
year case of disappointment
for the Heisman Trophy can
didate. The last time his club was
in Lincoln, Anderson guided
the Buffs to a 21-16 triumph
n rouie to a 9-2 season, in
cluding a Bluebonnett Bowl
vicory over .Miami.
An .erson. however, was
hardly impressive as an in
dividual in his sophomore
ullision with the Huskers.
Ae carried the ball 18 times
and netted only two yards.
His 72 passing yards were
not particularly impressive
Anderson was more ef
fective last year at Boulder,
but his team wasn't the
Buffs absorbed a 22-6 set
back. Anderson gained 82
rushing yards in 14 trips. His
passing production dipped to
58 yards on only nine com
pletions in 28 attempts.
The stage is much the
same Saturday as it was two
ears ago. The Buffs were
ranked nationally, and the
Huskers were struggling to
gain similar prominence.
The Huskers have the se
cond best defensive team in
the Big 8 Conference, and
Colorado the third best. The
game will match the league
leading Huskers' passing at
tack against CU's second
ranking rushing outfit.
Anderson's shift to tail
back before the Indiana
game a month ago has pro
duced favorable results. The
Boulder native has respond
ed with four plus 100-yard
ground efforts.
Reports originating from
Boulder indicate, however,
that Anderson absorbed a
severe physical beating in his
club's 31-24 upset over
Missouri last week.
Colorado coach Eddie
Crowder reportedly is keep
s you.hangin' on . . .
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Nbrk photo by Jim Dun
' Question: Whose side are you on. Larry Frost? Stop action shows the Husk
er halfback appearing to restrain Paul Topliff (73) from making the tackle
against OSU last weekend.
Frosh sridders take on ISU
Nebraska football fans get
their second chance of the
season Friday to see Husker
freshmen prospects when the
Frosh host Iowa State in a
2:30 p.m. engagement at
Memorial Stadium.
NlTs yearlings, after
blitzing Missouri, 42-19 in
their opener, dropped a 21-13
decision io nationally-ranked
McCwk Jr. College la Lin
coin two weeks ago.
DL 71016
Arnlrcs Segovia, far and
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Unique Art of Andrej
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,VNl T.U'U.
' X v -.V J 4 ' f
ing such speculation silent.
Anderson, whose ef
fectiveness apparently
decreased in early Buff
workouts this week, was
nevertheless declared a
starter by Crowder.
". Anderson's quarterback
vacancy has been filled by
sophomore Paul Arendt and
junior Jim Bratten.
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I Predictions
by Randy York
Sports Editor
There's always room for er
ror. Take, for instance. The
Football News, a weekly
newspaper which claims to
be the foremost in its field.
The publication's opening
issue carried a list of what it
felt were the best ail
American candidates in the
country. The list included 34
quarterbacks, but failed to
mention Kansas State's Lynn
Dickey may not be a Rex
Kern, Alike Phipps or Archie
Manni, but after what he's
done this season, like 380
passing yards against Okla
homa, it seems he must be
one of the 35 best quarter
backs in the country.
This note is not incidental.
It merely shows that football
produces what one person
may feel are surprises, but,
in truth, are really not.
Such was the case last
week. This corner stumbled
three times in four picks, an
average which wouldn't even
carry a guy in the American
Association baseball
Colorado, Kansas State and
Iowa State pulled the hijacks.
Missouri, Oklahoma and
Kansas stumbled. The errors
dipped the seasonal average
to .743 (26 correct picks in 35
3 -X
The Cyclone frosh absorb
ed a 24-14 setback against
Iowa Centrat Jr. College of
Fort Dodge in their only ap
pearance this season. The
Iowa JC team, however,
claims a higher ranking (6th)
than McCook (12th).
Cornhusker coach Jim
Ross says he plans no major
lineup changes. He indicated
Plattsmouth native Max
Under would asain start at
quarterback. His backfield
1 : j ,
mew - - -ban I 1 -v ' I 'jV
Kosmst Klub Foil
RfiYUS Tsmorrew Evening
CU no longer prefers the
quarterback rollout patterns,
upon which the Buff offense
flourished under Anderson.
Option plays now incorporate
Anderson's rushing ability
from his tailback slot.
Colorado's all-time leading
receiver, Monte Huber, is
one of the top Buff offensive
This week promises a
similar mess. The forecast,
however, calls for Nebraska,
Missouri, Oklahoma and Ok
lahoma State to emerge with
wins, leaving the rest of the
Big 8 Conference football
teams in the tangle.
Nebraska 27, Colorado 17
Everything rides on this
game. For CU, everything
rides on Bobby Anderson,
and the Huskers have a ge
nuine knack for stopping
Missouri 24, Kansas State
21 Since when does picking
Mizzou constitute an upset?
The Tigers are smarting
from the loss to CU, and a
pair of key personnel set
backs (Rocky Wallace and
James Harrison). K-State's
purple power, however, gets
no royal treatment in Col
umbia. Oklahoma 42, Iowa State 28
The Cyclones proved they
have a lot of wind after
scoring 34 points in the se
cond iialf against Kansas last
week. The Sooners had a
hard time breathing in
Manhattan. Logic says the
Sooners are breathing the
hardest after their worst
defeat in history.
Oklahoma State 21, Kansas
14 The bookmakers like
the Jayhawks. If KU doesn't
win this one, it will likely
finish the season with one
mates will include halfbacks
Johnny Rodgers and Bill
Olds and fullback George
The Huskers most Im
pressive player against
McCook, offensive end Kelly
Schulz. is slated for starting
duty. He will be joined by
center Jack Siemsen, guards
Joe Duffy and Dan Anderson,
tackles Daryl White and
Monte Johnson and end
Randy Curtis.
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M1 Tr
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A competitive situation causes no loss in friendship for Nebraska sophomore
quarterbacks Van Brownson and Jerry Tagge. Each engineered a Husker
touchdown drive last week against Oklahoma State. Saturday's starter re
mains uncertain.
at hi r -Bjnaf
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' ' ' 11
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I I 1 ' I . 1 . I t .,"
NU eagers scramble
for starting berths
Dale Von Seggern and Cliff
Moller have been two of the
biggest surprises for
Nebraska basketball coach
Joe Cipriano.
"I'm not saying eithr of
them will necessarily stirt,"
Cipriano says, "but they've
definitely shown that they fit
well into our picture."
Cip made this ob-wrvtion
after the Huskers drilled in a
publiic 'Scrimmage last Sat
urday. The NU cagers are
slated to hold scrimmages,
cpen to the public, each Sat
urday morning about 10 a.m.
until the season starts.
Von Seggern, the Orchard,
Neb., center who saw con
siderable starting duty as a
sophomore but played only
sparingly last season, im
pressed Cipriano with his
"He has really improved,"
Cip said. "He gets to the
boards fast and is getting
better maneuverability
around the basket."
Moller, the Bronx, N.Y.,
junior guard, "has really
improved," according to
Cipriano. Perhaps the club's
top defensive player, Moller
has bettered his shooting, Cip
said. "We may be able to
2:30 TO 6:00
' J "V fva
r , ' I" ' '
press more than I thought, If
Moller stays in there," he
The Huskers' leading 1968
scorer, guard Marvin
S'ewart of Chicago. 111., is
"his old reliable self," Cip
said. "His shooting has im
proved, and he seems to bp
even quicker than last year."
Sophomore Al Nissen
senior Jim Brookes and
jurinr Leroy Chalk also were
cited for their pby in the
scrimmage. Brooks averaged
11.9 points in 21 games last
sesson, but the Akron, Ohio,
product was sidelined late in
the season with
Senior 2-year starters Bob
Gratopp and Tom Scantle
bury may be in a real scrap
to regain their respective
assignments, Cipriano noted.
Both were sub-par in last
Saturday's session.
"Obviously, there are
plenty of openings," Cip ad
ded, "and plenty of chances
to fill those openings."
The Huskers open their
regular season Dec. I al
home against the University
of California (Irvine branch).
The varsity and freshmen
scrap the week before.
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Ttrkrts Safe In t Pnhin: Bos Offka-'l.TS