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inions vary on role
he played by chancellor
., ' Continued from page 1
History Professor L. E. Am
brosias commented that the
chancellor is in a position to
gt an overview of the three
campuses and the elements
within them. He can
coordinate activities and
' eliminate overlap of Uni
versity offerings, he said.
" ' The chancellor must also
foster good relations with the
Unicameral and the people of
the state, he continued. His
Black coeds vie
for beauty crown
..The Afro-American Col
legiate Society is sponsoring
. the first Miss Black
Nebraska Coed Contest and
Dance Nov. 1 at 7 p.m. in the
Nebraska Union Ballroom.
Sixteen freshmen and
sophomores will participate;
there are nine contestants
from the University of
.Nebraska, two from
Nebraska Wesleyan, one
from Doane College and four
from the University of
Nebraska at Omaha.
Tickets are now on sale
and donations are needed.
This contest and dance will
be the first major attempt to
raise funds for minority
..... group student scholarships.
Music will be provided by
.'.,"The Imperials."
Items Offered
1917 Honda 450. Excellent condition. Bolt
otter. 477-7651 alter 3 p.m.
Wedding dres complete with train
and veil. Also bridesmaid' dress, par.
feet condition 423-ov.
Roommate to share two-badroom house.
Near east Campus. Phone 464-3369.
Found ladles wrlstwntch. Identify. Re
turned tor cost ol this ad. 45 4641.
A New Wind Nov. 12
Male college student to share living
quarters, I bedroom furnished duplex.
$60 Including utilities 432-3044.
Resoorch? Let Comptad analvie your
data. Complete data processing and
statistics! servles. P.O.' Box 1781. La
Jolla, Calif. 92037. 714-459-3831.
5 p.m.
It repair, call 423-6576 after
Will do typing In my home. Call 434-3932.
Help Wanted
Wanted: part time evening host; pply
tn person, Clayton House Restaurant
Wanted: night clean up. Anply In person.
Clayton House Restaurant 432-0333.
College men, local corporation needs
nine men, Flexible hours, 48M414.
VV-fA 434-1
54th & 0 Street
. ..... VjjYsX pptx'ttyjtwti is
HNEBRASICA starts todayi
VCt TVJ 432 3126 FM. SI Till I P.M. THEN $1.50.
XjsX !2lh&P Street UNDER 14, SOc ANYTIME!
mvmt hum wxf r
job also entails relating the
University to these groups so
that they will know why it is
essential to support the
He mentioned that students
are important in the
chancellor's job of coordina
tion. "The chancellor must
be willing to work with all
University groups," he said.
Sociology Professor Alan
Booth also said that the
chancellor must relate the
University to the community.
However, he added, this in
cludes the national and in
ternational community.
The chancellor has
responsibility for obtaining
many of the resources
necessary to operate the
University, he said. These
include special education pro
grams, research projects, top
personnel and money.
Booth said that the
chancellor also has a role of
coordination within the
University. However, other
administrators should bear
the brunt of this job, he add
ed. Another student said that
the Chancellor must make
University decisions since he
Is the chief administrative
official. However, he should
work with the University
community in making these
decisions, he added.
The chancellor is much like
any president, the student
said. He should listen to the
views of students and faculty
and they should listen to him.
Jamie Traudt, a political
science major, said the
chancellor must see that the
University moves In the
direction that will provide
the best possible education
for the people of the state of
"It is also important that
The Ruppert's Rexall Pharmacy
Poverty Prevention Program
10 discount off all regular priced
Easy walking distance. 4 blocks South
of campus.
Free delivery on purchases over $5.00.
m ,
the chancellor look closely at
the University's position in
society and determine how it
can be most effective in
serving the students and the
community which it affects,"
he continued.
Communication is
goal of Cabaret
by Diane Wanek
Nebraskan Staff Writer
To make a human rela
tionship meaningful through
communication will be the
main theme of this year's
first cabaret.
Cabarets originated in
Europe as a form of enter
tainment. The German
cabarets were satires and
parodies, and the French
cabarets were plays and
music. The American
cabarets were set up so the
audience and the performer
could not communicate.
Charlie Armstrong's
cabarets are set up to enter
tain, but they are also set up
so the audience and the
performers can com
municate. Armstrong produced four
cabarets last year, which
were judged a great success.
The first was Cabaret '68, the
second was a Hate Week
cabaret, the third was an In
ternational Cabaret and the
last was a Rennaissance Ca
baret. The cabarets are put
on "an act of faith by the
Nebraska Union staff," said
Cabaret, Volume II, which
wiiU be held in the South Crib
Sunday Nov. 2 at 7 p.m., will
7:15 & 9:20 PJVU
4th WEEK!
Traudt added that the
chancellor should be sub.
jected to periodic reviews by
the University community.
"He should not have a blank
check to do whatever he
pleases," he said.
deal basically with person-to-
person communication. Its
purpose, said Charlie
Armstrong, coordinator for
the cabaret, is "to make
ideas meaningful, to make an
idea an experience."
The cabaret will be set up
physically iso communication
will be not only possible, but
inevitable. No matter where
the people are they will be in
range of a performer,
Armstrong said.
Armstrong will be em
phasizing American culture
blue grass, rock and roll,
jazz, impromptu theater, and
psychedelic music. "When it
comes dawn to the modern
cultural revolution It
started here, it is here." he
Bruce Hiller, the author of
the play "the Bread Also
Rises," will be master of
ceremonies for the cabaret.
Stuart Forrest, a Centen
nial College scholar, will
read his poetry for the caba
ret. An impromptu theater
group called "Stage Left,"
who have performed at Der
Und Stein, will perform. The
String Ticklers, who are
members of The Friends of
Old Time Music, will play
some true blue grass music.
IT'S vj 1J -i j ij H:" . Wnv
Aw: (II i t ; La 17 .-,J
.j-3l I ay r i n ) ntr I
J j l V ! ;rM!Sv ,11 h i
. H'& i J 0 - Mk' -T-
I JJ h) -J- . :xJ
Engineering Graduates:
Put yourself
in our place...
. . . and you will find the natural gas industry offers you
immediate responsibility and a wide-ofen future.
"Our place" is a 10,000-mile-long natural gas
pipeline system plus a sophisticated communications
network stretching over ten states from Texas, Louisiana
and Oklahoma to upper Midwest consumer areas. Our
home office, with about one-fifth of our 2200 employees,
is in Chicago; there are three production offices in
Texas and many operational units along the pipelines.
At NGPL, you will work with other highly-trained
people who specialize in agricultural, chemical, civil,
electrical, industrial, mechanical and petroleum engi
neering. But you will never get lost In a crowd. Our
Friday, Oct. 31
Nebraska Union
12:30 p.m.
1 p.m.
Philosophy Dept. "Prof.
1:30 p.m.
7 p.m.
MOVIE: "Wait Until Dark"
7:30 p.m.
Inter-Varsity Christian Fel
lowship 9 p.m.
MOVIE: "Wait Until Dark"
Feminine touch
added to Review
Kosmet Klub's annual Fall
Review will be held
November 1 at Pershing
"I think the addition of
girls to our Review will add
an extra light touch this
year," Walt Wood, fall show
chairman, said. Previously
Kosmet Klub has been an all
male effort.
The show will consist of six
coed skits competing for the
award of best "Ludicrous
Legend" this year's theme.
Travelers Acts, presentation
of Kosiinet Klub scholarships
and the announcement of the
Nebraska Sweetheart and
Prince Kosmet will also be
part of the show.
Students may vote for
Nebraska Sweetheart and
Prince Kosmet during in
termlssion at the
performance. Student ID's
must be shown for balloting.
Films scheduled
Two films, "Great Expec
tations" and "The Four
Faces of Caesar" will be
presented at 7:30 p.m. Fri
day in the Abel Hall North
Lounge. Admission is free.
Spiro spoof parallels
Paul McCarthy mystery
Opinion by Mike Barret
Nebraskan Staff Writer
The rumor that Vice
President Spiro Agnew died
last summer and is being
impersonated by an Agnew
look-alike is sweeping college
campuses and high schools.
The bizarre myth is also
popular in Washington, but
administration spokesmen
claim that Spiro is alive and
denouncing hippies at a ,
swank desert resort .in
Study groups are springing
up across the nation to
analyze the mysterious,'
unusual, and tantalizing
clues that supposedly in
dicate Agnew's death.
According to the story, the
real Vice President hasn't
been seen since the
Republican National Con-
Student loans okayed
Los Angeles, Cal. (CPS)
At least for the time being,
UCLA students enrolled in a
philosophy course taught by
avowed Communist instruc
tor Angela Davis will receive
academic credit.
Chancellor Charles Young
ordered the s c h o o 1 's
registrar to accept credit for
Philosophy 99. At the same
time, he warned class mem
bers to check with appropri
ate department head to make
sure their academic status
will be protected in case UC
Regents de-credit the course.
Early this fall, the Regents
decided to fire Miss Davis
because of her alleged af
filiation with the Communist
Party. On Oct. 20 a Superior
Court Judge in Los Angeles
ruled the firing illegal. The
Regents however, are ex
Thursday, Nov.
for time and
vention. In August of 1968
Spiro-look-alike contests
were held and three finalists
were selected (Ray Milland,
Mickey Mouse and Ed
McMahon), but no winner
was ever announced.
According to proponents of
the theory, the first clue was
from the vice-presidential
Inaugural coloring book. A
picture of the Inaugural ball
shows Adminstration
members standing around a
half-filled punchbowl. The
icecubes spell "Spiro R.I.P."
Another photo in the book
shows Agnew next to the
President but the President's
back is turned to him and
there is a hand raised over
Agnew's head a symbol
that many regard as an anc
ient Greek sign of death.
Believers ask why Agnew
pected to seek reversal of the
court decision.
Upon hearing of the ac
creditation, Miss Davis told
the campus paper, the Daily
Bruin, that she had not ex
pected the Chancellor's act
ion, because he has been
forced under a lot of pressure
from the Regents.
Robert Singleton, director
of the Afro-American studies
Center at UCLA and
chairman of the Angela
Davis Defense Committee,
commended Young for
"finally showing the
leadership he should have
shown in the first place."
"The battle is not over," he
said. "The Regents will con
tinue to harass whomever
they consider unfavorable. It
is a very unfortunate thing
for the black community."
business demands individual talents and our Company
rewards individual achievements. At the present time,
about 80 of our management are engineers.
If you are creative enough to welcome the challenges
of increasing market demands and expanding gas
technology, our place is the place for you I
We would like to talk over your career plans with
you. Write Chuck Rupe in Chicago to arrange an inter
view. Or sign up for an on-campus interview on:
6 Contact your placement office
122 S. Michigan Ave. Chicago, Illinois 60603
An Equal Opportunity Employer
makes so few public ap
pearances and why at each
of the rare occurences there
is always a secret
serviceman holding a left,
handed Greek mandolin.
At still another event, the
first triumphal return of the
President after a world tour,
Agnew was the only member
of the reception committee
to fall and cut his nose on the
Agnew's last speech men
tions eight conspirators 33
times. The book of Revela
tions chapter 8, verse 33,
reads: "Let the many,
tongued oppressors slip
quietly from the earth."
The administration's latest
official photo shows Nixon in
black, as an undertaker,
Billy Graham as a religious
figure, Mrs. Nixon as a
gravedigger and Anew with
black suit and white socks,
like a Grecian corpse.
Clue seekers also point to
three letters, "BIS" for
"Bunch of Impudent Snobs",
a favorite Agnewism for
protesters, and a number,
2,116 (the number of
mistakes and retractions
Agnew made during the 1963
campaign. The numbers, un
scrambled, give a Dover,
Maryland telphone number,
which is to be called during
the middle of the day.
Concerned students and
political scientists, convinced
by the unusual string of
coincidences, give instruc
tions on what to say.
"Ask for the Greek Lyre
and say the ritual phrases
'parental control and 'fake
intellectuals' and you will get
a one way ticket to Dover
and be transported to