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    MONDAY, APRIL 28, 1969
Nebraskan endorses
Presidential endorsement
While a respectable three-man race is
'Jl somewhat of a novelty in ASUN presidential elec
tions, the choice is actually between two men
if the voters are looking for someone to lead student
That choice is between Bill Chaloupka and Bob
Zucker. The third candidate, Ray Vavak, is a stu
dent sincerely concerned with educational im
provement at the University. As such, he would
make an excellent member of an advisory board,
or a valuable delegate to the Council on Student
Life (if it can be organized by next semester).
But Vavak's concern over education in the
classroom Is not unlike the interest shown by
' Zucker and Chaloupka. And, he lacks the forceful
- programs that the other two are encouraging in
(the governmental aspect of ASUN. Also, he is un
familiar with the process of student govern
ment lacking the much-needed skills of working
with students, faculty and administration.
So, if you vote for Vavak, write him in for
advisory board, where efforts are being made to
strengthen the academic areas of student life. But
for an ASUN president who can lead in social
and political areas, the only real choice remains:
Chaloupka or Zucker.
Those who know those who have been in
volved with student government for the last few
years tend to make this evaulation:
I Chaloupka has been a fairly effective senator,
expressing his Ideas and working to implement
them. He did a good job of handling the reappor
tionment committee an area where the dif
ferences in opinion are greater than on any other
issue. He Is respected by all elements of the
University community and has the political ability
and know-how to get things ne.
Zucker was instrumental in the formulation of
Government Bill 24; and, he has been a strong
member of the Student in the Academic Community
(SAC) committee which is proposing the Council
on Student Life. He has been involved in many
things, quite often behind the scenes, which have
attempted to give ASUN more power and
On the critical side:
Chaloupka has done nothing which could be
construed as a failure during the past year.
Zucker was not successful in bringing out the
Faculty Evaluation Book; he did not implement
NSA programs to the satisfaction of many people;
he did not seek to put NSA up to a vote of the
students; he has tended to spread himself too thin.
With these aspects of past performance in mind,
one could still be uncertain which of the two would
be the better man for moving student government
to a position of respectability. By past performance,
Chaloupka would appear to be the best man for
president simply because of his ability to get
things done.
But neither of them has been in a position
of leadership comparable to student body president.
Either one might excel or fail miserably.
With this in mind, the Dally Nebraskan en
dorses Bill Chaloupka for president of ASUN. This,
because of his ability to accomplish those things
which urgently need to be done, to make the
students an important force is the decision-making
of the University.
The important thing, however, is not who is
endorsed, but who is elected. For this reason, the
Nebraskan urges all students to express their en
dorsements by voting in Wednesday's election. If
we expect student government to mean anything
at all, we must give it the electoral support to
confront the problems facing the University.
The Nebraskan feels that Chaloupka will be
best for the students. The important thing is who
the students believe is best. Vote.
Ed Icenogle
Jf j 1 j
"I thought they wauled ROTC off-campus."
iane Theisen for 1st VP
John Fryar .
Diane Theisen through her past performance,
her present grasp of the workings of student gov
ernment, and her ideas for the future is the best
candidate for ASUN first vice-president.
Miss Theisen acquired invaluable experience
In student government as assistant to former presi
dent Dick Schulze. She further demonstrated her
political ability as chairman of the Legislative
Liaison Committee. Anyone who can work with
Nebraska's legislators (especially when advocating
the cause of the University) deserves considerable
credit for diplomacy and energy.
She was also involved in refining Government
Bill 24 and has added constructively to the effort
to bring the University more in step with other
colleges, through NSA.
Since the position of first vice-president lor
president of the Student Senate) requires ability
to work with various factions, and since it requires
considerable time, energy, and ability, Diane
Theisen is clearly the best choice for the office.
Senate, Advisory Boards
Senate choices
Arts and Science
Alan Gless
John Hell
Orville Jones
Katie Johnston
Dave Karnes
Christie Schwartzkopf
Bill Smitherman
Bev Goodenberger
Phil Medcalf
Linda Sugano
Vlcki Van Steenberg
Husincss Administration
Tim Klncald Tom Wlese
Engineering and
FrlU Olonberger Harry Silver
Agriculture and Home Econ.
Terry Cameron
Advisory Boards
Arts and Science
Tom Furtak, natural sciences and math
Dave McKibbon, English
Mary Lynne Nelson, language
Michael J. Shonsey, social science and philosophy
Susie Borgens, special education
Linda Jeffrey, secondary education
Home Economics
Denise Abrams, home economics education
i ... ... . .
The Daily Nebraskan is solely a student-operated
newspaper independent
of editorial control by student govern
ment, administration and faculty. The
opinion expressed on this page is that
of the Nebraskan'a editorial page staff.
Saturday maladie . . . poison ivy
You had better believe in
magic, because the witches
and warlocks descend on
campus this weekend. It's
known as Ivy Day, and it is
the best policy to show up
That way you can look
truly unconcerned as you are
thinking- "Will they?
They're looking at me. Aw,
what the heck. But just
maybe ..."
BY WAY OF explanation
to the masses (mostly
dormies), this mystical
happening is the annual day
of the gunners' equivalent of
the WUber Czech festival It
comes complete with a
virgin queen, human chains,
and tackling and tapping
(not beer, dummy, although
that would probably be just
as much fun).
It's all meaningful. Really.
The men's honorary picks
the Dirty Dozen Plus One for
next year. The women's
honorary picks as many as
they feel like, which is one
way of rewarding both the
activities Jockettes and the
Increasing numbers that
really deserve It.
This is all preceded by
well-rehearsed pagan chants
which evidently invoke the
agricultural gods to let the
Ivy plant live, just this once
YOU MAY NOT realize U
but your partner In Zoo lab
might be one of the many
who have been serving a
rigorous novitiate for the last
tluree years in order to be
qualified for the priesthood.
He or she has been at
tending AW'S activities marts
more faithfully than you go
to church- Their grades are
very good, but part of the
novitiate has been the
careful discrimination
between good and bad
courses and good and bad
Ask them if they are in
terested in becoming a
Motor Broad or an Innocent
(no pun on this word: it's
bad enough as IsK and they
win deny it on a stack of
Then they will say that
they don't have the activities
and whip oflt a three-page
mimeographed sheet of those
organizations to prove it.
Finally, they will shrug that
they don't have the grades.
You tell them that it has
happened in the past, ami
they beam as they protest
little game with the ethers
Who Really Care, called
"Who ya think it's gonna
be?" They decide who are
sure things, study their back
issues of the Nebraskan and
reckon the chances of the
Tokens: the token in
dependent, the token jock,
the token Mack- the token
president of this and the
token president of that.
By the time they have
decided to issue their
predictions, they discover
that they have included too
many tokens and have to
start over.
Watch for those Who
Really Care at Ivy Day
They are the only ones who
can identify the current
honorary members under the
robes a,nd masks and
sunglasses. They always
come with a friend who can
drag them Into the circle
when they are protesting
their lack of interest.
They do the best job of ig
noring the glassy stares of
the current innocents and
M.B.'s, Instead paying such
close attention to the singers
that you'd think they were
seeing the Lettermen In
ate appropriately termed
"spooking. Everybody gets
pouked: potential can
didates, freshmen, little old
ladies, everybody. And
everybody hopes it means
something- It usually never
does. Nobody smiles. Nobody
talks. Parents and little kids
enjoy it. Like watching
circus clowns.
But the gunners don't
really like It at all. They
keep wondering If that
history grade might have
made the difference. Maybe
If they'd joined Red Cross, or
Go have another beer
when the Motor Broads start
tapping. Nobody seems to
know who they're looking for
in the crowd. One wonders if
they occasionally make a
mistake and never admit it.
The highpoitit of the after
noon 'which is another way
of saying show up late, it
won't matter) is the tack .rg
of new Innocents. It might
not be as fun to watch now
that it won't be behinj
Sheldon. Rumors have it that
proceedings will be moved to
East Campus, but the
Sheldon grounds could still
be an in erest ng place fcr
new Innocents selection.
instead of tackling there
could be a game of King on
the Mountain, or a dirt fight,
with the biggest cKxls winn
ing. At the very least, why
not combine ivy Day with
Spring Day and squeeze the
tackling between the tug-ol-war
and the pillow fight?
In fact, there are numerous
other ways of selection that
would spruce up the process.
Why not a chugging contest?
Or a shuffleboard match? Or
a pig party?
You don t really want to be
one, do you? Then you
aren't going Saturday, are
you? Right? Wrong. -
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rubliahad Monday VVadnaaday rhuraday ut Friday tvlng Ina aoheai
yaar aaaapt dtirlaa aaaalluna
Editorial Start
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fai Cnin Iklllora J.L. luhmidt, Joan Wajo
rMdar, iuaas Maatd.
Business Staff
HiMlBaaa Maaatar Rar oyai local M Maiuiar Jaal Pavtai
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, IivSmwi Advarllalna ppraniatlvm kipa Rrewa, Gary Orahnaulat,
' Unda ftabUMoa, i. L aVhniidt. OiarlnMa Walkar.
Campus Opinion . . .
Urge amendments
Dear Editor:
On Wednesday, April 30,
the student body will be
asked to vote to fill the
"Vacancies of ASUN executive
and senate positions. Also on
this ballot will be a series of
proposed amendments to the
ASUN constitution.
': These constitutional
amendments have been
placed en the ballot as a
mult of a successful petition
drfva held shortly after the
recent constitutional
referenda ra failed to pass.
Tho proposed amendments
presented on that petition
contained changes which
C onstitutlonal Convention
and are not acceptable to us.
OUR CONCERN lies with
those amendments dealing
with reapportionment of
ASUN. Reapportionmnt was
and is being sought to give
fair and equal representation
to all student interest groups
on campus. A constitutional
convention can and should be
called next fall to reconsider
ASUN reapportionment.
Ample time could then be
devoted to the preparation of
a plan which would meet
satisfaction with the entlr
student pPuIation. Such a
plan could be presented to
the student body in a
were not acceptable to the December election allowing
reapportionment to be ef
fective at the time of Senate
elections one year from now.
Reapportionment as it is
outlined In the currently
proposed amendments will
not provide equal represen
t a t i o n . Inter-Dormitory
Association will not support
a reapportionment plan
which does not guarantee
equal representation to all
university students, and we
therefore oppose its passage
on Wednesday.
Theresa Sledge, President
Barry Pllger, Vive Presi
dent Inter Dormitory Association
oatew the.
it Toibtve
hut twawn.
m cot "itwtv-
W m ti 5ECCM5
tab ou. vtodii'
mw w
aV aaa