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Singh cites needs
for m inority voice
by Susie Jenkins
Nebraskan Staff Writer
Foreign students at the University
ere usually graduate students, fairly
ur nvolved with any campus activities
01 !side of their major f iesds.
Malaysian Bacchitar Singh is an
exception. He is the first foreign stu
snt in recen; years to run for ASUN
Student Senate as a candidate from
the college of arts and sciences.
"I'm not running just to represent
foreign students but I know more
about them because I am one," Singh
"I come from a place where there
's need for such organization but no
opportunity to let yourself go," he
said. "This is not to say I am a
miracle worker. Being a good senator
takes guts and hard work."
MINORITIES ON campus have
never been given a chance to take
part m University decision making,
Singh said.
"Whites have set up the Human
Nights committee, but the minorities
have not gotten Involved in working
on their own problems," he said. "Any
group can have reasonable power if
they are united and organized. In
dividuals are insignificant. To succeed
you must have the group."
Singh criticized recent student
demonstrators for disorganization and
the University officials for being un
rrepared to cope with potential prob
lems. "Things are going to come here,
but revolution is the last straw, not
the first," Singh said. "Kids here
haven't been exposed to the problems
of student power, and they don't know
what's coming . . ."
power clear to the reasonable limits,
but demonstrations don't give you the
quietness of the mind," he said. "This
is not a battlefield. Revolutions need
organizing step- by step," he warn
ed, Singh predicted that major pro
blems would come to the University
because of unpreparedness.
"Such movements always start with
innocent things." he said. "There has
been a 15-year lapse in progress, and
it just takes too long to catch up.
"For any new change, 'you have
to sacrifice a generation. Maybe we
are it," he said. "The faculty (and
administration) is too scared because
we know what we want."
SINGH SAID noted that problems
on campuses have arisen because
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while the environment has changed,
books and teaching ideas generally
have not.
"This is a university by name, not
by character," he said.
Singh urged that a step-by-step
method is necessary to improve the
University. This is whv he is running
for senate, he said.
Like many American students,
6ingh noted that apathy and lack of
communication hinders Student
Senate power.
'ASUN IS now a paper tiger," he
said. "Senators get elected and then
forget the students who elected
He also thought that the majority
of American students "don't know
what's going on" in regard to student
"I asked some American students
to help with my campaign and found
out they don't even know what ASUN
is," he said.
Singh hopes to bring the senate to
the students by holding meetings and
in the dorms and conducting question
answer sessions involving all the
senators if he is elected.
"WHEN YOU see things in front
of your eyes, you become involved,"
he said. "But if you're looking for
miracles, there are no miracles."
Singh hopes to attract students to
involvement "in their minds,"
because those who are emotionally
involved forget ideas.
"Once you get someone bugged In
his mind, he's going to think," he
"Student leaders here are either
cynical about the Nebraska attitude,
or simply study here and leave the
state. It's a real brain drainage," he
The University is a stage for real
life, Singh said. Students should use
it to develop ideas and themselves.
"Knowledge is power," he said.
"Without it we are just lumps of skin
and bones."
6 Tribunal posts
open to jrs., srs.
The Student Tribunal will be holding
interviews for new members on Sun
day, April 20, according to Lynn
Sti'ngley, chairman.
Six members will be chosen. There
will be four seniors and two juniors.
The applications are available in Ad
ministration 207.
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graduate with an interest in people and an inquisitive
mind, a career with ui can stretch your capabilities.
Helping people is our kind of thing. After all that's
what insurance is all about. If it's also yours, we have
opportunities in three basic areas 'administrative,
analytical or sales management. And we need
engineering and business graduates as well as liberal
arts people.
, At tna, our business U selling insurance. But our
concern is people.
: ? it" r t ;;vr -
v-. f ; Y ' v; --v'-" A
I It A $ .
" i I 1 V f . " . s S V. I ' .
s I f f f ' ' , XV $F ' fI : $
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&., 'HtWMi "i-ft - - -.1 J ylJ Ut.l'L- 11 1 -- n f
Bachittar Singh, the first foreign student ever to file for ASUN
senate, gives his views on student life.
Quiz bowl
plans current
events match
A current events quiz bowl including
questions on the Nixon administration
and Black America will be held at
Hyde Park Thursday, April 24. The
eight quiz bowl positions will be open
to the audience, according to Liz
Lueder, quiz bowl vice president.
Also on April 24 any quiz bowl team
that has played during the year can
compete in a challenge match.
Challenges should be turned Into the
quiz bowl mailbox as soon as possible,
Miss Lueder said. In the future quiz
bowl matches will be televised on
channel 9, a closed circuit station.
litsj:ff' H(3 ,'
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Viewis of the country and people
of Colombia, South America, will be
displayed in a photography exhibit
scheduled to run from April 22
through May 18 in the Sheldon Art
Gallery's Print Study.
The photographers are an American
couple, Mr. and Mrs. Robert K.
Waugh, who have lived In Colombia
since 1961 where he is director of
the Rockefeller Agricultural Pro
gram. The major theme of Waugh's
photography is Colombian agriculture,
while his wife has a deep interest
in a unique type of Colombian pottery.
! 1
unite Ml!?)
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1 750 N. Vina, Hollywood 90028
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1, 1960. t
, . ,
Yale faculty removes
ROTC academic credit
(IP.) The Yale College faculty
recently voted to remove academic
credit from the Army and Navy
Reserve Officers Training Corps pro
gram and proposed that ROTC be
given the status of extra-curricular
.The two ROTC commanding officers
at Yale, Colonel Richard R Irving,
of the Army unit, and CaDtain
Williams E. Simmons, of the Navy,
have expressed concern about the
future of ROTC programs here
without academic credit. Both have
predicted a decrease in ROTC enroll
ment possibly to a point where the
Department of Defense would not
consider it worthwhile to continue
units at Yale.
Another issue is whether ROTC can
continue legally without academic
credits. Federal regulations call for
"appropriate academic credit" from
the colleges and universities where
ROTC units are based.
Many feel, however, that a com
promise can be worked out. Regular
college courses with academic credit,
such as in engineering, history, and
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For additional applications or Information calh
CRAB WULF, your on Campus NASA Rep. at 432 S30S
political science, might be acceptable
as ROTC courses.
Another issue concerns the faculty
rank of the commanding officers. Both
Captain Irving and Captain Simmons
ete listed as Professors at Yale,
faculty apDointment required by
federal regulations.
The Yale faculty proposal calls for
an altered status for the commanding
officers, objecting that such arbitrary
appointments by an outside agency
violates the university's control over
all faculty appointments and promo
tions. April Foolishness
slated for Saturday
April Foolishness will be presented
by Selleck Quadrangle on Sat., April
19, at 7:30 p.m. in the Nebraska Union
ballroom, according to Sandl Renken,
The free Foolishness will include
four skits and three travelers acts.
Emcees are Para Shepherd am Pete
Chapman. The other director is
Claude Bolton.
ONLY 275.00
Mr a
! !
I ;