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Vol 92, No. 41
Situation fussy on dorm rent surpluses
by Julie Morris
Nebraska Staff Writer
The University is holding more
than $1.5 million in surplus student
dormitory rents that may have
been collected without clear state
authorization, according to a
Nebraska attorney general's opi
nion released Wednesday.
The opinion from Clarence A. H.
Meyer's office, states that the State
Normal Board, governing body of
the state colleges, has no authority
Bulletin . . . bulletin . . . are you bored? See feature posted on page 6.
Bowl bids, Big Eight finish
nivot on Norman outcome
by Randy York
Assistant Sports Editor
Nebraska football coach Bob
Devaney last week pieced the frag
ments and put Humpty Dumpty
back together again.
This week the country will see
how well the Huskers can stay
together as Nebraska and
Oklahoma meet at Norman before
a national television audience.
IF OKLAHOMA bests Nebraska
and then gets by Oklahoma State, it
will share the Big Eight title with
the winner of the Kansas-Missouri
game. If Nebraska wins, something
a Devaney team has never
managed at Norman, it is reported
the Huskers will receive bids to
play either the Liberty or Sun
Bowls. Oklahoma has already ac
cepted an invitation to appear in the
Blue Bonnett BowL
Steve Owens, who Ignited the
Sooners to back-to-back triumphs
over Kansas and Missouri the last
two weekends, is the explosive
package Nebraska must keep
by Larry EcUioU
Nebraskaa Staff Writer
Perhaps the most difficult aspect
of Hit dearth far student power at
the University is arriving at a total
number of student activists.
At most, 1,000 students can be
involved in student politics in its
many forms: AWS, IDA, or ASUN
officials or committee members;
Inter-fraternity Council and Pan
Editor's note: Mood of the Cam
pus, Part ThreeStudent reaction
te efforts of fellow students to gain
en-campus ower.
hellenk leaders; and tae other
student groups on campus, such as
SDS, YAF, etc
This number was decided upon
after a survey of campus
erganizations as depicted is She
1968 Cornhusker and from a
number of student leaders.
BIT THERSi are 17.500 other
students on the Lincoln campuses
of the University of Nebraska.
"What do they think about student
power and its advocates?
The most conclusive statement
that could be deduced from in
terviews of students on al parts of
the campus is that students are not
sure about student power or its ad
vocates. At least ten out of every eleven
stndenis who were approached had
no opinion on the subject ir did not
want to express .to opinion oe it.
Approximately 50 persons were
mterviewed. 1 aonl really have anything to
to overcharge dorm rates to pile up
surplus cash.
The opinion was the result of
State Sen. Jerome Warner's inquiry
about the legality of the Normal
Board's plan to use surplus dorm
revenues at Kearney College to
construct a new dorm on the campus.
THE OPINION states that the
Normal Board has no legislative
Owens, who shattered Heisman-Trophy-winning
Billy Vessels
Oklahoma rushing records,
punctured Missouri's defense for
177 yards and three touchdowns
last week and tossed another
Against Kansas, Owens rushed
for 157 yards. Gelded four passes,
scored two touchdowns and passed
for one in a 27-23 Sooner upset
Owens needs just 99 yards in his
last two games to eclipse the Big
Eight season rushing record mark
of L342 set by Nebraska's Bobby
Reynolds in 1950. If be accumulates
246 in his two final appearances,
the junior will break Jim
Grishara's school career standard
of 2,297 yards.
Although Owens jtoses a stem
defensive challenge, Nebraska has
the credentials to meet at The
Huskers rank 10th nationally in
total defense with a sielri of 243.1-
yards per game.
BIT OWENS is just one of sever
al Oklahoma offensive threats cap
power - -
say," said a coed sitting on a bench
in front of Sheldon.
'I LIVE with my parents, so I
donl know what is really happen
ing," said another coed, waiting for
a ride at the south entrance of the
A male student sitting in a Gather
lounge was startled wnea
to comment on sruaeni
! don't want to say anything
that might be printed," be said.
The same types of comments
were made by other students in the
Union lounge, on sidewalks between
classes, at the pillars.
BUT THERE are some with
definite opinions on the subject.
"I donl think student power
would be too great" said Larry
Becker, a freshman in Teachers
CoTieee from Randolf.
y,e should have rules ,hfle we
are in school. After aH, we are here
to be educated, not run the school
for She adnunistration, Becker
Another freshman, Steve Holman
of Lincoln, is encouraged !oy some
of the activities on campus within
the past week.
"NOT MUCH has been ac
complished yet," Holman, an
engineering student, said, would
Toe good for some control of student
oriestad activities te evolve.
He said that student controls of
fees, hewever, would be'
"ridiculous oJ. that ca matters
CQTicerning student housing if
'"looks encouraging.
Holman lives off-campus with lis
parents so be ""doesn't get to
S "Hi J. - I
authority to go through with the
"We find no authority in these
sections which in any way
authorizes the imposition of fees
and charges in excess of that
amount needed to operate and
maintain the buildings and to
secure revenue bond issues," it
The dictum might apply to the
University's own practice of keep
ing a surplus of funds above that
1 V-V - X I
,t 7 ;
Ik.- t t. t,.i fev r- t
able of inflicting major damage,
such as wingback Eddie Hinton
whose two touchdowns in the last
two Oklahoma-Nebraska meetings
proved decisive.
Hinton's 30 points m six
touchdowns is 60 points behind
Owens' output, but the senior is
leading the conference in pass
receiving having grabbed 43 pitches
for 715 yards.
Warmack steers the Sooner offense.
His passes have accounted for 1 ,237
yards. Warmack owns a 55.7 com
pletion percentage by connecting on
S3 of 149 targets.
linebackers Jerry Murtaugh and
Ken Geddes, middle guard Bill
Hornbacker, and defensive ends
Mike Wynn and Sherwin Jam-ion
are key personnel in Nebraska's
effort to put the clamp on Owens.
Nebraska registered its best
seasonal performance last week in
a 22-6 frolic past Colorado.
Oklahoma, however, lost its only
conference game to the Buffs. 41
27. The Sooners lead Nebraska in
the all-time rivalry 24-20-3.
potent as a wet
bothered with some of the issues on
"I'd like to live away from
home," he said, ""but I can't until I
am a sophomore. Fd like to see
lihat changed.
"'I want to get involved, but I
havent been able to yet," he ad
ded. .
ANOTHER GROUP of University
students which seems to be "'unaf
fected" by pleas for more student
power are graduate students.
One coed, a recent graduate of
the University of Missouri, said
that she felt "'unattached to what is
Student power? Who czres ...
needed to operate the dorms and to
pay the construction debts on
University spokesmen were not
worried about the matter Thurs
day, however.
Dr. Joseph Soshnik, president of
the Lincoln campuses, referred in
quiries to University attorney
Warren C. Johnson who said he
hadn't seen the document and could
not make a full comment until
Carl Yost said, "I don't think that
we (University) have done
anything that was not authorized by
the indebture statements on the
bond issues."
The bond indebture statement
allows for surpluses. Yost called
Senate votes on legislation;
bill passes to faculty senate
The Student Senate accepted by
acclamation Thursday Government
Bill Number 2 which would be an
initial step in implementing student
control over solely-student affairs.
Also passed by acclamation of
the Senate was a resolution sup
porting a proposal by Dr. Joseph
Soshnik, campus president, to
create an ad hoc committee to im
plement the Student Academic
Freedom Document (SAF) and
ASUN Government Bill Number
ASUX President Craig Dreeszen
read to the Senate a letter from
Soshnik written Thursday concern
in? the creation of an ad hoc com
mittee of students, faculty and ad
ministrators to consider im
ple mentation of the SAF
The next step for the bill is to go
to the University fCFaculty) Senate
for approval. Should it pass that
body, it would go to the Board of
Regents for final approval.
passed made provision that the co
mmittee's first charge "win be to
recommend such changes in in
stitutional policies as well as
implement ASUN Government Bill
Number 24"
Dreeszen said be would appoint
four students either Friday or
Monday to serve on the committee.
The other four committee members
will consist of faculty and ad
ministrative personnel, including a
chairman, appointed by Soshnik.
G. Robert Ross, vk chancellor
for student affairs, said Thursday
evening Soshnik had not j'et made
faculty and administrative ap
pointments. Ross thought they
would be named early next week.
happening" on matters concerning
undergraduate students.
"'I think this attitude would be
reflected by most graduate
students," she said.
Although new to the Lincoln
campus, she thinks that Nebraska
has "a conservative outlook con
cerning student involvement."
"I Gl"ESS I am just more con
cerned about myself personally in
grad school than frying to get in
volved in campus matters," she
One student from Fairbury is ia
favor of students having a voice on
zzzz . . all I really want is some deep before that exam . .
them "an integral element in the
progression of the repayment of the
Johnson said Meyer's office
originally approved the content of
the indebture statement "It looks
like he (Meyer) may have changed
his mind," Johnson said.
Yost said the University had a
$1,551,658 surplus in dorm rents at
Government Bill from the text
printed in Thursday's Daily
Nebraska! was an amendment to
the last paragraph causing it to
ENACTED: That an all-student
referendum on these issues be held
before February 11. 1969, and a
simple majority or an affirmative
vote of 15 per cent of the eligible
voters when less than 30 per cent
of the eligible students vote shall
have binding effect on the ASUN
Dreeszen announced he would
appoint an executive committee to
do research for the ad hoc com
mittee created by Soshnik.
Senators went into a committee
of the w hole to discuss the necessi
Graphic graffiti - . . bulletin
campus, but sometimes they carry
it too far."
He was not aware of fee bill
before ASUN to take over some
administrative powers, but was
referring to riots and demonstra
tions, be said.
"I tihinTr people should know what
a student thinks on certain matters,
but be shouldn't be able to take
over," lie said.
.The student would not elaborate
and would not release his name for
. IN ALL of the other conversation
with at least 40 other students.
1 ! & -f
the end of fiscal 1968 last June 30.
But he said that part of that money
was pledged to pay debts so that
the actual fund balance the
University had in the bond revenue
account was $584,185.
YOST SAID the University is
legally required by its bond con
tracts to collect enough revenue to
assure payment of the construction
"We don't have to make a pro
fit," he said, "but we can't sustain
a loss."
Yost said the University has had
higher dorm rent surpluses in the
past than they have this year.
Continued on page 5
ty of discussing Government Bill
Number 24 with the students.
SEN. GLENN NEES said it was
up to the senators to take the initia
tive to explain the ramifications and
nature of the bill to students. It was
agreed that contacts with living
units would be coordinated through
the Communications Committeee of
In other business. Senate passed
a resolution which would have the
ASUN Human Rights Committee
set up a live-in on Omaha's Near
North Side for senators. The live-ia
would be sometime next spring.
Soshnik's letter to Dreeszen said
the ad hoc committee would be
called to meeting as soon as the
members and a chairman are ap
pointed. board feature on page 6.
there was mo one wta would be
emphatically for or against student
AH comments seemed to back cp
John Schrekiiiger's previous state
ment that ' 'Nebra&la &id&i ddn't
generally janro overboard oa any
But even though aa attempt to
find a cro&s section of students was
made, no conclusions were ap
parent. With Thanksgiving vacation near,
impending finals, term papers to
write, and research to continue
there are other things to worry
about most students implied.
nzz ... sony . zzzz . . .
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