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have helped Husker
by Mark Gordon
Sports Editor
We don't intend to second
Nebraska coach Bob
DeVaney for every call he
made in losses to Kansas ana
Missouri or in wins over
Utah, Wyoming or Minnesota
Rut we think that a com
ment made by Missouri Tiger
rartin announcer Harrv Caray
tri the Daily Nebraskan
following Nebraska's second
straight loss Saturday nas
some merit.
Caray, in Lincoln to broad
pa st the Missouri eame to St
Louis, may be better known
ni the radio voice of the St.
Louis baseball Cardinals. But
he still knows his football.
-"NEBRASKA has a fine
team," he said. "But I'm just
p-lad that Patrick
(quarterback Frank) wasn't
in there longer tnan ne was.
He could break a game wide
open in a hurry."
We agree, and we feel the
big 67" quarterback, who as
a sophomore led the Big
Eight in ! passing last fall,
should have played much
earlier than he did against
Missouri Saturday.
Patrick played poorly
against Wyoming, and he was
rightfully, replaced by . Ernie
Sigler, one of the teams most
likeable members. Sigler
performed well against Utah,
and really showed
determination in bringing
Nsbraska from a 14-0 deficit
into a 17-14 victory over Min
nesota. But when the Texan failed
to sparkle against Kansas and
Missouri, it was time for a
change. Maybe not a perma
nent switch, but Patrick
should have been inserted In
Brighter years ahead . .
by Randy York
Assistant Sports Editor
If there is one thing that
breeds optimism for a college
football coach, it's a strong
freshmen football team.
And if Nebraska Coach Bob
Devaney seems optimist
these days despite the
Huskers' two losses, it's pro
bably because he knows he
has a strong freshmen foot
ball team.
The Husker yearlings,
directed by Coach Clete
Fischer, produced that op
timism by burying Missouri,
40-21, in their college football
debut last Friday. They ran
well, passed well, blocked
well and tackled well.
INDIVIDUAL standouts in
cluded quarterback Van
Brownson, halfback Jeff Kin
ney, guard Julio Perez,
linebacker Jim Branch and
defensive tackle Larry
Brownson, the best of four
top-caliber froah
quarterbacks, connected on
v. seven of 13 passes for 122
"We had been waiting for
six weeks to play," Brownson
said. "We were tired of prac
ticing against each other and
wanted to get out and take
someone else."
"Yeah, I wan nervous," he
said. "You just have to be
cared to play football. That
is, when you play the best,
obviously you're scared."
"It's more of a
psychological differ ence,"
Brownson continued. "In col
lege you know they're going
to be bigger and tougher.
You move up a step you have
' I..-
"Qsslity Sound Equipment
tzzhd By Sssind Service"
432-3930 414 So. 11th Sr.
af iiiiiititiuuiiiit iiiiiiiiiintiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii iiiiif
Re Marks
an effort to bolster the team.
It is next to impossible to
put a quarterback into the
game after sitting on the
bench for four weeks and ex
pect him to move 87 yards
with less than 50 seconds to
We aren't saying that
Patrick necessarily could
have overcome the Husker
fumblitis disease that struck
six times against Missouri,
but he might have helped.
Nebraska football, the action
of 60,000 fans in Baltimore
Sunday during the Colts 30
20 setback to the Cleveland
Brown could be applied to the
65,000 Memorial Stadium fans
who attend Husker games.
Baltimore's great
quarterback, Johnny Unitas,
was obviously off target in his
first appearance of the season
as Cleveland handed the Colts
their first 1968 loss.
How did the "loyal" Colt
fans support their former
idol, who has led the Colts to
two world titles and numerous
second-place finishes? They
constantly booed him and
cheered when he was replac
ed late in the game by Earl
Nebraska fans may not boo
quarterbacks having an off
day, but they don't display
overt enthusiasm either, ex
cept when the Big Red places
points on the scoreboard. To
sit apathetically is as bad as
the disgusting display of the
to raise yourself to the oc
casion." BROWNSON, an Ail
American prep star of
Shenandoah, Iowa, was an
attractive lure to many col
lege coaches, including
Missouri's Dan Devine, who
offered Brownson a full
The 6-2, 176-pounder finally
narrowed the bids down to
Nebraska, Missouri, Kansas
and Purdue. But luckily for the
Huskers, Nebraska had the
inside track.
"I was born in Lincoln,"
Brownson said, "and I just
love the town of Lincoln.
Really, there wasn't much
doubt about my coming
Devaney caught another top
recruit in Branch, an All-Star,
All-City and All-State lineman
Union sponsors
Colorado trip
The Nebraska Union is
sponsoring a migration trip
to Colorado on Nov. 16-17 for
the game.
The $28.50 fee includes the
football ticket, one night's
lodging in G r e e 1 y , Colo.,
transportation and insurance.
Students can sign up for the
trip in the Union Program of
fice, room 136.
4 and 8 Track
Cartridges Recorded
from Records
Sound City
4327305 144 So. 9th
tiiiiiiiiuiiiif tin iiiJuiiiiiiiiiiMiiriimniiif iimtiiiiiif
Colts' pseudo-rooters.
followers can outyell 60,000
Nebraska backers, something
is wrong. Do you have the
WE WON'T degrade the
Kansas football team like
many Lincolnites have, but
we will comment aDout
Jayhawk enthusiasm.
Nebraskans may not
scream and yell much, but
they certainly fill Memorial
Stadium. When the Jayhawks
met New Mexico two
Saturdays ago in a driving
rainstorm, only 21,000 fans
attended the game at
Lawrence. Last Saturday the
Jayhawks opened their Big
Eight season under beautiful
skies against Oklahoma State
and onlv 36,000 persons went.
to a 51,500 capacity stadium.
What's the excuse this time,
no Playboy bunnies to enter
tain the crowd?
JUST TO show that we
aren't against everything to
day, let's compliment assis
tant track coach Dean Brit
tenham for his perfect
coaching record with the
cross country team, while
head coach Frank Sevigne
was in Mexico City watching
the Olympics.
The cross country team
may rebound from two con
secutive last place finishes in
the league meet to a cham
pionship effort Nov. 9 at the
conference meet in Lawrence.
If you want to witness
from Chicago.
"College football hasn't
changed that much from high
school football," Branch sad.
"The competition is just a
little tougher. I was very ner
vous though."
"Missouri is a good offen
sive team," Branch said.
"They didn't run to my side
much. When they did, the
wide sweeps gave me the
most trouble because they
faked the dive a lot to draw
you in."
Kinney, a quarterback who
was converted to halfback for
balance, flashed good form,
rushing for 55 yards on nine
carries and catching four
passes for another 63 yards.
Time was going by so slow
out there," said the McCook
All-Stater. "It's a lot different
than going both ways in high
"It's a lot of fun playing,
and it sure helps out when
you have a good blocking
fullback," Kinney said in
referring to Jim Carstens
from Glenellyn, 111. Carstens
also helped the rushing attack
with 62 yards in 15 tries.
Perez was the blocking
wheelhorse up front who, ac
cording to Brownson and
Kinney, was chiefly
When Your funds
Art Low
Mr. Domrt is the
place to go.
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p at
possibly the greatest
Nebraska "rags to riches"
act, just keep track of the
cross country team. They
may surprise you.
heard of just about everything
until we read a note by Bill
Kamery from the Nebraska
Sports Car Club informing us
that, believe it or not, a Hare
and Hound Sports car rally
will be held this Saturday
night beginning at 8 p.m.
from the Congress Inn, 2001
East O Street.
Cars will follow a trail, a
white line made before the
race starts a short distance
past every intersection. The
auto with the least mileage
will be declared the winner.
And what does the winner
receive for his efforts? A case
of oil.
Registration begins at 7
p.m. at the Congress Inn.
Hares or hounds may call 432
9971 or 423-3040 for additional
information. Happy driving.
We have never seen a
better defense than what was
performed in the Nebraska
Missouri game by Huskers
Ken Geddes and Jerry
Murtaugh and Tiger Rocky
Geddes made 13 solo
tackles with 7 assisted
tackles, while Murtaugh had 8
solos and 7 aids, and Wallace
tallied 7 solo jobs with 2
unassisted tackles, and
recovered 2 fumbles.
LAST WORDS With four
of its last five games outside
Lincoln, including matches at
Colorado and Oklahoma,
Nebraska will be hard press
ed to finish second in the Big
Eight. But don't give up the
team hasn't.
responsible for the sound
rushing game.
The Belle Glade, Fla. All
Stater did not even play of
fensively in high school. He
played linebacker.
"I had practiced guard
though," Perez said, "and I
have always known how to
play it. It doesn't bother me
playing offense. It just want
to play football, and as long
as I'm first string, it doesn't
matter where I play."
impressive fashion, the
freshmen realized they have
much to learn.
straight-ahead power block
ing," Perez said. "I was
chopping them down pretty
good, but I need to work on
sustaining the block longer."
"I did so many crummy
things against Missouri,"
count them all, it would be a
miracle." A stray Brownson
pitchout was recovered by
Mizzou's Dave Frieze in the
Nebraska end zone for Tiger
touchdown in the third
The freshmen get an op
portunity to correct their
mistakes when they travel to
Ames for a Nov. 1 engage
ment with Iowa State's young
ine uany
Id m
Kappa Psi pharmacy
honorary have announced
members of their recent fall
pledge class. They include:
Mike . Hildegrand, Dennis
Jorgeson, Chuck Gustman,
Gary Madison, Ron Jensen,
Robert Edington, Bruce L.
Weber, Leroy Dinslage, Jim
Hoy, Tim Dodson, Jim
McHargue, Lon Lowrey and
Dick Abramson.
P-R Company A-2 have an
nounced their new candidate
class. It consists of Al Lewis,
executive officer; Dave
Ellerbeck, Steve Ankeny,
Larry Chambers, Jim
Radcliff, Randy Graham,
and Garv Michka. personnel
section; Joe Kreycik, Ralph
Kennedy, Stan Smith, Tm
Richter, and Arnold Oltmans,
pro section: Mark Murphy,
Royce Dunn, Richard Lohr,
Tom Hawkins, ana L,enoy
Umphres, operations section
.Tnhn Goodrich. Steve
Goodrich, Lloyd Miller, John
Campbell, and MarK e-iis,
supply section.
NU contestants
score successes
In Iowa Rodeo
ThP University of Nebraska
RoHfto Association recently
traveled to Ames, Iowa to par
ticipate in the National inter
collegiate Rodeo Association
Nebraska Rodeo club mem
bers who took honors at Iowa
State Included Chip Whitaker
of Chambers, first in saddle
bronc and sixth in calf roping;
Don Coslor of Sargent, sixth
In bull riding; John Sennett of
Mason City, third in calf rop
ing; and Mike Kuchera of
Rose, fifth in bull dogging and
sixth in bareback riding.
Other Nebraskans who par
ticipated were Jerry Coslor,
Larry Raadant, Ann Wendell,
Vern Friesen, J. C. McHatton.
and Greg Phifer.
or iiuuiHCi
lJLulj u LjU vy u
You don't need a slide rule to
figure the capabilities of the
great new Olds 4-4-2.
Check out the vital statistics
and you'll see what we mean.
400 cu. in. displacement. 350
Oldi idt tor ella tlxdWit
Soccer club scores
second straight win
The University Soccer Club
scored its second straight win
over the South Omaha Kick
ers, Sunday, but two changes
First, the score was 5-0
rather than 6-0, and the Sun
day foe was named the
Omaha Pioneers rather than
its previous name of the South
Omaha Kickers. But
University team captain Vic
tor Umunna is not concerned
over the score or the op
ponent's nickname.
he said. "But our offense and
defense must be more coord
inated." He added that the
team has shown considerable
Improvement In leveling its
Biafra fund
gets half its
city goal
One half of the $10,000 goal
of the city's campaign for the
KeeD Biafra Alive Fund has
been collected, according to
Stuart Frohm, publicity chair
man for the committee.
Dr. Dale Mesner will pre
sent a check from local ac
count to the nationwide fund
of the Church World Service
Wednesday. This will repre
sent partial results of the
campus contribution.
Nine fraternity houses have
given $918, and nine more will
turn in their contributions.
IDA and Panhellenic have not
turned in their money.
A candle lieht visil will be
held Oct. 25. Adults and stu
dents will be invited to take
part in the nationwide series.
The radio program uie
line" will Dublicize the need of
the Biafrans. A prayer service
is also being planned.
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Have You Signed
Human Rights
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And if it's the ultimate head
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Oldsmobtla: Your oscapa from tho ordinary.
tr cr(d by college ttudtntt.
VV L.LJI N 1 'UfM ,
season slate at 2-2.
Christopher Nwakolumba, a
forward from Kenya, scored a
three-goal hat trick and F.
Ruzwa, a defenseman from
Uganda, booted two scores as
the University club stretched
a 3-0 halftime lead into a 5-0
Umunna said the team is
idle this weekend, but two
practices would be held in
preparation for a Nov. 3 game
at Omaha against the Omaha
Martinizers. He set at 6 p.m.
Friday practice and a 4 p.m.
Saturday practice to be held
at Peter Pan Park.
16th & P Sts.
Just South
of Campus
I vii-i - '
Winning teams,
winning coaches
to collide at NU
The nation's winningest and
fourth winningest college
football coaches will battle
each other in Saturday's
Nebraska-Missouri contest at
Lincoln's Memorial Stadium.
Nebraska's Bob Devaney
has a 91-23-5 slate to lead the
nation while Missouri's Dan
Devine boasts a -100-31-8
record for fourth best. John
Vaught of Mississite" is the
runner-up while Alabama's
Paul (Bear) Bryant ranks
- ,
. . .-!
Induction. (Better known as Dr.
Oldsmobile's W-30 Machine.)
So if you're planning an es
cape from the ordinary, why
not make it big! Make it in '
1969 Olds 4-4-2.