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Thursday, October 3, 1968
Vol. 92, No. 14
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Omaha's new Old Market, fast gaining repute among
Omahans as a new experience in culture and entertain
ment, provides- a weekend excursion for a Daily Nebras
kan photographer and his camera. Photos, page 4.
Democratic losses seen as
definite Repu blican gain
by John Dvorak
Senior Staff Writer
Richard Nixon is not necessarily
winning the election; Hubert
Humphrey is losing itt according
to Dr. Robert Sittig. assistant
professor of political science.
'I am amazed at the Democrats'
inability to marshal their forces
'1 A J
1L t
and get the campaign rolling," Sit
ti2 said Wednesday afternoon. It's
almost as if there were no cam
paign. Sittig is a member of a task force
of the Republican Coordinating
THE COMMITTEE, composed of
manv present and former
Republican ofiite holders, recom
mends party policy on all levels.
The committee played a bis part
in drafting the platform at Miami's
National Convention.
"At Ihe moment. I anticipate a
Nixon victory," Sittig said. But he
did not always feel this way.
"Originally I thought President
Johnson would be renominated at
Chicago and the Republicans would
have a difficult time winning.
teacher salaries low in
University faculty salaries rank
generally lower than average when
compared to 10 other public
universities of comparable size,
according to figures released
Average salary for NU instruc
tors is $7,415, ninth ranked of the
elevpn schools represented in
preliminary statistics given out by
Dr. Joseph Soshnik, vice-chancellor
for administration.
Big 8 and Big 10 salary figures,
with the exception of Northwestern,
were uf-ed in compiling the data,
Soshnik said. Northwestern is a
private institution and pays higher
HE STRESSED that data is still
incomplete, since Oklahoma and
five Big 10 schools have yet to
report their average salary
Soihnik released average salary
figures, but not th names of the
institutions except Nebra&ka.
Kicurcs are for academic year,
JfK8-33S9. appointments only and do
not include dentistry, medical or
veterinary personnel.
Assistant Professors receive
$10,431 on the average at the
"Then, when Vice President
Humphrey was nominated, I
thought he would win, but no
longer," Sittig explained. "The
Democrats have just not been able
to gather their forces in support
of Humphrey."
Republicans, on the surface at
least, appear united and strong.
Their condidate, Richard Nixon, is
the current leader in the race ac
cording to public opinion polls.
Nixon represents traditional
Republican strength. But a new
face in the GOP is ice presidential
candidate Spiro Agnew, governor
of Maryland.
Agnew has been under fire from
the time of his selection. In no
way, however, was Agnew's selec
tion a mistake. Sittig said. His was
a typical selection.
"But instances in the last several
weeks have caused a great deal
of concern," Sittig noted. Ajnew
charged that Hubert Humphrey
was soft on communism. Agnew
also used ome less than popular
names in referring to certain peo
ple of foreign origin.
"AGNEW'S unwillingness to ex
plain himself more clearly and
subsequently extract himself from
these situations has been com
mendable, thouzh." Sittig added.
Sittig also felt that the news me
dia ha bf-en more than willing to
give Agne v a second chance, one
more than the media gave Michigan
Governor George Romney when he
issued his now famous "I have been
University, eighth ranked of the
eleven. Associate professors make
$12,449 on the average, also eighth
ranked and full professors average
$16,602, seventh ranked.
Institution A ranks first in two
rategoriet and fifth in two others.
Institution K ranks last la two
categories and low in the other
Institution A has the highest paid
professors, averaging $18,033. In
stitution K has the lowest paid,
Associate professor salaries
ranged from $11 678 to $13,292. In
structors' ranged from $7,057 to
Teaching assistants are paid in
stipends rather than across the
board, Soshruk said. Their salaries
vary with their work load.
students vary from department to
department and for the kind of
work they do. No comparative
statistics are available for them,
he said.
University salaries represent
about an nine percent increase over
last year's Lguiet, Soshxuk pointed
Senate urges implementation
of University housing policy
The ASUN Wednesday
unanimously passed a resolution
requesting that the University
Housing Policy committee meet to
consider the full implementation of
University housing policy.
The resolution further reads that
the ASUN direct the students on
the Housing Policy Committee to
seek full implementation by the
second semester of the 1968-69
school term.
was approved by the Board of
Regents in June, 1967 requires
freshman, sophomore, and junior
women and freshman men to live
in on-campus housing.
Senior women and senior men
are allowed to live off campus in
approved housing. Sophomore men
can live off campus in specially
approved housing, according to
Sophomore men, however, are
now still required to live on cam
pus. "There was a problem this fall
with too many people applying for
dormitory space," Bill Gilpin,
chairman of the ASUN housing
committee, said.
Students who did not receive
room in a residence hall were
relocated in temporary housing,
according to Gilpin.
"Many students who wanted to
live in the dormitories couldn't,"
Gilpin said. He added, "Many
students who shouldn't be living off
brainwashed," statement.
SKtig conceded that Nixon will
probably win but he emphasized
that the victory could be a short
term affair.
"The Republican Party must
make some inroads on Democratic
strength," he said. Currently, about
50 per cent of the voters are
Democrats. 30 per cent
Republicans and 20 per cent in
dependent, he estimated.
But. more than anything else,
Republicans must get in tune with
the major issues in order to stay
in power for a long period of
The Democratic Party has done
this, he pointed out. For all prac
tical purpose. Democrats have
been in power since 1932, he said.
IX S I T T I G ' S opinion,
Republicans are in excellent posi
tion to gain control on a long range
While former Alabama Governor
George Wallace currently is a ge
nuine threat to Richard Nixon and
Hubert Humphrey, his influence
may have peaked, according to
Both major parties are beginning
to level their sights on the Wallace
campaign, he said. Members of Ihe
major parties who drifted to the
Wallace camp Hill soon begin to
return he predicted.
Wallace's strength, now about 21
per cent of the voters, will drop
off in the next weeks, he said.
out. The 17 Legislature approved
the increases.
But he noted that raises are given
on a merit basis. Salaries in in
dividual casts may be a good deal
above the average or possibly
The University's ranking 1 s
gradually improving, Soshnik said.
The University hopes to increase
the average to at least the midpoint
of other Big 8 and Big 10 schools.
With the gradual increase in
alary has come a corresponding
drop in turnover, Soshnik said. The
University loses more faculty
members to Big 10 schools than
any other group of institutions.
Exact figures for faculty turnover
are not available.
Included in the University's
budget request to the 19 8 9
Unicameral will be a salary in
crease comparable to last years.
But this is only a request, Soshnik
said. The University has n o
guarantee that salary increases
will be approved by the governor
and the Legislature. He could not
predict how the salary proposal
would fare in the New Unicameral.
campus under the present housing
policy rules are doing so because
of the lack of room."
"THERE ARE some 500 cases
requesting approval to live off
campus pending before the
University Housing Policy Com
mittee," Gilpin said. He continued,
"The majority of these students are
already living off campus because
of the lack of housing."
The ASUN also took action
Wednesday to fill two of four
Lack of quorum stifles vote .
AWS Congress endorses
sophomore key extension
by Terry Grobe
Junior Staff Committee
AWS Congress, as a committee
of the whole, gave their endorse
ment for sophomore keys for the
second semester.
In other action a motion was
presented to form a committee
which would present a formal
resolution for the Office of Student
affiars to act upon. Amendments
were offered concerning the func
tions of the proposed committee.
The Congressmen felt that the
committee should be given the
power to decide what actions and
what restrictions to place on
sophomore keys and offer these,
along with the key committee
report, to Student Affairs.
"AWS has finally established a goal
ASUN committee schedules march
to protest discrimination in housing
A march on Lincoln's City Hall
to dramatize campus concern for
an alleged injust housing situation
locally is scheduled for Thursday
at 3:30 p.m.
"Those wishing to show their
concern for the problem o f
discriminatory housing in Lincoln
are encouraged to come to Hyde
Park in the Nebraska Union where
the march will originate," said Dan
Looker, ASUN Human Rights
Committee chairman and march
Looker said he will address Hyde
Park explaining the purpose of the
demonstration and the details of
the march. Craig Dreeszen, ASUN
president, will explain Student
Senate's sanctioning of the
HE SAID father Donald Imming
of the Newman Center will give
an invocation before the march
becins. Mel Luetchens, associate
ministf--director of the United
Methodist Chapel on campus, will
deliver an invocation at City Hall.
Father John McCaslin from Omaha
will also participate in the
From Hyde Park the group will
walk down 14th Street to P Street,
go west on P to 11th Street, turn
Big 10,
vacancies in the Senate.
..Bob Zucker was elected to fill
the vacant Senate seat in Arts and
Sciences College, and Bill Gilpin
was elected to the Senate in
Teachers College. . .
IN FINAL action the ASUN
Senate, passed a resolution urging
all students to participate in the
demonstration to be held Thursday,
Oct. 3 which will "dramatize the
injustice of discriminatory housing
we know where we're going, and
now we can take some positive
steps to get there."
After lengthy discussion there
was not a quorum present to vote
on motions so they will be
further discussed and acted upon
next week.
Christie Schwartzkopf, AWS Key
Committee chairman presented the
key committee report which was
approved by Congress. The report
included surveys taken of juniors
and seniors presently under the key
system, housemothers and
residence directors, key chairmen,
freshmen and sophomores and
parental comments.
At the conclusion of the report
the key committee stated . . . "On
the basis of this report which shows
(1) the absence of serious opera
tional defects in the present
south on 11th Street, turn south
on 11th to O Street and reconvene
Hyde Park at the steps of City
At City Hal! Hyde Park will
reopen where students will speak
out for open 'housing in Lincoln,
Looker said. He added that
members of the City Human Rights
Commission will be on band to
answer specific questions concern
ing incidents of discrimination in
At City Hall, petitions will be
passed around stating that the
signatories will not rent off-campus
housing from any landlord who has
not signed the University Housing
Office agreement concerning anti
discrimination in renting to
University members.
"We are attempting to dramatize
the injustice of the treatment given
to a University student by a Lincoln
landlord this past summer,"
Looker said.
"WE'RE ALSO demonstrating
student support for the need for
a city open-housing ordinance.
The incident Looker referred fo
concerned Mr. and Mrs. Don
McGhee, who attempted to rent an
Big 8 comparison
2.:... -yr.ZL3
graduate course in poverty education.
in Lincoln and show student sup
port for a city open housing
Sen. Dave Landis suggested that
if the ASUN sanctioned the
demonstration it would be making
a value judgement as to the worth
of the demonstration.
Human Rights Commitee
chairman Dan Looker replied that
if Senate filed to approve the
demonstration, ASUN would be ir
relevant on the University campus.
system, (2) the general
responsibility demonstrated b y
those on the system, and (3) the
desire of the women students at
the University of Nebraska for ex
pansion of the system to
sophomores, the Key Committee
can see no major reson why ex
pansion of the system is not
A motion was discussed and
passed that the Court of Appeals
consider revision of penalties for
Infringements of AWS key rules
and consider variation for individu
al courts.
Another motion was passed
allowing that infringements apply
ing to AWS keys be handled in
the AWS Sorority Court, or in the
respective living unit court.
apartment for another couple last
July. McGhee is a University stu
dent and a member of the football
"Around the 25th of July, my
husband and I started seeking an
apartment. After much searching
we called an apartment manager
by the name of Adolph Hock Sr.,
Mrs. McGhee testified before the
Human Rights Commission on
September 5.
"He said that he had one apart
ment available which he could hold
in reserve with a $25 deposit. We
asked him if we could sec it and
he told us to come on over.
"When we arrived and he saw
that we were Negro, he refused
to rent it to us. He said, 'I have
only one (apartment) available
here and I can't rent it to you.
The rest of the tenants are all
white. They'd move out.' So we
left," Mrs. McGhee testified.
Jim Raglin of the commission
called Hock before the group and
asked him if essentially the
statements of Mrs. McGhee were
accurate. Hock replied that as far
as he knew her statements were
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