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    Monday, March 25, 1968
The Daily Nebraskan
Page 4
Old Sol, Nebraska shine
once more in Houston
The skies cleared up over
Houston Saturday and the Hus
kers shined again.
After being rained out of
Thursday and Friday DaseDau
games, Nebraska came back
in a Saturday double bill to
sweep both games from the
Houston Cougars by identical
5-2 scores.
. Thft double win puts Ne
braska's Houston series and
season mark at an unexpected
3-1-1 after the week-long stay
in Houston. Coach Tony
Sharpe's team next takes on
Bi Eight foe Oklahoma April
5 in Norman.
Lefties Al Furby and Keith
Winter proved that they will
provide a solid nucleus on the
mound for NU as they al
lowed just one earned run be
tween them m 12 innings Sat
urday against a Houston team
which had won national runner-up
honors at Omaha last
summer and was given a good
chance at a repeat perform
ance by many due to several
key returnees.
In the first seven-inning con
test, Furby went all the way
after a somewhat shaky start
by the Huskers. The Cougars
earned a 1-0 lead in the first
inning before Tom Tidball,
Lincoln outfielder, slammed a
two-run homer in the third to
take a one-run lead at 2-1.
Houston came back again in
the fourth to tie, but then the
thru SUN. APR. 7
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tat. I PM It S PM
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c o Pershing Municipal Auditorium,
15th ft N St., Lincoln MSOI. Statt
prlca, performance, and number al
Nil am m
f7 vtA .
t XC X I v (
f ' "' K , - X, X ',SX ' t '
. XN
ill' X ' I
k.. iL J MM Mi JWlBilllilt I I Hillli ll ' -VI 1V - irt 1S SM1HM If T
Husker bats drove UH starter
Bubba Hill, 6-0 last season as
the teams' ace, to the showers
for a pair in the fifth. Anoth
er in the sixth wasn't needed.
Furby is now 1-0 and Win
ter 2-0.
The serin Monday, 2 In 11 innings;
Tuesday. NU won 3-0; Wednesday, Hous
ton won 10-6; Thursday and Friday
rained out; Saturday, Nebraska won. 6-2,
Tidball ss 4 1 1 a O. Hill 2b 1110
Johnson rf 4 0 11 Williams cf 3 0 0 0
Walter cf 3 0 0 1 Paciorek U 3 110
Johnette lb 2 10 0 Rose r( 2 0 11
SteVson M 2 0 0 0 Spark1 lb 10 0 0
Grleeo 2b 3 0 10 Schwartz ss 2 0 0 1
KisRler c 3 0 11 Lee 3b 3 0 0 0
Church 3b 3 110 Strelau e 2 0 0 0
Furbv p 2 2 0 0 H 11 p 10H1
Jorg'ns'a 2b 0 0 0 0 Gilbert ph 10 0 0
McVev ph 10 0 0
Toombs ph 1 1 0
Lamka ph 0 0 0 0
Thomas p 0 0 0 0
Totals MISS Totals S I 4 t
Nebraska 002 021 05
Houston 100 100 02
E Neb. 2. Houston S. DP Tidball.
Grieno. Johnette: Churchirh, Jorgenson,
Johnette. LOB Neb. 1, Houston 4.
2B Rose, Churchlch. HR-Tldball.
Furby (W. 1-0) 1 4 2 14 4
W. Hill (L. 0-1) 5 4 4 1 1 4
Thomas t 1 1 1 1 1
ab r he W
TidbaD Is 4 12 0
ab r a M
RIB 2b 3 110
Johnson rf
Walter cf
Johnette c
4 2 11
Willfems cf
Paciorek If
Rose rf
Wwt'all lb
Schwarti ss
Lee 3b
Strelau a
9 10 0
3 0 10
3 0 10
3 0 12
2 0 0 0
3 0 0 0
2 0 0 0
0 0 0 0
10 0 0
10 0 0
10 0 0
4 12 0
4 0 11
Stevenson If
2 10 0
4 0 11
Grleeo 2b
Church Ti3b
P'srke lb
Winter p
Green p
2 0 11
3 0 0 0
2 0 0 0
0 0 0 0
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J '-V..
Tjimka m- t 0 0 0
McVey ph 10 0 0
Totals nltl Totals M 2 4 2
Nebraska 012 020 0-5
Houston W0 101 02
E- Neb. 2; Houston 3. DP-Tidball,
Piacke. Churchich. LOB Neb. i Hous
ton 5.
211 Tidball, Johnson, Grlego.
Winter (W, 2-0) 5 2 10 14
Green 2 2 112 0
Satcher (U 0-1) 3 3 3 1 1 0
Sparkman 3 3 2 0 2 2
Post 1 2 0 0 10
4 hurdlers
tie record
Four husker hurdlers tied
the meet record in the open
shuttel hurdle relay at the Kan
sas State Invitational Track
meet in Manhatten Saturday.
The :28.9 time was recorded
by Fred Nichol, Lonnie Sher
lock, Neill Knolle and Dave
Kudron to tie the record set
by Air Force in 1954. Kudron
also took third in the high
Husker relay teams also fin
ished f ourth in the sprint med
ley and fifth in the distance
medley and mile relays. Jim
Lang who ran unattached
from Nebraska also finished
fourth in the open two-mile
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aw fjuot. UPsumuwTY umpuvisi
Husker gymnasts
place fifth in Big 8
Colorado won a close battle
for first in the Big Eight
gymnastics meet at Norman
over the weekend as defend
ing champ Iowa State was
edged to second and Ne
braska took a predicted fifth
The Big Three in league
gymnastics Colorado, Iowa
State, Oklahoma were with
in 3.15 points of each other
after the dust had settled and
the Cyclones' Mike J a c k i
lived up to all expectations
after wrapping up the all
around title and being the only
double winner in individual
championships Saturday.
Nebraska's Tom Riesing
placed third in trampoline
competition as the highest
Husker finisher.
Floor Exercise 1, Mike Jacki, Iowa
State, 0.050. 2 (tie) Gary Pomeranz, Col
16th & Q
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IBM. You can get into
the mainstream here
with a liberal arts degree!'
"I used to think IBM was a place for engineers, scientists,
and machines.
"But not for liberal arts graduates. And definitely not for
American History majors, like me. (This is John Robohm,
an IBM Marketing Representative specializing in banking.)
"Then I talked with an IBM interviewer. He explained that
much of the work at IBM is solving problems. So if you have a
logical mind, you could go into areas like programming or market
ing. Both of which are in the heart of IBM's business.
"My job is helping banks use computers. Which isn't nearly
as technical as it sounds. You deal with people a lot more than
with machines.
"At first, the idea of sales appalled me. You know, you think
of Willy Loman and so on. But marketing at IBM is entirely
different. You're a problem solver. You have to come up with
new solutions for every customer.
"I guess that's what makes the job so interesting. That and the
level of people you deal with. I usually work directly with the
president of the bank. You get a lot of responsibility in this job
very soon after you start. And if you're good, your income goes
along with it"
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ration, Dept. C,
We're an equal opportunity employer.
orado, Tom Casey, Colorado, 2.073. 4,
Steve K'nder, Kansas State, 0 90. S, (tie)
Mark Wilcox, Iowa State, Patrick Me
Gill. Nebraska. 0.750.
Side Horse 1, Pat Edwards, Colorado,
9.200. 2, Jack Ryan, Co'orado, 0.175. 9,
Jim Gillespie, Kansas, 8.625. 4. Bruce
Cole. Oklahoma, (.575. 5, Doug Peak,
Iowa State, 8.350. . Gary Pomeranz. Col
orado, 0.275.
Still Rings 1, Ward Maythaler, Iowa
State, 0.250. 2, Mike Jaoki, Iowa State,
9.225. 3, Pat Edwards. Colorado, 0.950.
4, Larry Hoffschnelder, Colorado. 0.925.
5, Ray Rettberg, Oklahoma, 8.000. 8,
Doug Datillo, 8.775.
Tramnolie 1, Rick Carr, Oklahoma,
9.025 2, Tim Clarke, Iowa State, 9.000.
3, Thomas Riesing, Nebraska, 8.775. 4.
Dave Rodriguez. Colorado, 8.475. 5, Dave
Gechter. Kansas State, 8.350. 6. Tom Cas
ey, Colorado, 8.200.
Long Horse Vault 1, Tim Clarke, towa
State, 9.350. 2, (tie) Tom Sexton, Okla
homa. Mike Jack Iowa State, 0.150. 4,
George Sedervicloua. Nebraska, 8.950. 5,
(tie) Mark Wilcox, Iowa State, Richard
Hemphill Kansas, 8.725.
Parallel Bars 1. Mike Jacki. Iowa
State, 9.125. 2. Erlck Singer. Colorado,
9.150. 3. Jim Jobannesen. Oklahoma,
9.050. 4, Tom Sexton, Oklahoma, 8.000.
5. Ben Blea. Colorado, 8.875. 6, Richard
Hemphill, Kansas, 8.825.
Horizontal Bar 1, Tom Sexton, Okla
homa, 9.4O0. 2, Ben Blea, Colorado,
9.150. 3, Mike Jacki, Towa State, 8.975.
Bob James, Iowa State, 8.525. 5, R'ch
rl Hemphill, Kansas, 8.475. 6. Mike
Maxie. Oklahoma, 8.400,
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Open till 9:00 p.m. daily
100 South Wacker Drive,
Big Eight
mat battle
Three Big Eight teams took
the top three places in the
NCAA Wrestling Champion
ships this weekend with Okla
homa State taking the top
honors for the 26th time In the
history of the tournament.
Iowa State finished second
with Oklahoma, who shares
the Big Eight crown with the
Cowboys, finishing third. Okla
homa State totaled 81 points
while Iowa State got 78 and
Oklahoma 74. -
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