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ina drugs
no panacea
for problems
Wednesday, March 20, 1968
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I Dr. Alan Cohen: Non-chemical techniques of expanding f
one's conscience have the advantage over drugs because
they emphasize that man's internal being is both positive f
I and profound.
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Opposing ASUN ...
Committee continues plans
fake presidential primary
by Jim Evinger
Senior Staff Writer
The University Coordinating
Committee for Choice '68 is pro
ceeding with plans to conduct the
national mock presidential pri
mary on April 10, according to
Phil Bowen, cominitttee chair
man. Bowen said the polling will take
place despite the ASUN Electoral
Commission's refusal to conduct
the poll on that day.
An unsigned letter from the
Electoral Commission, headed by
Ed Hilz, in answer to a request for
Choice '08 to be held in conjunc
tion with ASUN balloting stated:
"After careful and due con
sideration, the ASUN Electoral
Commission has .decided that
Choice '08 cannot be held on April
The Electoral Commission, how
ever, has no actual jurisdiction
ever the primary., Bowen said.
He pointed out that Student Sen
ate refused to sponsor the pri
mary earlier this month. As a
result of this refusal, the Coor
dinating Committee formed lo
sponsor the primary, he said.
Bowen, speaker pro tempore of
Commission only has jurisdiction
in matters that fall within the
powers of ASUN, as outlined in
the ASUN Constitution.
He referred to the specific con
stitutional phrase iertaming to ,
ASUN powtrs: "'To schedule sud
or conduct all student elections of
general University interest, not
excluding those for contests spon
sored by subordinate organiza
tions." Bowen said it is a matter rf
Interpretation as to whether or
lllu n
not this primary is actually a ''stu
dent election.
The nature of the actual Choice
'fi8 primary ballot he said, is not
that of an election ballot it is
a preference ballot which en
ables the voter to indicate his
choices among the acknowledged
Presidential primary candidates.
Bowen said it was ironic that
Senate voted mot to sponsor the
'Had they assumed the respon
sibility then, the Electoral Com
mission would have every right
now to prevent the primary from
taking place on that date," be
"But since they did refuse it.
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Academic Freedom study
Committee to present its document
to Chancellor Hardin next week
by Jim Evinger
Senior Staff Writer
The Chancellor's Student Aca
demic Freedom (&AFi committee
expects to present its finalized
document to Chancellor Ciiiiord
Hardin early next week, accord
ing lo Richard Schulze, commit
tee spokesman.
The document states the rela
tionships of faculty, administration
and student body.
The SAF committee is composed
of Schulze, ASUN president; Gene
Pokorny, ASUN first vice presi
dent; Vice Chancellors Merk Hob
son and G. Robert Ross; Camp
bell McConnelL professor of eco
nomics; and Kenneth Orion, as
sociate professor of educational psy
hx Jim Pedersen
Junior Stall Writer
The use of drugs is not a moral
question of good or. evil. Dr. Al
lan Cohen, former student of LSD
advocate Timothy Leary, said Mon
day at the University.
Speaking in Selleck Quadrangle
as a part of the three-day All-University
Drug Seminar, Cohen ex
amined the religious and philosoph
ic issues relating to drug use.
According to Cohen the act of
using drugs is less important than
the motives which induce people
to take them and the causes for de
cisions in life which result from
the use of drugs.
Drugs demean human nature
"Taking drugs tends to demean
ASUN elections . . .
93 applications filed, but
by Susie Jenkins
Junior Staff Writer
A total of 93 applications were
accepted for the 1968 ASUN gen
eral elections. Election Commis
sioner Ed Hilz said that 62 stu
dents have filed for the 35 Stu
dent Senate seats, while 31 filed
for the 25 college advisory board
Hilz noted, however, that the
figures were somewhat mislead
ing. "For instance, only lour people
filed for senator from the gradu
ate college, where there are sev
en seats," Hilz said. "On the oth
er hand, 20 filed for Arts and
Sciences senator where there are
seven openings."
In the senate race, enough stu
dents have filed to guarantee full
representation, with the exception
of Graduate College. In the ad
visory boards, however, due to
the requirement that students file
in their major field, there are 12
seats that have not been filed for.
Students running for senator
frora Business Administration are:
Steven Fuchser and David Green,
both juniors. Teena Kudlacek is a
freshman, Tom Morgan a junior
and David Rasmussen a sopho
more. Juniors Brian Ridenour
and Roger Roemmich are run
ning on the PSA ticket Gary
Rosenbaum is a junior, Jerry
Sieck is a freshman and Tom
Wiese is a sophomore.
the Coordinating Committee which
will sponsor it is not an organi
zation lander ASUN, and therefore
the Electoral Commission's claim
to jurisdiction is void, Bowen
He said the ASUN executives
have shown inconsistency ha their
statements regarding the primary.
He noted on of their original
stipulations was that the primary
be held on April 10 to coincide
with the ASUN general election.
The matter would probably re
quire a ruling by the Student
Court, which has jurisdiction over
the Electoral Commission, he
The chairman expressed doubt
Document Includes proposals
The proposals of the committee
are being worked Mo a broad
document employing the Student
Bill of Rights which was approved
as constitutional amendments in
last spring's ASUN election.
Last fall the ASUN executives
agreed the Bill of Rights could not
be effected as amendments until
they were approved by the Board
of Regents.
Rather than having the Regents
approve or reject the 17 amend
ments, the chancellor established
the six-man committee to imple
ment the idea of the Bill of Bights
human nature, and make the user
assume that what is inside is not
worthwhile," Cohen said.
Non-chemical techniques have
the advantage of emphasizing
that the internal conscience is ex
tremely positive and profound,
Cohen added.
Every authentic sage or teach
er when questioned about drug
use says that drugs are harmful
to conscience expansion, accord
ing to Dr. Cohen.
God found through drugs?
"If God can be found through
the medium of any drug, then
God is not worthy of being found,"
Cohen said, quoting Moher Baba,
an Indian sage.
of Nebraska
Running for senate from Teach
ers' College are: Sophomores
Bruce Blanchard and Suone Cot
ner, an incumbent Georgia Glass
and Curt Donaldson, both juniors,
are running on the PSA ticket
Helen Larson, incumbent Carole
Maas, and Ronald Murdock are
all juniors. Mike Nelson is a
sophomore, and Chris Seeman and
Paula Teigeler are freshmen.
Sophomores Sue Thompson,
Gary Toebben and Lynn Trtmpey
have filed, and Ed WenzL who
also registered for ASUN First
Four students have filed for the
seven graduate college seats. They
are Larry Anderson, freshman in
Law College. David Bingham,
sophomore in Pharmacy, Bruce
Cochran, sophomore an dental col
lege, and James Donat Junior in
Filing from Engineering and
Architecture are Bill Chaloupka,
sophomore with PSA. Art Den
ney. freshman, and Mark Mose
man. a junior. Glenn Xees, fourth
year Architecture student is run
ning with PSA. Jim Ochsner is a
freshman in Engineering. J i m
Sherman as a junior with PSA,
Del Slork is a third year Archi
tecture student and John Tiwald
is a junior with PSA. James Wo
big and Tommy Woodruff arc
both sophomores.
Four students have filed for
the Electoral Commission has
jurisdiction to prevent the pri
mary from being held.
Members of the Coordinating
Committee include: Bowen, Miss
Cheryl Tritt, Bruce Bailey, Bob
Bartee and Bob Beckman.
Organizations which have ex
pressed support of the Choice J8
to date include Young Republi
cans, the Daily Nebraskan. Inter
dormitory Association, V a d g
Democrats and Nebraskans f r
Young Adult Suffrage.
Other individuals have expressed
interest in working to organize
and conduct the primary ballot
ing. Into University policy.
Scbulze explained that over the
past weekend he and Pokorny had
been soliciting the pinion of stu
dents about the document as it
now stands. The committee meets
Thursday evening to draft the fi
nal form. Schulze said.
Students read favorably
"There were not a lot of speci
fic suggestions made by the stu
dents," Schulze said, adding they
were generally favorable to the
tone of the document.
The ASUN executives met with
representatives of campus living
units.. Schulze said the draft would
also be discussed in the ASUN
In regard to the stronger hallu
cinogens, Cohen listed three dis
advantages of taking LSD: If
it hurts the physical and emolion
al condition of the user, it makes
it harder to develop profound
thought The use of LSD leads
to either a passive or at best a
reactive orientation to life. It
is a catalyst to delusion which
makes the attainment of inward
consciousness of reality impos
sible. According to Cohen drugs af
fect people in three important as
pects of life; that of the physi
cal, emotional, and spiritual.
Know University policy
In a meeting with residence
for elections
the four seats in the College of
Agriculture and Home Econo
mics. They are John Adkins,
freshman. Fred Boesiger. PSA
junior. Kent Boyer. Sophomore
with PSA and John Wirth, a ju
nior also running on the PSA
Students running for senate
from Arts and Sciences are:
Jeanne Adkins. freshman. Den
nis Collins, junior, and Dan Good
enberger, sophomore. Jim Hum
licek is a junior with PSA. Dave
Laniis is a sophomore, and Tom
Lonnquist is a freshman, as is
PSA candidate Mary McGymont.
election opposition
Charges breakdown
in communication
Dave Shonka says that failure
to communicate made him decide
to file as a candidate for ASUX
Shonka and his running mates.
Jim Canarsky and Lee Kinney
represent the only organized op
position to Craig Dreeszen and
the Party for Student Action slate
KPSAL The lack of communica
tion, in Shonka's opinion, existed
between the PSA-dominated ASUN
and the student body this year.
"People have offered excuses
about Student Senate's problems
this j-ear, but I don't accept the
reasons, Shonka said. "Lack of
information can contribute to the
apathy on a campus. If students
don't know what's going on at
the University, they can't get in
volved." Filed near deadline
Shonka said he had held off fil
ing until Dear the dealine in order
to see if he would have support
in opposing the PSA executive
slate of Craig Dreeszen, Mike
Naeve and Cheryl Adams.
Shonka said it is possible that
his slate of executives would slate
candidates from the non-PSA filed
candidates for Senate, and that
they might run under a party
"Our formal platform is al
most completed, he said, "And
we are currently planning a sched-
executive committee meeting held
Tuesday afternoon.
He said the suggestions and al
titudes of tbe students would be
presented to tbe committee Thurs
day night, but be did no tuvw if
tbe committee w ould decide to in
corporate any suggestions into tbe
final document
Schulze explained that after the
document is presented to the chan
cellor, it would come before Stu
dent Senate to be voted on for ap
proval or not
Then, be explained, tbe issue
would be placed on the ASUN gen
eral election ballot for. students to
vote on the action of Student Sen
ate in artel to give their pinion
on tbe documest.
hall ttirecfors on Tuesday. Cohen
said that students should knovr
exact,; what University policy is
m regard to drug use and pos
session. Some students would stop using
drugs because of the impending
threat - of expulsion from school
and a jail sentence. Cohen said.
On the other hand, drastic pun
ishment would create a feeling of
distrust among the students so
that they would want to retaliate,
Cohen added.
Lincoln is not in the main
stream of drug traffic now, but
it is only a matter of time be
fore it will be. Cohen said. The
problem of drug use will get
worse before it gets better, he
Vol. 91, No. 81
Timothy McXaney is a freshman.
Carol Madson is a ophomore
with PSA. Bill MobJey and Mary
Lynne Nelson are both sopho
mores, and Ronald Frederick
Pieiffer is a juiior. Rick Russell
is a PSA junior. Bernie Siebert
is a sophomore, and William
Smiiberman :s a freshman. Diane
T b e i s e n and Margaret Van
Cleave, both sophomores, are run
ning with PSA. Joseph Voboril
and Dick Wegener are sopho
mores. Robert Zueker is a senior
running with PSA ticket
Continued on page 5
lile of speaking engagement
the dormitories and fraternities."
Streagla in dorms
Shonka admits that his ticket
has the most strength in the dor
mitories. He has been active in
the Inter-Dormitory Association
rflDA) and is a resident of Abel
Hall. Canarsky is also an Abel
resident and Kinney is an inde
pendent Lincoln resident
"We would obviously be better
known in the dorms. which indi
cates that we should count on
strength there' be said. "It also
means we should improve con
tacts with fraternities and other
living units."
Shonka thinks that campus-wide
participation 'm Choice '68 would
be very good, especially on April
30. the day of the Senate elec
tions. Nebraska would stimulate interest
"Nebraska's participation in the
program would stimulate interest
in both the campus and primary
elections," he said.
Shonka also favored jukk and
complete University affiliation
with the National
elation i(NSAL
Student Asso-
"Even if we get nothing more
than access lo the organization's
records and files, at would be
worth the cost" be said.
"Any University project-free
university, student rights, any
thing would profit from affilia
tion. The voting students should
have realized this by now. and
should vote passage of the bill u
the elections," Shonka said
"New American Review is a lit
erary magazine ia tbe form of a
paperback book, an interesting ia
nwation. probably intended to cap
italize upon the ease of marketii!
paperbacks." See page 2.
-r r i
"H is tbe same old story of tt e
University not baring enougn
money, yet so many commitments,
that there are not enough funds to
start a new program." See Urban
development on page 3.
"Students feel others are tree to
make decisions by themselves and
are not concerned with another
person." See 'New Morality oa
lSssw"3fl gflr- 1mi