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    Monday, March 4, 1963
The Daily Nebraskan
Oklahoma wrestlers
blank Huskcrs, 35-0
Overtime hands Huskcrs fifth loss-
By Gcorjtc Kaufman
Sports Editor
Oklahoma, ranked third in
the nation and third in the
Big Eight, was number one
in the Coliseum Saturday
night, as the Sooner wrest
lers whitewashed NU, 35-0.
Orval Borgialli team was
behind 10-0 before the meet
even started as NU elected
to forfeit the 130- and 137
pound classes to the visitors.
The Huskers almost got
something started when Den
nis Dobson jumped out to a
5-0 lead in points in the 145
pound clash. But OU's Mike
Grant fought back and pinned
the Husker to put them up to
Nebraska then lost t hr e e
close ones down the last half,
as Dick Kerr (160) had to
forfeit with a rib injury af
ter being down just 2-1; Har
ry Gaylor (167) lost to Den
nis Brand, 4-1: and Husker
heavyweight Gene Libal fail
ed against the Sooners' Char
lie Shivers, 3-1.
Asked what it was like to
wrestle in front of 150 fans
instead or his usual 6,000-seat
sellouts, Oklahoma coach
Tommy Evans said, "It takes
quite a bit out of the meet.
It feels good to have a crowd
there, whether its our crowd
or theirs. It gets the boys
up to have a little noise."
As it was, about the only
noise heard in the Coliseum
Saturday night was during
younger -kids' exhibition be
fore the NU-OU match, in
which at least the parents
were yelling.
It was the final home meet
for the Huskers as the Soon
ers headed toward Kansas
State with a 11-2 record, the
losses owed to No. 1 and
No. 2 Iowa State and Okla
homa State.
Nebraska is now 4-11-1 in
their season's dual competi
tion. 121 S Kpeley, Oil, nc. Thon, NU, M.
130 Rloc. li, by fnrMJ.
137 T KMlcv. Ol'. won hy fmwt.
14S Crant, OV, pinned Dennla nognon,
52 Eagloston, OH, dec. Poane Dobson.
12- 3
lliO Welti, 0U, won 'by default over
K"-Rr'n(t.ri:, dec. Gaylor. VU, -1
177 McDnnlel. OC " Munson, NU.
13- 0.
SiSIi Dnim.VHom.imu.rj
j the N crowd j
1 by George Kaufman I
Javhawk Spirit
When I came hack from the game at Lawrence. Kan
sas two weeks ago, 1 was convinced that Kansas was
tSe'teS whS deserved to he the Big Eight representa
tive at Wichita this year in the NCAA tournament
But despite the 71-60 defeat the Huskers had iu s t
suffered 1 still did not consider the Jayhawks any better
thai! ? the Nebraskans. And I was to be proven correct in
that 10 days later in Lincoln.
The reason I felt KU to be the deserving team was
the tremendous fan support the Jayhawks appreciate in
Lawrence - And road trips don't seem to diminish t h e
Rock-Chalk spirit, either. If you will remember after the
KU loss in the Coliseum their band remained where
they were and, with the cheerleaders and fans accom
panying them, played the KU spirit song before leaving.
You have to go to Lawrence to understand why any
visiting team is at a loss before the buzzer even sounds.
Huge Allen Fieldhouse is filled with colorful banners and
the KU cheerleaders boy types get out on the floor
and put on a pre-game performance which get the ians
so high that it makes Nazi rally films look pale in con
trast when the KU tcsm emerges from the dressing rooms.
And it doesn't let up during the game. The cheer
leaders come up in the balconies during the game and
keep the spirit high.
Changed My Mind
But the two home games since the loss have changed
my mind about that. Suddenly, a new brand of spirit
seems to have emerged here at Nebraska. The crowd at
rthe, Kansas game was the most spirited and "up" mob I I
have ever witnessed, here or anywhere else. j
From the time the "Olympic" broom team was an- :
"nounced to the time the normally lackluster male NU j
cheerleaders dragged a dummy Jayhawk out on the floor I
by rope tied around its neck, the crowd was earsplittmg,
solidly behind the Huskers.
mnimiuii.yiiii.iM iiiiiMiiiiiuiiiinii juii,iii iiiiii jiiimjimiiiiimilM mini n "
a 11 I ,:
r-- L J
W x 7 f
in hi J hi iinif mmmmm4- 4ui in in p iriniiif. Jo a., mi .in. m.inniii iiiiiiniiiiii.wM nnmmmtmmm-mnmm
Win 8 Staiidiiiss
KfinKAA Siala
ln SMI
Kansas ......
Nf-hrask ...
Oklhtma ...
Oklahoma Slant
Rat SP1 Ft . ...
Iowa State's 6-6 Bill Cain wrestles a rebound from XU's 6-5 Ken
Cauble. Coach Joe Cipriano's "platooiT-stvle basketball allowed reserves
like Cauble to see more action Friday night than they had most of the sea
son. See story at right.
Bright spots offset disasters
at Big Eight Championships
fin LH
Mile Relay
Team Scoring
(In The Troi'k
( l IS KS Kl mi: I N OS Ol'
2 0
0 4
0 10
0 M
2 6
3 6
! Totals
' H.I
I ! " , pv
4 jr.
In The Mr Id
fi 0 II, 53 2 31
0 0 0 S 0 li
3 0 0 6 2 0
6 0 0 4 1 0
0 0 6 1 3 6
4 2 3 0
0 0 0 6
0 0 0 11
3 6 0 0
4 10 9
2 10 0 0
3 12 0
5 0 0 2
4 0 0 1
4 10 2
But the fact remains that
Husker fans still need not
and Joe Orduna in the hur- with a time of fi.5. The old i u ti th dpriarpd nf.
Huskcrs finish fourth
by George Kaufman
Sports Editor
They say basketball is the
most emotional of all sports.
If that is the case, then Big
Eight basketball is easily the
most emotional competition
in the world. And, as if the
league hadn't already proven
the fact in the grueling dog
fight for the championship
this year, Nebraska fans went
home believers Friday night,
drained of all emotion and
not quite believing what they
had just seen.
Because what they had just
seen was a story-book contest
between two of the contend
ers which unfortunately came
out as if someone from Iowa
Stale had written the story.
With just six seconds left to
go in an overtime period,
the Cyclones' last-minute hero
Steve Cooper drilled a shot
from the corner to cap a ser
ies of I-State rallies and de
feat the Cornhuskers, 93-92.
Not conceding
But NU coach Joe Cipriano,
though naturally dejected by
the turn of events, did not con
cede a thing about his team's
chances in the race now.
"It's a very funny race,"
he said after the game. "'Any
thing can still happen."
It was generally assumed
that the loser of Fridav's
clash might as well retire to
the shower room for the rest
of the season, and assuming
Cip's ''anything" that might
happen was Colorado beating
front-runner Kansas State Sat
urday afternoon it didn't hap
pen. Still a chance i
breath and the - two weary
teams went at it again for
a five-minute overtime.
Iowa State leaped out to an
89-56 lead, but with 3:16 to
go a pair of free throws by
surprising soph Sam Martin
put the' Huskers into a 92-91
Charity missed
NU senior Jim Damm then
missed a first free toss with
58 seconds remaining and I
State's Dave Collins had a
layup nullified on a charging
foul as the clock worked for
With 18 seconds remaining
Damm was fouled again, but
a bit of Glen Anderson strat
egy may have paid off. The
Iowa State mentor called two
consecutive timeouts before
Damm could shoot the char
ity, trying to build the pres
sure on the Bellflower, Calif.,
Damm missed and the Cy
clones cleared it up to 6-3
soph Cooper, who had just
come in on the Damm foul
shot, and his heart-stopper'
from the corner wrote the
end to it when another long
shot by Lantz failed.
Tlatoon system
Cipriano had tried a sort of
"platoon" basketball on the
visitors all through the game,
constantly switching what he
considers his "'defense" man
and his "shooters." .
The NU defense again
failed to shut down dangerous
Smith inside, as the 6-8 se
nior stuffed in 38 points,
just one less than in the Cy
clone victory in Ames this
Cain followed with 21 and
Collins with 14.
Dynamic Duo
For the Huskers, the
Dynamic Duo did it again,
Lantz with 23 and Baack 22.
Third in scoring for Cipriano
was a real surprise sopho
more Sam Martin, who had
played very little for the
Scarlet and Cream this sea
son. The Pawnee City guard
came through under pressure
and really helped out when
NU found itself in early foul
trouble. Another soph, but one
with a little more experience
for the Huskers, Gratopp of
Geneva, hit for 13.
The Huskers now travel "to
Columbia to take on the Mis
souri Tigers in the last game
of the race, and must count
on outside help for a share of
the prizes.
The overtime loss was only
the second setback the four
NU seniors Lantz, Baadc,
Damm and Ron Simmons
had suffered in the Coliseum."
nwa Slaw (Ml
tt-let fl-fia rrk
Cam .....6-17 8-7 4
Cnllina -ll 2-4 10 S
Smith 13-1H U-U 19
Abraham-inn .. B-S D-D I 5
Murray 2-4 -B 3 4
Cooper 3-1 0-0 I 0
Hartman 1-S M
Kruamor . , . . IM) IM) 1
Team rebounda 10
folate S!Mi 2.VM 46 S3
Nebraska i2i
tr-Ka fi-rta rrk rf ti
Raar 10-20 2-2 S
Von set'Er-rn
Srant let)ur'
Tiiam Tehounds
lima State
JS.H7 2M7 33
4 5
4B 30 7 in
41 45
B 30
0 5
1 4
3 2
II 0
Held Totals 9 0 6 16 6 21 4 11
15 0 22 6 35 33 9 41
by Bonnie Bonncau
Sports Assistant
Kansas City, Mo. The
two evenings of action of the
Big Eight Indooor Track
held many
Huskcrs fourth
record was set by Byers in
the 1967 meet.
On the Track
ficial. The complete absurdity
of the title run this year is
evidenced by the fact that Ne-
Beginning Class Starts
Wed., March 6, 7:00 p.m.
All interested persons welcome
Coll 477-7788
The high jump and other
bright spots somewhat eased
the pain of the Husker's four
th place finish. Kansas, as B
fif) nnints followed bv Okla-I63-
, .:fu a-i lvnomin.; IK 60-yard low hurdles 1. Genrse Byers,
homa with 41, Missouri m. !Kan-, ,,6 2. wavw ims, okin., b.b. a.
Mphrnsk-a VI Kansas State 22 i Hwr Tlmken, Kan. State, ti.6. 4. Bill
JNeoraSKa 1. IVdilhdS auue ";Jnnu!s, Co0.. M- 5. mkt Gregory,
Colorado 15. Oklahoma State j okia.. 7.1.
Q nrt Tnti n Stntn n Two-mile .run - 1. Jim Kyun, Kan.
?n..hf2 "nTeei SSJl" hid braska still" has a chance at
hy Byers and lour others i 2. Paul i h0tn rrnwn flnrl s nmnor
un. Mn . 74. a. Jetf Giasaow. okia. I uuul Luc -iuwn ana & runner-
Stalc. 7.4. 4. Lonnie Sherlock. Neb., 7.5.
5. Mark Keller. Colo., 7.i.
60-vard dash 1. Glen Long. Okia.,
I. 2. Wayne Ixing, Okia.. 6.2. 3. Julio
finichorl firct u'irh ; Meade. Kan.. 6.2. 4. Maek H e r r o n.
nnisnea nrsi v. im kun Stato B , 5 ,. Brnwn. okia..
I;'. 1 Championships
vv surprises for the fans at the
' Noise Helps
I have no doubt but that the type of crowd helped to
large degree in the upset of the Jayhawks. The Col
iseum is the kind of facility which lends itself to that
kind of "home court advantage."
Where this new spirit came from I do not know. Nor
do I want to find out; for it would blunt the purpose of
the spirit to pinpoint the organizers and give them
credit for a type of spirit which must come equally from
everyone in the crowd.
But, after the kind of spirit which was displayed in
the KU and Iowa tSate games with the exception of a
brief and perhaps justified littering of the floor I feel
NU has just as much right to represent the conference
as any other team, from a fan support and interest view
point. Whoever helped get this going, I want to take this
opportunity to thank you, wherever you arc. It was the
kind of thing that was sorely needed around here this
season. Though it was a little late in coming, It was
very welcome.
3315 N. Oak Traffics ay
K.C., lo.. 64116
In These 4 Areas
I O Oll. 8. 2. Glenn Oplim. Mo., 9:002 4. 3.
., Rick Truiillo, Colo., Hot, 8. 4. Von Hose,
gOlQ ' Klin. State. 9?06.9. D. Bill Blcwett. Okia.,
metals besides Krebs They , McClaln Kan
were Dan Morran in the 880-1 2:i.s. 2. Roger Kainoi. Kan., 2100. 3.
, Craig Kndirott. Mo.. 210.7. 4. John Cook,
vard run, Dennis Hagin infkia. state. 2:12.4. 5. Less Heiibuson,
Clifton!"- 2;i;i-7- .
Mile run 1. Jim Kyun, nan., ru;.a. z.
Three Huskers took
Municipal Auditorium.
Some of the surprises were
pleasant and some disappoint
ing, it all depended upon
which school you were sup
porting. One of the nicer surprises
for the Nebraska fans was
when Oklahoma's Pon Tull
dropped out of the high jump
runnings at 6' 8".
Tull favored
Tull was favored to win
the event with Nebraska's
Steve Krebs and Jack Todd
finishing second and third
resoectivelv. '
Tull's miss cleared the way ting of a new world record
fr k'rPh tn finish first, but the 60-yard low hurdles
Todd, too, had his problems
and ended his jumping at
6' 4" after he missed the
pit on his first jump, land
in? on he wood floor and
injuring his foot.
Todd was just one of the
NU team members who did
not place after being ranked
high in the pre-meet stan
dards. He was joined by Uil
ton Forbes m the 60-yard dash
the shot put and
Forbes in the 440-yard dash.
It was a pleasant surprise
to NU's fans when Mike
Randall followed Morran
across the tape with one of
the three one-two team fin
ishes in the meet.
Other one-two finishers
were by brothers Glen and
Wayne Long of Oklahoma in
the 60-yard dash and in the
1-000 yard run by Gene Mc
Clain and Roger Kathol of
the winning Kansas team.
World Record
Even Friday night's semi
finals had their bright spots.
Ferhaps the best was the set-
Chemical Ensc.
Mechanical Encsr.
Computer Science
a a
Current Movies
Times Furnished by Theater. Tinua;
a.m. HsM face) pun. bU taw
CooperLincoln: 'Bonnie and
Clyde', 7:00 and 9:00.
Yarsltv: 'How I Won The
War', 1:18, 3:20, 5:22, 7:24,
Stuart: 'The Penthouse', 1:15,
3:20, 5:20, 7:25, 9:25.
State: ' I. a woman.' 1:00,
2:41, 4:22. 6:03, 7:44. 9:25.
Jovo: 'Pinacchio, In Outer
Space', 7:00, 9:55, 'Nobody's,
Perfect', 8:15.
Nebraska: 'Lord Of The Flies'
1:00. 4:15, 7:25. 'David And
Lisa', 2:35, 5:45, 9:00.
Indian Hills: 'Gone With The
Wind', 8:00.
Dundee: 'Far From The Mad
ding Crowd', 8:00.
Cooper 70: 'Camclot', 8:00.
by Kansas's George Byers
Bill Wells, Mo.. 4:10.4 3. Gene McClaln.
Kan., A.1V.K. 4. Carey Hnllis. Okia., 4:12.4.
5. David Guru, Mo., 4:13.3.
fiOO-vard run 1. Jim Hardwii. Okia.,
1:13.0. 2. Ted Nykiel. Mo., 1:13.2. 3. Cllne
Jnhnaon. Okie., 1:13.6. 4 Mike Heer.
Kan. Suite, 1:13.8. 5. HuBh McGovern,
Neb.. 1:14.1
440-vard daah 1. Clifton Forties. Neb..
48.4. 2. Terry Holbrook. Kan. State, ..
3. Ben Oliwin. Kan., 49.1. 4. Steve Halli
burton. Mo , 40. B. 5. Duane GuenKorich,
Mo.. 50.4.
Bfio-vard run 1. Tian Morran, Tleb.,
1:!2.8. 2. Mike Randall, Neb., 1:54.0. 3.
Paul Mattiniily. Kan., 1:54 4 4. Bill
Wells, Mo., 1:56.3. a. Mark Ferrell. Kan.
Mile relay -1. Kansas (.Tulln Meade.
49.2, Jim Batcher 50.b, Kandy Julian
49.2. Ben Olison 4R.3 3:17 3.) 2. Mis
souri 3 17.6. 3. Kansas State 3 17.7. 4.
Oklahoma 3:18.8. 5. Nebraska 3:19.1.
In the Field
Shot put 1. Tiennis Haaln. Neb . 55-9.
2. Larry WrlRht. Kan. State. 55-2Vt. 3.
James Judd. Mo., 54-llWj. 4. John Cain,
kan. State, 54-7k. i. Doug Knop, Kan.,
Pole vault 1. Chuek Roirerfl Colo.,
16-3 Meet record, lold record 16-1 bv
Larry Curtis. Okia. State. 1967) 2. Bob
Stelnhofl. Kan.. 16-0. 3. Larry Curtis,
Okia. State. 16-0. 4. Larry Smith, Okia.,
15-6. 5. Charles Beck. Mo.. 15-fl.
High Jump 1. Steve Krebs, Neb., -!0.
2 John Turck. Kan. 6-8 3. Bon Tull,
Okia.. 6.6 4. Steve Znbel. Okia.. (-4. ft.
i Ken Gaines, Kan., 6-4.
up slot
After being down by as
many as 10 points after a
frustrating first half, the Hus
kers used a rally led by
Stuart Lantz's 12 points, in
the first six minutes of the
second half to pull up to just
a 59-61 deficit and then go
ahead on a three-point play
by sophomore Bob Gratopp.
From there on, it was a
vicious dogfight of a game,
with neither team able to
lead out by any more than
three points, until NU got
what looked like a winning
margin at 86-82 with just 26
seconds left to go.
Tied games
Then Bill Cain hit the first
of a one-and-one and missed
the s e c o n"d, allowing Don
Smith to draw a foul on the
rebound for the Cyclones.
Smith also made the first one
and missed the next, but ISU
got the ball again and a des
peration layup by 6-1 Mike
Murray with nine seconds left
tied it up.
A half-court attempt by
Lantz at the buzzer just
The capacity crowd at the
Coliseum then caught their
Best PictiiTi Best Actor Esst Actress
Best Director
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