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    Thursday, December 14, 1967
The Daily Nebraskan
Page 3
Programs Consolidate
Grad Degrees To Move
From Teachers College
Administration of the
master of education degrees
and six-year certificate pro
grams of the Teachers Col
lege will be transferred to
the Graduate College, effec
tive July 1, 1968.
Administration of the Ad
vanced Professional Divi
sion of Teachers College,
from which the degrees pre
viously came, was trans
ferred to bring about a
greater coordination of
graduate education through
out the institution, Chancel
lor Clifford M. Hardin said.
Dean Walter K. Beggs of
the Teachers College recom
mended the change. "The
work done in the program
is graduate work and should
be under the proper depart
ment." he said.
"The masters and doctor
Outstanding Nebraskan . . .
Beck, Hohensee, Carraway
Nominated For Staff Award
T. E. Beck, assistant pro
fessor of English, Gene
Hohensee, and Gary H.
Carraway have been added
to the 1 i s t of nominations
for the Outstanding Nebras
kan Award.
The winners of the award,
sponsored by the Daily Ne
braskan, will be named in
the paper's Friday edition.
An outstanding student and
faculty member are selected
by a vote of the Daily Ne
braskan staff after they
consider letters of nomina
tion from University stu
dents and faculty members.
The letter of nomination
for Beck, signed by six
University students, states
that "Mr. Beck does not
lecture in any conventional
sense, no does he try to
dominate his students."
The letter continues that
his knowledge of the ma
terial is remarkable and
"his enthusiasm for the sub
ject and subtle sense of
(All activities are sched
uled in the Nebraska Union
unless otherwise listed)
EON 12 noon
ANTS 12:30 p.m.
LUNCHEON 12:30 p.m.
3:30 p.m.
AWS COURT-3:30p.m.
COMMITTEE 3:45 p.m.
tiona Voluntary Services
4 p.m.
4:30 p.m.
tee 4:30 p.m.
Project Committee 4:30
r 1EJL
Am InMMt rata PHl "n
SUM adnrtMas h " "rtrat
km atandard raw V w
Mmw rbarra rlMrtlta
T plaec a alanaltlad adwrllmmaM
tall Ibr llnrwranv 1 Nrtraaaa
4T.tS nd M' lot law Oalh Vfhm
kaa affinal ar mmr u, Bantu S) la
Matiraaka Unlna Tar rlaaalflad adwr
Malm ninalif' malalal ' l Is"
kaalaraa ham I'laaaa attentat la alaaa
All adnrllaftmral mat ba an pa Id
fcafar atf appaufa.
tin wanted W-M fur part tlm work.
2.I7 par hour. Apply ""' at "
South St. ar phona 4M4473 Mon.-Sat.
fly Frontier Alrllww "21 Fn" "
dtarnunl. Confirmed rewvationn - .
alandby or humping. Frontlar'a youth
rani (21 card i If arrepttwl bv moat
nthr ma lor nirMiwu. For Inform lion
rai: K'tr-'een Klmmonn, f'ampiw. Bap
rtnent 'Ho, i 477-S'fT
r"0 SHE
l"iil7ai"H Sertm. Fsf'Viil Hindu'").
It I rlatmmitfn "2 var I h or
472 WHi.
for Kate l3 lmpali 8S Convarllhla. Vfl.
Ruraei naata. Radio. Rlrrao. 7S.
Bran) Now Mamiya-mkor 500TL. caw.. 3
ml la I tlm. Boat dtlar b Dm-
ate programs will continue
as they have in the past, but
the administration will be
under the right depart
ment," Beggs commented.
The transfer was also rec
ommended by the Advanced
Professional Advisory Com
mittee, the Graduate Coun
cil and Dean James C. Ol
son of the Graduate College.
The Advanced Profession
al of the Teachers College
was established 15 years ago
in response to demands of
educational administrators
and other personnel in pub
lic school work.
The division was also cre
ated for recognition of pro
fessional practice as an
area worthy of specialized
study and training at t h e
graduate level.
humor are conveyed to all
his students."
In this ear of "publish or
perish," we need more men
of scholarly character who
still regard teaching as
their primary function," the
letter states.
A letter of nomination
for Gene Hohensee lauds
the work he has done this
year as IFC president.
"Upon assuming the posi
tion of IFC president he
immediately began working
with problems which pre
vious presidents felt they
could not confront. In mat
ters of pledge education,
discrimination and the total
involvement in the Univer
sity Community, Gene be
j?an to take a stand," the
letter comments.
The letter pointed out
Hohensee also has realized
"the need not only for the
fraternity system but for
the individual houses to de
velop with the University."
6 p.m.
NIA 6 p.m.
UNSEA Tutorial Com
mittee 6:30 p.m.
AUF EXEC 6:30 p.m.
ORG. 6:30 p.m.
QUIZ BOWL-6:45 p.m.
BUILDERS Special Edi
tion 6:45 p.m.
6:45 p.m.
AUF BOARD 7 p.m.
YWCA-Cultural Crafts-
7 p.m.
IFC Tutoring Chemis
try 3 Bldg. G, 7 p.m.
Ski Trip Film 7:30 p.m.
ASUN Special Projects
NY AS Research 7:30
7:30 p.m.
SELORS 7:30 p.m.
ASUN - Parking Com
mittee 9 p.m.
Dr. J. Maier Named
Research Director
The chief radiotherapist at
the Army's Walter Reed Gen
eral Hospital in Washington,
D.C.. Dr. John G. Maier, was
named to direct the Eugene
C. E p p 1 e y Radiation Re
search Center, which is now
under construction at the Uni
versity's Medica' Center.
"We are fortunate to obtain
one of the nation's outstand
ing radio-therapists and re
searchers in radiation biolo
gy for this important posi
tion," Dr. Cecil L. Wittsor
dean of the College of Med-
1 icine, said.
His appointment as Ennley
i Professor of Radiation Ther
lapv "vill be effective Juiy 1.
iThc professorship is one of
t h r e e partiallv enJowed by
the Eugene C. Eppley Foun
dation, whose grant is a i s o
partially financing construc
tion of the radiation center.
Dr. Maier currently is a
regular officer In th Medi
Since then the Advanced
Professional Division of
Teachers College has pro
vided degree programs lead
ing to the Master of Educa
tion, Doctor of Education,
and the six-year specialist
Since their inception,
some 1.148 masters and 27
doctorate degrees have been
The masters and doctor
ate programs will be added
to the Graduate College
masters and doctor of phil
osophy degree programs.
The doctor of educa
tion degree is designed for
professional educators while
the doctor of philosophy pro
gram is a research oriented
degree with emphasis on
depth in subject matter specialization.
Hohensee is also a mem
ber of I n n o c e n t s. Beta
Gamma Sigma, a business
administration counterpart
of Phi Beta Kappa and was
a finalist for Outstanding
Collegiate man.
The letter .of nomination
for Gary (Joe) Carraway
listed several campus ac
tivities in which he has
participated. He was se
lected as a varsity cheer
leader his sophomore year
and served as rush chair
man for his fraternity, The
ta Xi. He is alsoamember
president of the Inter-fraternity
Council (IFC).
Carraway is presently in
the top 7 per cent of his
business administration
class, the letter continues,
and holds several scholar
ships, two of which are the
activities scholarship and
an American Legion
Film Discussion
Forum Thursday
Union Film Committee
and the Nebraska Free Uni
versity will sponsor a film
discussion forum Thursday
at 7:30 p.m. at the Univer
sity Ministry for Higher Ed
ucation (UMHE).
The discussion, led by Dr.
Stephen Cole of the Univer
sity drama department will
analyze the two current
fiims, "Masculine-Feminine"
and "Banana Peel."
Arabs Will Hold
Social Evening
Nebraska Arab student
association will hold a social
evening Friday from 7:15
p.m. to 9 p.m. in the Ne
braska Union.
Arab students will relate
how they celebrate the Mus
lim holidays which occur
simultaneously with the
Christmas season.
Want Ads
Bring Results
cal Corps of the United States
Army. He received his colle
giate education at St. Louis
University. He obtained a
M.D. degree from the St. Lou
is University School of Medi
cine; a master of science de
gree from the University of
Colorado, and a doctor of
philosophy degree from the
University of Rochester
School of Medicine and Den
tistry in 1963.
In 1959, he was assigned to
Walter Reed Hospital, the
Army's principal center for
treatment, research and de
velopment in medicine. He
has served as chief of the
radioisotone section; chief of
the department of radiation
biology and chief of the ra
diotherapy section.
He has also been associate
professor of clinical radiology
at the Georgetown University
Medical School
- - ,fmmmm'rt jr .
" - - 4, v-- :
. '"JI """"" V .
w-.. '. jT la, if .'-'-
' , "15: """ " - - " i'.-r-f "
. - 4. f '1
TUMBLE-SEEKING University students will head for the Breckenridge ski slopes
over semester break.
IDA Gives Report To Regents
On Coed Visiting In Dorms
After a semester of re
search, the Inter-Dormitory
Association Coed Visiting
Committee will present a
second semester report of
about 50 pages to the Board
of Regents.
"T h e report should ex
plain the available facilities
Ending Play
Last Time For
Seventeenth century cout
life relates to modern so
ciety in Moliere's comedy,
"Misanthrope," which will
be presented possibly ofr
the last time Dec. Hand
16 at Howell Theater at
8 p.m.
Director Joseph Baldwin
explained that the play
deals with a young man
embroiled in court life who
believes in direct honesty
and considers tact and di
plomacy a manner of
Under the powerful reign
of King Louis XII, the
young man finds that his
bluntness will not be toler
ated. He decides that he
must leave the court for his
own benefit.
The director commented
the link between tact and
hypocrisy is a question ap
parent in today's world He
added that draft card burn
ing, for example, can be
compared to the play's
story line of speaking and
living individual beliefs.
Baldwin said that the
theme is a moral question
and director, actors and
audience vary in interpre
tation. During the past
six performances of "Mis
anthrope" the director re
marked he has noticed a
change in this interpreta
tion. Experience from the past
performances and a variety
of audience reactions should
make the fast presentations
the most competent to date,
the director said.
purchase of set
or set of Star
Master new tires.
Are you Christmas shopping for a
friend who smokes True cigarettes?
We suggest:
A Persian match pack or a tlomino match
pack set r a goldfish ashtray.
1239 South St
for recreation, study, and
social activity in each
of the dormitories," ex
plained Paul C a n a r sky,
committee chairman.
Last spring a report point
ing out the advantages of
coed visiting and request
ing the passage of this pro
posal was submitted to the
Regents and later rejected.
Canarsky said that
although it was originally
planned to present the re
port before Christmas vaca
tion, the committee decided
to postpone the presentation
until the University Sub
commitee on Social Affairs
and Activities settles and
defines the open house poli
cy for dormitories.
Theoretically, the report
"should effectively convey
the atmostphere of living in
a dormitory." Canarsky ex
plained. He felt this explanation of
dorm facilities to be impor
tant because the results of
the report compose .the pre-
Calher Sponsors
TRY Benefit
Beta Sigma Psi and
Gather Hall will sponsor a
dance Friday at 9 p.m. in
the Cather cafeteria, fea
turing the Gang Greene
combo. Admission for the
dance is $.75 per person
and proceeds will be donated
to the TRY organization.
TRY, a local organization,
sponsors work with train
able mentally retarded
youngsters. The group hopes
to use profits from the
dance to expand thr:r pro
gram to include the physi
c a 1 1 y retarded and to fi
nance a pamphlet explain
ing the organization's work
in these areas.
Smith To Vole
On Constitution
Smith Hall residents will
vote on ratification of the
proposed dormitory consti
tution Friday. Earlier this
year the residents defeated
a constitution by a vote of
215 to 9(1
Sport Wheels
m M, v jiAse
500 West "0"
Phono 432-8851
-n.-' ..-. Uliiiak?- -.w
cept for the approval of
coed visiting.
Canarsky said that anoth
er reason for delaying the
coed visiting presentation to
the Regents is a lack of re
sources. "We'd like to incorporate
information from other col
leges of our size on t h e i r
policy of coed visiting," he
said. "We've written to the
other seven schools in t h e
Big Eight Conference, but
we haven't yet received any
West Side Story
To Release Script
Tentative date for the re
lease of the "West Side
Story" scripts for the spring
Kosmet Klub show has been
set as Jan. 8.
Casting for the show di
rected bv Clint Jakeman
will be held Feb. 3, 4. 6, 7, 8.
Jim Schreck will be show
chairman and Bob Jones
from Wesleyan University
will be music director.
So fine a gift,
it's even sold
in jewelry stores.
After shave
from S3. 50.
from $5.00.
Essential oils Imported from Great Britain.
Compounded In U.S.A.
'. .! '-v-ar-vH
Knock it off, Lester. I'm
Jg j!Pl trying to got tome sWp.
, If 1 f !
' '' 1 ""O'i ": iT""4!!! Look, I've got to be Why couldn't I hav
W V ' ts HI up e.rlv for the roomed wife a
filtyJS l1 jpjjji Intramural Dart To. fun penanf
To Medicine College
$76,000 Granted
Research in the are
of achieving immunity to
diseases and allergies and
the human body's accep
tance of foreign tissue will
be conducted at the Univer
sity's College of Medicine as
a result of a $76,109 grant.
Announcement of the
grant from the John A. Hart
ford Foundation Inc. of New
York City was made this
week jointly by Ralph W.
Burger, the Foundation's
president and Chancellor
Clifford Hardin.
Dr. Wayne L. Ryan, re
search professor of obstet
rics and gynecology and
professor of biochemistry,
Head For
Ski Slopes
Skiing experts or begin
ners, now is the time to be
gin planning an excursion
on the annual Union spon
sored ski trip, according to
Kris Swanson, Union trips
and Tours Chairman.
January 10 is the deadline
for fees and roommate pref
erence. Fifty students have
already signed up for t h e
January 25-29 trip to Breck
enridge, Colorado. A maxi
mum of 110 students can be
A fee of $75 covers trans
portation, lodging at t h e
Breckenridge Inn, and a
skiing lesson. Meals are not
Payment made in install
ments will not be accepted,
said Miss Swanson.
The group will travel to
Denver by train and con
tinue to Breckenridge by
Two skiing programs are
being televised on ETV at
10:30 a.m. Sunday and 4:30
p.m. Monday to help begin
ners. Read Nebraskan
Want Ads
4. "
Tell me, Lester,
what if all this
going to get you?
For career opportunities at Equitable, e votir Plarawnt nfflew. or
write: (amen L. Morice, Manager, College Employment
The QUITABLE Life Assurance Society of the United State
Borne Oftce: 128S Ava. at Ike AmmomM. Srm York. K.T 1WM
An Equal OppvmtV"km.W ? I7
will be the principal inves
tigator in the three-year re
search project.
Dr. Ryan hopes to find a
substance which could im
munize the body directly to
toxin resulting frofti disease.
It is now known, for exam
ple, that immunity te teta
nus and diptheria can be
achieved through injection
of protein antigens. H 0 w
ever, little is known about
the way in which the human
body breaks down the in
jected protein to develop
If successful, the direct
immunization tech
nique might be applied to
more complicated problems
of immunity to cancer cells
and to viruses.
Dr. Ryan also plans to
study the problem of aller
gies which may result from
the inability of the human
body to break down certain
toxic proteins into non-toxic
Hay fever, for example,
may caused by the
body's inability to break
down the protein small
enough. Dr. Ryan hopes to
discover if a proper sub
stance might aid the body in
breaking down such pro
tiens. Another phase of the proj
ect involves a study of t h e
body's rejection of foreign
tissue such as a transplanted
heart or kidney. Apparent
ly, the body can completely
digest its own proteins, but
rejects foreign protein.
An explanation to the
problem could have signifi
cance in bringing about suc
cessful transplants of vari
ous organs.
For Eastern
1736 South St.
Delicious Oriental
and American Food
Open 4 p.m.-10 p.m.
Closed Tuesday
t. It's already gotten me a
great job wSh Equitable.
Challenging work. Good pq. '
Responsibility. And the
duraor to move up to aa
important management
Can they use a top-notch
dart thmwwr?