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    Monday, October 16, 19S7
Page 4
The Daily Nebraskan
it .
Cornhuskers, 10-0
By Mark Gordon
Sports Editor
Nebraska couldn't escape
from the blue Saturday at
On the field, the blue-clad
Kansas Jayhawks stopped
them, in the stands the
40,000 blue-clothed Memor
ial Stadium fans looked
down on them and after the
Huskers' 10-0 blanking, the
team was in the blues.
The Blues of Pepper
Rodgers blanked Nebraska
for the first time since Bob
Devaney came to Lincoln
by taking advantage of a
Husker offense that pro
duced their lowest season
al yardage totals.
The Huskers had a total
offensive accumulation of
191 yards on 72 rushing
yards and 119 passing
markers, while the Jay
hawks, who scored their
first win of the young cam
paign, rolled for 184 yards
on almost equally divided
passing and rushing game.
The Jayhawks rushed for
91 yards and passed for 93
yards in beating Nebraska
for the first time since
1961's 18-6 Kansas win.
Many things contributed
to the downfall, but none
was more demoralizing than
failing to score what might
have been the tying touch
down before the halftime
festivities began.
After the Jayhawks had
taken a 7-0 lead with 1:14
left in the half on B
Douglass four-yard rollout,
Nebraska took the ensuing
kickoff to the Kansas three
on a diving 42-yard pass
play from quarterback
Frank Patrick to halfback
Tom Pennev.
With just nine seconds
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Bankers Life Company-Des Moines: B.A.. B.S.'-Bus.Adm.,
Econ., Lib. Arts, Acctg., Data Proc., Ins.. Sales.
Comptroller of the Currency: B.A., B.S., M.A., M.B.A.,
M.S.-Bus. Adm., Econ.
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Ford Motor Company: B.A., B.S., M.A.. M.B.A., M.S.
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Soc., Lib. Arts.
General Electric Company: As before.
Naval Weapons Center Corona Laboratories 'Formerly
Naval Ordnance Lab.). Also. Fleet Missile Systems Analysis i
Evaluations B.S., M.S., Ph.D.-E.E., Aero.E., M.E., Physics.
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pany; B.S., M.S., Pb.D.-Cta.E.; B.S.. M.S. E.E., M.E.; Ph.D.-Chem.
left, the Huskers sent Ben
Gregory into the line for
no gain and a Patrick to
Gregory ended on the one
y a r d line as the gun
Most Huskers expressed
their gloom over the upset
by being either non-com-mital
or saying few words.
Split end Dennis Richnaf
sky, who established two
Nebraska pass reception
marks against Kansas State
a week ago, was held to two
receptions for 24 yards.
"We just couldn't get to
gether as a team and we
didn't execute our plays
well," said the Clairton, Pa.
native who surpassed Free
man White's pass reception
mark with his 52nd catch
in the fourth quarter.
"Their defense wasn't
that good, we just did a
poor job," he added, "while
I wasn't covered very tight,
our overall teamwork was
"Our offense was sty
mied through the day,"
said Gregory, who rushed
for 24 yards against the
"I don't know what went
wrong, but we can't take
anything away from them,"
the Husker co-captain said.
Signal caller Patrick, who
hit 9 of 19 tosses for 119
yards, said that the pre
game plan focused on more
running, "but we couldn't
move the ball on the ground,
so we tried to move in the
air, which wasn't too suc
cessful either."
"They were fired up," he
Suffer Loss
To Wildcats
, Cross-c o u n t r y coach
Frank Sevigne called Ne
braska's opening 18-43 loss
to defending confer
e n c e champion Kansas
State "not bad for the first
Leading the Huskers
Saturday at Manhattan was
Bob Tupper with a 15:17
timing for third place with
Mel Campbell's seventh
place clocking of 15:47 and
Don Bishoff who finished
tenth with a 16:05 reading.
Sevigne said "although
we need a fifth man to
round out the squad, Satur
day's meet with Colorado
in Lincoln will give us an
indication of how the Buf
faloes stand."
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mm coxtwactow mem thb xromo pwwv cm jit
EbMIka iCanscsCfty
p j Division
said, "as will be any team
that meets us since we are
the defending conference
Patrick said the Kansas
defenders double covered
receivers on both sides of
the field which "decreased
the effectiveness of our
passing somewhat."
"It was just one of those
games when we couldn't get
moving." last week's Big
Eight Back of the Week
said, "but they seemed to
have quite a bit of a pass
rush on all day."
Nebraska had opportuni
ties in the first quarter
with excellent field position,
but couldn't put together
two straight first downs to
keep the drives alive.
The Huskers began first
quarter drives from their
46 and 48 yard lines and
also from the Jayhawk 35
but each time failed to
With the Huskers trailing
7-0 midway in the last stan
za, Nebraska seemed to be
on the edge of breaking
through by moving from
their 10 yard line to their
42 yard marker, when a
bobble in the backfield re
sulted in Kansas recover
ing a Husker fumble at the
The Huskers then forced
Kansas to kick, but on the
first play from scrimmage,
Tommy Ball, intercepted a
Patrick toss from his safety
position and it was just a
matter of time before Bill
Bell booted a 30-yard field
goal with just 36 ticks left
to ice Kansas' opening Big
Eight win.
Now Nebraska must re
gain its composure as the
undefeated and nationally
rated Colorado Buffaloes in
vade Memorial Stadium Sat
urday. Although dejected by the
Kansas upset, Gregory's
prediction of Saturday's
Buffalo match was typical
of many Huskers when he
said, "It'll be a good game,
but we'll take care of them.
'We Were
Sums Up
"We were outplayed,"
was Husker co-caption
Marv Mueller's dejected
10-0 upset loss to the Kan
sas Jayhawks at Lawrence
"They (Kansas) were up
for the game," Mueller
"They had lost three
games due to many mis
takes, but they didn't have
mistakes against us, play
ing almost perfect," the
senior safety commented.
"They scouted us real
well," he added.
Kansas had lost 21-20 to
Stanford, 1815 to Indiana,
and 30-15 to Ohio Univer
sity before last Saturday.
Mueller said although
Kansas was a good team
Nebraska wasn't the team
it usually is.
"They were the fastest
club we've faced but still
not as good as Washington
or Minnesota, he said.
"Kansas, however, was
much better than Kansas
"Kansas defense was
real good," Mueller said.
"Their line was beating
ours plus their pursuit was
End John Zook led the
spirited Jayhawk defense
with 15 tackles while tackle
Orville Turgeon was also
a main factor in stopping
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the Cornhuskers.
"Our backs were caught
before they hit the line of
scrimmage," Mueller said.
"They were a lot more
aggressive than we were,"
the safety from Columbus
"The Kansas defensive
backs were good and were
well coached," he added.
Mueller said the Kansas
defense came up with the
big third-down plays re
sembling Nebraska offense
which came from behind to
defeat Kansas State 16-14
last Saturday at Manhattan.
"They took the wind out
of our sails," Mueller
Defensively Mueller felt
Nebraska did a good job in
two quarters, the f i r s t and
the third. Kansas did n o t
score in these quarters.
"We did not have a whole
lot of trouble on passes," he
said. But, they did have
some good runners like Don
Shanklin (Kansas flanker
back). "Also Douglas (Kansas
quarterback) did a good
job on the opposition-run and
sprinting around the ends,"
Mueller mentioned.
Kansas statistics were
hardly overwhelming. Ne
braska had 191 total yards
to the Jayhawk's 184.
"It was just one of those
Saturdays when you can't
get anything done," Mueller
L- . ... '.i
II ! I : J
photo by Doug Keiiter
SHADES OF GLOOM . . . cross the faces of Coach Bob
Devaney and defensive line Coach George Kelly, as they
witness the first Husker shut-out since the beginning of
Devaney's NU coaching career.
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