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Thursday, October 12, 1967
University of Nebraska
Vol. 91, No. 18
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Activities Mart: A Busy Place For
Freshman Who Want To lie Busy.
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Ptioto by Dun Ladely
FRESHMEN REVIEW VARIOUS . . . organizations to
find activities to fill their anticipated spare time.
Sex, Society, Emotions:
All Relate To Marriage
"Students want to be
frank about sex," said Dr.
Allan Pickering, Nebraska
Free University (NFU)
course leader, "and this
course will give them a
chance to be this."
Pickering is leading
"Marriage: Social, Sexual,
Emotional Contract", one
of 21 courses being offered
through the NFU this se
mester. Total registration for the
courses reached 450 Wed
nesday, with two days of
the registration drive re
maining. NFU courses, which have
no fees or grades, are en
tering their second semes
ter at the University
"That these courses are
in a non-judgmental set
ting," Pickering said, "cer
tainly indicated a value of
Also, students who par
ticipate in deciding what
they are studying, Picker
ing said, are more interest
ed in their education.
The NFU was created
because the University's
Five delegates to De- a
cember's Model United
Nations will represent f
the University at a sim-
ilar program in another j
university, according to
Cheryl Adams ASUN, j
Model UN Chairman. i
The students, chosen on J
the basis of their per- J
formance at the twonday I
program, will travel to
another Model UN yet to j
be selected, she said.
Miss Adams pointed out
that there are still a
number of countries that f
do not yet have delega-
tions for the University 1
program. She urged g
groups of four or less to f
form delegations and sub- f
mit their applications at
the ASUN office. j
Countries are chosen on I
a first come, first served
basis, she added. Dead- g
line for the Model UN I
applications is October
N Approves Vietnam Ballot
0 I
"structured classes", the
usual graded courses,
were not meeting a student
need, Pickering added.
"I think it is significant,"
he said, "that the NFU is
not necessarily a criticism
of the University."
Pickering, director of the
United Ministries for High
er Education, explained
that the NFU is actually
a reminder that Universi
ty courses cannot meet the
needs of all students.
"In the future I expect
some of these courses to be
come structured, part of
the University curriculum,"
he said.
Other universities, Pick
ering said, are already u.s-
ing pass-fail grading, al
lowing the same non-graded
discussion and participa
tion that NFU uses.
"In 'Marriage' we will be
using a different approach
each session." the director
said. "We hope that peo
ple will know more about
what marriage involves
emotionally, sexually and
There is a tremendous
amount of confusion about
what marriage involves
according to Pickering.
The so-called sexual
revolution has raised a
number of points," he said.
"Students want to be frank
about sex, in non-graded
Steadily-dating and en
gaged students will com
pose most of the course
members, Pickering pre-
Pub Board Seat
Open For Sophs
Sophomores are now being
interviewed to fill the vacant
position on the Publications
Board, Gene Pokorny,
ASUN vice-president, said.
Pub Board oversees the
production of all University
publications, including the
Daily Nebraskan and Corn
husker. Sophomores interested in
applying should contact tha
ASUN office! Pokorny iaid
Senior Staff Writer
A four-alternative ballot
for the Vietnam referendum
was approved by ASUN
The Senate also suspended
regular election procedures to
allow faculty members to vote
in the November 30 referen
dum. The approved ballot gives
voters an opportunity to ex
press a wide range of opin
ions on the U.S. role in Viet
nam. The four broadly-worded
alternatives range from es
calating the war effort to
withdrawing U.S. military
forces altogether.
ASUN approved the ballot
following recommendations
by the Ad Hoc Committee on
Vietnam. The committee's
five original recommended
alternatives were condensed
to four after extensive de
bate. The ad hoc committee con
sidered "brevity and com
pleteness" in preparing the
alternatives, Chairman Al
Spangler said.
He stressed that the com
mittee tried to avoid "h a i r
splitting" when it drew up the
Major senate debate cen
tered on what degrees of es
calation and de-escalation of
the war should be considered
the ballot.
Spangler also proposed that
the referendum be opened to
faculty members. He said that
the committee had been work-
dieted, explaining that they
would be personally inter
ested in the considerations
of the course.
"This will be a meeting
of the minds," Pickering
said. "The students want
to know something, and we
can give them the informa
tion. A7
...Senate Allows Faculty Vote
ing to involve the faculty in
the week of Vietnam seminars
that will precede the voting.
By inviting the faculty to
participate, the Senate would
be "strengthening the con
cept of the University com
munity," he pointed out.
Spangler announced that
three speakers have agreed to
participate in the Vietnam
week discussions. They in
clude Sen. George McGovern
of South Dakota, Rep. Robert
Denncy of Nebraska, and Al
lard Lowenstein, vice-chair-man
of the Americans for a
Democratic Society.
The Senate approved a $600
allocation to help finance Mc
Govern's appearance at t h e
Election commissioner Ed
Hilz suggested that the Viet
nam vote be postponed to co
incide with the Homecoming
Queen elections November 8.
The Senate voted to keep the
referendum at the conclusion
of the Vietnam week activi
ties. ASUN also approved a res
olution including a question
on the proposed University
Below, in brief form,
are some suggested poli- g
cies for the United States
with respect to the war in
Vietnam. Which one cor- s
responds most closely to
your own view? The re-
suits of this referendum
I will be sent to the Presi-
dent of the United States
9 and to the Nebraska Con-
gressional delegation.
1. The U.S. should em-
5 ploy all necessary mili-
I tary force to achieve a
military victory.
I 2. In return for recip-
rocal de-escalation from
the North Vietnamese,
the U.S. should end the g
5 bombing of the North in
preparation for negotia-
tions. (Present Policy)
4. The U.S. should un- i
9 conditionally end its
bombing of the North and f
recognize the National g
5 Liberation Front in order
to achieve negotiations.
5. The U.S. should with-
draw its troops, and the
5 bombing and thus termi-
nate the U.S. military
intervention in Vietnam.
9 FaZZ to Form a rustly flooring for
FM station with the Home
coming ballot.
The FM question reads:
"Students at the University of
Nebraska are willing to p a y
an additional 15 cent per stu
dent per semester in order to
provide an operating budget
for a student-operated educa
'Housing Code Adopted
For Student Protection'
Junior Staff Writer
All off-campus students
are required to live in Uni
versity approved housing at
the beginning of the year,
but sometimes their eco
nomic status dictates that
they move into housing
with undesirable conditions,
according to Wayne L. Blue,
off-campus housing officer.
"When saving money is
paramount to a student we
try to arrange to counsel
him," Blue said, and some
times there is lower cost
approved housing available.
He explained that the Uni
versity felt an obligation to
help these students.
Most off-campus students
live in University approved
housing he said, but there is
still room for improvement
in this area.
Blue explained that the
University has had an off
campus housing code in
effect since 1958. This code
and other ASUN. housing
recommendations were for
mally adopted on June 2
1967, by the Board of Re
gents. Blue inspects all off-campus
housing to determine if
it complies with minimum
health standards. Housing
must meet the requirements
of ventilation, space ifor
number of occupants), light
ing, plumbing and other
health conditions to be Uni
versity approved, he said.
Blue said that "inspection
criteria has been gaining
momentum, and that the
University was definitely in
terested in the living condi
tions of its off-campus students."
Of Antiquity...
fits ,
tional FM radio station." Stu
dents will vote yes or no.
Sen. Mark Schrieber intro
duced the resolution, because
"We'd like to have the full
support of the student body"
in seeking the FM station.
Schrieber said there are
other methods of raising the
needed money and student
He called the code "an in
sistence program" which
helps establish a communi
cation pattern between the
student, the University and
the landlord.
The responsibility for
meeting housing require
ments belongs to the land
lord, he said.
Blue described the Uni
versity code as "advantage
ous to the student" as an ef
fective way of protecting the
student against substandard
He also expressed the
University's concern about
foreign student housing, but
explained that public funds
Groups To
Efforts On
To bring better speakers
to the University, Faculty
Convocations Committee,
ASUN, and the Nebraska
Union Talks and Topics
Committee will combine ef
forts to produce a three
day conference second se
mester, in an effort to bring
better speakers to the Uni
versity. Talks and Topics Chair
man Bob Maixner said that
in conjunction with the
spring All University Con
vocation speaker, a series
of speakers will be sched
uled for a threeday confer
ence on the World in Revo
lution. A committee of three rep
resentatives from Nebraska
tits Column
fees would be used only if
these sources were ex
hausted. In other action the Senate
approved the appointment of
three students to the perma
nent Committee on Housing.
These appointees include
Marv Almy, Rich Page and
Marcia Richman.
could not be allocated to aid
foreign students.
The housing officer felt
that the proposed Minimum
Housing Standards Code
would give additional pro
tection to off-campus stu
dents because it would re
duce the availability of sub
standard housing.
Blue agreed with Russell
Brown, associate dean of
student affairs, who said
that the passage of the code
"was desirable for the gen
eral climate of the commu
nity." Lincoln voters will vote
Nov. 14 on the code, which
would require housing to
meet certain specifications.
Union, three from ASUN,
and three faculty members
will draw up a list of recom
mended speakers from
which the Faculty Convoca
tion Committee will choose
an All University Convoca
tion speaker.
Maixner, who is also a
Nebraska Union represen
tative on the Convocations
Committee, said the com
mittee has an operating
budget of about $4000.
"Of this, about half is al
lotted to bringing two all
University Convoca
tion speaker s," he ex
plained. "We like to have
one speaker in the fall and
one in the spring, but it
doesn't always work out
that way."
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