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Wednesday, October 11, 1967
University of Nebraska
Vol. 91, No. 17
NFU Enrollment "May Top Last Year
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SUSIE PHELPS . . . interests a student in the educational opportunities of enrolling in Free University course.
A WS Changes Overnight Rule
AWS board members voted
Tuesday to eliminate the rul
ing that all women taking
overnights and out-of-town
permissions stay with host
esses at least 25 years old.
This ruling will become ef
fective second semester, ac
cording to Ann Windle, AWS
Susie Sitorius, judicial
vice-president, said that the
stipulation placed1 on these
permissions will be left up to
parents. Coeds will be able to
take overnights with those pe
pie that have been designated
Senate Agenda Includes
Vietnam Ballot Questions
Student senate will begin
considering possible ballot
questions for a referendum on
Vietnam at its Wednesday
meeting, said Gene Pokorny,
ASUN vice-president.
The Senate will also dis
cuss the possibility of includ
ing a vote on the proposed Uni
versity FM radio station at the
same time as the Vietnam
referendum vote, he said.
Pokorny said Al Spangler,
chairman of the Ad Hoc Com
mittee on Vietnam, would
ask the Senate for approvaj of
questions to appear on the ref
erendum ballot. The commit
tee will propose that faculty
members be allowed to vote in
the referendum.
A student poll spon
sored by the All Univer
sity P'und has selected
the Cancer Society, Unit
ed Service Organization,
Larc School. Mental
Health Association and
lultiple Sclerosis Asso
ciation to receive AUF
Most of these funds will
be raised at the AUF
Beat Dance Oct. 21 at the
Nebraska Union. AUF is
co-sponsoring the dance
with the Inter-Dormitory
Association, with all prof
its going to AUF.
Activities Queen will be
announced at the AUF
dance. Interviews for Ac
tivities Queen and Big
Ian on Campus start at
:30 p.m., Thursday. Ac-
ivities Queen finalists
will go through a second
set of interviews on Oct.
BMOC finalists are
voted on at the AUF
parental permission
The schedule for Focus on
Coeds, entitled the American
Woman, 1967, will include the
following events, according to
program chairmen.
Tuesday, Oct. 24, AWS will
present a "How To Do" work
shop in the Nebraska Union
from 2 until 4 p.m. The pro
gram will feature creative
women showing how to use
decorative accents in a home
or dorm room along with oth
er displays.
That evening a dessert for
ASUN must consider how it
will finance the proposed ser
ies of Vietnam discussions, he
By including a question on
the FM station on the ballot,
students would be given an op
portunity to express their ap
proval or disapproval of this
proposal, Pokorny pointed out.
He said ASUN must decide
on th e
NU Team Premieres
On GE Quiz Bowl
University of Nebraska and
University of Wisconsin (Mil
waukee) quiz bowl teams will
match wits Saturday. The
math, sponsored by Gener
al Electric, can be seen on
television Sunday, Oct. 15, at
4:30 p.m. CST.
A Nebraska team has not
rompeted in the event since
1960, according to Dr. James
Roberts, sponsor of the team.
Last spring team members
Jim Allard, Larry Grossman,.
Linda Marcello, and John
Simmons were selected to
compete by a committee of
faculty members, he said.
The committee used examin
ation results and the appli
cants' speed response in a
buzzer situation as criteria
for their selection.
The winning school will re
ceive a $3000 scholarship, ac
cording to Dave Cummins,
last year's quiz bowl presi
dent, and the losing school
will receive a $1000 scholar
shiD. Schools may return for
a rcnxmum of five matches,
he said.
The team has been meet
ing several nights a week for
review sessions in current
events, the sciences, philoso
phy, mythology and other
areas for questioning. Dr.
Roberts reported.
house representatives has been
scheduled for 7 p.m. This will
be followed by the Hovland
Swanson style show where
the 10 best-dressed-coeds on
campus will be announced.
"Challenge for Creativity,"
an evening of entertainment,
will be held at the Music
Building, Oct. 25, at 7 p.m.
A seminar on the morality
of the 1967 American Woman
and the way that it has af
fected her life will be held
Oct. 30. Speakers will also
discuss drugs and the birth
control pill. The speakers
have been contacted and they
first what it is going to do to
help the FM station planners.
A third major item on the
Senate agenda is the selection
of a senator from the Grad
uate and Professional College
to fill the vacant seat of Bill
Tooley who resigned several
weeks ago. Candidates will be
interviewed and voted on dur
ing Wednesday's meeting.
"We have also been espe
cially emphasizing quick re
call responses," he said.
The team members and Dr.
Roberts will fly to New York
on Thursday, and they will
receive tickets from GE to
the broadway musical. 'Aun
tie Mam e', on Saturday
Ij The annual AWS
Freshman Activities
Mart will be held
ij Wednesday, Oct. 11,
j! in the Nebraska Un
' ion Ballroom. Univer
i sity organizations will
sign up members
j from 11 a.m. to 5 p.m.
j ' Some of the groups
; included in the Ac-
i tivities Mart are: !'i
i Builders, Union. 4
i ASUN, All Univer-. 1!
sity Fund, Corn Cobs. ;!
T a s s e Is, Orchesis. I
Quiz Bowl. AWS. j
j 1FC, Young Republij ;
cans. Young Demo- j
i c r a t s, Panhellenic , .jj
1 People to People, Ca- jjj
d e n c e Countesses, pi
i Pershing Rifles, and j
Red Cross. iii
!i IH
will soon be announced along
with the meeting times and
Sellout Predicted . . .
Peter, Paul And Mary To
In Repeat Performance
Junior Staff Writer
Peter Yarrow, Paul Stook
ey and Mary Travers met in
a Greenwich Village apart
ment in May, 1961, and sang
"Mary Had A Little Lamb."
One year later the trio had
become the most highly ac
claimed folk singers in t h e
country, according to an In
ternational Talent Associates
Two years ago the group
appeared in Lincoln and the
performance was a sellout.
Ticket sales for the two-hour
concert to be presented at
Pershing Auditorium, Oct. 13
at 8:30 p.m. are paralleling
previous sales, said Persh
ing's representative.
Although tickets are still
available at Pershing's box
office from noon to 6 p.m.
daily, the representative said
the $3 and $1 tickets arc- ex
pected to be sold out by
" 1
THE FOLK SINGING TRIO ... of Peter, Paul and Mary
Marriage, Cheap Travel
Are Top Attractions
Senior Staff Writer
Over 250 University stu
dents registered for Nebras
ka Free University (NFU)
courses Monday and Tuesday
in the first two days of the
NFU's registration drive.
This number, according to
Susie Phelps, chairman of the
ASUN's NFU committee, in
dicates that the enrollment
for the 21 courses may sur
pass last year's total of 600.
A no-cost, voluntary collec
tion of courses, NFU is en
tering its second semester of
operation at the University.
"Since we waited to start
registration during the fifth
week of school," Miss Phelps
said, "more students already
know whether or not they can
fit an NFU course into their
Miss Phelps emphasized
that many of the courses have
limits on the number of stu
dents who may participate
and that interested students
should register early in the
Opening registration was
heaviest for the courses "Mar
riage: Sexual, Emotional and
Social Contract" and "Theory
Wednesday. The $2.50 ticket
sales will probably continue
until the end of the week.
The trio, whose three most
recent records appeared on
the best-seller charts simul
taneously, was formed
through the efforts of Albert
Grossman, who arranged
their first meeting at Mary's
Immediately a problem
arose the release said. The
threesome couldn't think of
one song to which they a 1 1
knew both melody and lyr
ics, so they chose "Mary Had
A Little Lamb."
But the unsophisticated
rhyme didn't deter the group.
Yarrow said," we found that
we shared the same enthusi
asm for our work, and the
same conviction that folk
music is a way to communi
cate ideas and concerns." In
ternational Talent Associates
.IT- '
V " 01 (
1 ? l J , Ml. J.' ft . '
ii , , v ft '
and Practice of Free and Low
Cost Travel".
The number registering for
some of the courses may in
fluence their structure, ac
cording to one of the course
"The structure of the course
I am organizing," said Dav
id Kelley, "will depend on
how many people sign up and
how they want to handle it."
Kelley, an associate profes
sor of anthropology at t h e
University, is leading "The
Concept of the Incredible".
i There are certain subjects
that are difficult to treat in
the ordinary class situation,
said Kelley, who attended
Harvard Univeristy and has
been with the Nebraska an
thropology department for al
most four years.
"Some courses are o v e r
structured sometimes and for
some students," he said, "the
NFU courses can be a useful
supplement to Univer
sity courses."
"The Concept of the Incre
dible" will-be conducted at an
informal level, Kelley said.
"I would like to have some
For seven months following
the first interview, the trio
worked towards this commu
nication with arrangements,
harmonies and rehearsals be
fore their debut at the Bitter
End, A Greenwich Village
night club.
Engagements at the Gate
of Horn in Chicago, the hun
gry i in San Francisco and
the Blue Angel in New York
followed the initial perform
ance. ,
In the spring of 1962, "Pet
er, Paul and Mary" the sing
ers' first album was re
leased and was soon at t h e
top of the charts. Single rec
ords from the album, "If I
Had A Hammer," and "Lem
on Tree," also gained popu
larity. The wave of acclaim
started by the trio's first
releases occasioned a series
of cross-country and world
tours. Attendance records in
nearly every major concert
will appear at Pershing
Jf J,
sort of seminar," he said, "if
we have between. 20 to 30 peo
ple." Kelley added that "The Con
cept" will be approached
from two different aspects,
what kind of evidence has
been presented and the fac
tors in accepting and reject
ing the incredible.
The course will concern it
self, according to Kelley, with
areas such as unidentified
flying objects and ghosts.
"There are a series of ul
timately determined attitudes
towards what may or may
not be believed at a certain
time," he explained.
Factors that affect the cre
dibility of many concepts,
such as ghosts and UFO's,
vary with the individual and
his training, Kelley indicated.
Kelley said that he has col
lected considerable informa
tion on "the incredible" and
that the course will be de
signed to see what people
can do with these concepts.
"I think we will find that
the types of explanations,
rather than the data them
selves," Kelley said, "is more
important in considering credibility."
hall in the U.S. were broken,
according to the Talent Asso
ciates release.
In only one year the group
had developed from three in
dividuals meeting for coffee
and harmonizing to a pol
ished and popular folk sing
ing trio, the release said. The
"group has received gold rec
ords for their albums. "Mov
ing," "In The W i n d" and
"Peter, Paul and Mary in
Concert," and for their sin
gles, "Puff, the Magic Drag
on," Blowin' in the Wind,"
and "Don't Think Twice, It's
All Right."
The release said the group
has consistently refused to
compromise their ideals for
publicity and has even walked
out of performances when
requested to change the word
ing of authentic folk songs.
Participation in the Civil
Rights movement has af
fected sales and appearances
in the South.
In I
Auditorium Friday night.
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