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Athletes frequenting the
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daily vuniruiiicu wiui iucsc signs auuvc uuuino. ---liof
in vmirsnlf nine rnnfiripnre in vour teammates Dlus
aggressiveness equal victory.
"Snffu i won hv thnsp
These phases express an idea that the present coach
ing staff has instilled in the football team until nothing
else seems important.
It is not an unusual idea; these phrases are platitudes
that have been worn out by athletic teams throughout
the nation. It just so happens that Bob Devaney and
company exploit this better than most. This idea is the
importance of winning.
Has the football fever ever made you wonder whether
It really makes any difference if certain athletic events
go one way or the other? Will life go on if Nebraska is
struck by Minnesota?
If a student rpally thought about it, he could prob
ably come up with plenty of items influencing his life
more directly; instructors won't give harder exams be
cause a Nebraska defeat shook the campus.
Why not be practical and worry about things that
really matter?
While we're being practical, consider these juicy
items: The University Athletic Department boasted a to
tal operating income of about $1,100,000 for the fiscal year
ending June 30, 1966. This income was almost entirely
from football; no other sport finished in the black.
If Nebraska football were now a losing venture, it
would seem likely that the finances of the athletic de
partment would also suffer.
This money brings top athletes from all parts of the
nation, builds all sports, not football alone, and adver
tises the University of Nebraska. This is hardly the
budget of a large corporation, but its effect is impressive.
Why should we want the team to win? The athletic
department spends $300,000 annually for grant-in-aids; it
should be almost a department of the Nebraska Founda
tion. This winning team advertises Nebraska; it makes
the nation take notice of a rapidly-advancing university.
Across the state, the public is made aware of the
importance and needs of the University; it seems unlikely
that the building boom on campus is completely inde
pendent of football.
rintrornnp Tiomann nninnpd that he would call a spec
ial session of the legislature only if Bob Devaney lost two
in a row.
. a 7innin(r tonm builds student sDirit and cohesive-
ness in a conservative university that has often been
accused of being apatnetic to siuaem issues, siaie yiuu
lems, national perplexities and just about anything else,
that theding boom oampus is completely inde-
Governor Tiemann quipped that he would call a spec
ial session of the legislature only if Bob Devaney lost two
in a row.
In the long run, it will
if Nebraska should lose Saturday, bui you oeuer nope
.. eeoenne' rprnrds reflect continued success.
It looks like NU football will
state support to keep winning . . . uo Dig neu:
Coach Harrell Brings
Winning Record To NU
Two state high school
championships, winningest
high school team in Kentuc
ky the last three years with
a 86-8 record, and United
Press Coach of the Year for
1964-1965 and 1965-1966.
Assistant basketball
coach Bill Harrell brings
these credentials
Harrell, basketball coach
of Shelby County High
School for seven years, re
places Ed Stevens, who
moved to Augustana Col
lege at Sioux Falls, S.D.,
to become head Viking
Coach Harrell carries
Bowling Leagues
Plan Formation
Interested- bowlegs are
asked to attend Wednesday's
8 p.m. Greek bowling or
ganizational meeting o r
Thursday's 6:30 p.m. inde
pendent organizational
meeting "in the Nebraska
Union's South Party Room.
to Ne-
Record yew ewa cartridges
Mvnti-car stereos end acces
sories -
Campleft tin of drumt and
144 So. fth St.
UeU Nebr. S50I
Score? I
University Fieldhouse are
mImmm aKjwta flAAMtrBtrvi
There is no place like first
who helieve in wlnnine."
not make too much difference
have continued campus and
with him the same basket
ball philosophy head coach
Joe Cipriano uses, includ
ing pressure defense and a
fastbreaking offense.
Coach Harrell went along
with the Huskers on their
Mexican tour this summer
which was "a great help to
me," he said.
The Cornhuskers will start
practice Oct. 16.
Coach Harrell received
his Masters degree from the
University of Kentucky.
Harrell's record also in
cludes being named Kentuc
ky High School Coaches As
sociation Coach of the Year
for 1964-1965 and 1965-1966.
In ten years he has com
piled numerous champion
ships including two state
championships; Lou
isville Invitational Champi
onship, 1955-56; five district
championships; four region
al championships and seven
other invitational champi
onships. Coach Harrell also ap
peared on the National As
sociation of Basketball
Coaches Clinic with Adolph
Rupp of the University of
Kentucky, John Wooden of
UCLA and Hank Iba of Ok
lahoma State at Indianapo
lis, Ind.
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Gophers Gunning To End
Bevanefs Big Ten Wins
Minnesota's Gophers will
invade Memorial Stadium
Saturday remembering
there's always a first time
for everything.
Minnesota will attempt to
become the first Big Ten
crew to defeat a Bob De
vaney Comhusker football
team after five earlier fu
tile attempts.
Minnesota has twice bow
ed to the Huskers, 14-7 in
1963 and 26-21 in 1964, but
both those contests were de
cided in Minneapolis. The
last visit the Gophers pad
to Lincoln was in 1960 un-
der the Bill Jennings era
when Minnesota tromped
Nebraska 28-14.
Even with those past two
victories the Huskers have
a long way to go before the
Minnesota-Nebrsska series
is equal. The Gophers hold
a commanding 29-8-2 lead
in the series stretching back
to 1900.
Those past statistics and
scouting reports of Minneso
ta's opening 13-12 victory
, over the University of Utah
last Saturday have caused
Nebraska coach Bob De
vaney to eye Saturday's Lin
coln opener with caution.
"Our scouts through Min
Chili .
Cole Slaw
The Daily Nebraskdn
in kicking technique,
practice sessions.
nesota was better than
Washington," Nebraska's
football boss said Tuesday
after talking with assistant
coaches Carl Selmer and
Jim Ross who scouted Min
nesota last Saturday.
"Minnesota is a big foot
ball team," Devaney con
tinued. They are tough to
run against, especially in
side, but Utah ran well
against them outside."
Utah rushed for 225 yards
against a defensive line
averaging 237 pounds and
passed for 153 yards, bring
ing the ty's combined to
tal yardage to 378 yards.
Devaney also said that
Minnesota throws the ball
well and "they throw it al
most as much as they run
with it.
The Gophers gained only
78 yards rushing but picked
up 129 passing as they
trailed the Utes by a wide
207-378 margin in combined
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Huskers use rebound
"They play pretty much
a monster type defense and
run from various offensive
formations, but mostly a
balanced 1 i n e," Devaney
Devaney said the Huskers
would work out hard in
practice, although no scrim
mage would be held.
"We don't try to do any
thing spectacular in prac
tice," he said. "We make
general improvements to
eliminate mistakes unless
some glaring error shows
. Devaney said nothing spe
cial would be experimented
against Minnesota's rugged
Gophers although one de
fensive lineup switch was
University Of Nebraska Students Have
Access To Over 200,000 Paper Back Books
Mr. MacDougdl, General Merchandise Manager for Nebraska Bookstore
states that "during the past year over 200,000 paperback books have been
purchased and shipped to the Lincoln, Nebraska location. This is in addition
to the normal large stock maintained in the paperback gallery, upper level
of the store. Thousands of these books are shipped to other stores through-
out the country. However, a large portion of these books are retained and
made available to the University of Nebraska students at greatly reduced
prices of 19c, 39c and reductions as hgh as 75'
A sale is now in progress with thousands of books available at 39c each. 7
These books represent a fair number of the 43,300 paprback book titles
now in print.
Mtvambctt Scores -
NU Wins Soccer
Sports Ealtor
There's nothing like starting
play in a brand new league
with a win.
The University soccer team
can attest to that after their
opening victory in the Mid
west Soccer League's first
season with Sunday's 74 boot
ing of the Offutt Air Force
Base team in Omaha.
"It looks as though we have
. a lot of good players to make
into a team," Tim Rickard,
club president" said after his
team divided scoring honors
among four players in the
opening game triumph.
Steve Mwamba, an inside
left forward from Zambia, led
scorers with a three goal hat
trick, while Rickard's two
goals and one apiece by John
Deyloff and Mehmet, Unsal
provided the victory margin.
The local group rebounded
from a 2-1 deficit to gain a
3-2 lead after the first 4fi-min-ute
half and then banged
home four goals in the second
half to seal the victory.
"At times we looked good
and at other times, we looked
scrappy," he said," although
we started off in a much bet
ter position than last year."
"Now we've been going a
year, while last year when we
began we started with noth
ing," he explained.
The club has 20 members,
including natives of Algeria.
Biafra, England, Kenya, Sing
apore, Uruguay and Zambia,
but only 13 players journeyed
to Omaha Sunday.
"We also played four Amer
icans who had never played
much before they joined the
club," he said, "but now
they're good team members."
He said that the club's goal
ie Bob McMann from Massa
chusetts has played high
school soccer and "performed
well against the Omahans."
The Bobo is that cunning man
who flees from the bulls so that he
may chase the chicks!
Wednesday, September
Three Goals As
The team practices twice a
week for their ten-game home
and away schedule in the six
team amateur league.
Teams forming the new
league include JFK College in
Wahoo, Offutt AFB, the Oma
ha Kickers, the Omaha Inter
nationals and Des Moines.
Although the team practices
at the field behind University
High School, they play their
five home games at a field
provided by the Lincoln Job
Corps at the former Lincoln
"We're grateful to the Job
Corps for the field," he said.
The team erected goal posts
and marked the field with
lime last spring, he said.
Although six players re
turn from last year's team,
problems still plague the soph
omore squad.
"Our main problem is that
we have to pass the ball a
lot quicker," Rickard said.
"This is something funda
mental to soccer."
Moves Up
In Ratings
Last Saturday's Husker
open date and several upsets
have moved Nebraska up
several notches in the week
ly national football polls.
The Huskers are rated
sixth in United Press Inter
national's poll and seventh
in the Associated Press rat
ings after four of the nine
active top ten teams were
either beaten or tied last
AP also lists Colorado in
sixth position, while UPI
picks Colorado in the sev
entii position and Missouri
in tenth.
'Bonnie & Clyde"
A thousand
men had beat
a path to her
door and
had it
in their faces.
along tame1
The Bobo, the
in the world.
27, 1967
With an open date Sunday,
the team will face the JFK
team Oct. 4 at 4 p.m. at the
Lincoln AFB field.
While posting a 2-3 record
last year, the team blanked
JFK 7-0 and also beat Omar
ha's Creighton University
team, while dropping a . con
test to Des Moines and two
games to the Kickers. .
"It's hard to say how we
compare at this stage, with
last year's team, but when we
blend together into a team,
we'll be all right," he said.
Like several other Univer
sity athletic squads, the soc
cer club is not sponsored by
the University, although it is
recognized as a club by the
Nebraska Union. .
Without University financial
support, the soccermen must
provide their own transporta
tion costs to away games such
as those in Omaha or Des
Moines as well as other op
erating expenses.
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