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SEP 2l
' Thursday, September 21, 1967
University of Nebraska
Vol. 91, No. 6
Senate Approves
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UMBRELLAS AT HOME ... a drenched student devises
during Wednesday's deluge.
Panhellenic Reports Lack Of 'Rationale'
For Considering
the last of two articles on the
Panhellenic report which an
alyzes a possible deferred
rush system. The report will
be considered soon by the
University Board of Regents.
By Dave Buntain
Staff Writer
Panhellenic has "not re
ceived the rationale for con
sidering a deferred program
at the University," accord
ing to the report on deferred
rush sent to the Board of
Regents Monday by the
The report was prepared
this summer following a de
cision by the Regents to com
pare the merits of deferred
rush with the present rush
If the Regents should or
der a switch to deferred rush,
Nebraska fraternities and so
rorities would be required to
hold rush at a period later
in the year than its present
pre-school Rush Week.
Ika Free University orcan
fixers will meet with pros-
gpective course leaders. 5
Scpt. 21 at 7 p.m. in the
I Nebraska Union, not Scpt.S
1 28 as stated in the Wedncs-I
Oday edition of the Daily 2
ENebraskan. g
The Panhellenic report an
alyzes some of the arguments
often advanced in favor of
deferred rush and suggests
several alternative plans if
the Regents decide on a de
ferred system.
One argument expressed in
favor of deferred rush, It
states, is "students will come
to the University with school
only in mind and will be in
a better frame of mind for
their scholastic endeavor."
The report comments that
"this is true to some ex
tent," but contends that de
ferring rush "heightens the
tensions and creates an at
tempt to impress sororities
so students will have a chance
when the time comes."
Such a situation arises "be
cause of the traditionally
strong fraternity and soror
ity programs" on the Univer
sity campus.
Panhellenic also examines
the argument that "students
will be academically quali
fied on the basis of college
work" under deferred rush.
Such qualifications could only
be established by "deferring
a wlioJe year."
The report questions the
idea that deferred rush would
give rushees more time to
make a choice. It suggests
t t
photo by Mike Hayman
make - shift rain apparel
that if the time before pledg
ing is increased, the rushees
might be subjected to great
er outside influence and con
fusion. Finally, it counters the con
tention that deferred rush
would afford students more
time to adjust to college.
Such a system, it says, al
so "leaves them without the
guidance of groups who are
personally interested in them
and who are anxious for them
Sororities' Ehtlmjitrd Financial Situation
Al a ReMili of Deferred Rush
Low per
Sorority Member Month"
Alpha Chi Omega B
Alpha Omicron Pi 81 675
Alpha Delta Pi M
Alpha Phi 99
Alpha XI Delta 88 525
Chi Omega
Delta Delta Delta 85 BSO
Delta Gamma 550
Delta Zeta 38 WW
fiamma Phi Beta 96 575
Kappa Alpha ThPta 5 625
Kappa Delta 86 475
Kuppa Kappa Gamma 87 475
Phi Mu 3
PI Beta Phi 97 575
Kicma Kappa 42 250
Klcma Delta Tau 21
ZftB Tau Alpha 95 W
EKtimated Financial Low Per Month Deferred fbaned on $25
per pledge per month).
Thuj becomea $2,500 to $3,000 per aemciiter or $5,(100 to $6,000
per year.
By Ed Iccnogle
Staff Writer
The Student Senate Wednes
day approved an opportunity
for students to voice their
opinions on the war in Viet
The passage of a bill ori
ginated by Senator Phil Bow
en established an Ad Hoc
Senate Committee on Viet
nam. Bowen moved "the Senate
establish an Ad Hoc Commit
tee on a Vietnam seminar cul
minating in a student refer
endum." 0
University officials and
ASUN executives are work
ing on the implementation of
the Student Bill of Rights as
University policy, according
to Dick Schulze, Senate presi
dent. "The Bill of Rights is in
accoroance with ASUN Con
stitution," Schulze said
Wednesday, "and is now con
sidered as amendments to the
Ten Sororities, All Dormitories
To Initiate Junior Key System
University dormitories and
ten sorority houses will in
stall junior keys this year
following an AWS decision
last spring to expand the sys
tem. A key system was initiated
last year for all senior wom
en and coeds over 21 years
of age, although five sorori
ties did not use the system.
All sororities reported they
will use the senior key sys
tem this year, but several
houses are still considering
junior keys. Alpha Phi, Delta
Delta Delta, Kappa Delta
and Pi Beta Phi sororities did
not have a key system last
Sigma Delta Tau did not
have keys last year because
no senior members were liv
ing in the sorority house.
President Susan Lincoln add
ed that the sorority alumnae
group is "strongly consider
ing" a junior key system.
Roberta Glenn, president of
Kappa Delta sorority, said
that juniors will not have
keys this year, but the seniors
Rush Program
to make good academic ad
justments, to establish good
social standards, to become
oriented to the opportunities
of the school program."
At the Regents' request,
Panhellenic included two rec
ommendations for deferred
plans for the Board to con
sider in the event it orders
a rush change.
The report states, "we have
tried to visualize a program
that might work in our par
ticular situation in co-opera
On Viet Nam...
The referendum will be in
the form of alternate resolu
tions on the conduct of the
Vietnamese conflict.
An amendment proposed by
Al Spangler to the original
proposal provided that the Ad
Hoc Committee notify t h e
President of the United States
and the Nebraska Congres
sional delegation as to the re
sults of the referendum.
Cheryl Adams proposed a
second amendment, also
adopted by the Senate. The
The Bill of Rights was
passed with overwhelming
student support in last spring's
Senate election.
At the time when students
were campaigning for the
Bill of Rights it was stated
that the Senators would
"work with the University as
it exists," according to Sch
ulze. He explained that this is
will be able to use keys as
soon as they arrive.
Both junior and senior
members of Delta Delta Del
ta sorority will have keys this
year, according to Anne
Leigh, second vice-president.
She said that the change
came after consideration by
sorority alumnae.
Other sororities which
have granted key privileges
to both junior and senior wom
en are: Alpha Chi Omega,
Alpha Delta Pi, Alpha Omi
cron Pi, Alpha Phi. Delta
Gamma, Phi Mu. K a p p 3
Kappa Gamma, Sigma Kap
pa and Kappa Alpha Theta.
Mary Lynn Durrie, Alpha
Phi pledge trainer, said, "We
felt that since it worked out
so well for seniors last year
that we should expand the
program within the house."
Pam Wood, Delta Gamma
president, said t h e members
will have keys but noted the
sorority may set a scholastic
stipulation before issuing the
Grade averages may also
place a limitation on the use
with the request made
to us."
The first plan calls for de
ferring one semester. Under
this plan rushees would regis
ter and attend open house
parties on a weekend during
the first semester.
Active rushing would take
place during the first three
week-ends of the second se
mester. The first week-end,
three one-hour parties would
be held on both Saturday and
Two two-hour parties would
be scheduled for each day the
second week-end. On the third
week-end rushees would re
ceive their invitations and
The' second plan recom
mended by Panhellenic sug
gests a Rush Week that would
be identical to the present one
but would Involve sophomores
instead of freshmen.
Included with the report
are several appendices and
tables discussing various as
pects of the present system
and the possible change.
One table outlines the es
timated financial tosses that
would arise to sororities if
deferred rush is adopted.
Most houses would have to
anticipate a loss of 3(K) to
$G50 a month as a result of
a deferred system according
to the repari.
amendment established that
the Ad Hoc Committee will be
composed of Senators chosen
by the executive committee
of the Senate.
A third amendment, pro
posed by Spangler setting Fri
day, Oct. 27, as the deadline
for the referendum was re
jected. "We would like to have
speakers on all facets of the
war." said Bowen. when
he proposed the seminar and
referendum. "We also hope to
get a Congressman to come
what the executives have
been doing recently with ad
ministration and other policy
making officials.
"The Bill of Rights is in a
transitional stage," Schulze
said. Already amended to the
ASUN Constitution, the Bill
has not yet been adapted into
University policy.
Schulze expressed the hope
of keys in the Kappa Kappa
Gamma sorority. Pledge train
trainer Kathy Kelley explained
that the house is considering
placing a scholastic limitation
for key use on week nights
and a slightly lower one for
Roxie Glover, correspond
ing secretary in the Alpha
Omicron Pi House, said that
their alums are in favor of
the expansion of this program
and that the house feels that
juniors are responsible wom
Alpha Delta Pi sorority or
dered keys last spring but
the University just sent the
order in this week.
Pledge Trainer Bonnie Ro
berts said "We feel that the
key system will be used wise
ly and that the junior mem
bers are responsible people
who will use their keys with
Several sororities are still
considering the merits of the
key system. Delta Zeta sor
ority has not yet decided, and
; r J 1
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; ; i i I I ... ..-.
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trtvtto br Mlka Biiaaa
TIIIS ITPERCLASSMAN ... is giving her senior key
a trial run. Many bouses are also issuing junior keys for
the first time.
back and perhaps someone to
speak on the moral issue."
In other business, Senators
were asked to volunteer to ac
company Margo McMasters,
head of the Special Projects
Committee, as a delegation to
a city meeting on the pro
posed minimum housing code.
Senate president Dick
Schulze reported on the ex
ecutives work with the Uni
v e r s i t y administration in
adapting the Student Bill of
Rights into University policy.
that the Board of Regents will
approve some "structure" or
method for enabling the
amendments to become Uni
versity policy.
He also explained that upon
finding nothing unconstitution
al in the Bill of Rights, the
Bill is considered to have
been formally amended to the
ASUN Constitution last spring
bv the student election.
Genia Bolish, president of
Zeta Tau Alpha sorority, in
dicated that an expansion of
the key system "is still in
the planning stage."
Cindy Pauley, president of
Gamma Phi Beta sorority,
said that approval has not
been given to allow junior
members to have keys. Miss
Pauley said that it is under
consideration at this time and
that the issue must go before
an advisory board and the
house corporation.
Alpha Xi Delta, Chi Ome
ga, and Pi Beta Phi sorori
ties all indicated that plans
for junior keys are in the de
veloping stage and being dis
cussed by house members
and alumnae groups.
Mrs. Bill McCown, resi
dence director for Pound,
said that the women will have
keys this year. All dormitor
ies have installed junior and
senior keys.
Last week Mimi Rose, AWS
key chairman, said that the
keys were used "extremely
well and with discretion last