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    Monday, September 18, 1967
The Daily Nebraska
Page 3
!(? iXy"
Third Season
Phott by Robert Herrup
POM-POM GIRLS URGE THE Hl'SKERS ... to victory as they set the tone for the spirited pep rally held Thursday
Experiment Discards Lectures
Econ Students Learn On Their Own
About 230 University stu
dents are being encouraged
to cut lectures this semes
ter. The lectures are in Eco
nomics 11 and the students
are part of an experiment
being researched by F.
Charles Lamphear, assis
tant professor of economics.
"We are offering this ex
perimental course with no
lectures because we are
concerned with better ways
to teach Economics 11 and
12," Lamphear said.
With Campbell R. Mc
Connell, professor of eco
nomics, Lamphear has been
working for six months on
research for the course,
which will have only as
signed readings, exams and
optional tutorial sessions.
"We are faced with two
problems," said Lamphear,
which forced the college to
consider other instructional
methods. "There is a larg
er number of students and
there is a limited faculty."
The course is completely
voluntary, Lamphear em
phasized. Of approximately
1.000 students enrolled in
economics. 230 signed for
the no-lecture class.
Because of paperwork in
volved in research on the
experiment, Lamphear ex
pressed satisfaction on the
enrollment number.
Lamphear will compare
Balfour Loses Monopoly
As a result of recent ac
tion by the Federal Trade
Commission and the U.S.
courts, no jewelry com
pany will be able to claim
that it sells "official fra
ternity jewelry", according
to a Lincoln jeweler.
The rulings have come in
conjunction with an FTC
report which says that L.
G. Balfour Co., Attleboro,
Mass.. has monopolized the
market for national college
fraternity rings and other
The report, made by hear
ing examiner Raymond J.
i TiiffilitmiiSlirif -"
TbM bul rata mpr a
kau M.iiii rate C e rrr wwr mt
chant af Mr par rtauJfktf
471SM aaa- ask tar the Daibj Nabtaa
kaa afttcaa r canar a Baaa 1 la tac
Kearaaka Caiaa. Vac dantfM aaVar-IMa-
auaacsra nuiatate : ta IrM
baaans baara. Fleaae attempt a aim
7a- 4 a " j.
AH aarcKbMaeat anat ba arraaal
Wanted: BEbrrit&iig. Experieact and ret
araaeca. 3m Starr.
Mai wanted It-M lor part time work.
CLK acr boar. Apair aeat at Wtl
man SL
Artb Maarl vaated. Male ar fcaubj.
Art DiwutMJiaL CanvraJtr af Ne
braska. Can 47747U Ex. S31 betwaea
im aat I ajn. iar
Biaa Bora aeeoea far fratcraitr. frae ,
BMaa ar caab. aMteaaaaent ar Creek. I
call fli-isn, 432-3UD. Aek lor PrM ,
Petitions Available Nebraska Vaioa.
Buner (male ar femalei. Moa-Fri 11 3.
I s em.; Vrr Cook. Friday 1:00 in
12t a.m.: Cashier demelei Krlav
3 aj a m I 00 a.m.i Ceok'e Helper, j-oa
Fri 7 ( 11:30 a.m. Apply Mr. Barnes
rill Nebrasta Leioa
For Rat: Hale taorats-Larse Doable
Int. Real Kwe. X2S eacb. Newly
finished prints maa Hi. Csofciiic TV,
Laundry, liawatsiV appraved. U
k& SiU U ijt'A ( V
ham r n 1 1 : v r rif m
1 hv&-u
the results of the experi
mental group to the rest of
the students taking the
course by television lec
ture at the end of the
"There will be eight tu
torial sessions for review
that the students may at
tend if they wish," Lamp
hear said. "This will pre
sent an opportunity to bring
questions forward."
The students in the ex
perimental section may also
go to teaching assistants
for individual help.
"The only thing they
can't do is attend lectures,"
he noted. "The television
lectures do not cover any
additional information to
the text and required read
All the introductory eco
nomics students will take
the same exams, enabling
Lamphear to make com
parative studies.
"When we go into test
ing." he said, "we may find
that perhaps only students
with a 2.8 or above are
able to do it, or that this
type of course should be re
stricted to juniors and sen
iors." If the students in the ex
perimental course pull low
er grades on the average
than the television-lecture
students, they will be put
on their own grade scale,
Lynch, found the company
had exclusive contracts for
98.2rf of the 15.866 nation
al college fraternity chap
ters. The examiner said
this allowed Balfour to fix
and control prices.
Lynch recommended that
the FTC bar the company
from alleged illegal re
straint of trade in the man
ufacture, sale and distri
bution of insignia such as
badges, buttons, and pins,
according to the Wall Street
U.S. courts have since
ruled that the Balfour com
pany must sell a number
of its holdings, including its
wholly owned subsidiary.
.d-t. ill Wii iii iii iinii I H I M W P - L j-'A j y 1
f Burr. Patterson & Auld Co.,
the Lincoln jeweler said.
They have also moved to
strike down Balfour's claim
to "exclusive" insignia dis
tribution on college cam
puses. As a result other Lin
coln jewelers, in addition to
Balfour Co., will now be
able to market "official"
fraternity jewelry, he said.
Balfour and three other
Let us Help YOU
With Your Hair Problem.
'The Clipper11
barber shop
119 N. 12
Thi Collegt Mans Barbtr $hp
according to Lamphear.
"I think the students are
not going to get 'hurt' in
this," said Lamphear.
"They will have the as
signments from week to
week, teaching assistants
for individual help and tu
torial sessions every two
weeks, if thev want them.
"Of course, there is an
element of responsibility,"
he added. "But. I have the
feeling that students are go
ing to be prepared for the
A student in the experi
mental course agreed on
the "element of responsi
bility." "If a person does this on
his own. it brings our re
sponsibility." said Ron Col
burn, sophomore.
"I anticipate that this will
be my first chance to take
a book and get out of it
what I want to and not
what the teacher expects,"
Colburn said.
Colburn said he planned
to use the tutorial sessions
and to avoid cramming by
keeping up with the read
ing assignments.
"Not having to cram is
part of the responsibility I
accepted when I agreed to
take the course." he said.
Lamphear indicated that
he and Professor McConnell
would have the results with
in a few months after the
end of the first semester.
companies were indicted by
a Federal grand jury in
Atlanta on charges of rig
ging prices of class rings
and graduation invitations
and announcements in
Georgia, the Wall Street
Journal reported.
Retired Chem
Dept. Head
Dies In Lincoln
Former chairman of the
University chemistry de
partment from 1955 to 1963,
Dr. Edward R. Washburn,
died Aug. 31 in Lincoln.
A physical chemist, Dr.
Washburn was a member
of the University faculty
for 41 years. He had offi
cially retired from his
teaching position in July.
A member of the Ameri
can Chemical Society and
the American Association
for Advancement of Science,
Dr. Washburn was also af
filiated with the honoraries,
Sigma Xi Alpha Chi Sigma
and Phi Lambda Upsilon.
v "7
in it fv m
"At the end of the semes
ter, the course will be an
alyzed," Lamphear said.
He added that the college
would have the decision on
the fate of the no-lecture
Dorms Plan
To Publish
Frosh Book
The Inter-Dormitory As
sociation will publish a
Freshman Booklet within
the next three weeks,
according to Brian Ride
nour, president of the organ
ization. "The council feel that
dorm residvnts are not fully
acquainted with the purpose
and potential of IDA," Ri
denour said, "so we feel
the booklet is necessary."
The booklet will contain
the organizational struc
ture, projects, concepts, his
tory, and recommendations
of IDA. In addition to IDA
information the booklet also
lists the campus activities
and university history of
each dorm.
Nebraska Legislature
Extends Tuition Waiver
The tuition waiver for stu
dents whose fathers were
either killed or totally dis
abled while in the service
has been lengthened by the
Unicameral to include that
period from the end of
World War II to the start
of the Korean War.
James C. Smith, director
of the State Department of
Veterans' Affairs, reminded
veterans and students that
the extended waiver period
will affect many persons
previously excluded during
the period from Sept. 2,
1945, and the start of the
Korean War.
The cut-off for veterans
benefits had been July 2,
1953. but it is now extended
from Dec. 7, 1941 "until
Cdfci faTted Runner!
"The net Plymouth RoadRunner
now Qt your Plymouth Dealers
where the beat goes on.
S1MT HMr lrB. In Art,, ba.
Gallery Shows
By Tonl Victor
featuring American class-
JSoh? n
foreign films plus
experimental shorts, Sheldon
Gallery starts its third
film programming
"actor who won a French
Sheldon coordinates its
schedule of films with the
Nebraska Union Foreign Film
Society to provide as wide a
selection as possible of qual-
ity vintage films not usually
shown in commercial movie
Five Adult Courses
Given By
Five short courses for
adults will be offered by
the University of Nebras
ka at the 1967 Fall Festi
val of Learning in Lincoln.
The seventh annual pro
gram of non-credit courses
is sponsored by the Uni
versity Extension Division,
the Lincoin City Libraries
and the adult education de
partment of the Lincoln
Public Schools.
Interested persons may
obtain registration forms at
all Lincoln public libraries
or from the University Ex
tension Division at Nebras
ka Hall. All classes will be
held at the Lincoln Bennett
Martin Library.
A course entitled Foreign
Policy in the Middle East
and Asia will be instruct
ed by Dr. Ivan Volgyes,
assistant professor of politi
cal science. Participants
will examine United States
foreign policy, with particu
lar emphasis on this coun
try's involvement in the
Middle East and Southeast
The class will continue
for five Mondays beginning
Sept. 25.
Dr. Alan J. Pickering,
director of the United Cam
pus Christian Fellowship
will instruct a course on
Great Religions of the
World. Students will dis
cuss major beliefs of Bud
dhism. Judaism and Islam
and will point out the po
litical implications of each
in current world problems.
The course will continue
for three Mondays begin
ning Sept. 25.
Problems of Alcohol and
Alcoholism will be taught
by Dr. J. Fred Sills of Uni
versity Health Services.
The course will consider
such a future date as the
legislature shall deter
mine." the statute states.
The tuition of about 250
students is now being
waived and the number is
expected to increase sub
stantially, according to J.
Harold Pine, deputy direc
tor of the State Veterans
Students need only apply
for the waiver once during
their college career, unless
they change schools, Pine
The deadline for a tuition
waiver for the present se- j
mester has past, but stu- ;
dents may apply now for j
benefits next semester, ac- j
cording to the University
Bureau of Veterans' Affairs. I
"Shoot the Piano Player"
a f reiicn mm oy rrancois
-iwft ,m k cw.,., m
. " v . ' .
IZ . a,A ua,.s UCIU1S
f-auemy ara tor iuie
ln l.he P1"""- appears in con-
cm ,nJlcT!,"P"?-
Other highlights of the
Wednesday night foreign se-
ries at Sheldon include two
more films by Truffaut, "400
the many personal and so
cial problems related to al
cohol as well as current
programs of treatment for
the alcoholic. The series is
planned for person work
ing in service agencies and
for members of families in
which alcoholism is a prob
lem. The class will be conduct
ed for three Wednesday
evenings beginning Sept. 27.
An introduction to Span
ish will be instructed by
Dudley Osborn.
Insurance Facts for Lay
men will be conducted by
Dr. Curtis M. Elliott and
Bert Rodgers, professor of
economics and insurance.
Emphasis will be on under
standings needed for plan
n i n g effective insurance
programs for families.
The course will continue
for three Tuesdays begin
ning Oct. 10.
(All activities in Nebras
ka Union unless otherwise
Ticket Exchange 10 a.m.
TEE 4 p.m.
TASSELS 4:30 p.m.
UNICORN'S 7 p.m.
SELORS 7:30 p.m.
Activity Mart Set
For Wednesday
An activities mart for up
perclassmen will be held
Wednesday from 2 p.m. un
til 5 p.m. .
AWS sponsors the event
and an AWS representative
reported all campus organ
izations have been invited
to participate.
Booths will be in the Ne
braska Union Ballroom and
all upperclassmen may par
ticipate. Qualifications for
membership in the organi
zations are set by the vari- j
ous groups. :
How wide
ould a
''Shetland be?
Soft textures, lighter weight, and subtly blended colourings reminiscent of the heaths and
moors of northern England, give these Shetlands a distinction that can be achieved by no
other fabric. Knots neatly and beautifully complements traditional sportswear, blazers
and suitings. To know all the facts on traditional neckwear write for the 4ree booklet
"Tiemanship." Resilio Traditional Neckwear, Empire State Bldg., N.Y.. N.Y. 10001.
P.S. We say a traditional Shetland should be 3" wide but no slimmer.
At BEN SIMON V SONS, Lincoln, Nebraska, ERAKSCS. KEN'S STORE, Omaha, Ne.
Modern Films
Blows" and "Jules and Jim",
r-t -1-ii i ac ........
wiowr 11 anu icapcuuvc-
"400 Blows" was Truffaufs
first feature film, released in
1959, and claimed by some
!;,,, k m w t
the New York critic's Award
and the Director.s Prize at
the Cannes Film Festival.
"Jules and Jim", one of
the most popular of the post-
World War II French films,
stars Jeanne Moreau, Oskar
Werner and Henri Serre. It
was tne winner ot tne ui- fte program is called New
rector's Award at the Mar del cinema and was originally
Plata Festival in 1962 presented by the Film De-
WEDNESDAY SERIES artment of New York's Lin
Two other films included in coin Center. It offers an op
the semester for the Wednes- portunity to see some of to-
7 day series are "Summer
Skin by Torre Nilsson of Ar- ing by such directors as God
gentina. and "Death of a Cy- ard, Polanski, Lester and
clist" by Juan Bardem of Truffaut.
sPair- Part One of New Cinema
Last year's experimental wjn be shown twice at 2:30
series now alters its format, p.m. and 7:30 p.m. October
combining forces with the 12 and 13. Part Two runs
Wednesday foreign films. October 19 and 20.
Some experimental short sub- All of the films are shown
ject films will be: "That's jn the Sheldon Auditorium.
Me" by Walker Stuart and The Wednesday foreign film
Albert Maysles, "Jail Keys series alternates weeks with
Made Here" by Lee Boltin, the Foreign Film Society's
"The Smile" by Serge Bour- showings at the Nebraska
guignon, "Help! My Snow- Theatre. The Sheldon films
man's Burning Down" by are at 7:30 on Wednesday!
Carson Davidson, and "The and Sundays.
String Bean" by Edmond
Sechan who has also done
"Red Balloon" and "The Si
lent World".
The Sunday series of Amer
ican classic films at Sheldon
will feature an episode in the
"Perils of Pauline" before
each of the scheduled movies.
The first episode in titled
"Trial By Fire."
This series should have
great appeal to American lit
erature students, according to
Jon Nelson, assistant direct
or of Sheldon. Orson Welles,
William Faulkner, Booth Tar
kington and Paddy Chayefsky
are some of the names that
stand out in the series of
American classic films.
"The Goddess", written by
Chayefsky and directed by
John Cromwell, will be shown
October 15. It stars Kim
Stanley and Lloyd Bridges.
Bogart fans can view "The
Big Sleep" October 29. "Mem
ber of The WTedding", from
the Faulkner novel, is sched
uled for November 19 with
the Brandon de Wilde, Ethel
Waters and Julie Harris. Or
son Welles, director of "Citi-
Free Film Developing
Week of September 18-23
Block and white roll film only
When prints ore ordered.
You pay (or
Lower Level
presents "The
Amber sons"
based on the Tarkington nov-
el. It stars Joseph Cotton,
Agnes Moorehea, Ann Bax-
tcr and Tim Holt.
chart k-hmc
In addition to the Wednes-
dav and Sunday 6eres at
Sheldon, two full length pro-
grams of short films by dis
tinguished directors will b
co-sponsored with the Ne
braska Union Film Commit-
day's most creative film mak-
AWS will sponsor a ori
entation seminar for all
Freshmen Lincoln women
Thursday at 7:30 p.m. in
the Nebraska Union.
Maggie Evenson, AWS
workers coundil chairman,
said the event has been
scheduled to acquaint these
coeds with the University.
Speakers featured at the
orientation will represent
three campus organizations,
according to Miss Evenson.
A delegate from ASUN will
speak to the group on cam
pus politics and govern
ment, and Mortar Boards
will discuss campus activ
ities and honories.
Also, AWS officers will
acquaint the women with
AWS rules, regulations, and
election procedures.
prints only!
Nebraska Unisa
zen Kane"
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TaMsaaaaai bwi
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