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    MONDAY, APRIL 17. 1967
The Daily Nebraskan
Page 3
PMA Sinfonia To Give !iet Caat 'Spontaneity Key To Success;'
4 , .. tt ' tt T,uPPosea Melodramas To Be Presented
ronraitS in jaZZ 1A Professors
Members of Phi Mu Al
pha Sinfonia, a music fra
ternity will present their
annual scholarship concert
Tuesday, April 18 at 7:30
p.m. in the Nebraska Union
The program entitled
"Portraits in Jazz IX" will
feature a variety of vocal
and instrumental groups.
Music Scholarships
Proceeds will be used to
finance two $100 freshman
music scholarships. The
scholarships are annually
presented by Phi Mu Al
pha to Nebraska high
school seniors showing out
standing ability in music.
The selections of three
jazz musicians, Thelonius
Monk, Will Jackson and
Louis Bellson, will be per
formed by the University
Lab Band under the direc
tion of Dennis Schneider,
assistant professor of brass
The Lab Band will also
play an original number,
"Invention for Alto Saxo
phone and Trumpet" by
John Mills, a University
graduate student in music.
Bach Swingers
The Bach Swingers un
der student director John
Mollison will present "Fu
gue in D Major" from the
Well-Tempered Clavier and
several other numbers.
Several gospel jazz selec
tions including "Is You All
on the Alter" will be pre
sented by the H. Moncrief
Rowe-Anderson quintet Ne
braska basketball star,
Nate Branch, will play the
organ for the quintet.
Trudy D u e m e y and
Wayne Stoeber, University
students who were winners
in the 1967 Sinfonia Jazz
Poll, will sing at the spe
cial jazz concert. Miss Due
mey will sing "Alfie" and
Stoeber will sing "Free
Tickets for the concert
are on sale at the Student
Union and the University
Department of Music.
SDS To Sponsor
Teach-in On Draft
(All meetings are at the
Nebraska Union unless
otherwise noted.)
ASUN Academic Re-,
search Committee, 3:30 pm.
3:30 p.m.
UNION Film Committee,
3:55 p.m.
DELTA ZETA, 5:30 p.m.
PHI MU, 5:45 p.m. '
SLNFOXIA Jazz Concert
Piehearsals, 6 p.m.
TOWXE Club, 6 p.m.
DELTA ZETA, 6 p.m.
7 p.m.
UNICORNS, 7 p.m.
7 p.m.
DELTA ZETA, 7 p.m.
PHI MU, 7 p.m.
MATH Counselors, 7:30
CAMPUS Life Committee,
4 p.m.. East Union.
4:30 p.m.
UNSEA, 7 p.m.
A teach-in on the draft
will be sponsored by the
Students for a Democratic
Society April 30, according
to Cater Chamblee, SDS
He stated that the teach
in would be held in either
the Nebraska Union ball
room or Love Library.
Speakers will probably in
clude someone from the lo
cal civil service board, a
representative of the Du
Bois Club in Chicago, a
member of the Mennonite
religious sect, several rep
resentatives of national
SDS, and someone from the
American Friends Service
Chamblee said that the
SDS would also like some
one to represent the Young
Americans for Freedom or
the John Birch Society if
they can be found. However
so far SDS has been un
able to contact such a person.
Ad Board Yet
No Count On
Ballots for the Ad
visory Board election
have not been counted,
according to Mel Sch
lachter, advisory board
committee chairman.
He said the results will
be released during the
first part of this week.
The Bill of Rights bal
lots also have not been
completely counted.
Dr. Paul B y e r I y,
ASUN advisor, said the
results will be known by
Approximately 15 Univer
sity professors and students
took part Saturday after
noon in a "Peace March"
throughout downtown Lin
coln in conjunction with
marches held through
out the nation.
Mrs. Zana Hepperly, Uni
versity junior majoring in
history, said that in all
about 50 people partic
pated. Besides the Univer
sity participants, there were
also marchers from Nebras
ka Wesleyan University and
some professional people.
She said representatives
from two Lincoln organiza
tions, the Nebraskans for
peace in Vietnam and cit
izens for a SANE nuclear
policy, participated in the
march. Students for a Dem
ocratic Society did not
take part, she said.
The procession began in
front of the Nebraska Un
ion, proceeded to 11th and
O Sts. and then returned to
the Union.
Mrs. Hepperly said the
march was in support of
the nationwide protest
marches against the war in
140 No. 13th SL
In the yjST
Virgin Islands ffiyy '
where the )&m
tad guys p6
are girls! J
The new... T Flint aivenlme-
Deluxe Shirt
21st t o 13th & F
vmm fco save
spvrls COTS ptJTCtlBMtf
wl Mi
m S12M i
1731 "V
Cinema scopa Color by Deluxe
i J
Committee for
Rescuing Italian Art
This organization is raising funds
to salvage the vast number of art
pieces damaged in the tragic
floods in Italy.
by attending this
fine film
"Florence, Days of Destruction"
Sunday, April 23, 7 and 9 p.m.
Monday, April 24, 10:33, 1:00 end 2:00
Tickets 1.00
Italian dob Isotb ia Student Unio
Uoula Vdurrteen for CRU
Iff HB
! is
Free to
25? to others
A iit-w booklet, puWiilied by a
non-profit educational fouoda
' ion, tell whkb career field lets
yvu make the best use of all
your college training, including
Ijbcral-art courses which
career fit-Id offer 100,000 orw
job every year whkti career
field produce more corporation
jTikidt-otf than any other what
warring salary you can expect
Juw K-nd djd with your name
and jddrttt. Thi 24-page,
rrtr-guide booklet, "Oppor
tumtiet in Selliog," wili be
mailed to you. No cost or oUi
leatwni Address: Council on Op
pouunkiei.550 Fifth Avt,Ncw
Yoik 36, N. Y, '
ft , .
With four days to show
time, a rehearsal for the
two melodramas to be pre
sented this Friday and Sat
urday will probably be held,
the Olde Crusty Minstrels
have announced.
"Our directors believe
spontaneity is the key to
melodramatic s u c c e s s,"
said Founding Father John
Winkworth. "The rehearsal
is not definite and will be
held only if we can all get
Two Melodramas
At a cost of 50c per per
son and 75c per couple the
audience will be treated to
2 melodramas He Done
Her Wrong or Wedded But
No Wife, and The Great
Western Melodrama. They
will be presented at 8 p.m.
this Friday and Saturday in
the Nebraska Union Ball
room. "Audience participation
will be encouraged through
group singing, throwing pop
corn at the villain, and boo
ing and hissing," Winkworth
Barbershop Quartet
He added that a barber
shop quartet will lead a
group sing at intermission.
"It's not a very reputable
group, so their name will
not be given."
"The quartet, like the
rest of the show, will be in
costumes of the Gay Nine
tees' Era," he said. "The
entire show will have elab
orate sets, exquisite scen
ery, and a cast of thousands
at a cost of peanuts."
Master of Ceremonies
"Leading this whole mess
will be our effervescent
Master of Ceremonies, Phil
Boardman, who also doubles
as the hero of the first
melodram a," Wink
worth continued.
"Our sensuous kitten of
the keys, Kathy Augustin,
will bang out the accom
paniment," he said.
"Of course everything has
to have a worthy cause and
the Olde Crusty Minstrels
Christ Goes
to Brooklyn.
Too cant eon' him man.' In the Ma v Pazerat a ooncaceons
clergyman goes into the heart of the slums to bring religion to
the people. Read how ha interprets the Bible for delinquents
in their own language, and them pour through the SO other
interesting and provocative articles in this issue.To keep up with
what's happening in the world todayyead FageantBuy the May
A lively thought
provoking magazine.
Our May tene b now on sak.
yiii ii
Vhen You Must Keep Alert
When you cant afford to b drowsg
Inattentive, or anything less than til
then. . .here' how to stay on top.
VEftV Continuous Action Alertness
Capsules deliver the awakeness of
two cups of coffee, stretched out
up K six nours. Odie j
and non-haDit-formina. llrXV
Continuous Action
Alertness Capsules
If you're graduating
this June,
here's your chance to get
a running head start
in a successful career.
There' only one hitch: U will take eight month of your time.
But measured against result, these eight month could be the most advanta-
l ecu one youH ever spend.
If you have the right qualification- a B.A. or B.S. degree and a genuine
interest in tucceeding-yon may be one of a telect poup of young men partici
paling in the new Management Internship Program at Saranac Lake in the
Lake Placid area of upstate New York.
Thi unprecedented program start in tif.y Sfpffb and spomored by
the American Management Association -the world largest and foremost
non-profit educational organization devoted to advancing and tharing the
principle of sound management throughout the entire management com
munity. Lat year alone some U00 separate AMA educational program wert
attended by more than 100,000 manager representing tuch diverse field a
businea, education, labor, government, religion, public health, and the com
munications media.
Everything about the Management Internship Program h unique. The
Management Center where you'll live and ttudy it equipped with every recent
technical advance in educational methodology. The faculty i drawn from
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but few posses -including well-developed leaderhip sUll ...a sophisticated
understanding of the interrelationships between business and other social and
economic organizations... a thorough indoctrination in the various phase
of management. ..and a firm grasp of practical business technique.
In addition, you win have the invaluable opportunity to associate with the
company presidents, labor leaders, government official and other top-level
administrators who participate in AMA' regularly scheduled meetings.
It's unlikely that there is a manager at work today who would not have
welcomed a comparable opportunity to get a practical orientation in manage
ment before embarking on hi demanding career. Can you afford to pas it up?
For further detail on the Management Inlemship Program - including
Iiiformation on scholarships and fellowships - vrite to:
Or. Robert LBrtgharo
American Ssemflt Association, tnc
Th American Mf9.mnt Association BuUdtnB
IK Watt Wth 8trti, Htm tors, N. V. 100
have decided to give a scho
larship to the most worthy
senior through the Nebras
ka Foundation," he con
tinued. Criteria
Winkworth said the cri
teria hadn't been set up yet
but added, "It will be clos
est to the following: the
senior who has been on
scholastic probation the
greatest percentage of his
college career or the senior
who misses graduation be
cause he got his applica
tion in the mail too late."
"Tiqkets will be available
from cast members and in
the Nebraska Union," Wink
worth added.
"Why This Mad, Mad,
Mad, Mad Madness is so
Mad" by Seaton I and Bur
nett I won the first place
trophy for skits at Selleck's
third annual April Foolish
ness, Saturday.
The winning skit, direc
ted by Peg Kaufman, satir
ized Selieck food, University
red tape, and Student
A group of male balle
rinas, "The Three Twinks,"
won first place in group
traveler's acts. Members of
the group were Jane Ben
der, Connie Blamberg, Faye
Waid, Glen Thor, John
Thompson and Tom Pluta.
Ken Burrett performed a
fire sabre dance with flam
ing batons to win the indi
vidual traveler's acts division.
See Sammy Davis, Jr.!
at Pershing Auditorium
Tickets may be purchased i the Nebraska Union r at
Pershing Aadttorhm. $3.00 $350 $40.
S.-00 pjrt,
April 20
On Campus Am
Cjr the author of "Rally RowS. Ihe Flag, BoytT,
"Dobie GiUis," etc)
Too, like any other lovable, clean-living, freckle-faced
American kid, want to be a BMOC. How can yoimake itr
Well sir, there are several ways, none of .which will
You're too puny to be an athlete, too lazy to be a valedic-j
torian. and too hairy to run for Homecoming Queen. j
As for becoming a best-dressed man, how are yon going?
to buy clothes with a miser for a father? w,
Are yon licked then? Is there no way to make BMOC 7
Yes, there is 1 And you can do it! Do what? Thw:
Become a hippie! Get cool! Get alienated! Have am
Identity Crisis! Be one of the Others!
How? Well sir, to become a hippie, simply follow tnesoj
five simple rules:
L Read all of Tolkien in the original dwarf.
2. Have your Sophomore Slump in the freshman yea
a. Wear buttons that say things like this :
4. Go steady with a girl who has long greasy hair, a gui
tar, enlarged pores, and thermal underwear.
& Attend Happenings regularly.
This last item may require some explanation, for it fa
possible that Happening haven't reached your campus
yet Be assured they will because Happenings are the big
gest college craze since mononucleosis.
A Happening, in case you don't know, is the first form
less art form Things jut happen. For example, eighty
naked men come out and squirt each other with fire hosea
containing tinted yogurt Then eighty more naked men
come out and light birthday candles in tbe navels of tho
first eighty men. Then one girl, clothed, come out and
pulls three thousand feet of sausage casing through her
pierced esr. Then eighty more naked men come out and
eat a station wagon.
There is, of course, a musical accompaniment to au
these fun thing. Usually it is "Begin the Beguine," played
by 26 trench mortars, a drop forge, and a rooster.
There used to be, some years ago, still another require
ment for becoming a hippie : a man bad to have a beard.
But no longer. Beards were worn in the past not so
much as a protest but because shaving was such a painful
experience. Then along came Personna Super Stainless
Sted Blades. , ,
Today if you don't want to shave, welL that your
hangup, isn't it baby? 1 mean when you've got a blada
like Personna that tugs not neither does it scrape, what
your eopout man? I mean like get with it; you're living"
in the past Shaving used to hurt, used to scratch, used to
gouge, used to give you all kinds of static But not sine
Personna. It'a a gaa, man. It's a doozy; it's mom's appto
pie. You dig? . , .
I mean, man, you still want a beard? Crazy I But yo
don't have to turn your face into a slum, do you? Shav
around the bush, baby, neatly and nicely with Personna.
I mean like Personna comes in double-edge styta and
Injector style too. 1 mean like any way you try it, yo
gotta like like it
Q i
Key, tun, Uks hem mbout doubling yomr ikavlng coot?
Like horn about witting thot erory whisker with tomo
Burma-Shav? LUv regular or menthol? Llka havo
fmm got a better friend than four hiuert Like treat 1$
right, rightt Xe-fl.