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I Believe
By Tom Henderson
Five years ago Mr. R. Roberts was just another name
on an airliner's passenger list at Lincoln Municipal Air
port. The name still means nothing to most Nebraska foot-
ball fans, but the man behind the name has since be
come the Moses of Nebraska football.
Really Devaney
For that man was in reality Bob Devaney who is five
short years as head football coach has led Nebraska foot
ball" fortunes from the dark path of obscurity to the bright
lights of national greatness.
Each step Devaney has taken since first setting foot
on Nebraska soil has turned Nebraska football fortunes to
Another Stride
Tuesday morning the Husker coach took another stride
which will soon determine whether or not he really does
have that "Midas touch."
The University Board of Regents Tuesday morning
named Devaney to replace recently departed Tippy Dye
as athletic director. Now Devaney must prove he can
spread himself thinly enough to keep the football team
on top and also build the rest of the athletic program to
acceptable standards.
Good Start
The task, although not a simple one, is already off to
a good start, thanks to Dye.
Dye arrived in Nebraska in December of 1961, faced
with the problems of completely rebuilding a floundering
athletic program.
First Move
His first move brought Devaney and almost instant
success to the Husker football program and his second
brought Nebraska basketball to its greatest success in the
school's history.
Coupled with a first-rate track team, Dye left Devaney
an inheritance with a solid foundation.
"Minor" Sports
However, the problem lies in building Nebraska's
"minor" sports into consistent contenders for the Big
Eight championship.
Coach Tony Sharpe's baseball teams have had their
ups and downs, but have at least finished in the upper
division during the past few years, and the NU swimming
team has also finished in the upper division.
But the rest of the Husker teams have been buried
somewhere between fifth and last.
Fitting Tribute
The appointment of Devaney as athletic director is a
fitting tribute to a man who has brought University of
Nebraska football back from obscurity and to the man
who brought him here Tippy Dye.
We believe it will be interesting to see if Devaney can
meet this new challenge without sacrificing the success of
Husker football.
Iowa State Big Eight
Favorite In
Iowa State, with seven of
the eight individual leaders
and a national ranker in
each of the individual ev
ents, is a heavy favorite to
win its third straight Big
Eight conference gymnas
tics championship this Fri
day -and Saturday at the
University of Nebraska Col
iseum. ".twfe Cyclones, hoping to
Improve their co-third spot
nationally of the last two
years, bring back two de
fending Big Eight champi
ons in Jim Barber and
Jerry Fontana. Last year,
Barber took the floor exer
cise crown, while Fontana
grabbed off his second
straight all-around and
horizontal bar champion
ships. Host Nebraska
Host Nebraska, building
back after surrendering
the dominent spot to Iowa
State two years ago, has
two strong . all-around per
formers in May and John
sen, as well as Beran, who
was third in the long horse
and fifth in all-around com
petition at last year's meet
Going into this meet,
Barber is tied with team
mate Mike Jacki for the
top spot in floor exercise
and Fontana leads the Big
Eight in both the high bar
and all-around rankings. In
addition to these two lead
ers, the Cyclones also have
Jacki leading in the still
rings. Homer Sardina best
in the long horse, Jerry
Crowder on top in parallel
bars, and Tim Clarke
We feature Accutrotf
the most accurate
Accutron's tuning fork
replaces tht outdated bal
ance wheel that's found in all
watches. Stop by to we can tell
more. Starting with the right
day. Accutron by Butova. From
showing the best trampo
line routine.
Aiid Others
It is not just these six
leaders for Iowa State,
however, as Mark Wilcox,
Ward Meythaler, Dave
Kremer, Ernest McDonald
and Bob James also are
listed in the individual
rankings, showing the
great depth sported by the
This team strength has
paced Iowa State to the
team lead as the Cyclones
go into the championships
averaging over 186 points
a meet. This outdistances
the next three, Colorado,
Nebraska and Kansas. Col
orado leads the three-way
battle for second with its
170.7 average, followed by
Nebraska (164.77) and Kan
sas (163.94). Then come
Oklahoma (145.80) and
Kansas State (143.0).
Cyclone Pushers
Figured to push the Cy
clone individuals the most
are Colorado's Jack Ryan,
Bob Fisher, and Dan Ev
ans; Kansas State's Gary
Parker and Colin Camp
bell; Kansas' Bob Pierson,
Gerry Denk, and Wayne
Dixon; Nebraska's Pat
McGill, Bob Santoro, Rich
Beran, Steve May, and
Mickey Johnsen, and Okla
homa's Tom Sexton.
Ryan, top ranked in the
side horse, won the Big
Eight title in the side horse
last year before going on
and taking the national
AAU crown for the event.
in the
time of
Gets NU
AD Job
Bob Devaney, University
football coach, has been
named the new Athletic Di
rector by the Board of Re
. gents.
"I'm pleased that they
gave me this position," De
vaney said of the job vacat
ed by Tippy Dye when he
resigned to become athlet
ic director at Northwestern
Pittenger Remains
Devaney indicated that
he expects assistant athlet
ic director and ticket
manager Jim Pittenger to
remain in his job.
Likewise, Bill Fisher is
expected to stay as the ath
letic department's business
Possible Assistant
"And it is a possibility
that one of the football
coaches will serve as an
assistant," said Devaney.
He added that he would
recommend an assistant at
the next meeting of the Re
gents, but named no one
as his candidate.
Although Devaney will
now be responsible for over
seeing all varsity sports,
no salary raise was an
nounced by the Regents.
He now earns $25,500 per
year as football coach.
Last season the Huskers
were 9-2, bringing Nebras
ka to the 1967 Sugar Bowl.
Devaney has a career
coaching record of 82-18-5.
Sofetball Rosters
Due March 21;
Play In April
Intramural Softball en
tries are due March 21. The
entries must include a ros
ter sheet.
With games scheduled to
begin early next month, the
office of Joel Meier, intra
mural director, has released
requirements for partici
pants this season:
no spiked shoes will be
allowed. Anyone with such
shoes will cause forfeit of
the game.
each team must pro
vide ore competent umpire
for each game. The um
pires will trade jobs at each
regular Softball rules
will apply.
teams must have at
least six players at the
game, or forfeit.
Three Classifications
The tournament will be
established in three classi
fications: interfraternity, in
dependent and resident
Feel Tablet ...
Sntoker Tablet ...
Opee Bowling . .
N. 48tb A Dudley
16th & P Sts.
Just South
of Campus
s ' - ka XN 'i-v.' v I
mammmkkmkwmmmmmommkmmmaammmmmmmmm' ' ;Y i NV '
LSI Off I Pllll 11 'V''v,V :ji:PyB J"' q
Mp-"''r, Sj T iMt-W . i-'-ls-iS.,-.... piM, . i limn...!
NU Falls In NIT, 119-88 ...
Huskers Stoned, Trampled By Herd
, By GeorgeKaufman
Sports Writer
A funny thing happened
to the University of Nebras
ka basketball players on
their way to the NIT cham
pionship. They tripped on a
Stone and got trampled by
a Thundering Herd Monday
night in Madison Square
The Stone was Marshall
University's 6-7 junior hot
shot George Stone, who
broke the Huskers backs
with a near-record 46 points
and the Herd was the un
stoppable Thundering Herd
of Marshall, which stam
peded the Huskers off the
Garden floor with a record
shattering 119-88 quarter
final victory in NIT play.
Joe Cipriano's fast-break
Intramural Competition Nearing
For Horshoe, Tennis Buffs
Braving the possibility of
March going out like a lion,
intramural tennis arid horse
shoe competition will begin
shortly after March 21 en
try deadlines.
In both events there will
be only doubles play with
each organization allowed
six team entries.
Room 102, Physical Edu
cation Building, 5 p.m. next
Tuesday are the deadline
Tennis participants will
be required to furnish one
can (3 balls), tennis rack
ets and the proper type of
shoes. No tennis "N" winn
ers are eligible for the tour
nament. The horseshoes competi
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j us ri
ing Huskers were out-fasted
by Elias Johnson's Herd
from the start, as the
sharpshooting Stone hit six
of his first seven shots from
the field to push Marshall
out to a commanding 23-9
lead, and never rested to
give the cold-starting Husk
ers a chance to get back in
the contest.
Willie Campbell's 12 first
half points allowed the
Huskers to hang in at 58-39
by halftime, but even Tom
Baack's ' 25-point second
half explosion couldn't
make it respectable, as his
outburst was overshadowed
by the blizzard of baskets
racked up by Marshall as
they opened a 33-point lead
with 8:31 left in the contest.
tion will be a single elim
ination affair, with matches
being played east of the Col
iseum. Shoes may be
checked out at the Physical
Education Building cage.
Beta Theta Pi holds the
all-University champions
MARCH 17, 18
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Nebraska went to one of
its favorite weapons
throughout the season, the
full-court press, several
times in hopes of slowing
down the barrage by the
Herd, but Marshall let
guard Dan D'Antoni take
care of that matter.
Not Much Luck
"We didn't have too much
luck with the press," said
Husker guard Stuart Lantz
after the game. "They had
a very fast little guard
(D'Antoni, 5-11) who gave
us a lot of trouble there.
"We thought we could
catch them coming out at
the second half," said the
All-Big Eight guard, "but
the way they were shooting
it just didn't happen that
way. Stone was unbeliev-
title in both sports. Individ
ually Beta's Steve Burdic
and Larry Rau are the
horseshoe champs, but the
Tennis doubles title is un
der the ownership of Bill
and John Roehrs of Beta
Sigma Psi.
the - spot!. . in
able: he was the best shot
I've ever seen Monday
New Record
Marshall reserve Keith
Blankenship sank two free
throws with two minutes
left to put Marshall ahead
117-84 and crack the old
NIT team scoring record of
116 set by Bradley against
Xavier, Ohio, in 1957.
The defeat was also the
worst ever suffered by the
Scarlet-and-Cream, eclips
ing the 110-ppint drubbing
at Lawrence last year.
And More
D'Antoni did more than
solve the press, however,
as he collected 24 points for
Elias Johnson's Herd, fol
lowed by Jim Davidson
with 23 and Bob Redd's 17.
Campbell had a good night
as he picked up after Baack
with 17, while Nate Branch,
playing his last game as a
Cornhusker along with
Cambell, Frank Empkey
and Charlie Stone, had 14
as the only other double-
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140 No. 13th St.
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MftM! TIUfT M IWIIM MMClttlM HffHtrt flNIH MtttftT tf MMCf CMMIM
will be ct your Placement
dirited Nebraskan. A re
frigerated Lantz was held
to only nine points.
The Herd now joins
favored Southern Illinois in
the semifinals Thursday
night, and the finals will be
televised Saturday. Mar
shall's record going into the
semi's is 20-6, and they are
riding on an eight-game
winning streak, including
impressive wins over Villa
nova and Nebraska.
The Huskers head home
from the big city owning
a 16-9 mark and a share of
the Big Eight runner-up
spot with Colorado.
Softball Meeting
Intramural softball man
agers will have a meeting
March 21 at 7 p.m. in the
P.E. Building, Room 114.
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