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    MONDAY, MARCH 6, 1967
The Daily Nebraska.
Pag !
Miss Atkinson
Ten Named As Finalists
Ten University coeds
have been named as final
ists for the May queen title.
The winner will be chosen
in an election of all junior
and senior women on
Wednesday and will reign
over the traditional Ivy Day
ceremonies May 6.
The finalists were elected
from a field of approxi
mately 50 applicants by
votes cast by junior and
senior women. The elections
are held under the auspices
of Mortar Board.
The finalists include Bar
bara Atkinson, Dede Dar
land, Halle Drake, Natalie
Hahn, Ruth Ann Larson,
Joan McClymont, Sally
Miss McClymont
niiMimiiisi Hill II J"'J WWWW. m " mmmmmmimm .m-MiW?. sassssasssaasa amuiuni iii II ill " mmmmi!tlKVW
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, V i' ill mini i i.w iHOHmummmmmmmm mf-mnmmmmM ,,1 -s6fsi whii.i.i""iii i nni ,,, , 1
Bill May Replace ...
Tuition Resolution
Would Set State
A legislative resolution
which would set policy on
University tuition rates may
be replaced by a bill.
Sen. Terry Carpenter Fri
day got legislative permis
sion to delay action on LR6
for ten days to give him
time to prepare a bill that
could replace it.
LR6, now re-scheduled for
floor debate Monday March
13, calls for a legislative
policy decision that students
at state high education in
stitutions pay not more than
one-third of the costs of
their education. The other
two-thirds would be paid by
the state tax funds.
Resolution Introduced
The resolution was intro
duced by Sens. Ross Ras
mussen and Richard Mar
vel and drew support from
the University administra
tion and Student Senate at
a public hearing a month
Carpenter had earlier cri
tized the resolution as be
ing too weak and said that
a bill should replace it. Ras
mussen said he did not sub
mit the resolution as a bill
because he felt he could not
get legislative approval of
a bill. A bill would put the
body on record more force
fully than a resolution
Under the resolution's
terms, it would be advisable
(All meetings are at the
Nebraska Union unless oth
erwise noted.)
12:30 p.m.
ney Lens," 3 p.m.
ASUN, Academic Re
search Committee, 3:30
UNION Film Committee,
3:45 p.m.
TASSELS, 4:30 p.m.
Meeting, 4:30 p.m.
DELTA ZETA, 5:30 p.m.
PHI MU, 5:45 p.m.
TOWNE CLUB, 6 p.m.
UNICORNS, 7 p.m.
7 p.m.
DELTA ZETA, 7 p.m.
sal, 7 p.m.
PHI MU, 7 p.m.
7:30 p.m.
Miss Darland
Morrow, Polly Rhynalds,
Diane Smith and Karen
Miss Atkinson is a mem
ber of Pi Beta Phi sorority,
Builders, Angel Flight and
was vice president of Little
Sisters of Minerva. She is a
senior in Teachers College.
YWCA vice president and
AWS Board member, Miss
Darland is scholarship
chairman for Alpha Delta
Pi sorority and a senior in
both Teachers college and
Arts and Sciences.
A senior in Teachers col
lege, Miss Drake is a mem
ber of Kappa Kappa Gam
ma sorority and Family
Project. She is also a for
Miss Morrow
for non-residents to pay
two-thirds of their educa
tional costs.
Tuition Recommendations
The tuition recommenda
tions offered by Gov. Nor
bert Tiemann would have
students pay 37 per cent of
their educational costs. The
University figures students
now pay 40 to 43 per cent
of costs. University officials
use a different calculation
system than the governor's
office does.
Carpenter had criticized
Tiemann for his tuition
proposals. He said he does
not feel University tuition
should bo raised "a quarter."
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majoring in
are invited to meet with our representative on campus
Contact your Procomont Office for an appointment
City of Detroit Civil Service Commission
Miss Drake
mer member of Red Cross
and Angel Flight.
Miss Hahn is a senior in
Home Economics and past
president of Phi Mu sorori
ty. She has also served as
president of East Union
Council, Theta Sigma Phi,
journalism honorary, his
torian and a member of the
Dean's Advisory Board for
the school of home econom
ics. A senior in Teachers col
lege, Miss Larson is ACE
president, a member of An
gel Flight, personnel chair
man for Chi Omega sorori
ty, and is Princess Athena.
Miss McClymont is a stu
dent senator, chairman of
Miss Rhynalds
I Panel To Discuss Housing Issue
A panel discussion on the
housing issue will be held
next Thursday, according to
Kenneth Rawie, who orga
nized the discussion.
The discussion will be
held in the Pan American
Room of the Nebraska Un
ion at 3:30 p.m. Rawie
stated that Union Talks and
Topics has agreed to cancel
Hyde Park Thursday.
He said that the topic of
the discussion would be the
university housing policy in
feeneral "with digressions
depending on the housing
situation next Thursday.
In other words, whatever is
the center of interest next
The discussion, which will
be sponsored by Abel IV,
will have as its members
Ed Schwarzkopf, a member
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Young men or women with 15-20 hours
week to tune and voice harpsichords.
Those selected will be trained. Must
have some musical background, good
yasight and hearing. Burton Harpsi
chord Co., S17 O Street.
your RECORDS NOW before sale enda.
Miss Hahn
For May Queen
Masters Week, past presi
dent of Kappa Alpha Theta
sorority and a past mem
ber of the Arts and Science
Advisory Board. She is a
senior in Arts and Sciences
and was in Ivy Day court
last May.
A Career Scholar and sen
ior in Arts and Science, Miss
Morrow is vice president of
Kappa Alpha Theta Sorority
and a former member of
Student Senate and the Arts
and Sciences Advisory
Miss Rhynalds is a sen
ior in Teachers College and
a member of the AWS Sen
ior Key committee. She has
served as copy editor for
Miss Smith
of the Board of Regents
and Robert Ross, dean and
vice chancellor for student
Also appearing will be
Helen Snyder, associate
dean of student affairs; and
Terry Schaaf, president of
ASUN. Dick Schulze, chair
man of the Student Con
duct coriimittee, will serve
as moderator.
Rawie explained that the
discussion format calls for
initial statements by each
member of the panel.
"Schwarzkopf will ex
plain the Regents and Uni
versity's responsibility to
the state in regard to hous
ing, Miss Snyder will ex
plain the history and de
velopment of the housing
regulations and how she in
terprets the change in at
1711 Van Dora
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Miss Larson
the Daily Nebraskan, and
Blueprint magazine, presi
dent of Sigma Kappa sorori
ty and a member of Angel
Vice president of AWS
and Alpha Phi sorority,
Miss Smith is a senior in
Arts and Sciences and has
served as a Builders chair
man and a member of 1966
Ivy Day Court.
Miss Westerberg is a sen
ior in Teacher college, stu
dent senate associate
chairman and U.N.S.E.A,
vice president. She is Alpha
Xi Delta sorority member
ship chairman and has
served as a Red Cross
Miss Westerberg
titudes of the
Rawie stated.
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"O" Strer Phon
Open Daily Including All Day
Teachers College To Vote
On Advisory Constitution
A referendum on the con
stitution of proposed Teach
ers College Student Advi
sory Board will be held
Monday and Tuesday ac
cording to Mel Schlachter,
chairman of the ASUN Ad
visory Board Committee.
Representatives of the
ASUN have been visiting
education classes this week
to inform Teachers College
students about the pro
posed board.
Schlachter said the Teach
ers College Board would be
similar to the Arts and
Sciences Advisory Board
which is already in opera
tion. 'Aura Of Fear9
Board Hears Claims
Of Wayne Teacher
A Wayne State College
teacher who charged that
Wayne faculty and students
live under an aura of fear,
will appear before the State
Normal Board Monday to
state his claims.
19 Grievances
The teacher, Brice Wilkin
son, listed 19 grievances
against the college adminis
tration and called the pres
ident, W i 1 1 i a m Branden
burg, a "dictator."
Wilkinson charged there
is no academic freedom out
side the classroom at
Other faculty members
disagreed with Wilkinson
and the faculty voted to cen
sure him shortly after he
spoke to the student body
and presented his griev
ances to them.
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Through Reading
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Budget Terms
with never an
extra charge.
Chance To Participate
The Board would give in
terested students a chance
to participate in their ed
ucation, he commented.
He referred to an Arts
Arts and Sciences com
mittee studying the Honors
program as an example of
what such student boards
can accomplish.
"By its very definition,
Teachers College should be
doing the same thing Arts
and Sciences is", Schlach
ter stated.
"Students in Teachers
College should be especially
concerned with education
because they are being
erties Union (NCLU) will
assist WilkiPon in his fight
against the censure action.
Wilkinson's action was set
off by the resignation of an
other teacher, Norman
Hoegberg, and by the activ
ities of the Wayne Students
who met and presented
their own list of grievances
to the college adminstration
a month ago.
The Normal Board, the
school's governing body,
has not taken any action in
the Hoegberg case pending
the report of a faculty com
mittee elected to investigate
the case.
University Flying Club Meeting
Drawing For FREE RIDES For
Prospective Members
Drawing for FREE FLIGHT
Time For Members
7:30pm Tuesday, Mordi 7
Check Daily Calendar For Room
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trained as teachers," he
added. "If they are not
working to improve their
education, they cant expect
to get the kind of education
they should."
Schlachter termed the
Board a "chance." He said
it "could fail miserably if
it becomes just another ac
tivity for the gunners."
Voting booths will be set
up in the main floor of
Teachers College and in the
Nebraska Union. Students
may vote from 9 a.m. to
4 p.m.
If the Constitution is ap
proved by a majority of
those voting, elections for
members of the new board
will be held concurrently
with the ASUN elections.
Must Get Forms
Applications for student
senators and for ASUN execu
tive positions may be ob
tained in the ASUN office in
the Nebraska Union.
The deadline for returning
the applications is March 17.
A representative from ttit
Oxnard School District will
' be oh campus on Tuesday,
March 7, to Interview ap
plicants interested in
teaching grades kinder
garten through six.
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