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The Daily Nebraskan
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Comedy Opera
The University of Nebras
ka Theatre and the music
department will present
two one-act operas, "Rita"
and "Gianni Schicci"
Thursday to Saturday start
ing at 8 p.m. each evening
in Howell Memorial Thea
tre. Both operas are comed
ies. The story of "Rita" by
Gaetano Donizetti centers
around the mistress of an
inn who suddenly discovers
she has two husbands when
her former husband, whom
she had thought dead, turns
up at her inn.
The shrewish Rita will be
played by Sally Jane Arcn
son, her henpecked second
husband Beppo by Gary
Lamb and Wilmar Wall, her
reappearing first husband
Gasparo by James Taylor,
and the servant Barole by
Paul Surface.
"Gianni Schicci" by Gia
como Puccini is the story
of a wily peasant who,
through clever manipula
tions, manages to name
himself heir to a large sum
of money.
When the relatives of the
wealthy Florentine learned
that his estate had been
willed to a monastery, they
summoned Schicci's help in
recovering the inheritance
for themselves, and were
quite unsettled to learn
what Schicci had actually
Gianni Schicci will be
played by Dale McClellan,
Lauretta by Lorraine Mor
ris Gibb, Zita by Jean Lem
mon, and Rinuccio by Wil-
AWS Schedules Last
Senior Key Orientation
A senior key orientation
meeting will be held Fri
day, according to a report
submitted by Carol Bischoff
to the AWS Board Tues
day. This meeting will be the
only orientation this semes
ter so all students wishing
to have key privileges must
attend. In addition. Miss
Bischoff reported that she
had received parental per
mission letters from those
attending the first orienta
tion meeting.
She stated that the living
units had been informed
about the meeting. She sug
gested that members of the
AWS board attend the ori
entation if possible.
Alpha Xi Delta has re
ceived permission to have
senior keys bringing the to
tal of organized living units
with permission to 14, Al
Before you decide on the job thafs to start you on your professional
career, it's good to ask a few point blank questions . . . likei
' Will this Job let me rub shoulders with
engineers doing things that haven't been
done before, In all phases of engineering? .
Will I be woiking for an engineering
oriented management whose only standard
Is excellence?
Will I have access to experts In fields
other than my own to help me solve problems
and stimulate professional growth?
Will I be working with the widest range of
professional competence and technological
facilities in the U. S.I
Are engineering careers with this company
stable ... or do they depend upon proposals
and market fluctuations?
Why not ask these questions about Bendix Kansas City when Mr. R. E.
Cox visits the
l raj A
EL M 8 J I'iMaM
REAPPEARING HUSBAND, . . . Gasparo, played by
James Taylor, posses problems for Rita, Sally Jane
Arenson, who has taken another husband in the opera,
mar Wall and Kendal Gun
licks. Gherardo will be played
by Roy Cram, Nella by
Sandra Polheumus, Ghera
dino by Julie Norskoy, Bet
to by Wayne Stoeber, and
pha Omicron Pi, Zeta Tau
Alpha and Alpha Xi Delta
are the only living units
with permission to use
keys which have not re
ceived their keys.
Barb Beckmann, judicial
vice president, said there
had been no major prob
lems with the AWS bonus
Steph Tinan said she had
had some complaints from
journalism majors who had
been unable to take ad
vantage of their bonus night
because of journalism field
trips. She suggested a mors
flexible system might be
possible in the future.
Mrs. Jan Hazlett, resi
dence director of Sandoz,
said' there had been no dif
ficulties at Sandoz but
spreading the bonuses out
over a whole semester
would probably create difficulties.
inhere does
an engineer intern?
University of Nebraska campus
February 8 fir 9, 1967
Or you may write Mr. Cox at
Box 303 Mtt, Kansas City, Mo. 64131
PRIME CONTRACTOR FOR THE AEC Bendix Kansas City, prime con
tractor of the Atomic Energy Commission and equal opportunity
employer, produces and procures electrical and mechanical
non-nuclear components and assemblies for bombs, missile
warheads and experimental weapon devices.
Simone by Russel Thomp
son. Others in the cast include
Dean Tschetter, Kurtis
Horn and Frank Schultz,
Janet Payne, Paul Surface,
and Steven Shanahan.
The operas are under the
direction of John Zei and
musical direction of Rich
ard Grace. Both are music
faculty members at the Uni
versity. The settings for "Rita"
and "Gianni Schicci" were
designed by Robert Hall,
who last year won the Uni
versity Theatre's award for
the best scene design.
Reservations for "Rita"
and "Gianni ichicci" may
be made at the University
Theatre box office, 12th &
R Sts. or by phoning
477-8711, Extension 2072.
Red Cross Holds
Inter views Feb, 4
Interviews for Red Cross
committee chairmanships
and assistants will be held
in room 232 of the Nebras
ka Union Saturday at 8:00
Applications can be
picked up in the Union and
must be turned in to the
interviewing board by 5:00
p.m. Friday.
world depends on
Agate Springs Display
Expanded At Museum
The Agate Springs dis
play featuring skeletons of
animals that roamed Ne
braska 15 million years
ago is being expanded at
the University of Nebraska
State Museum.
Dr. C. Bertrand Schultz,
Museum director, said two
more skeletons have been
added to the Agate Springs
display, the largest of its
kind devoted to this world
famous locality.
Plans also are being
made to improve and ex
pand the Agate Springs dis
play at the University's
Trailside Museum at Fort
Robinson in line with grow
ing interest in the national
"Agate Springs, located
about 25 miles south and
west of the Fort, is the
only national park dedicat
ed to fossil mammals," Dr.
Schultz pointed out. "In re
cent months there has been
considerable interestin
Agate Springs in Nebraska
and around the nation."
The new additions to the
State Museum display in
clude a rhinocerous, Dicer
atherium cooki. About the
size of a Shetland pony,
the animal was light-limbed
and had two horns on the
skull. It replaces a speci
men shipped from the Mu
seum in Lincoln to the Uni
versity of Nebraska Trail
side Museum at Fort Rob
inson. The second animal on
It'i that simple to get your tax refund in the form of a
United States Savings Bond which you can tuck away to be
part of a down payment on a home, or the beginning of an
educational fund, or a bit of extra security when an emer
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nam and helps to keep our country strong.
display is Promerycochoer
us, a pig-like creature about
the size of a modern barn
yard pig. it was not re
constructed, but left ex
actly as it was found in the
original sand. The skeleton
is next to the world's larg
est hog.
'Bridle Club'
Contest Set
There will be a short
meeting Friday at the Horse
Barn for persons inter
ested in the annual Show
manship Contest of the Un
iversity Block and Bridle
Club to be held on Feb. 11.
The contest competition
is divided between beef,
swine and sheep showman
ship with contestants com
peting for honors in these
divisions. An overall Grand
Champion and Reserve
Champion Showman will be
chosen. In addition there
will be many trophies and
Contestants will draw for
animals in the division that
they wish to compete a
week prior to the show.
They will then groom and
work with their animal pri
or to the contest.
Further information can
be obtained from Steve
England at Farm House.
? .S H&Di4fTitmtrnit)!l!9'rtfJlwl)
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give fBj.wt. .11 fJwnit" tram .cpj.jle to H,H or joint t separate retains, ante. 195 lames rmtt
Vow' employ.
Wire s piem employer .mc .irtir. it (oint
Filing Status ci-kK only one: . . : : i. .. ..
1 D Single.
lb O Married filing joint return Oven If only one had income)
le Q Married filing separately. If your, husband or wife
:: is also filing a if turn give his Dt Iter litu name and
social security number. . ... . .
Id 0 Unmarried Head of Household ; '
in Q Saryiymj; widowfet) it!i dependrnt child ''
If i0jlT return 5 : """' f
OT . . . ' IS ' ' ftthpr inrmnt Ifrnm
intrude alt 6 Otner income (from
i . Incomeof ' total (add lines 5 end 6) . . . . ;
both husband 9 Adiustments (from page 2, Part 111, line 5) . i
and wife 9 Total incomp (subtract line 8 from line 71
Fiffure U by 10
: wwng eirhet
Uar 11 -
Tax Table
tai I
11 T,
Apply to:
wrn, Including
12 Tex (
13 ' Tota,' crcdrts i
14a Incem tax (subttacflirK 1 3 from'it.wfc
Mb Tafroti nKrrxrtin8Ptiuryeafinvstmentcrtit(attac,
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17 Total federal Income
-.' :',:. ::. : jg : rg Cstimate. tt payments Ci'icludeDt.Syvr'piJ'liitn'i'ioirnnifailja.
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21 Total (add Wsl7,'18, 19, and 3)) , . . .... ' ,
SO : ' t l I I tl l llll
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. .... m ,, amount ot line a
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sign .
herd H (O'lt leiom, BOTH HUtUANO AND
Sran htttt
Sif na!u! et P'tpartr littter Ulan
How to save your tax refund
. . . and make it grow
on Line 25 of your tax return
Tht V.8. aovmment dot not pay or thh advtrtittmtnt. ft I pmtnted u
""to i cooperation with tht Treiuwy Degartimt Hi TIM Aivntiting
.MuitiMiriiiiiiiiiiiiiiifriiiiiiiiiitiiMriiiiiiiiiiiririifiifiiiiiiiiiiiijieiiiijiiniiiiiiMfrjiitiiiiifririiiitft t ut rriiiiiiiiif
Varied Tasks Performed
By Student Faculty Senate j
The student members of
Faculty Senate committees,
perform varied roles with
in their committees.
Jim Shreck is a student
member of the subcommit
tee of s t u d e n t organlza
which is a division of the
committee on student af
fairs. He said that h i s
main job, along with that
of the committee's has been
to go over the constitutions
of student organizations
that have been approved by
the Student Senate.
Faculty members ask stu
dent members on the com
mittee their opinions of
various student organiza
tions that come before the
committee since the s t u
dents are more likely to be
familiar with the actions of
the organization. ,
"We meet on a s o m e
what irregualr basis, the
frequency of the meetings
being determined by t h e
amount of work we have to
do," Shreck sxplained.
"In addition, the entire
committee on student af
fairs has been meeting to
discuss the Student Bill of
Rights and the student
members have heen asked
to offer suggestions."
Dick Schulze, who is al
so on the committee on stu
dent affairs, serving on the
subcommittee on s t u-
U.S. Individual IncomeTax Return
.'Apt th ycf January J-Ocf.eytw U )9M,.at ftlmUttf tnt btganti -l
Exemption), Regular
z Youtwif . a
2b W.fe. . , o
3 first names of your
' ; you . . . i
3i Number of otter dependents (fom pase 2, Cert I, fine ))
Totaf1 exemptions claimed . . : . . . . ft
e,c shown on attached Forms tu? .-.ttach
mm. ? Oa.. II tti :: : : . .
pate 2, part II, tine 8)
Sh tax (line 16),
to 1967 Estimated Tax
U.S. Savings Bonds, with excess refunded
accompanying schedules and statements, and
, au uu on iriwrmauon or wnicn he fta
14a, lib, and 15) ;.!.,..;!
(ax withheld (atuch rornis W-21 . .
11 II II II 11 1 1 . l f TnilMf I) III llll I
1) Iitt than tax (Una 16), ntervpent
you tn credited to 1967 Estimated Tax . .
'.f.rJ n-,.j yt ir.clud.ii (Kuaipontici uiiodtflei ni lpnfitl. t
wire MUST
is all it
23.1 Apply tot U.S. iwil Btnds, ltn itteil refnnderf B; llehird ante j ! . - ; '.. t
"Sar, r" ... 1
. . At4-tn . . .a-n-iwM'" . f
dent social affairs and ac
tivites, said that his main
duty on the committee has
also been taking part in the
discussions on the Bill of
Rights with the student con
duct committee of ASUN.
Both Shreek and Schulze
agreed that the faculty was
very willing and receptive
on any student suggestions.
"Being a member on a
faculty committee provides
a good opportunity for the
student to voice his opinion
and for the faculty to listen,
Schulze stated.
Ron Psota, who serves
on the committee with
Schulze, suid that the facul
ty members are receptive to
what the students have to
say and are willing to work
fairly closely with the stu
dents. "Though they like to work
with students," Psota stres
sed, "they also like to try
to mold the student to their
way of thinking. They are
not willing to give in that
"Concerning the Student
Bill of Rights, it is my opin
ion that they like to drag
things out. I believe they
will approve the Bill of
Rights in some form, but
probably in the Spring when
it will be too late to do any
thing about it," Psota con
cluded. Charlie Baxter and Bruce
rgr mill security number,
(tiMm;', it jelnt return,
It ixxt. lilcd. i Wth'SflttiiwtiM
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65orovet Blind
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O I .nei.urt a-
dependent children who fftred wlfh
. .
i -.
b.OOO, find your 1
- r ti online 17.
J Ij I
J ., .t; ::. . . j
- - rl-
'''iaTT'' m w1 . ',' i 1
So think it over when you ask fof your refund this year.
Taking it in Saving Bonds is some of the easiest saving
youH ever do and the most important for your country.
Bond Facts: Savings Bonds pay you back $4 for
every $3 in only seven years . , . are replaced
free if lost, destroyed or stolen . . . have special
tax advantages . . . can be redeemed whenever the
need arises.
eemtH. .
t iiiifiiiiiiiiJiiMfiiriitf iiiif iiiitrt iiiiiiitif tiiistujf iimiiu
Jensen serve on the cal
e n d a r and examinations
committee. Both stated
that as far as they knew,
the committee had not met.
However, they expressed the
belief that the committee
would begin m e e t i n g in
Baxter said that he had
been contacted in regard to
the change in Christmas
vacation. "Apparently they
are interested in receiving
the student's opinion," Bax
ter commented.
The committee on schol
ar ships and financial aids
is apparently similar to the
previous one. The two stu
dent members, Dave Cum
mins and Robin Stickney,
both stated that as of yet
they "haven't done a
Dianne Loennig is a stu
dent member of the honors
convocation committee. She
stated that the committee
had only met once so far,
but that she understood
they would meet frequently
nearer the time of convo
cations. The student member on
the commencement com
mittee is Judi Brecka. She
explained that the faculty
members have consulted
her as to what the seniors
want in regard to arrange
ments for commencement.