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    LSD Can Be Rewarding Experience, Says
By Eileen Wirth
News Assistant
The odds are that a per
son who is in good psycho
logical health, in a comfort
able place with a person he
trusts completely when he
takes LSD will enjoy an ex
citing and rewarding experi
ence according to Dr. Henry
Cannon, director of counsel
ing servicss at the Univer
sity. Cannon told a group of stu
dents at the Wesley Founda
tion Sunday evening that on
ly a low percentage of peo
ple taking LSD and other
psychedelic drugs become
Monday, December 12,
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MAKING RELIGION RELEVANT ... the age-old problem of religious groups is dis
cussed by Mary Taylor, Jim Reed, Susan Yost and Ruth Ann Ackerman, at the Wes
ley Foundation.
Rev. Hain: Campus Churchgoers
Express Confusion, Enthusiasm
the first story in a four part
series about modern religion
and its adaptability to to
day's world. Senior Staff
Writer Ton! Victor will ex
plore religion on the Univer
sity campus and try to de
termine how it fits in with
what many authorities con
sider a "change" in the
church's attitude.
Campus churches are open
ing coffee houses, debating
the war in Viet Nam, support
ing black power and holding
folk masses.
"New morality" is the
catch phrase of the hour.
Leary preaches a religion of
LSD and Bahuallah has his
campus following.
"Is God dead?" they ask.
"I couldn't do without God
in my daily life," a c o e d
"Religion is sort of irrele
vant to problems of people
and life," stated one student.
"This is a big transition
period in the Church. We
have had a highly
standardized approach to
Catholic worship. Now there
is a certain measure of con
fusion, but also a measure
of enthusiasm," declared
Rev. Raymond Hain, of the
campus Newman Center,
Kreuscher Reappointed
As Editor Of Nebraskan
For the ' first time in re
cent years, the editor of the
Daily Nebraskan has been
re-appointed for a second
Wayne Kreuscher, Nebras
kan editor, was re-appointed
Friday by the Publications
Board for a second semester.
Kreuscher, a junior from
Lincoln majoring in journa
lism, has previously been
news editor and senior and
junior staff writer for t h e
Nebraskan. He has also
worked for the Lincoln Star
as a reporter.
Bob Ginn, business manag
er, and Jan Itkin, news edi
tor, also were re-appointed
to their positions for second
Ginn, a junior majoring in
advertising, is from Bellevue.
He worked for a Chicago ad
vertising firm last summer.
Miss Itkin is a junior, ma
"I would guess the alcohol
has killed a lot more peo
ple than LSD," he said.
"The facts probably are
that it is not as risky to
take the drug as people as
sume," he added.
One of the main problems
with LSD as it now stands
is that too little Is known
about it to be really sure
just what the effects of pro
longed usage are.
"All the legitimate sources
have been cut off and we
cannot be sure of the quality.
Currently there are no pharm
aceutical houses permitted' to
manufacture LSD. It is
a very complex problem to
who marks student at
tendance at services as some
1,250 every Sunday.
Rev. G. H. Peck of St.
Mark's on the Campus said
that there is a plea today
to recognize the relevancy of
the church. He noted that
this has been a problem
since the first century.
"While the church" may
need to get its message
across more effectively, the
listener must make an ef
fort too," stated Rev. Peck.
He noted that sometimes
people protest so loudly that
nothing is being said, that
they never hear it if some
thing is said.
"It's not a matter of the
church discarding, but of be
ing understood," he con
tinued. Rev. Charles' Stephens of
the Unitarian Church, ex
plained that "science has
done away with God." He
called the Father-type of God,
"irrelevant and immature as
a concept."
"It's the old problem of
making religion relevant,"
Rev. Stephens said concern
ing religion today.
Students and ministers
have mixed views on the role
of religion in society. While
a o m e students attend
joring in journalism, from
Omaha. She has previously
worked as senior and junior
staff writer on the Nebras
kan. The Publications Board
appointed new people to the
positions of managing editor
and sports editor. Neither of
the persons holding these
jobs this semester re-applied.
Bruce Giles, a junior ma
joring in journalism from
Lincoln, was appointed ma
aging editor. Giles has
worked as a copy editor and
senior and junior staff
writer on the Nebraskan. He
also has worked for the Lin
coln Journal.
The new sports editor is
Ed Icenogle. A freshman ma
joring in journalism from
Lincoln, he has worked as
assistant Nebraskan sports
editor and for the Lincoln
get it from the mold to the
finished product and this
takes more skill than is us
ually found," he said.
He noted that there are
some groups on campus
which use marijuana quite
freely because it is easy to
come by. However, on the
whole, the scene here is quite.
He commented that the
main danger in using LSD
is that the government has
ehut off research so that
there is an awful lot which
is not known about it a n d
its effects.
"Most people who are
pushed into psychosis by the
churches regularly, others
say that it is not important.
Churches are attempting to
change their images by creat
ing discussion groups on
current problems, and revis
ing church services.
But are coffee houses, folk
music and panel discussions
just frosting adorning that
Old-Time Religion? Or is
Christian religious thought
undergoing change?
The next installment will
deal with these questions as
campus ministers reply.
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TASSELS TEAM UP against N Club players in
what was labeled the "game of the century" at
the half-time of Saturday's NU-University of
Pacific game. The girls played with eight team
members, setting their own rules as the game
progressed to a scoreless free-for-all.
use of LSD had the gun
loaded and merely pushed
the trigger," he said.
He stressed the importance
of the right attitude and
atmosphere in determining
what kind of "trip" a per
son will have.
He said that a comfortable
living room atmosphere
where a person is prepared
to experience something
good will very likely lead to a
good "trip" while a clinical
atmosphere, in which many
early experiments were con
ducted can lead to a bad
Persons who have taken
LSD experience greater color
The Daily Nebraskan
Brown Presents Points Of Conflict
Between Rules, ASUN Rights Bill
Eleven possible points of
conflict between existing Ad
ministrative policies and the
proposed ASUN Bill of R;Ufs
were presented at a joint
meeting of the Committee uA
Student Affairs and the
ASUN Student Conduct Com
mittee Friday.
The statement was drawn'
up by Russell Brown, admin
istrative assistant to the
Dean of Student Affairs, as
a "point of departure" for
the work of the two groups.
"It is a point of focus for
the Affairs committee to use
in understanding the bill of
rights and for the Conduct
committee to see what the
existing policies are," Brown
"Some of the points in the
statement come from Re
gents by-laws or from the
Campus handbook. They are
used to show the policy con
flict with what I think the
Bill of Rights aims at. Oth
ers are my own interpreta
tion of the conflict,"
he stressed.
Brown stated that he could
not predict how the conflicts
will be resolved.
"I don't think anybody can
say right now. This is why
the Conduct committee is
meeting with the Affairs
committee. I feel that the
goals of these meetings are
to develop an understanding
of the Conduct committee's
outlook and the existing pol
icies of the University," he
"As I understand it, Dick
perceptions and visual dis
tortion. At times they may
fell their bodies are disinte
grating, he said.
In addition, many users of
LSD undergo a mystical ex
perience in which they feel
they know God and in which
they may experience a feel
ing of pure love for their
fellow men.
He noted that there are
some similarities between the
fundamentalist Christ ians
who have just been "saved"
and users of LSD on a "trip."
Dr. Cannon commented
that one of ths most harm
ful effects for the drug, in
his opinion, is that the real
Schulze designed the first
draft of the Bill of Rights
as a working paper. He pre
sented it to the Affairs com
mittee to inform it of his
committee's intent and pur
poses, and to ask for help
in developing a final copy."
Included in the list of pos
sible points rf conflict is a
statement pointing out that
specific rules and regulations
for students are currently in
"There may be some ques
tion as to whether all these
statements meet the criteria
of being clear and concise,"
the statement continues.
This point refers to a point
in the Bill of Rights saying
that a student, upon entering
the University, would receive
a clear and concise statement
of his contractual obligations
and responsibilities to the
A direct point of conflict
states that, contrary to a
Bill of Rights provision en
abling students to determine
Madrigals, Brass Ensemble
To Present Foreign Music
Traditional Christmas
songs of foreign countries will
be presented by the Univer
sity Madrigal Singers and the
Brass Ensemble Tuesday eve
ning. The annual Christmas Con
cert will begin at 7:30 p.m. in
the Nebraska Union ballroom.
The University Choral
Union and Orchestra will pre
sent Handel's "Messiah" at
3 p.m. Sunday in t h e Coli
seum. Under the direction of John
Moran, associate professor of
music, the Madrigals will
sing carols from France,
Spain, Germany, Czechoslo-
Farniliouse Rates
Scholastic Award
The University chapter of
Farmllouse fraternity has
been designated a Summa
Cum Laude chapter for the
interim summary of 1965-66
by the National Interfrater
nity Conference, Inc.
To qualify as a Summa
Cum Laude chapter a fra
ternity must be at least 30
per cent above the all un
dergraduate men's aver
age. FarmHouse rated 37.78
per cent above the all un
dergraduate men's aver
age and is first in scholar
ship for University men's
living units.
Nationally the Farm
House chapter ranks third
in relation to the percent
age of members above the
all undergraduate men's
Tuition Refunds
Available To .500
Three hundred refund
checks for students whose
original fall tuition statement
showed an excess payment
are available in the Bursar's
Office, Room 204, Administra
tion Building.
The checks have been avail
able since Oct. 12 but were
not picked up, according to
James Wickless, bursar.
Other refund checks neces
sitated by class changes dur
ing the drop-and-add period
have not been received.
world tends to become un
important to regular users
of LSD. They have little con
cern with anything that is
part of day to day existence.
"This is what scares me",
he said.
Cannon also questined the
reliability of reactions in
what is basically an intoxi
cated state.
"A person can get a lot
of answers when he is drunk
but when he is sober 95 per
cent of the brillant insights
do not stand the light of
day," he commented.
"However I think it is im
portant to acknowledge that
people have had experiences
' -
their own living accommoda
tions, the Regents By-Laws
specify that all unmarried
undergraduates are required
to live in housing approved
by the dean of student af
fairs. The statement also in
dicates that conflicts could
prise over provisions in the
Bill of Rights allowing stu
dents to determine what com
prises his permenant record,
and what does not, as the
Regents rules already ident
ify what comprises a s t u
dent's record.
Another area of the state
ment says that "institutional
authority (may) not be used
merely to duplicate the func
tion of general laws" which
in itself agrees with the Stu
dent Bill of Rights.
Discussion on the p o i n t,
however, indicates that con
flict arises over whether Un
iversity discipline in con
junction with problems aris
ing outside the University
have not been received,
vakia and the Ukraine.
Soloists are Sandy Phillips
and Rick Brandt.
The Madrigal Singers' pro
gram includes: The Hour the
Midnight Sounded (French);
Carol of the Birds (Spanish);
The Shepherd's Carol (Eng
lish), The Holly and the Ivy
'(English); The Coventry
CaroJ (English); The Boar's
Head Carol (English); Su
sanni (German); Behold
That Star (Spiritual); Carol
of the Drum (Czech); Carol
of the Bells (Ukrainian); and
Deck the Hall (Welsh).
The Madrigal Singers will
also sing the traditional yule
tide hymns We Three Kings;
The First Noel; Hark, The
Herald Angels Sing; Joy to
the World; It Came Upon a
Midnight Clear; O Come, All
Ye Faithful; Away in a Man
ger; God Rest Ye Merry
Gentlemen; O Come, O Come,
Emmanuel; O Little Town of
Bethlehem; and Silent
The Brass Ensemble, di
rected by P r o f. Jack R. Sni
der, will play selected carols
for the brass choir.
Numbers the Brass En
semble will play are: While
By My Sheep; In Dulci Jubilo;
Lo, How a Rose E'er Bloom
ing; I Saw Three Ships; From
Heaven High I Come to You;
We Three Kings of Orient
Are; March of the Three
Madrigal Singers include
Sandy Phillips, Sandy Lovell,
Barbara Bosley, Linda
Hauder, P a t Wrightsman,
Diane Schultz, Donna Liene
mann, Linda Hanson, Joyce
Bruce Blanchard, Milton
Hill, Glen Haas, Mike Lassie,
Steve Shanahan, Orin Elling
son, Phil Fisher, Terry
McCall, Bill Charbooneau,
Tom Granger, Bill Regier.
Jeanie Dietrich, Jill Eiche,
Cathy Cleveland, Susan Jen
kins, Marilee Likens, Mally
Keelan, Rick Brandt, David
F. Johnson, Robert Thacker,
Linda Riggs, Pam Schaap
and Robert Roose.
The Madrigal accompanist
is Oalfhie Miller.
Members of the Brass En
semble are: Trumpets John
under drugs that they con
sider tremendously valuable
We cannot ignore this," he
Dr. Cannon stressed that
to terminate a bad "trip" it
is not necessary to call the
He said if the report is
turned in to Student Health
it would be a medically con
fidential matter and the po
lice will not be called. He
commented that the first con
cern of Student Health is to
insure treatment and no per
son would be turned over to
police or threatened with
punishment under federal
drug laws.
Vol. 90. No. 48
should be considered at all.
Brown's statement also
stales that, although there
exist no restrictions prohibit
ing students from joining or
forming unions, colleges and
universities are not required
to recognize them.
The proposed Bill of Rights
guarentees students employed
by the University the right
to form unions for the pur
pose of collective bargainning
Other possible points of
conflict arise on . whether
ASUN alone has the power
to recognize student organ
izations or if the student af
fairs subcommittee on s t u
dent organizations may also
decide. Another conflict area
is whether or not student or
ganizations must have a fac
ulty advisor as a condition
of University recognition.
Another point arises as to
whether official guests
should be required for soma
types of social functions or
Mills, Allan Cox, Dennis Gcb
hardt, Charles Hoffman and
David Grasmick.
French Horns Bill
Sprague, Rose Marie Pear
son; Sherry Maish; Linda
Stander; Sandy Olds, Helen
Baritones Lynne Moller
and Donna Headrick.
Trombones Rodney
Drews; Larry Eldridge;
Loren Stehlik; Phil Fauquet.
Basses Jerry Jones and
Michael Lamberty.
NBA Protest
Against FM
Called Error
Two Nebraska broadcas
ters have suggested that the
Nebraska Broadcasters As
sociation resolution advising
against a University FM ra
dio station may have been a
The general manager of
KWAG-FM in Lincoln, od
the general manager of WOW
radio and television in Oma
ha said that the broadcasters
wording may have made it
appear as though they op
posed the station when they
actually do not, according t j
Bob Wilson, chairman of the
University FM Broadcasting
Corporation Board.
The broadcasters oppose
commercial stations sup
ported by a public nstitu
tion, but not non-commercial
stations, such as the Univer
sity FM station would be, Wil
son said.
The corporation has writ
ten to the broadcasters asso
ciation asking for a clarifi
cation of their standing, Wil
son said, but have not received
a reply.
Wilson and other corpora
tion board members go be
fore the Board of Regents
Dec. 19 to ask for formal per
mission to establish the sta
tion. Wilson said the corporation
has received letters of sup
port for the station from rep
resentatives of about 6,000
i1' 5
$ i
tl -V