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    The Daily Nebraskan
Thursday, December 8, 1966
Page 4
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NANCY GRIFFIN . . . "Girl of Century."
Miss Griffin Wins
Golden Girl Title
Nancy Griffin, Universi
ty freshman from Atkinson,
was named Miss Nebraska
Centennial Tuesday night.
Representing Holt Coun
ty in the Miss Nebraska
Centennial Queen Pageant
Miss Griffin competed
against 70 other contestants
from all over the state.
Besides Miss Griffin, five
of the eleven finalists are
University students. They
are Rebecca Dowling, Keith
County; Linda Brown,
Nuckolls County; Vicki
Hakanson, Clay County;
Janet Johnson, Burt Coun
ty; and Cherie McCuliough.
Lancaster County.
.. Runner up in the pageant
was Debby Penry of Heb
ron. Second runner-up was
Karen Goble of Beatrice.
Cherie McCuliough of Lin
coln was third runner-up
and Patricia Forsberg of
Herman, was fourth runner-up.
' Miss Griffin, a Gamma
Phi Beta pledge, was also
voted Glow Girl by the oth
er contest entrants and was
YR's, YD's Reorganize
With 'Political Education'
With campaign efforts
for the 1966 elections com
p 1 e t e d, both University
Young Democrats and
Young Republicans are be
ginning to organize their
forces for the 1968 push.
Each group is embarking
on "political education"
phases. The clubs are plan
ning programs to inform
students about issues and
nationally prominent Re
publicans and Democrats.
According to YD pre s
ident Sabra McCall, the
purpose now will be to "re
vitalize the Young Dem
ocrats." Miss McCall pre
dicted that both groups may
lose membership in this
post-election period, adding
that a certain amount of
"letdown" was involved for
the loser.
On the other hand, YR
president Cathie Shattuck
did not anticipate a YR
membership decrease. She
said that more member
ships have been sold since
the elections.
Miss Shattuck pointed out
that while right now there
is "not the glamour of an
election campaign, the over
all glamour of politics re
mains." The Young Republicans
are preparing for the state
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0 The Latin professor
Of his problem: commanding attention!
"Try gtufcfc," said the Dean
"and you'll see what they mean
0 About giving new life
o o
presented with the Miss
Congeniality trophy.
To fulfill her official du
ties as Nebraska's Centen
nial Queen Miss Griffin will
have to leave the Universi
ty next semester for a year.
"The experience will be
worth having to leave
school," Miss Griffin de
clared, and "I'll be able to
make up some of my
courses in summer school."
The Centennial Queen
was saluatatorian of her
high school class, a menv
ber of the National Honor
Society and was a Girl's
As her first official ap
pearance, Miss Griffin will
ride on the Nebraska float
in the Rose Bowl parade.
She will also be Nebraska's
representative at the Alas
ka Centennial.
Nebraska's Golden Girl
received a 1867 Oldsmobile,
$500 in cash, $25 thousand
life insurance policy for her
reigning year and a $1,000
scholarship and other prizes
totaling approximately $10
convention next year. Miss
Shattuck said that the Un
iversity YR's will probably
have the largest delegation
of any state club.
Miss McCall said that no
more Democratic conven
tions are being planned for
this year.
Miss McCall said that
one committee of the Young
Democrats is investigating
possibilities for community
service in Lincoln, but added
that the club's primary pur
pose for the rest of the year
will be to advance the Dem
ocrat cause.
Both groups plan s 'n
vite speakers to their
campus meetings, the
YR's plan to invite state
senators and Governor -elect
Norbert Tiemann, and
the YD's expect speakers
from state Democratic or
ganizations as well as sen
ior members of the party.
Miss McCall said that her
group plans to work close
ly with the new Democratic
headquarters in Lincoln, set
up after the GOP 1966 Ne
braska victories.
Miss Shattuck said that
Young Republicans may
work with the proposed Ne
braska Free University in
giving seminars in politics
and international affairs.
tarn lo 10pm
made mention
to declensions!" 0
Marxism Is 'Spiritual
following is an installment
of a series on the v 1 e t
Nam war written by How
ard Moffett, former editor
of the Yale Daily News.
Moffett is a fulltime cor
respondent for the Collegi
ate Press Service and is
presently working in Sai
gon. SAIGON It is one of the
major ironies of contem
porary history that Marx
ism, rooted in a thorough
ly materialistic concept of
man, has in the hands of
Mao Tse-tung, Lin Piao,
Ho Chi Minh and Vo Nguh
en Giap become the most
powerful spiritual force in
Asia while the United
States, which claims a
Judaeo-Christian heritage,
has sought to counter that
force with increasing
amounts of military and
material aid.
In country after country
of the third world, Mao
has sounded the battle cry
for a threadbare struggle
to the death against U.S.
imperialism and its lack
eys; and time after time
America has called for
peace with honor and co
operation among nations,
and has poured in more
weapons and dollars to
check the spiritual tide.
The paradox is rooted in
the American view of the
Post-Ideological Era
American inltelledtu
als often speak of the pres
ent as a post-ideological
age. One reason, certainly,
is the decline in infuence
of our Judaeo-Christian
Picketers Urge Class Boycott
I To Protest Berkeley Arrests
Activities ranging from
soapbox forums to Berke
ley student demonstrations
have kept students across
the country occupied dur
ing the interlude between
Thanksgiving and Christ
mas. Pickets standing at t h e
gates of the Berkeley cam
pus urged students to stay
away from classes as a pro
test to on-campus arrests
of students protesting the
Navy recruiting there.
Among those urging stu
dents to protest was Mario
Savio, a non-student, who
was the leader of the 1964
protest which disrupted
classes with demonstrations
for greater on-campus po
litical activity.
When warrants were is
sued, activity shifted from
a sit-in to a near-riot. Ten
persons were arrested.
Most were charged with as
saulting police and resist
ing arrest. Four of those
arrested were students.
An Oklahoma State stu
dent who told police he had
drunk two bottles of wine
was coaxed down from atop
a construction crane after
spending an hour 200 feet
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Another is that American
and European societies are
now comparatively free of
the internal class con
flicts which ideologies are
invoked to explain.
Perhaps, for lack of a
, dialectical content to o u r
own new ideology, Ameri
can society is increasingly
preoccupied with a subtle
variation of the "might
makes right" theme: to
wit, that technology, emo
tional detachment, and
hard work will solve any
problem if applied in large
enough doses.
The Asian view of t h e
world and the Viet Nam
war is often quite differ
ent. Much of Asia still
has deeply-rooted class
conflicts. The gulf between
rich and poor is so stark
that most people do n o t
like to talk about it.
At the same time
American technology and
our emphasis on the Three
EK's effort, efficiency and
effectiveness-produce con
flicting reactions.
Over-Eager Advisors
On the one hand, over
eager American advisors
are indulged like chldren
who come running in to
tell their parents they have
the answer to an insoluble
On the other, Asians are
impressed by power and
prosperity especially pow
er. They trace past defeats
and loss of face to the su
periority of Western tech
nology, and they see tech
nology as the key to win
ning back that lost power
and dignity.
Most Asian societies are
above the street level, the
O'Collegian reports.
Police said Daniel War
ren Magpie began his climb
about 5:30 p.m. He climbed
about 100 feet up the ver
ticle part of the crane and
then out across McGee
Street and to the top, 40
feet over the top of t h e
Pickwick Motor Inn.
He was taken to a psy
chiatric receiving center af
ter being coerced with the
promise of a warm break
fast. Magpie has a record of
five arrests in Kansas City,
all for intoxication.
Spontaneous pep rallies,
only loosely related to foot
ball have plagued the cam
pus of the University of
South Carolina, the Game
cock reports.
Male students gather
ed and moved together to
ward women's dorms cheer
ing for a victory ove Clem
son, the school's arch rival.
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poor, predominantly agri
cultural, and anxious to
vindicate their national
They are watching China
very carefully. It is natural
that the emotional appeal
of Marx and Mao would
weigh heavily here, espe
cially to those convinced
of the historical inevitabil
ity of the victory of Peo
ple's War.
The fact that Americans
themselves are generally
more impressed with their
technology and wealth than
with their democratic so
cial institutions merely
proves to these Asians the
bankruptcy of American
ideals and the Tightness of
their own cause.
Asian Idiom
There are other Asians
who seem genuinely to
value Western democratic
ideals, and who are search
ing for an Asian idiom to
express them.
Hitherto it has been
elusive: objective condi
tions in Asia are much
more favorable to the
Marxist interpretation of
social history than to the
Another sizable group of
Asians understands full
well why Americans are
more impressed with their
technology than with their
democratic social tradi
tions. Practical people, they
recognize and seek the
prerequisites of power.
Many of them fie et h a t
though Chinese indeology is
more fitted to today's Asia,
and therefore carries great
er emotional appeal, tomor-
At several points the pep
rallies took on a different
air as the students began to
shout obscenities toward
the women's residence halls
and toward campus police
and officials.
There were several false
fire alarms and several
pairs of panties were tossed
from girls' dormitory win
dows in the succession of
spontaneous pep rallies.
Students at Minnesota
used their Soapbox Forum,
equivalent to NU's Hyde
Park, to air complaints
about everything from the
cost of hamburgers at th e
Minnesota Union to Viet
ant ads!
Force' In Viet Nam
row's Asia must embrace
Western technology, and
by implication Western aid,
if it is to arrive in the
modern world.
Much of the explosive
nature of the conflict be
tween the U.S. and China
derives from this last fact.
Mao and Ho see the
handwriting on the wall
and are desperate to chalk
up some advances of their
own. They must either
match American weapons
with Chinese, or push the
Viet Cong to a People's
War victory using political
rather than conventional
military force. One way or
another, they need to win.
Gun-Barrel Power
In one of his more di
dactic moments in 1953,
Mao said, "Political power
comes from the barrel of
a gun."
So the race is on, with
Asian communists trying
to make major break
throughs in technology or
war in time to thwart the
immense appeal of West
Figures Criticizes Black Poiver
No overwhelming p r o
gress will be made in Ala
bama for 20 years in t h e
area of civil rights, said
Michael Figures, Uni
versity exchange student
from Stillman College.
Figures, a native of Mo
bile, Ala., spoke Tuesday to
Friends of the Student Non
violent Coordinating Com
mittee (FSNCC), giving his
views on the civil rights
movement in the South.
"I don't think anything
can help Alabama because
it's 75 per cent avid segre
gationists," stated Fig
ures. He said however, that
certain areas' of the state
had "come around", citing
Mobile as an example of an
area of progress.
Stating that his life has
been affected by the move
nt e n t, Figures criticized
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ern aid to poorer or under
developed Asian nations.
And who is winning?
There have been several
test cases in the past year.
Though the results are nec
essarily permanent, they
have generally spelled a
series of major disasters
for the Chinese.
It is on South Viet Nam
that China and the U.S.
are focusing all the influ
ence and pressure they can
bring to bear in a massive
struggle for ideological, po
litical, diplomatic, econom
ic and military control
over this strategic border
The fact that China does
not have ground troops op
erating in South Viet Nam,
and the fact that private
U.S. commercial interests
in Indochina are eligible
(only about $6 million in
permanent investments),
do not lessen the intensity
of the conflict.
Academic Argument
Similarly, in this inter
national game of power
politics, It is academic to
Stokely Carmichael's black
power policy as having been
detrimental to the cause of
civil rights.
"The people didn't know
what it was and I don't
think it has been clarified
yet," explained Figures.
He said that at first black
power had seemed to be a
militant move and caused
a split in the civil rights
front. According to Figures,
latent Southern white hos
tilities had been aroused be
cause of the black power
"Lester Maddox couldn't
have been elected in Alanta
four years ago," said Fig
ures. He saw the Maddox elec
tion as the effect of white
backlash in the South,
though he could see no na
tional effect from this backlash.
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Vrv. . i 1
areue over wneuier x n a
Viet Cong is supported or
dominated by Hanoi, . or
Hanoi by Peking. A vic
tory by the Viet Cong
would be a victory for Ho
Chi Minh and a victory for
Mao Tse-tung and Lin
It would prove the his
torical inevitability of t h e
Victory of People's War,
i.e. revolutionary war
against the bourgeois na
tions, and restore to China
her long-lost initiative as
the dominant political force
in Asia. It would make her
a winner.
And it would make the
United States the biggest
loser in Asian history. It
would be a stunning set
back to "capitalist" as op
posed to "socialist" tech
nology. It would demon
strate the failure of Western-type
political, econom
ic, and social institutions
in Asia. It would allow
Mao to write Chinese char
acters on the wall. Losers
don't last.
Figures stated that t h e
Student Non-violent Coor
dinating Committee (SNCC)
has been the most beneficial
civil rights group in t h e
movement because of i t s
willingness to take direct
action on immediate prob
lems. Also Figures noted that
SNCC alone had tried to in
volve young Negroes.
"As far as I can see the
NAACP has never done
anything material," said
Figures referring to the
work of the National Asso
ciation for the Advancement
of Colored People.
According to Figures, tha
NAACP works in the cities
with governmental ap
paratus, while SNOC works
from the city into the sur
rounding counties on direct