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    The Daily Nebraskan
Friday, November 4, 1966
Page 6
I -3
1 s."
Actually, for those non-believers In the crowd, Daily
Nebraskans do make good eating. Encouraged by com
pliments of last Thursday's Missouri prediction, I've been
eating my words just as I hoped I would have to.
Unfortunately, the second correction of the misprint
ed guess did not make the deadline. It was to read 129
0 for Nebraska, 9-2 or 12-9. Munch, munch, munch.
Happily, the worst prediction was accompanied by
the best Husker showing in the Devaney Era. And there
were many games to compare the Tiger devastation to.
The Kansas victory in 1962, the post-assassination day
win over Oklahoma or the Wisconsin victory in 1965.
On another, more pleasant topic, do you want to see
New Orleans in January? Of course your feelings don't
amount to a hill of Rood predictions, but if given a
chance, the Nebraska team may well favor a trip to
that city for a repeat against supposed foe, Alabama.
The whole bowl setup might be compared to political
elections the teams being the candidates and the bowl
victory being election to office.
Candidates stump the country with far-flung sched
ules to convince voters, bowl committee members. Polls
rate the rivals with varying efficiency until primary
time rolls around (the Monday after the ninth game in
football's case.)
As in politics, football team spokesmen remain very
noncommittal as to whether they are going to play at
all. Some good candidates (Notre Dame, for instance),
won't play unless the No. 1 office is going to be decided.
Our campaign manager, Sports Information Director
Don Bryant, must pour lavish praise on his candidate
and yet remain discreet. He or party chairman Devaney
cannot reveal whether the candidate has the delegates
(bowl committee) in his pocket.
Finally, the delegates caucus and select a candidate.
He must be balanced, passing and rushing. He must
have mass appeal. He must have a good TV appearance.
It helps to have support in the polls. It helps to have
a good campaign record (bowl record).
As the candidate nears election (bowl) time, he cam
paigns hard on his home ground and then journeys to
the far reaches of his jurisdiction (like maybe Browns
ville, Texas) to campaign (workout).
Sometimes the candidate is accused of spending too
much money and of practicing patronage (starting jobs),
but he always counters by saying, "Look at all the
money I have brought into our district. I put our area
on the map."
Finally, comes election night. There are parades and
complete TV coverage. (Maybe the computers will guess
bowl outcomes this year as well as elections. Several
weeks this year they would have broken down trying.)
Football, like political campaigns, is the American
Way whatever the hell that is.
Next is Kansas. The Jayhawks have been able to
give Nebraska tense times two out of the last three
years. A key interception turned the 1963 tide by a 23-9
score and Gale Sayers kneed a pass out of his hands
to make a 14-7 margin stand up in 1964.
Last year, the task was easier. In a game not dis
similar from the 40-16 win Lawrence in 1962, the Hus
kers out-lined the Jayhawks 42-6.
History seems to show an early blitz will make things
easy over Kansas. This season's NU performance backs
that up.
I see it-munch, munch NEBRASKA 28 KANSAS 0.
Football Results
Wednesday, Nov. 2
Sigma Chi B 26, Sigma
Alpha Epsilon B6
Abel VI 12, Abel IV 8
Abel VII 1, Abel I 0 (for
feit) Abel n 7, Abel III 0
Burners I, Navy 0 (for
feit) Football Schedule
Friday, Nov. 4
City Campus
E Delta Tau Delta A vs.
Sigma Chi A
W Dirty Old Men vs.
East Campus
E Alpha Gamma Rho A
vs. FarmHouse A
C Beta Sigma Psi B vs.
Alpha Gamma Rho B
Prices: 3.50, 3.00 and 2.50
Tickets Available at:
Auditorium Box Office and
Brandeis Downtown .
'Ar Editing
ik Advertising Sales
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On The Daily Nebraskan
In Room 51 Nebraska Union
Bob Clnn
Business Manager
Devine Flips Ball
To Sports Editor
What are you gonna tell
them, after they've seen Ne
braska crush your football
team, 35-0?
Coach Dan Devine of Mis
souri opened his Sunday
night television show over a
St. Louis station with a thin
smile, and this greeting:
"W elcome to the Bob
Broeg, sports editor of
the St. Louis Post-Dispatch,
has b e e n co-h o s t on the
weekly show for the past
two years.
W Cornhuskers vs.
Sigma Pi A
In Person!
In Concert!
Wed., Nov. 9-8:30 P.M.
Omaha Civic Auditorium
Jan Itkln
News Editor
Triangle Wins Tennis
A total of 32 teams and flight winners
A WlU VI leains UJIU i,t Fllirht Bill Robert Triangle
120 participants competed in Rob Hur,butt pw DeIt
the recently completed intra- fu'm EST EFMZX
murals singles tennis tourna- j J ATSSi
meni. Triangle 80 0
Phi Gamma Delta 70 4
The tournament team win- pw t" Tha 56 3
. . ... , Beta Theta PI 40 2
ner was Triangle with a to- scabs 4i 1
tai of so points. Second was Theta vxi '::::::::::::: m 3
Phi Gamma Delta with 70 car !
points and third was Phi Gienn zt 2
Delta Theta with 56 points, upnv:::::::: 0
, , Delta Tau Delta 20 1
The All-University indivi- "
, , , , . Abel X 10 0
dual Champion Was ITI- Brown Palace 10 0
angle's Bill Roberts. Affia-:::::::::::::::: ill
Van Galder Bonanza
Nears Big 8 Record
The oldest Big E 1 g h t
Conference football record
still possible to break is in
serious jeopardy this week
after Iowa State's Tim
Van Galder hit a passing
bonanza last week, moving
to within 347 yards of Paul
Christman's career throw
ing standard.
Van Galder spun a web
sround 242 aerial yards
against Oklahoma State,
the best single game effort
in the Conference this year,
to put his career passing
total at 2,793. Just 346 more
will tie Christman's total of
3,139 for Missouri in 1938-39-40.
Van Galder has three
more games to go, mean
ing he will have to average
116 a game to become No.
1. That is 30 yards a game
under his seven-game 1966
pace he has hit for 1,021,
which gives him the Con
ference's best this week.
Last week's leader, Bob
Churchich of Nebraska, now
has 873.
The passing outburst also
pushed Van Galder by an
other Big Eight milestone
3,000 career total yards.
The Spider's three-year to
tal now stands at 3,015,
making him the ninth man
in league history to hit
the 3,000 level. On the sea
son, his total offense figure
stands at 1,085, over 250
more than Oklahoma's Bob
Warmack (832).
For Van Galder, the 242
game was his fourth over
Plarer ant Schoel
Tim Van Galder Howa Stato",
Bob Churohich (Nebraska)
Bob Warmack (Oklahoma)
Bill Nossek (Kansas State)
Bernie McCall (Colorado)
Gary Kombrtnk (Missouri)
Dan Kelly (Colorado)
Vic Castillo IKiihu State)
Ronnie Johoaon (Oklahoma State)
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10c par day. faciei chock, payable to tho Daily Nebraskan.
477-8711 Extension 2588
220 yards, putting him in a
class by himself, too. Three
of his efforts the 242, plus
293 against Kansas State
and 255 against New Mex
ico last year, are listed
among the 10 best Confer
ence single-game totals.
A quick comparison with
Chrlstman, who had two
200-pIus games during h i s
three seasons, shows that
Van Galder holds a career
per-game edge of 111.5 to
101. Chrlstman, however,
averaged almost seven
yards a pass, while Van
Galder is a yard under
that figure. Christman was
also more accurate, hitting
45 per cent of his throws
with the "fatter" ball. Van
Galder connects 43 per cent
of the time.
Almost certain to become
a record breaker before Van
Galder, however, is his
primary target, Eppie Bar
ney, who has now caught 35
this year. This leaves him
just three short of another
Iowa Stater's career rec
ord, the 79 receptions mark
held by Jim Doran (1948
50). Ten more catches would
also give Barney the sea
son record of 44 currently
held by Missouri's Hal Bur-
Barney caught six more
Saturday for 107 yards as
he retrieved his receiving
yardage lead while holding
command in total recep
tions. His 35 for the year
equals his 1965 production.
Comp. Alt. Pot. Had Int. Net Gain TD
76 161 .472 12 1021 3
72 131 .549 6 873 3
42 77 .54$ 3 606 3
25 60 .417 C 413 1
28 61 .459 7 367 0
29 69 .420 7 355 O
28 M .481 S 348 2
28 63 .444 6 S9 0
31 74 .419 3 298 I
Frosh Shift
NU Lineup
For Kansas
Injuries have caused
some reshuffling of the Ne
braska freshman squad that
meets Kansas at Lawrence's
Memorial Stadium at 2:30
Fullback Phil Vassar, of
Uniontown, Pa., who is side
lined with an injury, will be
replaced by Lincoln Pius X
' graduate K i m Wheeler.
Dave McGhee of Flint,
Mich., is another change in
the frosh line-up.
McGhee has been moved
to defensive middle guard
by Coach John Melton.
McGhee, who weighs near
275 pounds, will replace Lar
ry Clark of Oshkosh, Wis.
Coach Melton, asked
about the team's ' attitude
after last week's 13-12 loss
to Missouri, said, "Their
spirit is all right. They re
alize what has to be done."
What the team has to be
done is to win their second
game of the season. The
first was a 40-13 drubbing
of Kansas State in Lincoln.
Kansas might go to the air
jRoniiliP Wiltot 1" their attemot to derail
iiuiiijuc, waiter Nebraska in the Jayhawk.s
Pace IM Golfers gecomia Game Satur'
Milt Romjue of Beta The- "They might try to go to
ta Pi and Chuck Walter, a wide open type of game
Brown Palace tied for the and throw the ball around,"
championship of the intra- said Devaney. The Husker
mural golf tournament mentor noted that quarter-
which ended last Sunday. back Bill Fenton has been
Romjue and Walter each moved up to direct the Jay
shot a low three round to- hawk attack.
a 222 total and third was Iast Je?T h.en !f Plad
Franklin Rose of Gus III Suj"teacku.!1?, threw the
with 224. bal1 luite a blt
A total of 126 golfers en- The 1 i 1 1 1 e 155-pounder
tered the tournament but filled in for Bob Skahan in
only 20 played the required the 1965 season when Ska
three rounds. nan was injured. He com-
'nd,v'?ul stondim. pleted 34 passes for 500
MUt Romjue. Beta Theta PI 2ia . . t
chuck waiter, Brown palace "! : 219 yards during the year. Now
inkiliUrGuTln g that Skahan is again in-
tI" gTffcI$&a Ifx JredMd out for the sea-
John Browniee. Beta Theta pi . 2: son, Fenton has again been
Ron Delefson, Phi Gamma Delta 237 n j - f Hiraof iho Tov.
Mac McConnel, Phi Gamma Delta 237 Called On 0 OireCt We jay-
Jim Lenlz, Triangle 239 hauks Hp l fpttinff thp nod
Bob Baldwin, Independent 239 ndWKS. He IS gliung inBIlUU
Tom Haase, phi Gamma Delta .. 24i over Omaha s Dave Buda
Bob Brown, Beta Theta Pi 241 t ci...i..i -
Tom oHara, phi Delta Theta .... 243 for Saturday's game.
Dan Gatto, Phi Delta Theta 243
John Ben, seiieck 244 if Kansas is able to gen-
Russ Eisenhart, Chi Phi 245 . , . .
Dick Fontane. pw Gamma Delta ... 246 erate an effective air game
i, W&XXL " it will be something new
Bet. SaALpirEAMST.AN.DISe 42 them. They have com-
pw Delta Theta 4 men 945 pleted 39 of 93 passes so far
rowlGfl,PalaceDe..::::::tSean ?i89 this year for 490 yards.
TrfaJJ mlS g Their opponents have hit 79
s!'k 1 man 244 0f 134 attempts for 949
Chi Phi 1 man 245 , it
Delta upsiion i man 255 yards against a weak Jay-
SI Honors Abel
George P. Abel of Lincoln
is among the ex-collegiate
football players who are this
year honored by their alma
maters with nominations for
Sports Illustrated's Silver
Anniversary A 1 1 - America
. ff
ffV. ?! Hf ) I I I II 1 " t How amie? The recruiters are 3. Give me the picture.
t M ll 1 i if iwarming the campus. ,
, ,r j I J '"' I m searching for meaning,
I-'--.. Pi v f Ii I The kind of lob I want just I want to be of service
rrA Eto-ri iSf&F I" to mankind.
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v-.' ':: 00M'''?W0'0.:
0M0. v 0 0-'' r , v:0': I J Wt i' ;: ' v'"'
vi - i l;-rvvvv f , , 'K
.AJJ.Rvya::irV;v.,:! . .. ... 1 . " ... .v.
teW.- .st;,,!!:
Defensive end Langston Coleman has green light for Nebraska-Kansas game.
KU To Pose Pass Threat
For Traveling Huskers?
By Bob Fla snick
Sports Editor
Husker coach Bob De
vaney said Thursday that
hawk pass defense.
Saturday's contest will be
the 25th appearance for Ne
braska at a Kansas Home
coming. KU grads probably
wish the school would find
someone else to play when
they migrate back to the
Lawrence campus as Ne
braska holds a one-sided 20-3-1
margin in the past frays.
extra wear power
bcomseo coiton.
A 3 1 OK IN
The only Jayhawk home
coming victories against
Nebraska were 29-7 in 1958;
27-7 in 1948 and 20-0 in 1944.
Devaney said Langston
Coleman will be on hand
Saturday as Nebraska tries
to stretch their winning
margin the defensive right
end was running lame at
mid-week but got the green
light after Wednesday's
practice. Coleman so far
this year has made 13 tac
kles and has 21 assists along
with one fumble recov
ery. Injured Ron Kirkland and
Dennis Richnaf sky will
again be out of action this
week according to Devaney.
He said they should be
ready for Oklahoma State
November 12th.
Nebraika Offense
LE Dennis Morrison
Gary Brichacek
LaVerne Allen
Kelly Petersen
Jim Qsberg
Bob Pickens
Tom Penney
Bob Churchich
Ben Gregory
Harry Wilson
Pete Tatman
Kansas Offense
TE Sandy Buda
KeiUi Christiansen
Bill Perry
Bill Wohlford
John Greene
Harold Montgomery
Helly Kampschroeder
Bill Fenton
Don Shanklin
Junior Riggins
Dick Bacon
Game Time: 1:30 p.m.. Central
Radio Stations: Nebraska stations
KLIN (and network), Lincoln: KFOR
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Devaney said he was
more than happy with the
team's comeback win at
Colorado and their 35-0
pasting of Missouri, but he
doesn't want his team to
stand still. "We hope they
can keep improving," he
said. "As a team goes along
the desire of the coaching
staff is always for them to
get better. Very seldom
does a team stand still
they either get better or
they get worse."
The Huskers will head
quarter at the Town House
Hotel in Kansas City, Kan.
They will leave by plane
Friday at 7:30 p.m. and will
bus from Kansas City to
Lawrence Saturday morning.
Nebraska Defense
LE Jerry Patton
Jim McCord
Wayne Meylan
Carel Stith
Langston Coleman
Lynn Senkbeil
Rick Coleman
Marv Mueller
Kaye Carstens
Dennis Thorell
Larry Wachholtx
Kansas Defense
LE Bruce Peterson
Jerry Barnett
Bill Wohlford
Larry Dercher
John Zook
George Harvey
Mike Sweatman
Bill Lynch
Rick Abernathy
Tommy Ball
Bill Hunt
Standard Time
carrying the game will be KFAB, Omaha
(and network). Lincoln.
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