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The Daily Nebraskan
Wednesday, October 19, 1966
m m m ,m m
In Rushing Oiiense
Big 8 Sports Information
Colorado's sleeping offen
sive herd awakened Satur
day to give the Big Eight
Conference its first team
total offense day of the
year over 450 yards and at
the same time a new team
rushing-offense leader.
Led by squirting little
Dan Kelly, a late change
at quarterback, who ran
for 156 yards and passed
for another 86 to card 242
of the 455 total the Buffa
loes got, Colorado has the
rushing lead with its 208.6
per-game average.
The big day for the Buffs
also lifted them into second
in total offense with a
317.4 per-game mark, just
43 total yards shy of Ne
braska's accumulation for
the year. The Cornhuskers,
incidentally, rank second to
Colorado in rushing offense,
10 yards a game back.
Thus the stage is set for
one of the real key games
in the Big Eight this year
Nebraska at Colorado Sa
turday. The feature will be the
rushing offensive leaders
against the Cornhusker
monsters, who continue to
show off an awesome rush
ing defense, headed by
Wayne Meylan, Carel Stith,
All Games
W h I Po. PU. Pte.
Nebraska S 6 0 1.000 106 36
Oklahoma. ...A 0 0 1.000 103 20
Miasouri 4 1 0 .800 94 38
Colorado 3 2 0 .600 77 63
Knsas 2 3 0 .400 65 MS
Oklahoma State 13 0 .250 30 66
Iowa State ... 1 4 0 .200 72 113
Kansai State 0 5 0 .000 24 107
. . O AU. Yds. Av.
Nebraslta 5 369 i63o 326.0
Olorado 5 331 1587 317 4
Oklahoma .., 4 258 1235 306.8
J? SUt S 329 1370 274.0
?.anss . 5 345 1322 264.4
Missouri 320 1233 246
Kansas State S 300 1181 236.2
Oklahoma State . . 4 255 725 181 3
wwk s ttesults
Husker Cagers Joined
By 4 Returning Starters
Basketball Coach Joe Cipriano, starting his fourth
season at Nebraska, has had his 1966-67 Cornhusker squad
in pre-season practice this week.
Nebraska, which finished with a 20-5 mark last year
and was rated eleventh in the nation by the UPI, will have"
back Tom Baack, who last year set a sophomore record
total of 386 points.
Three other starters, Stuart Lantz, Nate Branch and
Willie Campbell will also be returning for the Huskers.
Husker Roster
Flayer Hometown Pos.
Baack, Tom, Fort Wayne, Ind F
Branch, Nate, Palo Alto, Calif F
Campbell, Willie, Seattle, Wash C-F
fmmJm?aellflower, Calif G
Empkey Frank, Omaha, Nebraska .. C
Lantz, Stuart, Uniontown, Pa G-F
Leitner, Roger, McCook, Neb F
Shaver, Dan, Montrose, Calif G
Simmons, Ron, Sumner, Neb G
Stone, Charles, Oakland, Calif C
Sullivan, Denton, Lima, Ohio F-C
Strasil, Ernie, Falls City, Neb F
Von Seggern, Dale, Orchard, Neb F-C
Wagner, Bob, Erie, Pa G
Student Bomber Can Re-enter ISV
A student conduct com
mittee at Iowa State Uni
versity issued the ruling
Wednesday that John G
Stotz Jr., convicted of plant
ing a homemade bomb on
the Iowa State football field
may apply for readmission
to school next fall.
Stotz dropped out of
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mm Bm m m mm
and Jim McCord. This de
fense has been limiting op
ponents to a Big Eight rec
ord low level of only 46
yards a game.
In the head-to-head fight
between Oklahoma and Ne
braska for team statistical
domination, the weekly
change in scoring defense
came again as Oklahoma
grabbed the top spot, shut
ting out Kansas, while Ne
braska was racked for 10
points by Kansas State.
Oklahoma's allow
ance level is now five a
game, while Nebraska's is
just over seven a game. A
new challenger has come
in this division with Mis
souri's third shutout of the
year. The Tigers now show
an allowance of just over
seven a game.
Otherwise, Oklahoma con
tinued to reign in passing
offense (153 yards a game),
holding off an Iowa State
push which moved the Cy
clones to second with 134.8,
and in passing defense (91.8
allowance), where Oklahoma
State is the current threat
six yards back.
The scoring-offense lead
again belongs to Oklahoma
(25.8 points). Nebraska is
still tops in total offense
(326) and total defense
CoDference Games
Team W L T Pet. Pts. PU.
. ... PP-
.-nissoun z v 0 1.000
Nebraska ... 2 0 0 1.000
Oklahoma ... 2 0 0 1.000
Colorado 2 1 0 .667
Iowa State 1 3 0 .250
Oklahoma Stat 110 .500
Kansas ... 0 2 O .000
Kansas State .0 3 0 .000
G Alt. Yds. Avf.
Nebraska 5 307 1067 213.4
Oklahoma 4 28 899 224 8
Missouri S 325 1277 255.4
Colorado 5 328 1358 271.6
Kansas 5 323 1408 281.6
Oklahoma State 4 253 1209 302.3
Iowa State 5 360 M79 335.8
Kansas State S 353 1801 360.2
Ht. Class
6-5 Jr.
6-4 Sr.
6-5 Sr.
6-3" - Ulr.
6-8 Jr.
6-3 Jr.
6-6 Soph.
6-4 Soph
6-0 Jr.
6-9 Sr.
6-7 Soph.
6-5 Soph.
6-7 Soph.
6-2 Soph.
school voluntarily after he
was fined $500 and given a
three-month suspended jail
term for burying an ex
plosive device under the
turf of Clyde Williams field.
The bomb was exploded
by a sod rolling machine
before the Nebraska-Iowa
State game Oct. 1.
r-r z
W k
v x,
1 fe- i
Husker "Black Shirt" defensive specialists corral K-State fullback Cornelius Davis in Saturday's Homecoming
game. Davis came into the game as the Bight Eight's leading rusher- but could only manage 42 yards on 16 car
ries against Nebraska.
13, 000 Nebraskans To Migrate
For Cornh us he r-Buff Game
By Bob Flasnick
Sports Editor
Can a Nebraska team
that for the most part this
season played just well
enough to win expect to
beat Colorado using the
same formula? The answer
will come this Saturday at
Boulder as the Huskers dig
into the tough half of their
1966 schedule.
The game with the Buffs
is the Nebraska migration
and some 13,000 Nebraska
fans are scheduled to make
the trip to the Rockies.
Nebraska Ticket Director
Jim Pittenger reports that
approximately 11,000 Hus
ker fans have purchased
tickets, and he estimates
that another 2,000 Nebras
kans have bought tickets via
the. Colorado ticket office.
The Buffalos, a popular
pre-season pick to unseat
Nebraska from the Big
Eight title, have been hav
ing their ups and downs
like Nebraska, but the Hus
kers are still undefeated
while the mountain boys
have dropped two games so
far, ... ( ,
They were beaten by Mi
ami University 24-3 in their
season opener and dropepd
a conference game to Okla-
Wear To Address
Phys. Ed. Group
C. L. Wear, associate pro
fessor of physical education
for men at the University,
will address the Minnesota
Association for Health,
Physical Education and
Recreation in St. Paul,
Thursday and Friday.
Dr. Wear will also go to
Denver Oct. 27-28 to speak
to the Colorado Association
for Health, Physical Educa
tion and Recreation.
' V .m.jT
homa State, 11-10.
The Buffaloes found the
Kansas State Wildcats one
point tougher, scorewise,
than did Nebraska, beating
them 10-0 in their third
third game of the season.
Nebraska's- margin against
the K-State was 11 points
But while Nebraska was
given fits by K-State, the
Buffaloes appeared to be
gaining momentum as they
walloped Iowa State 41-21 at
The Buffs were led by
quarterback Dan Kelly who
ran for 156 yards and
passed for 86, and in the
process, directed his team
to 455 yards total offense
against the Cyclones.
Husker coach John Mel
ton, who scouted the Co
lorado - Iowa State game
said he had knots in h i s
stomach after watching the
"Coiorado"s offense is
much better than it w a s
last year," said Melton,
"and their defense is as
good or better. They can
really move the ball, and
Kelly looked like a great
Husker defensive h a 1 f
back Kaye Carstens could
Woody au-eN
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' '"
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Charge or budget
Illustration slightly enlarged
r ,
1200 "0" STREET
1 vw-li
possibly miss the Colorado
game with a leg injury de
scribed as a swollen knee.
Already on the injured
list are halfback Ron Kirk
land and right end Dennis
Should Carstens be miss
ing at Colorado, the Husker
secondary will be without
their fastest performer.
Carstens hauled down
Kansas State end Dave
Jones on the Nebraska
Phi Deltfs Capture
IM Free-Throw Contest
A total of 41 teams parti
cipated in the recently com
pleted intramural f r e e
throws tournament. The
winning team was Phi Del
ta Theta with 591.5 points.
Runner-up was Phi Kappa
Psi and in third place was Sig
ma Nu.
The All-University indivi
dual was Jack Anderson,
Abel XII. Individual runner
up honors went to Bob
Holmes of Phi Delta The
ta and in 'third place was
Mr . nr 4,
eight-yard line in the final
play of Nebraska's Home
coming tustle, and in gen
eral played one of his best
"Not only did he make
the big play on the last
play, stopping, a . K-State
touchdown," remarked
Husker Coach Bob Devaney
on Carstens' performance
Saturday, "but he did a
good job all day. If it hadn't
been for Kaye, we would
have been in real trouble."
Sigma Nu. Bill Zuspan.
1. Phi Delta Theta 591.5
2. Phi Kappa Psi 326.5
3. Sigma Nu 2f9
4. Abel IV
5. Sisma Phi Epsilon 243.5
6. Phi Gamma Delta 205.5
7. Theta XI 185
8. Delta Tau Delta 158.5
9. Sigma Alpha Epsilon 147.5
10. Siema Chi 128.5
11. Glenn house 127
12. Abel XIII no
13 Ae Men J01
14 Delta Sisma Pi 79.5
15 Pioneer 73.5
16 Alpha Tau Omega 59.5
17 Pike house 54
18 Air Force ROTC 49 5
19 Phi Epsilon Kappa 4.1.5
20 Theta Chi 26
21 Abel V 14
22 TriajiEle : U
First Floor
iieiii via ii ti ii ii ii ii si niiii ii is u
mt nil in- id
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No 'Cat-astrophe'
For NU Yearlings
By Ed Icenogle
Sports Assistant
Husker freshman half
back Joe Orduna will re
turn if his teammates give
him a chance.
That is, he'll return kick
offs for more yardage
than Kansas State would
like to remember.
The junior Nebraska
squad held K-State to two
touchdowns while racking
up 40. points for itself and
thereby kept Orduna from
having more cracks at re
turns. Orduna, who scampered
for 76-yards on two returns
in Nebraska's 40-13 pasting
of the Wildcats Cubs Mon
day, set up a his own touch
down with one of the re
turns. Melton added that the
linemen, who he credited
with a fine performance,
opened up holes for Orduna
and the Omaha Central
speedster raced through
Quarterback Wilfred Min
or also found the ground at
tack to his liking, netting
65 yards in his seven at
tempts. The Husker backfield to
talled 275 ground yards to
only 83 for Kansas State.
The Wildkittens, however,
kept their side up literal
ly by passing for 161
yards to 67 for NU.
The 'Cats handed NU the
IM Fields
Clearing of the intramur
al fields on the City Cam
pus at 14th and Vine Street
in preparation for construc
tion of the new womens
physical education building
will force the intramural
football schedule to be re
vised. Pre-construction work on
the womens' PE building
is scheduled to begin
Wednesday, weather per
mitting, and will incapacf
tate the three intramural
football fields located be
hind University High
The game schedule for
teams scheduled to play on
the East Campus fields will
remain intact.
Intramural Director Joel
Meier said Tuesday that he
would try to shift some of
the games scheduled for
the city campus to the
malls in front of the Ne
braska Coliseum. "We're
M0WltS l
?m 'V'C& -M
sJl .1 Downtown ft lSCv
ball on a fumble in the
opening minutes of play on
the K-State five. Unable to
penetrate the two, the Hus
kers gave it up and the
Wildcats advanced to their
own 33. i
There, Wray Curtis, who
has apparently been watch
ing varsity punt-blocking
ace Wayne Meylan, got in
the way of Dennis Sweat's
kick and followed the ball
into the end zone for an NU
Again in a hole a few
minutes later, K-State
punted to their own 43. Or
duna plunged for one yard
and Minor stomped around
left end, then shifted course
to the right and thundered
42 yards for the second tal
ly Minor scored again in the
second quarter from three
yards with two seconds left
in the half.
Harold Ahlman, who av
eraged 4.63 yards on 16 car
ries, was the next in the
Cornhusker scoring column
from the four. Orduna and
Bill Bomberger recorded
the other NU scores, the
former from inches out and
the latter from four yards.
Kansas State's touch
downs were by Jerry Law
son on the second play of
the second period and quar
terback Johnny Manel from
the Vz yard line in the last
going tot ry to use the
malls," said Meier, "I sure
hope It works."
Because of the shift, a
new schedule for football
games is being prepared by
Meier. He said that it would
be ready either Wednesday
or Thursday.
Football Schedule
Wednesday, Oct. 19
City Campus (Malls)
E FarmHouse B vs. Phi
Gamma Delta B
W Sigma Chi B vs. Kappa
Sigma B.
East Campus
E Kappa Sigma A vs.
Beta Theta Pi A
Center Sigma Phi Epsi
lon A vs. Delta Upsilon A
W Beta Sigma Psi A vs.
Ag Men A
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