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    Wednesday, October .19,
Rain and windv weather
put a damper on romance
over the Homecoming week
end as only ten pinnings
and engagements were an
nounced. 1
Pinnings ..
Ann Adams, Alpha Gam
ma Delta Junior in political
eclence at Nebraska Wesley
an University from Peru,
to Mike Hroch, Chi Phi jun
ior in pre-law from Wilbur.
Jan Rasp,' Chi Omega jun
ior In Teachers at Omaha
University from Omaha, to
Russ Johnson, Phi Gamma
Delta Junior In Teachers
from Omaha.
Pat Lawler, Alpha Delta
Pi sophomore in Teaehe's
from Papillion, to Jerry
Glenn, Beta Sigma Psi jun
Engineering from Hay
Jean Latrom, senior in
Teachers from Lincoln, to
Larry Schulze, Ag Men sen
ior In Engineering from Hay
Susan Leonard, Chi Ome
Problems shared by the
University dormitories will
be discussed at a Dormitory
Leaders Workshop Thurs
day. The leadership workshop
Is being sponsored by the
Interdorm Coordinat
ing Committee (IDCC) in
Room 104, Burnett Hall at
6:30 p.m.
Discussion topics will in
clude means of coping with
disciplinary problems, re
lationships of student assist-,
ants with dormitory offi
cers, methods of promoting
participation from the resi
dents and the function of of
ficers in the improvement
of facilities.
"A basic function of the
f workshop - is .- cammunica
tion," IDOC chairman Jim
Ludwig said, "so that there
is no lag in the way some
matters are handled in the
Individual dormitory offi
cers will be able to solve
more problems more easi
ly if they know how other
dormitories have worked
them, Ludwig said. Com
munication is a principal
part of the interdorm coun
cil, he added.
Ludwig estimated that
about 110 students will par
ticipate in the workshop, in
cluding executive officers
our new new
:rt Carve d
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h'ilinurifmir -"' '-- ' fan in.- I tin. iiiiiini miiini. ifiirl
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"-iMMniitinmn I ' I n HI..HII mim trimamimm rnmum
Proud swant among the squat ducklings of
ordinary ringal They're the ultra new Dreamj
Diamonds by ArtCarved - the ever-so-slender,
sculptures that raise their dazzling treasures'
high, high to utmost glory. Come see-compare!;
Each from $150. nmi(iii:,
Open Monday and
ga senior In Journalism from
Auburn, to Mark Anderson,
senior in Law from Crete.
Janice Johnston, Alpha
Delta Pi sophomore In Phar
macy from Lincoln to Bill
Dana, senior In Pharmacy
from Hebron.
Bonnie Johnson, sopho
more in Teachers from On
awa, Iowa, to Leon Steven
son from Blencoe, Iowa.
Mary Nun, Burr Hall
sophomore in Home Econo
mics from Ohiowa, to Don
Barber, Alpha Gamma Sig
ma graduate student from
Joyce Ottoman, Burr East
senior In fashion merchan
dizing from Scribner to Lar
ry Schobert, senior in ani
mal science from Spring
field. Audrey Hemmlnger, Zeta
Tau Alpha sophomore in
Home Economics from Co
lumbus, to Eric Wood, Pi
Kappa Phi junior in pscholo
gy from Bellevue.
For Dorms
and house or floor presi
dents from the larger
dorms and executive offi
cers from the smaller dor
mitories not organized on
the floor basis.
ASUN president Terry
Schaaf will address the rep
resentatives. Small discussion groups
' will be led by students and
student assistants. Discus
sion leaders are M a r v
Almy, Mel Schlachter and
Roger Doerr of Abel Hall;
Susan Heybrock of Mari
Sandoz Hall; Allen Krews
and Ludwig of Cather Hall;
Joyce Otteman and Sharon
Kraedduck of Burr East;
and Tony Redman, past
president of Cather Hall. ;
Economist Evans
.To Address YD's
Extension economist for
the College of Agriculture,
Burt Evans will be the fea
tured speaker at the Young
Democrats meeting Thurs
day at 7:30 in the Nebraska
Tax ammendments on the
Nov. 8 ballot will be the
subject of Evans speech, ac
cording to Sabra McCall,
Young Democrats president.
Thursday 'til 9:00
" .','" '
1 - ! ) ,i
ik 2 f -
- ...... . .-.t .
Facials, Razor Cuts ...
Union Barbers Offer New Services
"Facial, sir?"
Barbers in the Nebraska
Union now offer customers
Senate Plan Seeks
Board Uniformity
Plans will be presented
at Wednesday's Student Sen
ate meeting to provide for
the establishment of uni
form standards, purposes,
and goals for all the col
lege advisory boards.
According to Roger Doerr,
vice president of ASUN,
these plans, if formulated
into a bin, "could be the
most important legislation
to come before the Senate
in two years."
Doerr stated that if the
plan presented by Mel Sch
lachter, is passed, it could
force changes in some. of.,
the present college advisory
"It would definitely force
each board to re-evaluate
its own goals and purposes.
The plans are fairly gener
al in its content, however,"
Doerr explained.
.The plans .WJW B3rSSrM the ,
ed as part of Schlachter's Senate to explain the rea
report on his College Ad- soning behind Quiz Bowl's
visory Board committee. decision and answery any
In addition, there are nine questions of the senators.
I ' Av?!',: j . .. S.' .
." Xr V tu " J Si. " ; r ft
z I- : "il f J
f ill h f ' J f i y;. 1
jr I .A U ,' i t f I i ""V
LJ V:-. : J lJ kill
being one of the brains behind the coming gas turbine
age ... or helping to develop a new aircraft alloy ... or
finding out how to feed 4 billion people? Try your genius at
International Harvester, where computers and research
are as familiar as tractors and trucks. We are a company
that supplies mechanical power to a world that is increas-1
Ing its population by mora than 60 million a year. Our hori
zons are unlimited. But our. immediate job is to attract
young people who can match their strides with today's
onrushing technology. We have openings in research and
development, design and testing, manufacturing" and sales.
We Intend to offer the best combination of opportunity,
The Daily
J. N
shampoos, facials ,shaves,
razor styled-cuts and the
common hair cut, according
other committees scheduled
to make reports, most of
them dealing with prelimin
ary actions taken by t h e
In old business, the Sen
ate will consider the motion
made last week by Senator
Mike Jess concerning Quiz
Bowl. He moved that Quiz
Bowl change its require
ments for participation from
that of being a student with
eight or less semester's
credit to that of being an
Jess stated last week that
he was making the request
at the suggestion of sever
al engineering majors who
are on a five-year program
and are therefore barred
from participating on a Quiz
Bowl team.
Doerr stated that John
Metzger, president of Quiz
International Harvester puts the future in your hands
to barber Elmer Neuklrch.
Neukirch said that the
new range of services was
started last summer. He
said that the development
of hair cutting into hair styl
ling for men is a national
While no one has yet ask
ed for a facial or shave,
Neukirch said that a few
have begun to take advan
tage of the razor cuts.
Much more can be done
to style hair with a razor
cut than with clippers, Neu
kirch pointed out. He said
that the sharp edges left
by the razor allow the hair
to be more, easily, styled
than do the blunt cuts of
the clippers.
Neukirch said that many
University students like to
have their hair full in the
back and on the sides. He
calls this long-haired style
the "TV look'.
In addition there are many
Ivy cuts, with the hair just
long enough on top to lay
down or part.
Neukirch said that he has
been doing most of the ra
zor styling, in which the
hair is first washed in a
styling lotion and "whipped"
before being cut with the
The. barherjsaid that -students
often go for longer
times between haircuts than
do businessmen, partially
because of the longer styles.
responsibility and individual treatment. International Har
vester is a 2-billion-dollar-plus annual business. We are the
world's largest producer of heavy-duty trucks, a major pro
ducer of farm and construction equipment, an important
steel manufacturer, too. POWER and the people who pro
vide it are our lifeblood. We need talented and imaginative
graduates in liberal arts, accounting, chemistry, mathe
matics and business administration, as well as engineer
ing. We probably need you.
Interested? Contact your Placement Officer now for a date to lt ft IM
representative when he visits your campus. Or If Interviews art not sched
uled, write directly to the Supervisor of College Relations, international
Harvester Company, 401 North Michigan Avenue, Chicago, Illinois 60611.
British Education Opportunitie
AvailableTo American Student
The British Information
Services has recently re-,
leased a list of scholarship
and exchange opportunities
for American students in
Britain and for British stu
dents in the United States.
The Information Service
said that there are several
reciprocal exchange
schemes between individual
universities and schools in
the United States and in the
United Kingdom which stu
dents can best become
acquainted with through
their own universities.
The British universities
and colleges also offer many
scholarships for which stu
dents of any nationality are
eligible. Many of these
awards are not offered ev
ery year and an Interview
Is usually required.
In general, inquiries after
scholarship aid are advised
to seek information through
their own universities, and
to write directly to the Brit
ish university which they
wish to attend.
Thirty-two Rhodes schol
arships are assigned an
nually to the United States.
They are tenable only at the
University of Oxford. Can
didates must be male citi
zens of the United States
with at least five years do
micile, unmarried, between
the ages of 18 and 24, and
have at least junior standing
in a recognized degree
granting college or univer
sity in the United States at
the time of application.
Candidates are selected
on the basis of literary and
scholastic attain
ments, character and per
sonality, potential for lead
ership and service, and
physical vigor.
For the purpose of selec
tion the 50 states are
grouped into eight districts
of six or seven states each.
There is a competition in
each state, where a State
Committee of Selection may
nominate two candidates to
appear before the District
Each District Committee
selects not more than four
winners of scholarships
from the 12 or 14 nomin
ated. Inquiries should be sent
immediately to President
Courtney Smith, .American
Secretary of the Rhodes
Scholarships, Swarthmore
College, Swarthmore, Pennsylvania.
The British universities
cooperate in offering a spe
cial program of summer
schools designed primarily
for graduate students from
the United States, the Brit
ish Commonwealth and Eur
ope. There are usually four
such schools one at Oxford,
one at Stratford-on-Avon
(University of Birming
ham), and one at each of
the two capital cities of Lon
don and Edinburgh.
Each session lasts s i x
weeks and the universities
offer a Imited number of
United States applicants
This Fii. & Sat. Night 8 P.M.
Howell Memorial Theatre
PHONE 477-8711 12th & Sts.
Anyone can
f rf r
1 V V J
Xtaul mmm00T ..
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iiirTifc iirnimn i iiimPni- T -M.t
The man
is on
Wednesday, October 26
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with the leading technological innovator
in the computer business, don't fail to
drop by and chat with our representative.
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An Equal Opportunity Employer
Page 5
are screened by a Commit
tee selected by the Institute
of International Education,
809 United Nations Plaza,
New York, N.Y., 10017.
Fulbright - Hays awards
are available to those, pref
erably under 35 years of
age, who wish to undertake
a year of graduate study or
research in the U n 1 1 e d
Kingdom. -
Want Ads
A Comedy
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