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The Daily Nebraskan
Monday, October 10, 1966
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. Nebraska's dynamic duo . . . Ben Gregory (left) and Harry Wilson ran for 151
yards against Wisconsin.
Huskers 'Swing Out'
Run Over Badgers, 31-3
By Bob Flasnick
Sports Editor
The campus at the Uni
versity of Wisconsin swings.
Beer in the u n i o n, tap
rooms in fraternity base
ments, 5 a.m. hours for
girls and a general dislike
for the football coach are
enough to make any stu
dent reared at Nebraska
wonder if such goings on
are possible in an institu
tion of higher learning.
But that carefree, party
atmosphere on the Badger
Campus, unacustomed to
it as Nebraskans might be,
provided a fitting state in
which the Cornhusker foot
ball team could do a little
swinging out of their own
The Huskers looked like
they found that unifying
spark as they overwhelmed
tie Wisconsin Badgers 31-3
for their fourth straight win
of the season.
There was a happy atti
tude in the Nebraska locker
room after the game and it
was generally accepted that
Nebraska had finally ar
rived after a sporadic first
three games.
Husker Coacb Bob De
vaney readily agreed that
it was Nebraska's best
showing of the season.
"We're always looking for
errors," said Devaney, "but
this was the best."
It would be easier to point
out the good points in Ne
braska's showing against
the Badgers than to search
for errors.
The Nebraska defense
was again tenatious, limit
ing the Badgers to nine
first downs, all of them
through the air. Credit for
defensive unit, and more
specifically Wayne Meylan,
for breaking the game open
early in the third quarter
on a blocked punt which
resulted in a Nebraska
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With fourth and three
for Wisconsin on the Bad
ger 10, Meylan broke
through the offensive line,
blocked a Don Schaffner
punt, and then fell on it for
a Husker touchdown. Fol
lowing the extra point by
Larry Wachholtz with 10:06
left in the third quarter,
Nebraska led 17-3.
Wisconsin had taken pos
session of the ball four
plays before the blocked
punt when a pitch from
quarterback Bob Churchich
to Harry Wilson was bob
bled and recovered on the
Wisconsin three by defen
sive tackle Wayne Kostra.
Nebraska opened the scor
ing with a 27-yard field
goal by Waccholtz with 6:11
left in the first quarter,
but Wisconsin came back
in similar fashion late in
the same quarter on a 33
yarder by Tom Schinke
which knotted the score 3-3
and it looked for a while
as if Nebraska might have
another Iowa State tussle
on their hands.
But Nebraska's offense
began to click more con
sistently than ever before
this year as the game pro
gressed and a sophomore
studded Badger defense
Was helpless to do anything
about the rampaging Hus
kers. Nebraska's rushing stand
outs were Harry Wilson
(86 yards on 16 carries)
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y , - v ' "A
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and Ben Gregory (65 yards
on 11 carries).
Gregory was just switch
ed to the offensive team
the week prior to the game
to fill in for injured Ron
Kirkland, but Devaney said
after his performance Sa
turday he wrould remain on
The two Huskers ran
through the Badger defense
whether there was hole for
them or not which prompt
ed Wisconsin Coach Milt
Bcuhn to call the Nebraska
backs "the strongest run
ners we've seen in quite a
The Nebraska offense ran
the right side of the line
numerous times throughout
the game and having one of
his best days was offensive
right tackle Bob Pickens.
Pickens played football at
Wisconsin before transfer
ring to Nebraska and he
played an inspired game
against his former team
mates Saturday.
Quarterback Bob Church
ich had one of his best
days connecting on 10 of
13 pass attempts for 117
aerial yards. His favorite
receiver was Gregory who
he hit four limes - for 42
yards. Nebraska's leading
pass receiver this year,
right end Dennis Richnaf
sky, sustained a severly
sprained ankle during the
game and is a questionable
performer for this week's
game with Kansas State.
Where the
Saturday morning, while Mortar Boards are selling th
last of their Homecoming mums, while Bob Devaney and
his Huskers prepare for their game with Kansas State,
and while tight-eyed alums try to figure out how in the
world the Phi Psis ever managed to collect so much junk,
Joe Cipriano will put his basketball team through its first
practice session of the season.
Cipriano, named Big Eight Coach of the Year for 1966,
will have a lot going for him this year. Nebraska will have
four of the five starters of last season's 20-5 team return
plus a number of top quality lettermen that will give Ne
braska pre-season prestige it has never before enjoyed.
The NCAA Basketball Guide for the 1966-67 season has
Nebraska the victor in the Big Eight race and therefore a
contender for the national title. And I've heard via the vine
that some other pre-season prognosticators have picked
the Huskers for a berth in the Top Ten. This has to be a
first for Nebraska.
Cipriano has done some fantastic things with the bas
ketball program atNebraska. Last year the Huskers
finished with the best season in 54 years, had their first
winning season in 16 years and broke many long existing
records. They finished second in the conference although
nothing was decided until Colorado upset Nebraska in
Boulder, the next-to-last game of the season.
This year basketball fans should be treated with some
of the best basketball seen in Nebraska for years. Cipri
ano's style of run-run offense and the press defense, is to
sav the least, exciting. With many plays centered around
the fast break the Huskers' scoring attack is fun to watch.
And the speed of Stuart Lantz, Nate Branch and Willie.
Campbell and the dead-eye accuracy of Tom Baack and.
Ron Simmons make the Huskers a constant threat, making,
the foes look ahead w ith worry.
Cipriano's west coast background (he played for Wash
ington and coached at Idaho State) is evident with the
1966-67 schedule:
Nebraska plays Oregon, Wasington State and the
University of the Pacific at home and travels to Wyoming
in pre-conference play. National prestige could also be
gained by collecting a couple of victories at the VanderbEt
Invitational at Nashville, Tenn., on Dec. 16-17. Nebraska
plays LaSalle in the first round while Portland and Vander
bilt battle.
The season won't be easy for Nebraska. The Big Eight
will be as tough as ever with Kansas, Kansas State, Iowa
State, Colorado and Nebraska all capable of winning the
At any rate, Nebraska fans will be getting their mon
ey's worth, and if the Huskers come through again this
season demand will again be heavy for tickets. Jim Pitten
ger, ticket manager, reports that season tickets are al
ready selling at a record pace.
Maybe the possibility of a bigger and better home court
for Nebraska isn't too far away.
Saturday proved that one of the most important scor
ing threads a football team can have is a good field goal
Second-ranked UCLA kicked a field goal with seven
seconds in the game to beat upset-minded Rice 27-24.
Oklahoma, shaping up as the surprise team of the Big
Eight, used four field goals to defeat Texas 18-9 in one of
the major upsets of the day.
Georgia Tech, rated ninth in the nation, beat Tennessee,
rated eighth in the nation, kicked two of the 3-pointers to
win 6-3.
Texas Christian, finally breaking into the winning
column, beat Texas Tech, by the score of 6-3. The scores
were all field goals.
Illinois beat Ohio State 10-9, with all nine of the Buck-,
eyes points from field goals, and Illinois combining a FG
with a touchdown and extra point to win.
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gagsffc Grass
OS U Sophomores
Infiltrates Offense
There has been a heavy
infiltration of sophomores
into Oklahoma State's of
fensive lineup this season.
Some of the newcomers
have drawn wide acclaim
and others haven't.
In somewhat of an ob
scure way Jim Carreker, a
handsome young man with
a winning smile, has taken
over State's left guard job
with the aplomb of a veter
an. It wasnt easy and it
necessitated the transfer of
OSCs offensive Interior,
J. B. Christian, to tackle
last spring, a move made
easier by Carreker's im
proved play.
"Sure, I was surprised I
started at Arkansas," Car
reker admits: "I didn't
think I looked that good
last spring but I thought I
might have a chance when
they moved J. B. (Chris
tian) to tackle."
The 6-1 by "almost 200"
former all-state lineman
from Oklahoma City North
west added, "Sure, I was
nervous before that first
"We were watching tele
vision and couldn't get com
fortable, so we took a walk
around the block. We were
wearing our orange team
blazers and a couple of el
derly women yelled "Sooo-i-pig'
when they walked by
us. That didn't help, not at
the moment anyway," he
says with a grin.
He was quite happy Chris
tian's move was just next
door because he says the
wily Watonga senior has
been a big help.
"J. B. is a help to all of
the new players. When we
ad our scoring drive going
at Arkansas, most of us
were getting more excited
as we neared the goal. It
was J. B. who calmed us
Although be claims be has
to study hard for good
grades ("Good grades don't
come easy for me.") he has
a 3.1 overall grade average
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In high school he was in the
top 10 students of a grad
uating class of 832 and made
the National Honor Society.
Carreker suffered a set
back last winter when he
lost almost 25 pounds be
cause of mononucleosis. He
had a slow start in spring
practice but finished fast
and apparently picked up
the momentum this autumn.
"I'm not real big so I
have to use quickness," he
In the 40 yard dash,
standard time trial for line
men, he's second only to
hulking sophomore center
Jon Kolb. The lanky Kolb
is almost 6-3, 220, and he
flanks Carreker with Chris
tian (6-1 by 226) on the out
side. "It helps to play next to
people like J. B. and Jon,"
he says with a smile,
"Sometimes they do their
jobs so well they almost do
mine for me."
NU Coach Devaney on
Husker win "This is the
first time we have had a
team down to a point (this
season) without being under
heavy pressure. It is a
comfortable feeling to go
into the second half in front
and then get a quick touch
down." NU safety Larry Wach
holtz on win "Our season
is going to be just the re
verse of the last two years
w hen we clicked in the early
games and sputtered at the
end of the season."
Devaney on too much
time penalties "We sent
plays in from the bench and
the fellow that took them in
didn't explain very well"
NU end Dennis Richnaf
sky on his sprained ankle
"I went for a block and got
hit. Somebody fell on top of
Football Results
Wednesday, Oct. 5
Brown Palace A 32, Pi
Kappa Phi A 6
Pi Kappa Alpha A 19,
Theta Chi A 0
Tau Kappa Epsilon A 21,
Acacia A 12
Thursday, Oct. 6
Glenn 40, Rogers 7
Carlson 7, Frost 0
Fairfield 18, Gus 2
Abel X 39, Abel VHI 6
Abel XIII 24, Abel IX 7
Abel XI 7, Abel XII 6
Football Schedule
Monday Oct. 10
City Campus
NE Bandits vs. Unicorns
NW Mavericks vs. Dirty
Old Men
SE Pike vs. Kennedy
SW Governors vs. Custer
East Campus, A teams
Center Ag Men vs. Sigma
W Triangle vs. Theta XI
Tuesday, Oct. 11
City Campus
NW Benton vs. Avery
SE Alpha Tau Omega A
vs. Sigma Chi A
SW Alpha Gamma Rho A
vis. Phi Gamma Delta A
East Campus
E Phi Kappa PsI A vs.
Delta Upsilon A
Center Mavericks vs.
Dirty Old Men vs. Unicorns
me and I heard it crack.
I can't put any perssure on
Wisconsin defensive end
coach John Coatta on Ne
braska "They just wear
you down. They put two sets
of backs in there and you
can't tell the difference.
You hit that Gregory and
Wilson a couple of times
and you've had it."
I thought our kids de
fensively were hitting good.
But one time we hit Gregory
three or four times all of
them real good shots and
he kept going. Those good,
hard-hitting backs just wore
us down."
Wisconsin coach Milt
Bruhn on Nebraska "I
don't think Nebraska is as
quick as Southern CaL But
they are stronger physical
ly, especially the backs.
And Nebraska has depth."
r H .