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    Wednesday, September 28, 1966
The Daily Nebraskan
Page 5
Job Placement
Begins Monday
Hie following placement interview will
. he'.d in Boom 340 of the Nebraska
l'r""- Oct.
j penny Company: B.S., B.A. Adm.,
L?ieUW3U Utililiea District: AU de
Eleetrle Carporatlan: B
'"ie,'. DiiTsion of Halliburton: BS.-
l- f . sales.
r - PhvS'.cs: also oiner as. aesrees
h Kectrioal and Physics baokf round.
Usial Laboratories - Vision of R.
Gce Company: B.S.. M.S. -Microbiol.,
m int. ComnaBr: B.8. - M.E.i
M..K - Cb.. t hem. Ors.. Analrt.l,
A Eras., Af. Janrn.. Aa. Husb.l B.S..
Mi M B.A. - Acctf- Onanl. Bos., Com
;J. tr Set.! M S.. M.B.A. - Fin.. Mlifl..
S'l decreet - Hort.. Atob., Ent.. Plant
p, h.. Plant PaTSlel.
s nclair Gaa k Oil Company: B.S. -r
E CE. EE. ME.: all degrees -G
:-. Geophvaica. Math.. Physios.
- iclair Petrochemicals, Inc.: B.S..
y 5. - Agr.. Chetn., Ch. E.. M E., Bjs.
A'"lair Research. Inc.: AB degrees -C
ni , Ch. E.
irlsir Befining Company: B.S., B.A. -f
Adm.. C.E.. Ch. fc.. Chem.. Acctf..
(. Set.. HM.. Ealish.
t ioenix Matual Lirt Insurance Com-i-v
BS.. BA. - Bos. Adm., Lib. Ana.
Oct. 4
Howard. Needle. Tammen, Bargendotf:
B .. US. CE.
CaBsamrrs Public Power District: B S.
. E fc-. E - C E' Home Ecaa.
V Traveiera insurance company:
Bus. Adm.
-.stman Kodak Company: BS., MS.,
A - Gen. Bus , Acctc Fin., iVBf.,
, Boon.. Math thrown calculus.
. Lilly Company: BS. - ME.,
. M E. Ch., Chem. (Or., Aaalyt),
Econ., Kg. Journ., An. Husb.; BS.,
. M B A. Accig , Quant. Bus., Com
ScL; M.S.. M.B.A. - Fin.. Mfctg.;
irers - Hon., Agron.. Ent., Piant
, Plant Physiol.
i . ot lira nc island umiaes Depart,
ar J - BS - M E.. EE.
Vslca Chemical Cempany: An degree
High Court
To Review
Beard Case
t" S. Supreme Court has been s
a:ked to renew the case of a
Richmond Professional Insti-
t'ie shidpnt who was tpnt !
c '. of the college for his sen-
i r vear because he sported a I
trird and long hair
""be Virginia liberal arts
clcge refused to allow
r JSiM.10"
i er in September, 196o. Mar-
s ail is seekins an injunction
ti nrevent the college from
t uiring a shave and hair
c . as prerequisites. t
i a brief filed with the high
c .t: cn his behaEf. the Amer-
i: nii Civil Liberties Union con
t ided that the school's "ar
t rary, capricious and un-
iscnable" action refusing
registration on account !
nstrirtional nghts o free Non-sorority girls ranked "ers m business or engineer
session due process of sfi"nUy higher on col-1 Independents more often
-- privaVv and PpSon i lege aptitude tests according rfucation or the per
..rit cruel and unusual candidate Gary Wid-j forming arts-
:arshall. a 2S-vear old sen-
resigned a scholarship
s i h!s post as editor of the
. ,t s an ana nirriri
irr gazine last year in protest
against the school's '-higb-h
r-.dedness" in its "arbi
trary" rulin on student dress
a i grooming. i
'"Therp i nn l;m:f-Sinn nn
r .aches." Dr. George
ver. president of the Insti
t. o. said at an earlier trial,
'fa man wants to take a
c :r.:e walking down the
with a quite long one, he
can go right along."
Adult Education
Enrollment Grows
Registrations are up 12.6
J'.r cent over last fall in the
University of Nebraska's Ex
t:raion Division adult class
Zior W. Ellingson, head of
t - program, said the adu'.t
''iss enrollments total 2,061 j
a compared with last1
iar. The count is based on 1
c 'ass enrollment, nat individ-1
The number of class sec-!
ti .ns. most of which meet at
Ji-gnt, has increased to 2
fom last year's total of 75.
Course offerings went from
V- to 70 with additions In the ,
of English and art
n addition to the adult
f'.iH program the Extension
Livision also offers instruc-,
t.:n to Nebraska high school
ader;ts, to correspondence '
tifients ftroughout the na
t:on and abroad, and con
victs a few field courses in
Nebraska, main.'y for teach
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levels . Chem., Ck.E. and all engineers
with l years el chem.i B.S.. M.B.A.
Bus. Adm., alM Engineers lor sales.
Sinclair Oil Gas Company: As be
fore. Oct. S
V S. Air Force: Bachelor's, Master's.
LL.B . Lav., Nursing, Medicine, Pilot,
Navigator Science, Engineering, Pilot. Ad
ministrative and Technical.
Saisbury Laboratories: All degrees -Chem.
(Orgarjc. Anaiyt.), Ch.E., I.E.,
Johnson Service Cempany: B.S. - C.E..
I.E.! B.S.. M.S. - Physics. E E.. M E.
Scars, Roebuck and Company; BS.,
M A. - Acrtg : B.S. - B.A.. M.S. M A.
- Bus. Adm. Lib. Arts, others interested
io retaili-g.
The Fleming C.. Inc.: B.S. - B.A.,
M S. . M A. - Acctg. Econ.. Gen. Bos
Mktg., Personnel. Prod., Office Menu..
Lib. Arts.
Federal Power Commission: B.S. -C
E . E.E CAE.. Pet E., Aoctf ., Econ
Inierstate Power Company: BS.
Oct. t
General Dynamics Corpora boa - Aero
space Division and Electronics Division:
AH degrees - ME., EE.. E.M., MS.
Ph.D. - Math., Physics. CE.
Heneywell Incorporated . OeTerament
Electrsnlrs DfTtsisn: All derrees . E E..
M.E.i B.S.. M.S. - IJS.. Physiesi B.S
M.B.A. . Acrtg., Adm., Data Processing,
Prod.. Purrhatingi PHJL . Pays. Chem.
Applied Math.
San Francisco Bay Naval Shipyard:
BS.. M.S. E E.. CE, Met E.. I.E.,
ME., Naval Arch.. ChE- Analjt. a em.,
Motoeeta Incorporated: Bj. - M.B.I
B. S.. M.S. E.E.
Staaffer Chemical Company: BS., M l.
Chem., B.S.. M.E.-Ch. E.
Natural Gas PipeHne Company: BA,
- Ch.E.. C.E.. E L, M.E.
Tbe Omaha National Bank: IS., B.A.
- Baa. Adm. A. A S.
Oct. 7
Jefferscn Chemical Company: B S
M-S. - ChE., M.E.: MS., PhJJ. Org.
Chem.: B A. BS. - Cbera.
Honeywell Inoorporated: As before
General Telephone CampaBies of Iowa,
Missouri and Nebraska: B.S.. M.S. -E.E..
I.E.. M E.. Acrtg.. Bus. Adm.. Fin.
Motorola Incorporated - Government
Electronics Division: As Before
Central SOYA: BS. - Gen. Bat. Adm.,
Acctg., Sales, Merm , E E., M E.
MeDlrnmery Ward: B.S. . B.A. . Bat.
Adm.. Lib. Arts. Acctg.
I S. Corps of Engineers: BS., US. -
C. E.. M E.. EE.
Cr!:-en:al Can Company Incorporated:
All degrees - Bus. Adm., Acctg., Chem..
Econ., M E , E E., LE., Imd. Rel., C-E.,
Math.. Physics, Prod., Sales. Mont.
Florida State
Of Prospective Greeks
. , . ..
sor university
resamen want to ioin ra"
or-tees and sororities? A re-
StU.dy atf,F'?da Sta'i!l
University outlined several!
basic differences hexweert i
prospective pledges and in-
. . , ...
Freshman irs amnn tn
enter sororities tend to come
from a higher socio-economic
group than non-aspirants,
were more active in high
crtinnl cvtra-nrrirnlar artivi-
ties and dated more frequent-
Most of the independents
said thev would prefer to be :
jiu pre:er iv dp :
regarded as outstanding stu-
Most of the sorority hope-
fuii said they nould prefer toJJ0" no Pian 10 register "r
be remembered as leaders, student teaching for the sec
ond nemester must make an.
Among the boys, few such
lifferences could be found in
measured attitudes, family
background, self-perceptions
or secondary school experi-
Going to Iowa St.?
Get Four Buddies and Drive
a Hertz Car.
(If cheoper than bos or traia)
Ll EBTtZ gat 105 lil H3 HilfST'S SSaL
Friday noon thru Monday noon you con rent a sparkling
new Ford or other fine car for as little au $6 pw fay
plus He per mile. Rates include insurance, oil and gas.
Call on your campus Hertz RtrpretrnUtiv
(or inlormnlfcm, reservation:
Herti Rent o Cor 1017 Q
Matt be 18 years r older
Cell University Extension 2583
or drop by
Th Dally Nebraskan Offices
i WT 7 .rT ,i ni axiNBsnfi
, '4 - Jit.
I ' - . i it? ; r
I '---. r nitii r, "'im in . mi . nwra. "',A ' sfanW
WHICH TOYS ... will influence tomorrow's society the
leaders . . .
Phychologists' Question
A nation's drive and inven
tiveness could be affected by
the type of toys with which
its children play, some autho
rities claim.
University staff members
tend to agree with this theory
in general, but add that other
factors also determine a na
tion's role in the world.
A national toymaking con
cern supports the theory of
toys as a determining factor
in a nation or culture.
As evidence, the company
draws attention to the life
sized pre-school toys of Den
mark and the United States,
Takes Poll
n , . . A. . .
ence. Only in educational and
career plans were contrasts
Most men planning to join
, , ,. r . ? .. ' .
a fraternity reported that fi-
nancial concerns were most
important in any future jobs
while the non-pledges placed
more emphasis on "working'
with people or being useful to !
Prospective fraternity men!
planned to do more graduate
study and often selected ca-
Student I eachers
i . .
1ippilCailOnS Ulie
. r-ieiI?enia.r taucauon ma"
plication by October 1, 1966.
Application forms
are available in Room 202
Teachers College.
In The Rag
'Toy' With Nation?
which they contend, give the
children a manageable toy
world which they can direct
and experiment with.
On the other hand, it is sug
gested that the miniature toys
of Germany build up feelings
of world mastery.
Mexican children do not
actually play with toys, it
seems, but rather adore them
from shelves. Feelings of in
security are encouraged by
this, the company claims.
Also, it is noted that "de
prived" nations have no toys.
The absence of good toys in
Indian or Arabic cultures has
supposedly given their chil
dren poor self-images and a
hesitancy about affecting
their environment.
University authorities
stated that it was a debatable
point as to whether toys af
fect people or whether people
affect toys.
for world
. ' .jff - ' - e ' r
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Hondolpli Cycle 'Ond Morln
- f
building blocks of future
Political scientists question
the division of separate na
tions, but would agree that
separate cultures are affected
by toys.
"Inventiveness and creativ
ity can only be measured on
an individual basis and prob
ably has little to do with toys.
What kinds of toys did Mozart
and Einstein play with?"
asked one University profes
sor. Helen Sukel of the child
psychology department stated
that toys do definetely affect
a child to a considerable ex
tent. The question of the effect
of destructive toys, such as
guns, on children has always
been a point of diverging
"If toys do affect a child's
and a nation's development,
then can it be assumed that
French boys play with dolls?"
questioned a University
unto occicfonf
... of destruction in a fight
- .... , - .1
SS25 "r iv miism- 8f'J!
Brother, Sister Are Among 159
in in
pecoiia semester straight A s
A brother and sister from
; Wahoo were among 159 stu
dents who made straight A
: grades in a field of 11 500 un
dergraduates at the Univer- i Vernon Lee Pankonin, Linda
sity of Nebraska during the j Eileen Hammer, Perry Lest
second semester 1965-66. I er Schafer, Victoria Jo Shurtz,
They are Helen Marie and
Gary Loy Larsen, sophomore
and senior, respectively. Hel-
V II U l UIIVU III V . ill I 3
College and Larsen in t h
College of Arts and Sciences.
Students who made straight
A grades while carrying 12
or more credit hours includ
ed: Mary Elizabeth Hunt, Phil
ip Don Medcalf, Aurel Joan
Spivey, Elaine Teresa Rogge,
Dennis Lee Ross, Robert
Earl Freeland, Richard Roy
Ronnenkamp, Alvera V. Wall
man Bade, Kenneth Ralph
Middleton, Maurice M. Dix
on, Jr., David Louis Carland,
Merlin Lee Parde, Helen
Marie Mathers, Leonard Mi
chael Glode, Jr.
Janice Lee Armstrong,
Timothy Leslie Kathka, Mary
Ann Loseke Krueger, Myra
Paulick. Helen D. Fink Herr
boldt, Tony John Kozlik, Dale
Edward Spinar, Sharyn Lynn
Koerwitz. Linda L. Johnson
Sullivan, Richard Lee Schulze,
Orvin August lindell, Loren
Swan Bonderson, Roger
Wa3ue Harley, Larry Dean
CU Coed Fails Course,
Appeals English Grade
Boulder, Colo. (CPS) If
you don't like your final
grad-lade take it to court In
preueueiu-iiiaiuiiK a m-
versity of Colorado coed has
done just that.
aKrfXl V U Alt UL UUL 1 ILI 1IU J
charged her English Litera
ture instructor, Miss Kaye
Bache, with improperly giv
ing her a failing grade for
! misconduct cheating on a
' final examination.
The 20-year old junior seeks
tm, rvv,rt ronnirino tho
on inninTiAn trnm Km mpr
university to change her
Coffee Scheduled
1 a-, i
liY Aff nCOn lAUU
The University of Nebraska
'Agricultural Economics Club
will hold a coffee klatsch in
the East Campus Union,
Tuesday at 7 p.m.
This informal meeting will
allow faculty and students in
agricultural economics to be
come acquainted.
D w a v n e F. Heidtbrink,
Keith Allan Willis, Vicki
Marie Cline. Gary Lee Wahl
gren. Thomas Louis Burger,
Ronald Everett Talcott. J.
Morton Nicholson, Bruce Kent
Carlson, James Olen Armi
tage, Rodnev Franklin Pow
ell. Fre rick L. Leistritz. Kath
leen Ann Augustin, Dora E.
Germer Bowc en. Barbara
Ethel Bowman, Donna Dee
Bush. Helen L. Jacobs Chas
tain, Fred Eugene Cromer,
Carol V. Binderup D e r o I f,
Patricia Bauman Dickeson,
Alice Pettee Dow, Louise
Elaine Ellis, Lawrence Edwin
Felt, Roseann Kay Fowles.
Lawrence Anton Frolik.
Stephen Lee Fulton. Kathryn
Jane Griffin, Frances I.
Smith Gross, Hilde G. Egge-
bert Haggh, Lyla Dee Ham-
ilton, Grace F. HeldenbranJ.
Iram A. Zeller Herrick, Shir
lea Putman Hollinger, Shar
on Lee Wood Jones, Bertrice
Legler Kaminski, Cheryl Wag
ner Kellison, Myra M. Weg
ener Kirkland.
Margaret Lynn Lehl, Syl
via Lee Chalfant Lell. Ardis
Beckenhauer Lewis, Newton
Eugene Mack, Stephen An
drew Mazurak, Terry Allan
M c K e e, Linda Katherine
Instructor Bache contends
ttat similarities between Miss
uieuenuener a u a auuuier
students examinations could
not have occurred without
Miss Dieffenderfer main
tains her work in the course
deserved a "B" or better.
A university disciplinary
committee called to hear the
case and found the evidence
against Miss Dieffenderfer
insufficient to determine
guilt When no action wasf
t aken as a result of the com-
T rnifTAA atlAalBlin I f14 1iArl 1 Caw
cided state courts were hers
onlv altprnativp.
The suits names as co - de -
' fendanU the University Re-
gents the President of the
University, the Dean of Arts
and Sciences, the Dean of
Admissions and Records, the
Registrar and the instructor
University Attorney John
P. Holloway said he will
respond to the summons but
is unsure of his legal ap
proach since the case is
without known precedent.
i i
Miles, Thomas S. Nickerson.
Doyle Larry Nieman, Ronald
James O'Driscoll, Vera Far
rington Olson, Clarice A. Carl
son Orr, Sue E. Elliott Pear
son. Cara C. Hagen Piper, Nica
Jane Proctor, Patricia J.
iSmuny Ramsay, Bruce Ed
jward Raymer, Verla J. Pet
i erson Rebman, John Alfred
; Rosenberg, Robert John Po
j sicky, Sandra L. Roelfs Sage-
horn, Kathrine Mane Schach.
Ronald George Schafer, Sue
Ann Schmitt, Terry Lynn
Schneider, John C. SchrekJng
er. Marian Hope S. Shemberg,
Michael Bruce Siedell, Max
ine J. Knight Sorensen, Paul
Lawrence Stanton, Craig
Bennett Stucky. Sharon Ma
rie Thorson, Kathleen M. Ty
ler, Robert Dennis Tucker,
Aldine Kaye Turner, Floyd
Glen Venangen, Peggy L.
Prien Wagner, Elizabeth" Bell
Walters, Doris C. Barsby
Wampler, Alan Dean Weini
er. Ann A. Brandenburg Ze
man. Shirley Mae Voss, Glen
Sterling Whitwer, Richard
Lynn Helms, Ellen Elaine
Look, James Donald Arundel,
Pamela Dalling. Robert Ni
pher Daw son, Victoria Ann
Dowing, Leo Thomas Hey
wood, Jr., Marilyn Ruby
Higgs, Ronald Lee Johnette,
Jchn Quincy Kirkman.
David Edward Rybin, Ri
chard David Theis, Priscilla
Sowden Wood, John Robert
Miller, Timothy Lee Vonasch
wege, Rodney Steven Basler,
Janet Lorraine Hunzeker,
Searl Spencer Da1s, Marcia
Kay Lacerstrom, Carl Jean
j Haecker, John Richard New
t to Richard .ijlen j. Bednar,
, Daml James G Irma
i ,fs- i..
.wane UULIISIllgCI .
John Findlay Simmons,
Melvin A. Churchill Jr., Ron
ald F. Pfeiffer. Lloyd Ralph
Reeder, Kenneth Lee Schep
ers, Gaynelle Esther Podel!
Susan Ann Weyers, Keith
William Johnson. Dianne Car
ol Wendell, Teddy John Or
mesher, Donna Frances Esch
liman. Janet Ann Schlechte,
j Gary Loy Larson, Helen Ma-
I -i n I naAM
James Allen Guretzky. Ro-
Short lo WhuHa Praia Ha.
ivid Weeks. Gail Marie Skin-
ner, John James Curran, Ste-
ven Kc&en iseison, iniriey
Dee McAthie. Jean Marie
Fauss, Pamela Jean Hubbard,
Judith Lee Palmerton.
anjnyinannait'sniB u jiiim win is
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and Thursday 'til 9:00
A special 10
Watch Bands
Portable TVs
Watch Repairing
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