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    Friday, September 23, 1966
Page 2
The Daily Nebraskan
Yes-More Teacli-iiis
r 3
, One of the things this campus needs is
more teach-ins or large discussions where
66th sides of contemporary problems can
be discussed.
'.' For this reason the Daily Nebraskan
hopes that Students for a Democratic So
ciety (SDS) will be successful with its
plans for several teach-ins at the Universi
ty this year.
SDS is now making plans for teach-ins
on Red China and Black Power. The Ne
braskan cannot imagine few more worth
while projects than the planning and organ
ization of such discussion.
We ourselves would like to know more
about both of these topics and hear intelli
gent speakers debating over what Black
Power really means and if Red China
should be admitted to the United Nations
or not.
If any organization on campus is now
trying to think of a project which will
make them useful to the University, we
The Daily Nebraskan staff and the
Cornhusker are not planning a woodsie.
The news, copy and editorial staffs
knew nothing about the story in Thurs
the two publication staffs.
Donkey Serenade
. "
. is J 1
' -. - .- - ?
jo"- V
, v
By Sabra McCall
Republicans say this year is "op
eration comback." Come back to W h a t?
Not since Teddy Roosevelt have the GOP'
put forth a progressive image. Do we want
to go or "come" back to the early 1900's?
We lived through Herbert (a chicken
in every pot) Hoover, later came Dwight
(Caretaker) Eisenhower and we a 1 m o t
bad to live with Tricky Dick Nixon. And
The republicans want us to come back to
"Never!" serenades the Democratic
Donkey. We must move ahead to the fu
ture. Lest we forget, the Democrats are the
party of youth, vigor, and John F.
Kennedy. We have the opportunity to elect
a governor with these qualities of youth
and vigor. Will you work to put Phil
Sorensen in the chief executive chair of
the State?
The association is obvious I'hil Soren-.
sen's older brother was President Ken
nedy's chief aid and adviser. And this
very nlgbt JFK's younger brother Teddy
is campaigning for Phil Sorensen in
Several years ago Sorensen's brother
noted the drain of youth from Nebraska.
Phil Sorensen wants to keep the y o u n g
people here in the state. There is an op
portunity for youth to serve Nebraska by
helping to elect a forward-looking candi
date. The Democratic slate has leadership
and positive persons from top to bottom.
Take Governor Frank Morrison. According
to the Governor, he is making a bid for
the U.S. Senate seat that has been used to
demean the office of the Presidency.
He offers N'ebraskans the first pro
gressive, forward-looking voice since Sena
tor George Norrls. He would have more
than the word "no" in his voting record.
He would vote strictly the Nebraska
line including flood control programs, de
velopment of human and natural resources
and for necessary funds which will relieve
the taxpayer's burden.
And take Clair Callan, whom Nebras
kan know will do something for them in
the House of Representatives. Just ask the
Callan' opponent would have Nebras
kan! vote him into office. What would this
do to the State's two-party representation
in Washington?
I Tills state needs at least one Democrat
in the House. Who else would work for a
four year farm program, a Job corps in
Lincoln (his opponent has called the war
on poverty a 'dismal failure'ja watershed
project financing and a new post office
building for the Capital City.
Thli is not "operation comeback"
year, this is Nebraska's opportunity not
to come back, but to move ahead.
- TbJs is not a Serenade to lull you to
sleep, but to arouse in you, a desire to
make It the Democratic victory song that
Is sung on Nobcmber 8th.
Our Apology
- HI
By Cathie Shattuck
In case you're wondering where the
mythical land of "Left of Right" may be
found, I'll give you a clue.
It's not near the J.B.S. (John Birch
Society) or the Y.A.F. (Young Americans
for Freedom) organizations.
Young Republicans on the University
of Nebraska campus are definitely not re
actionary despite what some of our more
critical friends may say. As a matter of
fact we have even been labeled "the new
campus left." But, left or right, it really
makes no difference. It's consicience that
counts and not Barry's kind either.
Positive and progressive leadership is
what the college students of today are
looking for, and it is this kind of leader
ship that we aim to supply against any
and all odds.
We are more than Republicans for we
envision our role as that of the progressive
leaders In a never ending effort to elect
positive and progressive candidates to
Each time there is an election we sup
port all Republican candidates. At t h e
same time we look to the future, when we
or those of our political sentiments will
compromise the ticket from top to bottom.
This year the Republican party has a
fine slate of candidates. We are working
hard to elect them in November.
In so doing we are gaining valuable
experience. When the time is right, we
will be ready to take over as the party's
top leaders.
Until then we will fight for our pro
gressive cause gaining courage from the
words of our first leader, "Forgive and
The Innocents and Mortar Boards met
at Chancellor Hardin's house Thursday
night to discuss with Builders and the
Nebraska Foundation plans for student
contributions to the Foundation.
The Nebraskan will work closely with
Builders this year in trying to educate
students on the many things the Founda
tion does for the school and how students
possibly could take a greater interest in
this organization which does provide the
school with many fringe benefits.
As Harry Haynie, president of t h e
Foundation, often says the contributions
people make to this charitable corpora
tion provide the University with the
"extras" that the taxpayers' money and the
tuition fees can not afford to give.
This is the first of many words that will
be written in the Nebraskan this semester
about the Foundation and we do sincerely
hope that ail students will try to become
better informed on the Foundation and
how they may work with It to help the
would suggest that more groups copy
SDS's example by planning such educa
tional discussions.
One often wonders why it is that only
groups like SDS have enough interest in
world problems to study, debate and have
opinions on different issues.
There really is no reason why IFC,
Builders, Panhellenic and other traditional
organizations on this campus couldn't also
do something for the education of an indi
vidual and plan similar discussions oc
cassionally. If one doesn't like SDS or some of the
things it stands for fine. In many
instances the Daily Nebraskan would agree
with the criticism.
But one should at least have enough
courage to admit that this group and others
like it in many ways are contributing more
to universities than most traditional groups
are as far as helping people learn to think
and educate themselves.
Appropriate measures have already
been taken and a mistake of this type will
not happen again!
Wayne Kreuscher
Of Ri&ht
QLo JJLajl's, istJl A.
r '
Our Man Hoppe-
re iomiiiir 10 laice
The fiendish Chinese
Communists, in their in
sane frenzy to remake the
world, have harnessed a
force so awesome, so in
credibly powerful, that civi
lization appears doomed.
I'm speaking, of course, of
You've read, I trust,
where roving bands of Chi
nese youths, known as the
"Red Guard," have been
breaking into homes and
stores to stamp out revi
sionism in their elders by
cutting their hair, burning
their old-fashioned haber
dashery and generally in
structing them on the errors
of their ways.
Yes, the Chinese leaders
have unthinkingly unleashed
the unbelievable energy and
unshakable dogmatism of
the teen-ager. They are ob
viously playing with forces
no man can control.
But what makes me shud
der is the thought of the
lightning-like speed with
which teen-age fads spread.
Any night, now, there may
be a knock on my door.
"Hi, there, Daddy-o. We
were marching by and
thought we heard a platter
spinning In your pad here
that sounded suspiciously
like Guy Lombardo."
"Guy Lombardo! Good
heavens, I wouldn't play a
record like that. You must
have ha, ha heard the
cat when I stepped on its
tail. I was just curled up
with this good book here.
See? The Influence of Zen
Existentialism on Bob Dy
lan. "
"Yeah, that's what it says
on the jackets, but hadn't it
over, pops. Hah! Just as I
thought. Inside is a bound
copy of Playboy. Burn it,
Al. And where did you get
that haircut, dad, off a pow
er mower?"
"I've been trying f o r
years to get it longer, hon
est. But at my age it grows
"Your tie grow slowly,
too, Daddy-o? Hand me the
tape measure. Al. Look at
that, under two Inches
wide? You never heard of
the Fat Max pops?"
"I think the cleaner
must have shrunk it."
"Man, I never saw such
a revisionist. And what's in
that glass?"
"Oh, just a little night
cap." "Alcohol! We got the
weed, we got the. acid and
you want to turn on with
that stuff? You don't like
your liver, maybe?"
"WelMia, ha-I find it
kind of relaxes me and
then when I get out there
on the old dance floor to
do the Twist, I . . ."
"The Twist! The guy's a
walking relic. Take h i m
away, Al."
So there I'll be, out In
the street, publicly burning
rr rr i
my Guy Lombardo records
and wearing a sign saying,
"I'm a M i d d 1 e-Aged
Square." Which I am. But
who wants to be reformed
by teen-agers?
No, it's we grown- u p s
who are supposed to be
running the world. And I
say let's sign a Universal
Teen-Age Ban Treaty before
it's too late complete with
threats to reduce their al
(fan fJtUn Writes , .
Who Would HaveThunk It?
After many years of pro
testing, long months of re
search and much ponder
ing, last year's AWS Board
passed a senior key
system not a radical,
wild or unsupervised pro
posal, but one that was car
fully thought out and thor
oughly planned.
What happened, however,
when it was to go into ef
fect? A group of supposedly
mature women who had not
bothered to study the plan
and do not have to live
under the confines for the
old system walked into the
meetings and said "Forget
it girls, you just aren't ready
to set your own hours even
if you are legally old enough
to do most anything else?"
And what did the sorority
women do to combat this
obvious alumnae irTfer
ence? They smiled and said
"Anything you say" and re
leased public statements
that it was their decision.
Who would have thunk it?
Yes, who would have thunk
that any of the "irerity
houses would knuckle under
so reaiily when their mem
bers were the one's who
really knew what the sy
stem was all about?
And who would have thunk
that their alums have such
little confidence in the com
mon sense of their colle.
giate groups to autocrat
ically veto a system they
know little about?
Granted, orientations and
explanatory meetings were
held with various alumnae
groups last spring to thor
oughly explain that the keys
are of a special type that
cannot be duplicated except
at the factory, cannot be ex
changed between houses
even though they look ex
actly alike and that a sy
stem has been established
to prevent misuse of them.
But how many of these
most honorable women real
ly listened?
And even If they did dis
agree with the Idea, what
moral or practical right
have they to try to regu
late the lives of those women
of legal age?
The alumnae stress they
they "are concerned" about
. -I '
tut M
Arthur Hoppe
lowance and cut off their
Let's pray we can get the
genie back in the bottle.
Let's pray we middle-aged
squares can find some way
to go right on telling these
energetic, dogmatic kids
what to do. And let's pray,
above all, that they'll go
right on paying no atten
tion to us.
the Greek image. Well, if
that image is to be one of
and an autocratic system
under which collegiates have
no say-so in their own af
fairs fine, for them.
There are, however, sor
ority women both in col
legiate and alumnae groups
who believe that the Greek
system can progress to the
level where it at least mea
sures up to that of the in
dependents in honoring the
individual rights of one and
South African Student
Writes On Verwoerd
following is part of a letter
received by University stu
dent Robert Erickson from
a while South African stu
dent who attends the Uni
versity of Natal in I'ieter
manztburg. The le'.ler, which was
written the day of South
African Prime .Minister
Hendrik Verwocrd's assas
sination, gives this stu
dent's personal view of the
assassination and Yer
woerd's policies.
... I feel it has been a
tragic day for us in the real
sense of the word ... It is
shattering when this hap
pens to one's country at the
least expected time and at
a time when South Africa
has to stand together in
view "of international on
slaught. We have the South West
Africa question to solve and
there are many problems
which face us. Whether one
agrees with Dr. Verwocrd's
policies or not, one must ad
mit that he was a well-educated,
dynamic Individual
who had worked unflinch
ingly for South Afrlcu.
He gave this country an
identity which has drawn
the people together. 1
mean here that he saw the
nationalization of South Af
rica as a Republic no long
er tied to the apron straps
of Britain.
He was a man wit n the
courage of his convictions
Remorse of Conscience!
Let us look at the campus
churches. For an en
tire year I had been plann
ing to blast them as t h e
prophets of old blasted Is
rael. How these Irrelevant lit
tle clubs need a Jeremiah.
But now I discover I can't
start quite this way because
last Sunday I experienced a
most exciting event an
"Agape" mass at the Cath
olic Newman Center.
"Agape" Greek word
for love (would be too em
barrassing I suppose to ad
vertize a "Love-feast" in
Anglo Saxon). Why the ex
citement? For the first
time on this campus in
deed, in the state Roman
Catholics had an opportun
ity to realize a community
encounter with Christ such
as Christians of the first
century knew.
Communion was extended
into an actual mean ("avec
vin") and song was again
relevant and hearty. Do
you see what this could
If the more than one
thousand Catholic students
on this campus started tak
ing Christ as seriously and
with as much enthusiasm
as was initiated at that
"Agape", this campus
would be turned upside
down.- Revolution in chari
table action! Servants at
last! Agenbite of In wit!
But we dare rejoice so
soon? History is against us.
Catholics are notorious for
failing to act on the prin
ciples of their religion.
(Protestants we can excuse
more easily because their
principles are so nebulous
that it is impossible to eli
cit a unified action from
Pope John spoke boldly
and clearly in "Pacem in
Terris," but most U.S. ca
thedrals muted his sound
in the terra cotta of candle
wax and altar societies. I
say Catholics who stoned
King in Chicago are every
bit as bad off as those who
tortured heretics and
marched on Crusades.
eventually take leadership.
It seems ridiculous that
21-year-old women are not
respected by their older sis
ters and even more so that
these older sisters refuse
to listen to the facts regard
ing the security aspects of
the system.
Yes, Virginia, AWS is
making advances, but some
old ladies in the Greek est
tablishment are fighting
Who would have thunk it?
and although I his
policies generally, I felt
that with him at the helm
at least there would be
The act of assassination
Is horrible In any event,
but this was so deceitful and
so very ghasHy occurring
In the House of Assembly.
An act of violence like this
is very degrading. What the
future holds for us, I do not
know. Those who might be
eligible for premiership
lack his moderation and vi
tality and others lack ex
perience . . .
. . . We are all torn be
tween w hat seems so wrong
in theory and the almost
impossibility of any change
in practice. This problem
of colour-consciousness is
very complex and will nev
er be solved by laws en
forcing integration.
I think you have proved
that what is basically
needed is a change in
the ideas of the people and
this docs not occur over
night. Furthermore there must
also be a cultural integra
tion before u social integra
tion, This Is what you can
not appreciate as your Ne
groes do not have a culture
far removed from your own.
In South Africa it is differ
ent. The cultures are very
far removed from one an
other. Denisc MuHtcrt
0 fowl
In his book "The Human
Church," Father William
Dubay said that the first
step toward parish reform
is to burn down the church
es. Push the complacent
Catholics out of their cozy
ghetto and into the sunlight
of this century.
I suppose some kids at
the "Agape" mass last
Sunday feared they were in
the midst of heresey. Dos
toyevski's Grand Inquisitor
suggested that any true
practice of Christiani
ty would be dealt with as
heresy by institutional
churches, but now we find
it is not the institution but
the people who lag behind.
Probably half the Catho
lic students on campus
would rather doze in t h e i r
pews while the good pastor
tells them that "Playboy"
is a naughty mag, than
make an honest-to-God com
mitment of themselves.
Will it always be this
way? Hopefully not. Father
Donald Emming, the new
Newman chaplin, will do a
lot of good if he gets the
We'll have to wait and
see if Catholic students can
take their "Agape" out of
the church and into the Stu
dent Union, into the places
on campus where "it's hap
pening." (Note: In following weeks,
Agenbite of Inwit will take
a look at other campus re
ligions, including a new
group called B'hai).
Campus Opinion . . .
Olson Defends
Dear Editor,
In the light of recent ed
itorials and letters to the
editor about Homecoming
displays. I would like to ex
plain why Corn Cobs and
Tassels resumed sponsor
ship of this contest.
In response to many re
quests and criticisms from
students and outside sources
(local radio stations and
Lincoln citizens), we took
a poll of the eligible display
We found that sufficient
interest was shown to war
rant resumption of the con
test and we felt that it was
our responsibility, if not our
duty, as spirit organizations
to assume sponsorship. Con
sequently we set up 4 divi
sions to include all Univer
sity organizations, not only
living units.
To the critics of our spon
sorship, I can oniy say that
entry into this contest is
purely optional. Corn Cobs
and Tassels merely provide
the opportunity for those
who are interested.
Each campus organization
Is composed of mature, ra
tional individuals who are
capable of d e c i d i n g for
themselves if they can han
dle the work or not. I hard
ly think that any of these
groups need someone from
without their organization
tod decide what is best for
Jerry Olson
Corn Cob Homecoming
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