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    Thursday, September 22, 1966
The Daily Nebraskan
Page 3
Priest: Abortion Laws
'Need To Be Changed1
Abortion is a rather com
mon happening at the Uni
versity, the Rev. Raymond C.
Hain, Newman Center priest,
said Wednesday in a discus
sion on abortion.
"I'm sure if you wanted
that kind of iinformation you
could get it," Fr. Hain; said.
Abortion has become such
a serious problem that abor
tion laws need to be changed,
he charged.
The American Law Insti
tute has recommended abor
tion laws which would allow
doctors to terminate a preg
nancy if two doctors agreed
in the 'justifying circum
stances" for perfoorming the
The American Medical As
sociation favored changing
state laws to conform to the
American Law Institute's
model code last fall.
Abortion is permitted, how
ever, under strict limitations
in all 50 states and the Dis
trict of Columbia.
In 1965 an estimated 1.5
Journalism Lecturers Have Mixture
Of Academic, Professional Experience
Eight lecturers, each a pro
fessional in his field, have
been added to the University
School of Journalism staff for
1966-67 in a continuing pro
gram to provide students a
mixture of academic and pro
fessional experience.
The men complement the
full-time- faculty in meeting
increased Journalism School
enrollment demands. Guest
lecturers also will appear
regularly before University
journalism students.
R. Neale Copple, director
the school, said increased use
of lecturers came about
"partly by accident and part
ly Intentionally." Because of
the timing of staff resigna
YD Groups Organize
For Fall Campaigns
Telling Young Democrats
what they should do in the
campaign, Lancaster Coun
ty Democratic Central Com
mittee Chairman Norman
Krivosha said that "political
campaigns are not won at
Speaking at the YD meet
ing in the Nebraska Union
Wednesday night, Krivosha
said, "It's- time for YD
groups to recognize that it is
not just a club-itis not pri
marily for activity points, for
debates or for putting signs
on campus."
Krivosha said that the
Young Democrats should
campaign for the Lancaster
County candidates by contact
ing registered Democrats,
getting more Democrats to
work and putting up cam
paign materials around Lin
coln. "We're not asking you to
do these things as Young
Democrats," Krivosha said.
"We want you to be a part
of the campaign."
Krivosha stated that the
election in Lancaster County
was the most important in
the state. He said that it
could be won, since nearly 50
per cent of the registered vot
ers are listed as Democrats.
This being the first meet
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million abortions were per
formed in the U.S. Only 15 to
20 thousand of these were di
rect or therapeutic abortions.
Bases for changing abor
tion laws were given as:
The increase of illegiti
mate pregnancies as a result
of premarital sexual experi
ence. People have grown accus
tomed to the practice of con
traception and are ready to
turn to abortion if contracep
tion fails.
It is argued that easier
legal abortion will deprive the
illegal abortionists of their
Therapeutic abortions are
permitted in the Catholic
church on the grounds that it
is legitimate to remove a
diseased organism, Fr. Hain
"Is it possible to change
the Catholic attitude?" Fr.
Hain opened the discussion.
"If we start killing human
beings, even if they are only
tions last spring, the school
faced difficulties In hiring
new faculty members for the
fall semester.
The lecturers will teach
courses and labs in the news
editorial and radio-television
sequences at the school.
They are:
Burnill F. Clark, produc
er-director at KUON-TV, the
University s educational tele
vision station.
Lee V. Rockwell, special
projects producer at KUON
TV. Bob Taylor, news direct
or for KOLN-TV, channel 10,
Lincoln, and KGIN-TV, chan
nel 11, Grand Island.
F. Pace Woods, II, presl-
ing of the year, YD president
Sabra McCall introduced the
officers and committee chair
man, and a renort was Piven
, --i o-
on the Democratic campaign
situation across the nation.
Vice President Bruce Ma
son told those attending that
all we want are 50 workers,
not 175 members who just
attend meetings.
Mason said that, "For once
Nebraska has a chance to
leave the forests of the 1880's.
We have an opportunity to
elect a Senator who has a vo
cabulary with more in it than
theword 'no'."
Krivosha added, "This Is
not a Republican year. I
checked the almanac."
3 Profs Attending
Surgical Meeting
A University College of Me
dicine faculty member, Dr.
Leon S. McGoogan, is a pro
gram participant for the Pan-
Pacific Surgical Association
meeting in Honolulu, Hawaii,
Sept. 20-28.
Other Nebraska faculty
members attending the meet
ing are Dr. John Coe and Dr.
Carl Wilson, assistant profes
sors of surgery.
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a fetus, mercy killing is just
another step away," one stu
dent said.
A coed questioned if abor
tion is committing murder be
cause murder applies only to
human beings.
"We are killing an organism
that has the potential of be
coming a human being," a
student answered.
"What should the practical
conclusion be?" asked Fr.
Hain. "We have to form our
conscience on what we know."
The only safe guidelines
are to follow the directions
of the church, Fr. Hain said.
Man has no right to take life
and can only act when he has
"An answer is difficult to
find," Fr. Hain said. Science
is needed to keep exploring
even the basic questions of
what is life, when does life
begin and when does life end.
"We will discover new prob
lems, new facts which will re
quire man to change his
whole attitude."
dent of Woods Companies of
Lincoln. He has been direct
or of on-the-air promotion for
the American Broadcasting
Co. in Hollywood, Calif., and
associate director and net
work director for NBC In Hol
lywood. L a r r y Becker, form
er managing editor of The
Lincoln Star.
Edward F. Carter Jr.,
member of the Lincoln law
firm of Barney, Carter and
Buchholz. He will teach a law
course for journalists.
Richard Herman, state
house reporter for The Lin
coln Journal.
Carl Keith, night news
editor of The Omaha World
Herald. Copple said the use of lec
turers is practiced in many
journalism schools in the
country, including Columbia
University and Northwestern
Guest lecturers are to in
clude Lancaster County Arty.
Paul Douglas, City Finance
Director James Mallon, Po
lice Chief Joseph Carroll, Lan
caster District Judge Bart
lett Boyles and Hugo Srb,
clerk of the Legislature.
The use of lecturers and
guest lecturers provides a
good mixture of full-time fac
ulty members who are able
to devote their time to aca
demic duties and men work
ing in the fields in which they
teach, Copple said.
Ottoson To Become
Ag Economics Head
Dr. Howard W. Ottoson,
chairman of the University
Department of Agricultural
Economics, will become Di
rector of the University's
Agricultural Experiment Sta
tion on December 19.
The appointment was an
nounced Wednesday by Chan
cellor Clifford M. Hardin, sub
ject to final approval by the
Board of Regents.
He succeeds Dr. Herbert H.
Kramer who accepted an ap
pointment as Director of the
Agricultural Experiment Sta
tion and Associate Dean of
Agriculture at Purdue Uni
versity effective Jan. 1.
Dr. Ottoson, an authority
on agricultural policy, eco
nomic development and land
tenure, joined the faculty in
1950 and became chairman
of the department of agricul
tural economics in 1956. He
was named Bert Rodgers Pro
fessor of Agricultural Eco
nomics. Dr. Kramer has been Di
rector of the University Ex
periment Station since Sept.
15, 1961. Dean E. F. Frolik of
Wr oarvfo! sbovid.r
)l North lath
mi Hi mrfM . mil" "' i liiai
i y
f'U J -f ,M I
f'FA r if A 1
' jbb J M
U.S. MARINE CORPS . . . gives prospective officers the scoop.
Marines Seek Candidates
For Corps Officer Course
Making their annual visit to
the University this week is
the Officer Selection branch
of the Marine Corps.
The purpose of this visit,
according to Sgt. B. Chas
tain, is to interview interest
ed students for the Officer Se
lection program.
Chastain estimated that
from 25 to 30 students are in
terviewed each day, but that
all of these do not actually
join the corps.
He said that they had en
rolled 18 students from the
campus as of noon Wednes
day. Chastain said that last year
they enrolled 19 students in
the Marine Corps Officer
Plan from the University. On
ly one of these did not com
plete the summer program,
and that person was unable
to complete due to no fault
of his own.
The summer program,
Chastain said, is required of
all officer . candidates. The
student attends a six-week
program for the first two
summers of his college career
and a ten-week program be
tween his junior and senior
He said that a candidate Is
not a full officer after these
sessions but first must attend
a 21-week basic training
school. He stressed that the
candidate is commissioned
the day that he graduates
from the-University.
Chastain said that the Uni
versity is "one of the better
campuses in his district,"
which includes most of Iowa,
Nebraska and South Dakota.
He said that the University
showed "probably the best
interest and the best type of
the University's college of
Agriculture and Home Eco
nomics said Dr. Kramer's
leaving represents "a real
loss" to Nebraska agriculture.
"Dr. Kramer is one of the
distinguished agricul
tural scientists in the nation,"
Dean Frolik said. "He has
provided strong leadership in
our research programs in ag
riculture and home eco
nomics. His leaving under
scores the fact that Nebraska
has difficulty in holding staff
in competition with univer
stities such as those in the
Big 10."
Dr. Ottoson's experiment
station research at the Uni
versity has attracted several
grants, including one f r o m
Resources for the Future,
Inc., to finance a study of Ne
braska's transition area.
Sat., Sept. 24-7:30 P.M.
15 events
Over 90 drivers from 4 states
Admission $1
V. ) f
Midwest Speedway
4600 No. 27th St.
man for which the Corps is
He said that they have
more interviews with stu
dents from Nebraska Univer
sity than any other univer
sity despite the fact that it
is not the largest school in
Gather Hall,
At Odds On
Cather Hall and the Corn
husker seem to be at odds
over yearbook pictures, ac
cording to Cather President
Jim Ludwig.
Ludwig said he was going
to bring up the matter be
fore the Interdorm Coordin
ating Committee, of which he
is chairman, because the
Cather executive council
feels that group pictures of
dormitory residents would
provide a better system than
the individual pictures now
being used.
"A larger percentage of re
sidents would be in the Cath
er Hall section if group pic
tures were taken," Ludwig
He said he did not t h i n k
there was "too great a possi
bility" of having group pic
tures of dormitory residents
in the Cornhusker.
Would Downgrade
Ludwig said that he was
told by the Cornhusker that
the annual is trying to put
out a prize-winning book, and
that rating services down
grade on group pictures. A
lower quality publication
might result, Ludwig said.
He said residents seem to
favor group pictures because
of the lower individual costs.
Ludwig noted it would take
less trouble to gather the re
sidents for a picture on their
Ludwiff said that Harry Ar
gue, the dormitory section edi
tor for the Cornhusker and a
Cather resident, would be at
tending the next executive
council meeting to discuss the
situation before Cather makes
its contract for the current
Difficult To Change
Ludwig said when the dor
mitories first approached the
Cornhusker with the idea last
year, they were told that the
basic lavouts had already
been made for that year and
could not be changed without
great difficulty.
"If evervone wants group
pictures, we could probably
put a lot of pressure on tne
Cornhusker," Ludwig said,
referrinu to the large popu
lation of dormitory residents.
Ludwig estimated that with
group pictures the dorms
would be using about 30 pag
the district. This distinction
goes to the State University
of Iowa.
The Marine Corps officers
are located in the basement
of the Nebraska Union and
will be there until Friday afternoon.
Group Shots
es in the annual. He said that
the expense and time involved
was the reason for many
residents ignoring the signup
for individual pictures.
Last year 129 of 468 Cath
er residents had individual
pictures in the Cornhusker.
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Continuous Action
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K m? J
avowal ii " "Mi n m,
tJ A .
i - .....
Regent Adkins Defends
Scholarship Program
A member of the Board of
Regents, Richard E. Adkins
of Osmond, says he inter
prets part of a recent criti
cism on the University's pro
posed 1967-69 budget by
Omaha Senator Clifton
Batchelder as "an attack on
the integrity of the Board of
Regents in the operation of
the so-called Regents Schol
arship Program."
Batchelder, accused the in
stitution's management of
"making use of an unauthor
ized scholarship program
amounting to approximately
By this method, the Oma
ha senator claimed, the Uni
versity caused its enrollment
to expand, accelerating pres
sure on the Legislature for
larger appropriations.
Adkins said the Regents
Scholarship program "is op
erated under authority
granted 37 years ago by the
Nebraska Legislature. It is
not a new program."
Needed By
Photographer needed!
From sources within the
Daily Nebraskan comes word
that a bright, energetic young
man or young woman with
a need for $40 per month could
become a new staff photogra
pher. Prerequisites: Ownership of
photographic equipment (i.e.,
camera); experience with pro
cessing and printing film; and
a unique ability (convenient
class schedule) for taking pic
tures. Interested persons may in
quire at the Daily Nebraskan
office in the Nebraska Union.
Experts Discuss
Job Interviewing
The do's and (don't's) of in
terviewing for a job will be
aired at a panel discusion
Tuesday which will feature
two authorities in the field of
career planning.
The seminar will be held in
the ballroom of the Nebraska
Union at 7:30 p.m.
Guest panelists will be Lar
ry Nuss, Manager of College
Relations and Employer Rep
resentative from the Midwest
College Placement Association
on the Council of The College
Placement Association, and
W. J. Hergenrader who is vice
president and general man
ager of Frigiking Company
and a graduate of the Univer
sity. Swifigline
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Oi x.iu etnojoq 'ASJ9 s tuaqi auiAnq
j nuapnis -tjdms J,0X )" Autidod
q) jo Ajots m inoqs )snf s,lu,i 'puy
aejq r, 'Z jtpooM aqi jo trio amuunj si
n '"law 1 IT J V
air '
Under this grant, Regents
can waive or refund fees of
academically talented stu
dents or those in financial
need who show scholastic
promise. . ,
Adkins told Batchelder, by
letter, the program now pro
vides scholarships for 600
students annually 300 fresh
men and 300 upperclassmen.
The dollar value of the
waived tuition is $175,000
Also, the University oper
ates three other programs
involving tuition waivers for
certain students, including
children of slain servicemen,
with an annual dollar value
of $50,700.
"In all cases," Adkins con
cluded, "these tuition waiv
ers are reflected in tuition
income estimates the Univer
sity presents to the governor
and to the Legislature. They
are neither unauthorized nor
improper, and they involve
no diversion of funds.
"All other scholarships
which the University awards
are supported by outside
donors," he said.
The most
walked about
slacks on
Campus are
with "DACRON"
The action is fashioned by
Hubbard . . . DACRON
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