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Page 3
Wednesday, September 21, 1966
Saturday Designated
For Senior Orientation
Nebraska high school sen
iors again will be invited to
Days in order to become ac
quainted with the University.
According to John E. Aron
son, director of admissions,
the Special Events Committee
of the Human Resources Pro
ject will sponsor Senior In
formation Days. The morn
ing and afternoon programs
have been presented on Satur
days for approximately ten
Senior Information Days
will be Oct. 1 and 22, Nov.
V.), and Feb. 7, Aronson said.
About GO guides from the
campus living units are
the seniors.
Aronson suggested that
houses and residence halls
select at least two represen
tatives to act as Senior In
formation Day Leaders.
These students should be per
sons with "warm personalit
ies, enthusiasm about the
University, who are good
communicators," he said.
The list of guides should
be sent to the Office of Ad
missions in care of Lawrence
Bundy, Aronson said. An
orientation meeting for all
guides will be held Thursday,
7 p.m. in the Nebraska Union.
Last year 1,700 attended
Senior Information Days and
more are expected this year
according to Aronson. Stu
dents come from all over Ne
braska, usually in groups
from a particular high school.
Out of state student's who
wish to visit the University
are also invited on the speci
fied Saturday, he said.
The Office of Admissions
arranges the morning and
afternoon programs includ
ing the deans and professors
who speak, room assign
ments, and also sends out
invitations and registration
forms Aronson said.
A group of eight or ten stu
Panhel To Boycott
'Distasteful' Games
Panhellenic voted unani
mously Monday to boycott ob
jectionable games scheduled
for Derby Day if the sponsor
ing fraternity refuses to heed
the organization's recommen
d a t i o n s concerning the
The Derby Day program is
an annual day of games for
sorority pledges sponsored by
Sigma Chi fraternity. It is
scheduled Oct. 1.
Bus Has
Space For
CU Game
Space for 23 University stu
dents is still available on the
Nebraska Union bus trip to
the Colorado football game,
according to Karen Jones,
chairman of the Union Trips
and Tours Committee.
Buses will leave the Ne
braska Union at 10:30 p.m.
Friday, Oct. 22, arriving in
Boulder at approximately 9
a.m. Trip participants will
stay in the Brown Palace in
Denver after the game, leav
ing Denver the next morning.
Friday, Oct. 7 is the dead
line to purchase the $33 ticket
which includes lodging, the
game ticket and round trip
The trip to the Iowa State
game has been cancelled, ac
cording to Miss Jones, but
students may still sign for
the Wisconsin and Kansas
These low-tost rate! apply to all claislfled advertising la the Daltf Nebraskan i
tandard rata of So per word and minimum charge ot SOc per classified Insertion.
Payment (or these ads will (all Into two catexories: (1) ads running less than
one week ia succession must be paid (or before Insertion. (2) ads running (or
mora than one week will ba paid weekly.
To place a classified advertisement call the University o( Nebraska at 477-1711
nd ask (or the Dally Nebraskan offices or coma to Room 51 In the Nebraska
Union. The classified advertising: manaxera maintain :30 to 1:30 business hours.
Fleas attempt to place yon ad during those hours.
Tonneau 1963-1969 Corvette. 469-3713.
1964 Honda SO motorscooter, like new.
tlSO.OO. 466-6631.
1966 BSA Lightning Motorcycle 650 CO,
dual carbs. 2700 miles. See at SIS No.
24th day.
For Sale. 1962 Honda Dream. Windshield.
Saddle bags. Call 489-4872 any evening.
1964 Bulck Skylark Convertible. Good
Condition. See at 64S So. 17, Apt. 403
or call 432-3120.
GUITAR Fender Jazzmaster. 477-4377.
NOVELS, bookstore, 320 North 13th.
Bleeping Quarters (or (our. Two bed
rooms. Graduate students preferred.
See Margaret Fulirman In Crib or
727 Fairfax. Private Upper Duplex.
New refrigerator, atove. drapes.
dents compose ;the Special
Events Committee of the Hu
man Resources Project, spon
sored by Dr. William E.
Hall, Department of Educa
tionatt Psychology, Aronson
Georgia Stevens Is chair
man of the committee which
receives the registration
forms, divides the students
into groups, organizes hosts,
and arranges and presents
Hie noon entertainment. Re
gistration fees for the seniors
is $1.
The programs will begin
with a mass meeting in the
Coliseum, From there sen
iors will go to two class sec
tions of their choice lasting
for approximately one hour
A professor from the par
ticular department will dis
cuss his department and an
swer students' questions.
A noon lunch will be served
in the Nebraska Union Ball
room. Students will be able to talk
with professors of the college
in which they plan to enroll
in an afternoon session.
Guides will conduct a tour
of men's and women's resi
dence halls on both city and
east campus. The program
will end with refreshments
and a discussion period in
the Nebraska Union.
SDS To Nominate
Officer Candidate
Nominations for the fall se
mester's officers of Students
for a Democratic Society
(SDS) will be taken at the
SDS meeting Wednesday at
7:30 p.m. in the Nebraska Un
ion. Activities and goals for the
group on this campus will be
discussed at length during the
evening program.
Sigma Chi submitted a list
of proposed games to D e a n
Helen Snyder and the list was
subsequently reviewed by
Panhellenic suggested that
some of the games be dropped
because they were "unlady
like and distasteful," accord
ing to Shari Mueller, Panhel
lenic vice president.
Panhellenic also suggested
that the judging of the Miss
Derby Day contest be con
ducted on the Friday after
noon before Derby Day and
that contestants appear in
"tasteful sportswear" at t h e
crowning rather than in the
traditional bathing suits.
Earlier in the meeting, G.
Robert Ross, vice chancellor
and dean of student affairs,
spoke to the group on the
physical expansion of the Uni
versity. He commented on the
bid-letting of the planned
Greek complex, construction
of new classrooms and living
units and the parking prob
lem. SDX Undersrads
Meet With Pros
The University undergrad
uate chapter of Sigma Delta
Chi, men's journalism society
will hold a dinner meeting in
conjunction with the Nebras
ka professional chapter
Featured speaker for the
6:30 p.m. dinner will be Ne
braska football coach Bob De
vaney. It will be held at the
Lincoln Hotel.
furnished house. Range and refrigera
tor. Bring roommates. 1712 N. 29th.
$50 per month. School term.
One or two male students who like to
live nicely at low rent. 30x15 rec. room,
oriental rugs, fireplace, private bath,
refrig., mahogany furniture, draperies,
garage stall, kitchen privileges; quiet
(or study. In home of employed widow,
4 miles from campus, $30 a month (or
one ($45 for two) plus shovelling snow.
Univ. Ext. 2614-1216. Evenings 488-3481.
WANTED. Good tennis player whs hi In
terested in playing regularly with a
real fanatic. Contact David Neumeister,
WANTED: Artist to work part time: Silk
screening. Phone 489-4768.
Real part time Job. Car necessary. Call
432-4646 anytime. I
J. Harrison B. and the Bumbles. Well
known college combo (or hire. Call
Stan Johnson at the Delt house.
Passengers to FLY to Wisconsin Oc
tober i. Call Scott Stuart. 4M-0202.
MAMMOTH PIPES . . . stored temporarily on the lawn of Teachers College,
soon will become part of a new utilities -system being installed in the building.
NU Electric Demands Increase
A new electrical distribu
tion system is being installed
to meet the increased electri
cal demands of the Universi
ty. Increasing the cable capac
ity is the basis for the pres
I All-Male Style Shoiv
ITo Use Bond Themel
Accompanied by live musi
cal entertainment, "Fashion
Finger" will strike the cam
pus Wednesday.
The Nebraska Union Hospi
tality Committee and Ben Si
mon's college board are pre
senting a men's style show in
the Nebraska Union Ballroom
at 8 p.m.
According to Bill Struyk, pre
sident of the college board,
the show will consist of five
scenes built around a British
"James Bond" theme.
Struyk said that Richard
Lang, the fashion editor of
Gentleman's Quarterly maga
zine, will be flying in from
New York to speak on trends
in men's clothing across the
Struyk predicted that the
show would be "very enter
taining, pleasing and amus
ing to a male audience."
All aspects of men's cloth
ing will be reviewed. Struyk
said that everything from for
mal wear to suits and sport
coats to the furnishings of
shirts and slacks will be
Members of the college
board will model the fashions.
Struyk revealed that there
will be one "reappearing fe
male role" in the cast of char
acters. According to Struyk, two
students from the Dramatics
Department have written the
A group of undergraduates
at the University of Nebraska
plan to publish a campus
magazine late this fall. Their
efforts began last year with
investigation into the feasi
bility and need of such a pub
lication on the Nebraska cam
pus. Included in the. format of
the magazine will be inter
views, articles on fashions,
current news, and some sa
tire. The staff hopes that the
magazine's interest will be
wide enough to appeal to Oma
ha and Creighton students as
well as those at Nebraska.
Writers and especially pho
tographers are needed to help
with the magazine. Anyone
interested in the p r o j e c t
should contact Kelley Baker,
Roger Elm, or Bill Minier in
the Daily Nebraskan office.
Maytag Co.
360 No. 48 St.
ent electrical work on t h e
campus, said Carl A. Donald
son, University business man
ager. Donaldson said that the Uni
versity's demand for electri
cal power has increased rapid
script and are doing most of
the staging for the production.
Struyk emphasized that the
style show Is free and the pub
lic is invited.
Scholarships Available
For Semester At Sea
Scholarships worth $1,200
are available to students who
wish to study for one semes
ter at sea aboard the Seven
Seas Division of Chapman
To qualify, a student must
have maintained a 3.0 or high
er grade point average, in pre
vious transferable, academic
work and must be in good up
per division standing at the
college - level institution he
most recently attended.
Students wishing to apply
for scholarships should ad
dress Dr. Ashleigh Brilliant,
academic coordinator, Seven
Seas Division, Chapman Col
lege, Orange, Cal, 92666.
Courses in the program in
clude economic geography,
comparative economic sys
tems, contemporary world
culture, living religions of the
world, special problems in art
history, cultural anthropology
comparative modern govern
(hh SoMttna
nhi.j. jliiiii
v- f " X W
j Y t
1 ' , 4 '
1 11
t Am. " "2
ly over the last few years.
He said that the construc
tion of new buildings, addi
tion of night classes, and in
creased air conditioning have
been the main causes of this
increased demand.
Donaldson said that with
the University now about the
size of the city of Fremont,
water, light, and telephone
capacities will need to be ex
panded. Donaldson said that for the
next few years the campus
will be torn up for more proj
ects of this type.
Jle said that while there
may be a completion dates
for this project, it is a "never-ending
process to meet
never-ending demands."
ment, comparative govern
ments of the Far East, philo
sophy of science, general lit
erature, basic historical is
sues of the twentieth century,
modern drama and mental
The fall semester will em
bark Oct. 20 at New York,
bound for Lisbon, Barcelona,
Marseilles, Rome, Athens, Is
tanbul, Alexandria, Port Said,
Suez, Bombay, Colombo, Port
Swettenham, Bangkok, Hong
Kong, Kobe, Yokohama, and
Honolulu, arriving m Los An
geles Feb. 4, 1967.
The spring semester voy
age departs Los Angeles
Feb. 7 for Balboa, transiting
the Panama Canal, Crostobal
Caracas, Trinidad, Salvador,
Buenos Aires, Montevideo,
Rio de Janeiro, Lagos, Dakar,
Casablanca, Cadiz, Lisbon
Rotterdam, Copenhagen, Lon
don, Dublin and Galway, re
turning to New York May 25.
innii - - ri itf i Ti-n'r n" ti i isli irli' mi 1 -
)iO Chtwid.
ASUN Exec Chooses
Committee Chairman
Following interviews, on
Saturday and Sunday, the
chairmen and the commit
tee members of ASUN were
decided upon.
The Senate committee
chairmen have been ap
proved, as stated in the ASUN
constitution, by the ASUN ex
ecutive committee. The Ex
ecutive and Coordinating
committee chairmen will be
presented to the Student Sen
ate on Wednesday, for Sen
ate approval.
If the chairmen of the Ex
ecutive and Coordinating
committees are approved,
these individuals will be
come part of ASUN presi
dent, Terry Schaaf's, cabi
net. The following are the Sen
ate Committee chairmen as
approved by the ASUN ex
ecutive committee:
John Hall is chairman of
the Academic Research Com
mittee. Working under Hall
are Senators Nesha Neumeis
ter, Susie Phelps, Bob Tuck
er, and Bill Tooley.
The chairman of the Tutor
ing Committee is Gerry Ol
son. Senators on the commit
tee are Twila Andreasen and
Mi mi Rose.
Heading the Public Issues
committee is Liz Aitken.
Carolyn Bedient, John Hall,
and Pam Wood are mem
bers. Dick Schulze is chairman
of the Student Conduct Com
mittee. Working with him
will be Senators Kris Bitner,
Mike Jess, Mike Nerud, Ger
ry Olson, Susie Phelps, Bob
Samuelson, and Liz Aitken.
The Bookstores Committee
is headed by Rich Thomp
son. Cheryl Adams and Twi
la Andreasen are members of
the committee.
Ron Pfeifer has been chos
en chairman of the Student
Welfare Committee. Working
under him will be Gene Hoh
ensee, Chuck Juricek, Nesha
Neumeister, and Bob Tucker.
The following chairmen of
Executive Committees are
tentative, subject to the ap
proval of the Student Senate:
John Winkworth is chair
man of the Libraries Com
mittee. Members of the com
mittee are John James, Su
sie Kunc, Gary Muller, Shari
Mueller, and Shirlee Schnei
der. The Advisory Board Coordi
nating Committee is headed
by Mel Schlachter. Roger
And do it in
a pair of red
by DeMura
of soft kid leather,
cush ion-lined.
GOLD'S Lively
Shop Mon. &
Kobayashl, Kent Oates, and
Nancy Probasco are mem
bers. The chairman of the Mas
ters Committee is Joan Mc
Clymont. Working under her
will be Dottie Dering, Caro
lyn Eldred, Anne Evans,
Carol Gardner, Pam Harris,
JoAnn Pahl, and Nancy Pro
basco. Carolyn Bedient is chair
man of the European Flight
NU Press
Book To
Be Filmed
Walt Disney is transform
ing a University Press book,
The Family Band " by Lau
ra Bower Van Nuys, into a
major musical by assigning
the Sherman Brothers, who
wrote the Oscar-winning
"Mary Poppms score, to the
With the tunesmiths now
at work, filming of the pro
duction is expected to begin
in about a year.
The author, a snrv 85. runs
an anticme shoD in R a n 1 d
City, S.D. Her book, subtitled
"From the Missouri to the
Black Hills, 1881-1900," de
picts the pioneer life of h e r
girlhood during the opening
of Dakota Territory.
Laura and her seven older
brothers and sisters devel
oped their musical talents
when their father went into
debt to buv instruments for
them. Soon performing in
small towns, they went on to
become a top frontier attrac
tion and once played for a
campaign rally at which pres
idential candidate William
Jennings Bryan spoke.
Theater Searches
For Strummer
The University Theater an
nounced that it is searching
for a person who can sing
and play the guitar to play
the role of Amiens in "As
You Like It."
Any interested persons
should contact Dr. William
R. Morgan through the busi
ness office in Temple Build
ing. style in
Young Lincoln Shoes .
Thurs. 'til 9 other days 9:30 to 5:30
Committee. Working with her
will be JoAnn Pahl.
Chairman of the Activities
Committee is Margo McMas
ter. Members are Sue Black,
Walt Bauman, Toni Nowak,
Walt Radcliff, and Bob Suk
up. Kris Bitner is chairman of
the Stillman Committee. As
yet, no members have been
Tentative chairmen of the
Coordinating Committees, al
so requiring Senate approval,
and the members are as fol
lows: Dave Piester is chairman
of the Public Relations Com
mittee. Members are Karen
Jo Bennett, Kathy Kuester,
Martha Williams, Bill Tool
ey, Jo McDowell, Rich
Thompson, Roger Kobayshl,
Jean Reynolds, Ruth Hage
dorn, and Gene Hohensee.
Chairman of the Student
Opinion Committee is Dan
Bankey. Diane Kucera will
serve as co-chairman. Mem
bers are Martha Williams,
Roger Psota, Karen Jo Ben
nett, Mary Lou Brolyer, Kent
Oates, Ruth Hagedorn, Walt
Baumann, Diane Severide.
Chairman of the Associate!
Committee Is Karen Wester
bcrg. Working with her will
be Dottie Dering, Jo McDow
ell, Roger Psota, and MimI
Curt Bromm is over-all
chairman of the Legislative
Liason and Research Com
mittee. Phil Bowen is chair
man of the legislative liaison
area and Marv Almy will
head the research segment
of the committee.
Members of the committee
are Mary Wenke, Carolyn El
dred, Chuck Juricek, Mimi
Rose, Susie Kunc, Randy Pri
er, Ron Psota, Dave Sense
ney, Bob Tucker, and Gayle
Chairman of the Faculty
Senate Liaison committee is
Bob Stryaer. Working with
him will be Dick Schufee, Bill
Origer, Mike Jess, Ron Pso
ta, and Gayle Smith.
Dave Senseney is chairman
of the Incorporation Commit
tee. Serving as chairman of the
Governmental Affairs Com
mittee is Cheryl Adams.
Kathy Kuester is chairman
of the Constitutional Commit
tee. Randy Prier will work
with her.
Mike Nerud is chairman of
the Parking Committee.
JQ tJlJlo
Also in bone,
black, brown,
navy. 11.95
. . second floor