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    Friday, September 16,
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KNUS To Broadcast Games
The campus radio station dence Halls. Pound, Cather
KNUS will feature the Ne- and the 7,000, 5,000 and 6,000
braska-Texas Christian Uni- buildings in Selleck.
versity football game Satur- KNUS will go on the air at
day in its initial broadcast of i:3o p.m. Saturday with mus-
tneyear. jC news f0n0wed by a
According to Lee Coney, as- pre-game warm-up at 1:45
sistant professor of journal- p.m. and kick-off at 2 p.m.
ism, eight students will han- Play-by-play will be present
die the live broadcast of the ed by journalism students
game and will present pre- Mike Elgert and John Jessup
game, halftime and post- with the assistance of G a r y
game shows. Weik.
The broadcast, Coney said, A half-time show with
can be received on an 880 am scores from games around
frequency in Women Resi- the nation and a closing show
Nebraskan Want Ads
Tfcc-e low-ro&t rates spate to all classl-
ftrd adrenltin. la Ibe Daily Nebraikaa: Two basement rooms, newly decorfted.
standard rale of Se aer word and mini- 3141 HoMrege. Washer, dryer. 43S-3474.
Bum charo at SOe aer classified laser-
U"n- Steeping quarters lor four. Two bed-
Payment lor laese sds will fall tats rooms. Graduate students preferred,
two eatct-ories: 1 ads running lest than See Margaret Fuhrman in Crib or
saw week In sareessioa mast be aaid for 435-590L
before nuerttoau sds roaning for
mora ffcaa aaa sreeb will as paid weekly. MISCELLANEOUS
FOR SALE I Real part time lob. Car accessary. Call
477-2310 after p.m.
lCtta "P". Come play pool with us. We are ta the process of organuwg a
One piece and two piece cues for sale. mf" troup njatare. pre-school
children for a program of play and
I. .... .... . instruction that complements and ea-
JSSJJT!? SrL.AI" nursery school and kindergarten
terBOOBi 477-711-L Sla. Evenings experiences. If rou think your pre-
atoMou. Audrey Malena. schooler worid be Interested ia such an
rimiia r- ... activity two afternoons a week, call
tonne.a-1363-1365 Corvette. 489-3713. AUn or Meg Booth to learn more
about this opportunity. Telephone
Allen Ginsberg. Henry Miller. WHnam JvrS-f088
Burroughs. Lawrence Ferinshetii. jean- - . . w . ". J, . I-r,
Paul Sarte. LeRoi Jones. Herman. GtLV,K2 j!."
Eesse. Jean Cocteao. bookstore. 320 batk' market research right on
5T ' your own campos. Become a campus
- representative for over forty maga-
rrVD nruT sines, American Airlines, Operation
rOK RcNT Match, etc. and earn big part-time
money doing interesting work. Apply
for RenL Gentry House 1140 Orchard. right away! Collegiate Marketing,
University approved. Nice cleaa ium- Dept. H. 27 EX 22 St.. New York, N.Y.
tsbed apartment for 4. 2S each. Am WO 10.
double room, eookiag. TV. 477-26t.
196 BSA Lightning Motorcycle 050 ee.
Roommate to share boose. Male. 340 Ha. dual carbs. Z700 miles. Sea at Sis No.
36th. 43MM0. pL-10 pja. 24th days.
(727 Fairfax. Private Upper Duplex. Commuting daily from Omaha. Call
New refrigerator, stove, drapes. Richard Wuanont 7314631 for bafonnav
mt-ua. too.
swing n season
Friday Afternoon Club yet . . . Dance
to the big beat rock-blues sounds of
Never a cover charge for
Friday Afternoon Club
3:005:00 P.M.
K 1 .nr
fas1 P.fL GAEI
Official Kernels Sweaters 8.50
Red and Whit
Emblems 60c
broadcast Saturday's football
with the wildest
Lincoln $ Complete
.rmTj hi.w.i 1 1 -Tim i J
game over KNUS.
with more game scores, a
news cast and music will be
handled by Dorothy Gray,
Bill Oltman and Sandra Dose,
all journalism students. The
same team will handle the
studio pre-game show.
Elgert and Jessup will be
working from the press box
atop the west stadium with
technical assistance from en
gineering student Bob Wil
son. Studio engineer for the
broadcast is Steve Sondag,
also an engineering student
Coney, who will act as gen
eral supervisor for the proj
ect, stated that plans are to
broadcast the Nebraska-Utah
State game the following
week also and that a differ
ent crew will be handling that
The students who were
chosen to handle the broad
casts, Coney said, are all
broadcast majors and have
completed courses in their
regular curriculum that qual-
mea mem tor tne job.
The broadcasts, he said,
are extracurricular work for
the students. Only the engi
neers on the job will be paid,
he said, as their part is a
branch of their regular work
as student assistants for the
broadcast department.
Coney said the broadcasts
will be received in the limit
ed areas only because KNUS
operates on an electrical sys
tem that depends on trans
mission of a signal to trans
mitters in specified places.
All of the buildings where
the game can be received
have such transmitters, he
Elgert and Jessup, Coney
said, have been preparing for
the broadcast since early
June when they began cor
responding with the TCU
sports department
Three-State Tour
University of Nebra s ka
Agronomy Club members
toured Wisconsin. Minnesota
and Iowa on their annual inter-state
tour. Sept 6-9.
Help Wanfed-Nebraska Union
Monday thru Saturday
10:45 ajn. 1:45 pjtu
10:45 ajn. 1:20 pjn,
Apply: Mr. tanm
Nebraska liniea 111
PiA I Hold tha! crease? 1
I j A You bet it will. I
1 j J if the fabric is one of the great, I
! Fw r 1 w permanent-press blends I
jj0i f f 1 of 2-pty polyester and cotton I
"'jrJrr' jeA masterminded by Galey t lord. I
l ffiyfl 1 For the new dimension
I :aa-rH jf V w collegiate slacks,
Hi-? Li 1 owl
p t X'' .....
The Daily
To Sponsor
International and American
students will have an oppor
tunity to play soccer together
at 2 p.m. Sunday in a tourna
ment sponsored by People-to-
People and the Nebraska In
ternational Association.
According to Dan Looker,
chairman of I'eople-to-Peo-
ple s Student-to-Student com
mittee, anyone interested in
soccer is invited to meet at
the University High field. "It
might be a good idea to brush
up on soccer rules, he sug
If enough people are in'
terested in playing soccer it
is hoped an intramural league
for all students can be
formed, Looker said.
Any professors or graduate
students interested In coach
ing or refereeing should con
tact Looker or Joel Swanson,
president of People-to-People.
"Our aim is to acclimate
the foreign student to Univer
sity life and help him meet
the American student," Look
er said.
Committee Aids
In Rehabilitation
Aiding in the rehabilitation
of the parts of Eastern Tur
key which were recently dev
astated by earthquakes is the
newly-formed "Friends of
Turkey" committee.
The group was created to
assist the stricken areas
through the collection of con
The exact damage of the
earthquakes will never be
known, but nearly 2,500 dead
have been recovered: about
1,500 were injured; and more
than 30,000 people were left
homeless, according to a
group spokesman.
Each member of the
"Friends of Turkey" commit
tee has lived in Turkey, most
while serving on the Univer
sity of Nebraska Turkish Pro
gram. The University of IVe-
braska s sister institution, At-
aturk University, which is lo
cated it Erzurum, is on the
edge J the area hit by the
quakes and suffered iom
Through CROP (Christian
Rural Overseas Program)
contributions will be sent to
Turkey and used in the earth
quake area in any way need
ed. Anyone who wishes to con
tribute to this fund should
contact Mrs. Barbara Allen.
538 South 24th Street.
Any checks must be made
payable to "CROP" and
marked for "Turkish Disaster
Relief". Receipts will be giv
en for all donations which are
tax deductible.
Tassels, Corn Cobs)
Will Back Displays
Three dimensional displays
will cap Homecoming festivi
ties this year under the dual
sponsorship of Corn Cobs and
Tassels, Russ Sindt, displays
chairman, announced.
In a statement to the Daily
Nebraskan last September, the
Innocents society, which has
sponsored the displays in pre
vious years, declined to take
the responsibility because it
believed better methods of
greeting returning alumni
could be found.
Students' scholarship and
the great amount of time and
money involved in competing
effectively were also taken
into consideration in the Inno
cent's refusal to sponsor the
One of the major reasons for
the reactivation of the dis
plays this year, Sindt said,
was the number of requests
from alums for their continua
"Applications will be sent
to all living units this week,"
Sindt explained. "No applica
tion forms will be sent to cam
pus organizations, but they
are welcome to enter the com
petition." Competing living units will
be divided into four cate
gories according to house
rolls. Each category will be
assigned monetary limits and
disqualification will ensue if
the allotments are exceeded.
The categories and mone
tary limits are as follows: Di
vision I with units numbering
60 and under has a $100 al
lotment; Division II with units
of 60-120 has a $175 allotment;
Division III with units 120-200
has a $250 allotment; and Di
vision IV with units over 200
has a $350 allotment.
Chairmen of the individual
entries will be provided with
rules and equipment apprais
al forms, which are to be pre
sented to an evaluation team
Oct. 14.
"Materials and construc
tion equipment, such as lum
ber and paint must be ap
praised at face value, wheth
er, they were purchased new
or not," explained Sindt.
Other regulations state the
entries must be in operation
from 5 p.m. to 10 p.m. Oct
14 and from 11 a.m. to 1 p.m.
Oct 15.
Orighiality, attractiveness,
construction and general re
lationship of the theme to the
Kansas State Wildcats consti
tute the four points on which
the displays will be judged.
Judges will be selected by
the Corn Cobs and Tassels
Pin Balls
Juke Box
Air Conditioned
Ladies Welcome!
Mr. Q Billiard
2436 No. 48th
and will include representa
tives from Lincoln businesses,
University faculty, and possi
bly Corn Cobs and Tassels,
according to Sindt.
Presentations of first and
second place trophies in each
division will be awarded at
the Homecoming dance Oct.
Snack Bar
A snack bar in WRA which
was to be constructed during
the summer has received fi
nal approval, and building
will soon be in progress.
M. Edward Bryan, director
of housing, announced
Wednesday that the Universi
ty will begin to prepare the
area for the snack bar t h i s
To Be Discussed
At AWS Seminar
Lincoln students will have
the opportunity to familiarize
themselves with all facets of
the University at a seminar
to be conducted Wednesday
at 7 P.M. in the Nebraska
Union Pan-American Room,
according to Susie Sitorius,
AWS workers chairman.
Former AWS workers will
explain the layout of both
East campus and city campus
and the operation and activi
ties of the living units. Miss
Sitorius stated.
"Members of the Mortar
Board society will present a
discussion on the functions of
University activities and or
ganizations," she continued.
Representatives from ASUN
will illustrate the structure of
student government and the
role it plays on the University
The program area of AWS,
including Coed Follies, activi
ties marts and Standards!
Week, will be defined byj
Diane Smith, AWS program
vice-president, Miss Sitorius
IP f Ay A AIM i m
1 Af$f:' 1
f tvv". I : t ' cous. they're IN
,1 ' ' wher
jyj ''1 more than a
V fit i
it tiit
' mi m
II A ill
1 fat
Hyde Park
Under New
Hyde Park, a forum where
students and faculty can ex
press their views on current
subjects, will resume in ap
proximately two weeks, ac
cording to Nebraska Union
Program Manager Rich Scott.
Scott said that the reason
for the delay in commencing
Hyde Park is that a chair
man for the Talks and Topics
committee first must be se
lected. It is this group
which decides the format,
Under Way
In a meeting Tuesday eve
ning of Cather's executive of
ficers, John Fryar, Cather
secretary, charged that the
residents of Cather, Pound
and WRA had been led to as
sume that at least the f o o d
service part of the snack bar,
if not the decoration, would
be complete this fall.
"We were under the impres
sion that construction would
begin this summer," he said.
"Holding up the snack bar
is also holding up an addition
al source of jobs for students
on campus," Fryar stated.
Wednesday Bryan said that
trouble in getting the snack
bar cleared and contracted
held up construction.
In late May the Board of
Regents had granted approv
al for the housing office to
take money from the resi
dence hall funds for the snack
"We didn't predict any dif
ficulty with cost of equip
ment," Bryan explained.
Air conditioning which had
been specified in the original
plans was far beyond the
funds available, he said.
Several mechanical ends
had to be reworked and the
amount of air conditioning
and number of vents were
"Everything is now well
squared away on paper and
work will soon be donp," Bry
an added.
The snack bar win be lo
cated in the ballroom in the
basement of WRA. The physi
cal plant will prepare the
area for equipment, set in
basic plumbing and bring in
Page 3
To Resume
time and place (or Hyde
Scott said that the new
chairman for this committee
will be appointed by next
Wednesday with Hyde Park
probably starting the follow
ing week.
'Soap-Box Orators
Hyde Park is designed after
the famous Hyde Park in Lon
don which reserved a section
of its grounds in order that
"soap-box orators" could
express their views on any
subject they wished.
The Union version of Hyde
Park is run on the same
principal. It is open to any
student staff member or fac
ulty member of the Universi
ty. The only requirement is
that the prospective speaker
must sign a "sign-in" sheet
Scott said that this is merely
a formality and an attempt
to keep some order to the
He also noted that a non
University member was able
to speak at Hyde Park so .
long as he was introduced by
a University member who
would also sign the speaker
Time Limit
A ten-minute time limit
had to be imposed, Scott said,
sible number of speakers
would be allowed to speak.
Scott said that last year
the forum was held in the
main lounge of the Union but
may be forced to move be
cause of the congestion that
is created by overcrowding.
Last year's Hyde Park was
so popular that the crowds
often blocked the main corri
dors. Scott believes that with '
the increased enrollment, this
problem will only be aggra
vated. Campaign Debates
The highlight of Hyde Park
last year was the campaign
debates by the three candi
dates for president of ASUN,
Terry Schaff, Steve Abbott
and Dave Snyder. After giv
ing their speeches, the candi
dates answered many ques
tons asked by the capacity
Over the course of the
year, many speakers became
noted for their humor or
pointed attacks on such top
ics as the administration, Met
Nam and Christianity.
on eompui
. . where to find fash
ion at nearly any price
. where the newest iedos
ore founr FIRST . . . where
board of 20 college girls
advise and suggest bt
fashion is
word, but a
whole new train of thought.
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